Soup with dumplings - unusual recipes for a tasty dish. Cooking delicious soups with dumplings

Soup with dumplings - unusual recipes for a tasty dish. Cooking delicious soups with dumplings

Sometimes fast food dishes are bored: secondly, sandwiches, fast food, and so you want a good rich liquid soup. But the modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules and not everyone can take one or two hours to spend their time in the kitchen, especially on weekdays.

In such cases, pre-cooked dumplings can come to the rescue of hostesses. On the basis of this wonderful semi-finished product, you can cook a variety of deliciously delicious, rich and satisfying soups. Dumplings are perfectly combined with almost all products, you can, without fear of throwing mushrooms, any vegetables, cereals, herbs and roots in a saucepan. And simple at first glance, the soup will turn into a gorgeous hot dish in just a few minutes.

By the way, soup with dumplings is not just a dish invented by cunning hostesses to save time, but really an independent dish. And it is found not only in the open spaces of Russia, but also in many other national cuisines, for example, in Turkmenistan, Italy, Azerbaijan, China and other countries. So recipes for dumplings soups can be, as a lifesaver in emergency situations, as well as a wonderful decoration of the dining table.

Soup with dumplings - general principles of cooking

For cooking dumplings soups, you can use both homemade ready-made and purchased.

It is best to prepare homework for the future, do not regret three or four hours on a day off: scroll the meat, knead the dough and stick the big dumped family for a month or two. First of all, self-made dumplings are not only tastier, rich and fragrant, but also healthier. Secondly, in one sitting, you can make several types of pelmeni, preparing a variety of stuffing: beef, pork, mixed meat, minced chicken and even mushrooms. Yes, and the size of the finished semi-finished product can be adjusted according to their taste preferences. But if there is no time and no desire to make dumplings, and you can eat passion as you like, you can also buy shop convenience foods. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the composition. The ratio of meat to dough should be at least 50 to 50. The first ingredients in the ingredients should be meat, not soy protein, or skins and speck, namely meat. Spices must be listed, the generic name “spices” may mean that there are flavors. It is advisable to choose meat of category A, in extreme cases - B. Dumplings should lie separately, not be stuck together monolithic mass.

1. Soup with dumplings “Quickly”


• two liters of water;

• 350 grams of small dumplings;

• large onion;

• two carrots;

• celery root;

• salt;

• parsley roots;

• Bay leaf;

• leaves of dill and parsley.


1. Clean the roots and vegetables.

2. Pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil, put prepared parsley and celery roots, one carrot, cut into two or three parts and half of the onion.

3. Salt the broth, cook for fifteen minutes, reducing the heat to low.

4. While the fragrant soup broth with dumplings is being prepared, fry the second carrot, grated on a fine grater, and the remaining half of the onion, chopped into small cubes.

5. Strain the broth, the ingredients in it are thrown away.

6. Bring to a boil, lay out neatly dumplings.

7. As soon as the semifinished items come up, add golden golden frying, bay leaf. Stir.

8. Cook for 7-8 minutes.

9. Serve, richly sprinkled with chopped leaves of fresh greens.

2. Soup with “Hearty” dumplings


• 250 grams of soup dumplings;

• two potatoes;

• carrot;

• greenery;

• 100 grams of green onions;

• one and a half liters of water;

• salt;

• 10 grams of curry.


1. Put carrots and potatoes into boiling water in small bars. 2. Add salt, curry and spices to taste.

3. As soon as the vegetables are cooked, add the dumplings to the soup.

4. After re-boiling we spread the finely sliced ​​green onions and greens.

5. We keep soup with dumplings on medium heat for about five minutes.

6. Serve hot with piping hot.

3. Soup with dumplings, rice and cheese


• 220 grams of small dumplings;

• 10 grams of dried parsley;

• salt;

• 5 grams of dried basil;

• 300 grams of cream cheese;

• one leek;

• 50 grams of butter;

• 1.7 liters of water;

• 100 grams of white rice.


