Fried mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and cook fried mushrooms.

Fried mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and cook fried mushrooms.

Fried mushrooms - general principles and methods of cooking

Fried mushrooms are a popular dish not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. You can fry mushrooms, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus, oyster mushrooms. Often, mushrooms before boiling boil in a little salted water, and then discarded in a colander to water the glass. However, not all mushrooms need this procedure.

Fried Mushrooms - Food Preparation

• Mushrooms need to choose fresh. Before frying, trim the ends of the scabbard, wash the mushrooms with cold water and dry on a towel.

• Oyster mushrooms have certain signs of good quality. The color of these mushrooms should be bluish-gray. Yellow spots should not be either on the surface of the cap or on the bottom.

• Oil must be taken young and strong, then there is less chance of getting wormy specimens. If you do not be lazy and clean them immediately after collection, the sticky film will lag behind the cap easily, exposing the lemon-yellow surface of the fungus.

Fried Mushrooms - Cooking

For frying mushrooms, pans made of anodized aluminum, as well as aluminum, which is coated with stainless steel, are perfect. If the pan has a handle (not a chapel!), It is important that it does not heat up.

Recipe 1: Fried Mushrooms

Mushrooms are tasty and fragrant. One of the important advantages of these mushrooms is their year-round availability. If you choose small mushrooms and fry them whole, you will get unusual and festive.


300 grams of champignons, 4 onions, vegetable oil, butter, 1/4 tsp. sugar, salt.

Method of preparation

For cooking used two pans. On both pour and heat the vegetable oil. On one, fry the coarsely chopped onion until golden brown, and on the other we fry the chopped mushrooms, stirring constantly. Mushrooms cook until you boil out the juice. After the products reach the required condition, onions are shifted to the mushrooms, salt and sweeten the dish. Stir the dish well: the mushrooms should be fried until golden brown. On the mushrooms put a piece of butter. Once again, mix everything and, with the lid on the dish, remove from heat.

Recipe 2: Fried Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are wonderful mushrooms that are grown in special greenhouse conditions. These miracle mushrooms contain perforin, which prevents the development of tumors in the human body.


500 grams of oyster mushrooms, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 grams of sour cream, laurel, salt and pepper. If desired, use garlic and herbs.

Method of preparation

Put mushrooms on a heated pan with vegetable oil. In a heated state, they produce juice, so no moisture is needed for frying. When the mushroom moisture evaporates, you can salt the mushrooms. Onions fry in another pan. Let it come to a golden color, then we shift the onions to the mushrooms. Add spices and sour cream and simmer for a few minutes.

Recipe 3: Roasted Butter with Nuts

Maslata - forest mushrooms that can be found in coniferous or mixed forests. Very useful and tasty.


500 grams butter, three quarters of a cup of walnuts, 6 green onion feathers, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar, pepper, salt, parsley or cilantro to decorate the dish, 1 tbsp. spoon of pomegranate seeds.

Method of preparation

Fry in oil until cooked, then salt and pepper, add chopped onions and nuts. Some cilantro and parsley can also be put on the pan. A couple of minutes to continue to fry, stirring. Then pour the vinegar, bring to a boil and remove from heat.

When serving, arrange the dish with pomegranate seeds and greens.

Fried Mushrooms - useful tips from experienced chefs

Do not fry the mushrooms in butter, as the dish can burn. It is usually cooked with vegetable oil, and cream is added at the very end, it gives a special taste.

Peeled champignons will not darken if you put them in salted water.

Do not buy mushrooms in the markets and along the roads. If you yourself collect mushrooms, do not need to take copies, causing even a shadow of a doubt.

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