1. Picking up rice, rinsing thoroughly and boiling until cooked in plenty of salted water. We turn back the cereal on a sieve, rinse, leave in order for the glass to excess liquid.

2. Cheese slightly freeze to make it easier to grate, after grinding.

3. Chop the onion and fry until soft and pleasant golden hue in butter.

4. Let off dumplings in boiling water, cook before surfacing.

5. Add all the prepared ingredients and spices: fried, boiled rice, grated cheese, dried herbs. The broth is slightly salted.

6. Stir well, stir two to three minutes. Turning off the gas.

7. Keeping the dumplings soup in the pan for five minutes so that the cheese is completely melted and the broth is saturated with the aroma of spices and other ingredients.

8. The finished dish can be seasoned with chopped garlic.

4. Soup with Spring dumplings


• a pack of frozen vegetable mix (400 grams): it can be “Mexican mix”, “Spring vegetables” or something else at your discretion;

• 250 grams of soup dumplings;

• one and a half liters of water;

• 5 grams of turmeric;

• salt;

• one chicken cube;

• leaves of fresh dill;

• two bulbs.


1. Dill wash and grind.

2. Bulbs are cleaned and chopped into cubes.

3. Water boil, add literally a pinch of salt. 4. We spread the dumplings, after the vegetables from the pack, chopped onion and greens.

5. After boiling, we throw a bouillon cube into the soup with dumplings, pour turmeric.

6. Cook for about ten minutes.

7. Serve the dish, seasoned with sour cream.

5. Soup with dumplings in Uzbek “Chuvchara”

This dish uses no ordinary dumplings, which can be bought on the way home from the store. Here you have to tinker a bit. But if you prepare the semi-finished products yourself in advance, then it will not be difficult to cook a deliciously flavored Uzbek dish in a matter of minutes.

Ingredients for Uzbek dumplings:

• 400 grams of mixed ground beef (lamb and beef);

• bow;

• one and a half glasses of water;

• salt, ground pepper;

• two glasses of flour;

• egg.

Ingredients for broth:

• two medium sized onions;

• three tomatoes (fleshy and large);

• salt, spices;

• three liters of water;

• 70 ml of vegetable oil.


1. In a large bowl, sift flour, add salt, stir.

2. Make a small depression in the flour, drive in an egg, pour in a glass of warm water.

3. Knead elastic dough. Wrap it in a film, set aside for half an hour.

4. Mix the stuffing with chopped onions, half a glass of water and spices.

5. Split the dough into two parts.

6. We make noodles from half: roll out a thin layer, sprinkle it with flour, roll it up and shred thin noodles. Finish the noodles gently hand over, so that it does not stick together, and leave to dry.

7. The second part of the dough is also rolled out into a thin layer, cut into squares five to five centimeters. We spread mince in the center of each square with a teaspoon, pinch opposite corners in pairs.

8. Cooking broth: chop onions, lay out in heated oil, fry until soft. Add blanched and diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, put your favorite spices. Tomim five to ten minutes, pour three liters of boiled hot water. 9. Put the Uzbek dumplings in boiling tomato broth, add the noodles after surfacing.

10. Cook for ten minutes.

11. Sprinkle ready soup with dumplings with greens, season with sour cream.

12. If you want spicy soup - sprinkle with a little grated garlic and hot pepper.

6. Italian style meatless cheese dumpling soup

Italian dumplings can be molded independently or purchased at the store.

The taste of this soup with cheese dumplings turns out delightfully tender and soft. The recipe is versatile, it can easily be adapted to semi-finished meat.


• a glass of flour;

• four yolks;

• 50 ml of vegetable oil;

• 220 grams of processed cheese;

• 80 grams of butter;

• salt pepper;

• fresh basil;

• two liters of water;

• 500 ml of cream;

• four tomatoes.


1. In a bowl pour 50 ml of water, add the egg yolks and vegetable oil, stir. Pour flour, knead plastic dough.

2. Wrap the dough in cellophane, remove to the refrigerator for twenty minutes.

3. In the cheese pour salt and pepper, stir.

4. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, before we remove the skin from them. Stew vegetables in butter for 6-7 minutes, add chopped basil leaves or dried basil. Stir, remove tomatoes from the heat.

5. Slightly cooled dough is rolled out. Cut the layer into two parts. On one of them we spread on a small spoonful of cheese filling with spices, at a distance of three to four centimeters from each other. Cover the layer with the filling of the second layer. We press the fingers of the place between the fillings, cut a double layer in these places with a knife. The joints are pressed with a fork.

6. Boil two liters of water, pour in cream, pour salt.

7. After boiling again, we throw Italian cheese dumplings.

8. As soon as the semi-finished products come up, we lay out stewed tomatoes in the soup, simmer for two or three minutes and remove from the fire.

7. Azerbaijani-style soup with dumplings “Dushbara”

Not everyone will have enough assiduity to make dumplings according to this recipe, but if you still dare to take a heroic act, then the result of your labors will lead you to complete delight.


• half a glass of water;

• a glass of flour;

• two to three liters of strong broth cooked on lamb legs;

• a little saffron and turmeric;

• lots of fresh greens;

• salt, black pepper;

• a pound of minced lamb;

• bow;

• egg.


1. Sift in the bowl the floor of a glass of flour, pour with strong boiling water, quickly stir the mass with a fork.

2. Give the dough a little time to cool it down, add flour, knead soft, elastic dough. Cover with a towel or a bag, set aside for ten minutes.

3. Chop the onion in a blender, mix with minced meat, egg, salt.

4. Roll out the dough into the reservoir, cut into squares with a side of three centimeters.

5. On each square lay out half a teaspoon of filling, sculpt miniature dumplings.

6. Add turmeric and saffron to the broth, salt and pepper it.

7. As soon as the first bubbles appear, we spread Azerbaijani mini-dumplings, cook literally five minutes.

8. Seasoning soup with dumplings with a large number of various greens.

8. Vegetable soup with lazy dumplings

When there are no stocks in the freezer, and they did not have time to run into the store, lazy dumplings will come to the rescue. Vegetable soup made from them, turns out surprisingly bright, fragrant and very tasty.

Ingredients for Lazy Dumplings:

• 150 grams of meat;

• one and a half glasses of flour;

• egg;

• salt;

• 100 ml of water;

• onion.

Ingredients for soup:

• four potatoes;

• carrot;

• bow;

• spices, salt;

• two and a half liters of broth (chicken, meat); can be replaced with cube water;

• vegetable oil.


1. Sift flour, drive in an egg, add salt and gradually pour in boiled cooled water, kneading dough with your hands. Ready dough remove for some time in the fridge, pre-wrapped in film. 2. We twist onions and meat, we add spices. The resulting stuffing mix thoroughly.

3. Roll the dough into the reservoir, evenly distribute the meat filling over the entire surface.

4. Fold the dough with minced meat in a thick roll, cut the roll into slices.

5. We remove the lazy pelmeni for half an hour in the fridge so that the products grapple a little.

6. From the onions, carrots and spices we make an aromatic frying for the soup with dumplings.

7. Boil potatoes in broth until half cooked.

8. Spread lazy pelmeni and fry to the potatoes, cook for ten minutes.

9. Served with sour cream or mayonnaise, if desired, decorate with greens.

Dumpling Soup - Tricks, Tips & Tricks

• For the soup to be beautiful, the dumplings must be small in size.

• Do not cook the dumplings more than the set, just as you should not make soup for the future - the semi-finished products will be boiled soft and the soup will look unappetizing.

• To give the soup a special flavor, use bay leaf, it should be laid at the very end of cooking, and after cooking must be removed.

• Dill and parsley ideally complement and decorate soups with dumplings.

• Sour cream, mustard, ketchups, sauces can be served with the dumplings soup.

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