Homemade marmalades from apples - proven recipes. Apple marmalade at home: in the microwave or oven

Homemade marmalades from apples - proven recipes. Apple marmalade at home: in the microwave or oven

Marmalade, in fact, is not a bit of a delicacy that can be bought by weight, or in beautiful boxes.

It is prepared at best from juices, richly flavoring them with dyes, thickeners and other not very useful chemistry.

Natural marmalades are not at all like that; they are much tastier, though less beautiful in appearance.

Making marmalade from apples at home - general principles of cooking

• Recipes for marmalade from apples at home are simple. A very inexperienced cook works with the making of a delicacy. The marmalade is boiled from apples, the pulp of which contains significant amounts of a substance called pectin. Which, in turn, during prolonged boiling turns into a gelling agent.

• Which apples are best to take? Sour apple varieties are considered to be the most suitable for making marmalade, since it is in such fruits that pectin contains the most.

• Apples, sliced ​​or sliced, are baked in the oven or boiled in a saucepan on the stove until softened and mashed. The resulting apple mass is tormented for a long time on minimal heat, reducing to readiness. The easiest way to check the marmalade's readiness is to drop a small amount of thickened apple sauce on a plate and tilt it slightly, if the droplet is well frozen and does not float, then you can remove the marmalade from the fire.

• The slightly cooled mass is poured into molds or spread evenly on a brazier and dried in an oven or in the air. After drying, the stratum apple marmalade is cut, and laid out in molds are released and poured or crumbled in sugar.

• In order not to melt the apple marmalade prepared according to this recipe at home, it is stored in glass containers covered with parchment in a cold place.

Recipe for apple marmalade at home in the oven


• 2 kg of apples;

• one kilogram of sugar;

• natural cinnamon sticks.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the fruit and carefully wipe each fruit from the remnants of moisture. Cut off the top of each apple and carefully cut the seed box. 2. Place the fruit on the baking tray with the holes facing up and cover with the cut tops.

3. Place the baking tray on the upper level of the oven heated to 150 degrees and bake for two hours.

4. Place a metal sieve on the bowl and grind the baked apples through it.

5. Puree puree pour into a stainless steel pot and place on the stove, turned on medium heat. Bring to a boil and immediately put the cinnamon stick, add all the sugar and stir vigorously.

6. For one and a half hours, boil the marmalade on the lowest possible heat, mixing well every 10 minutes (more often).

7. After the time expires, check readiness. Put a drop of fruit on a plate and leave. If after cooling it does not spread - ready, you can turn off the fire.

8. Cover a large form or baking sheet with high sides with parchment so that it covers them.

9. Pour the fruit sauce, cooled to 60 degrees, onto the parchment and smooth on a baking sheet. Pick up a shape so that the apple mass is covered with a layer of 3 cm.

10. Clean marmalade in a cool, dry place. When hardened, cut it into small squares or diamonds and sprinkle with sugar. You can cut marmalades using figured notches for cookies.

11. For long-term storage, transfer the treat to dry sterile jars and seal hermetically with metal lids.

A simple recipe for apple marmalade at home


• 1.2 kg of apples;

• a pound of sugar;

• A handful of roasted walnut kernels.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed apples into slices. In order for the marmalade to turn out to be homogeneous, there must not be a peel and hard partitions with seeds, so you need to remove them beforehand. Do not throw away the cleaning, tie them, a bit crushing, in a gauze bag.

2. Apply evenly slices of apples into the pan, and place a gauze bag with peels on top of them. Pour in water so that it covers the contents of one centimeter, and turn on high heat.

3. As soon as the liquid boils, reduce the flame to a minimum and continue cooking until the slices are completely soft. 4. Remove the bag and slightly cool the apple mass. Then grind it through a sieve or perebite in a uniform mash blender, at moderate speed, again put in a saucepan and put on the minimum fire, and best of all on the flame divider.

5. Often stirring so that the apple mass does not burn, boil it to the greatest degree of thickening, which takes up to 1.5 hours.

6. Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the bottom and walls of a large baking sheet and put thickened applesauce in it, smooth and leave to solidify.

7. From the frozen apple marmalade, squeeze the figures into small shapes or cut the layer into small squares.

8. Grind in the coffee grinder the hearts of roasted walnuts. Dip well in nut crumb marmalades, and collect in a clean, dry jar.

9. Store in a refrigerator under a capron lid.

Recipe for marmalade from apples at home on gelatin, without sugar


• instant gelatin - 30 g .;

• two kilograms of Antonovka;

• half a cup of drinking water;

• multicolored or white coconut chips.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the peeled apples on a baking sheet and place for an hour in an oven heated to 150 degrees.

2. After that, grind the softened apples through a sieve and send to languish on a small fire. Boil down for about an hour and a half, trying to mix as often as possible, otherwise it will burn.

3. In a small bowl, pour gelatin under running water and allow it to swell well. After about forty minutes, slightly heat it up by placing it in a water bath or in a microwave oven. The main thing is not to overheat, you need to achieve its complete dissolution.

4. Cool the thickened apple mass a little, and add dissolved gelatin into it, mix.

5. Silicone tins for making sweets, blot with vegetable oil, pour the thick puree into them and leave. In about a day the marmalade will dry well.

6. Free it from the molds and roll on all sides in coconut chips.

Quick recipe for marmalade from apples at home in a slow cooker


• one glass of white sugar;

• one and a half kilograms of sour apples; • half a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon or vanilla.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the apples, prepared without the peel and seeds, into centimeter cubes and put into the cooking bowl.

2. Start the multicast on the “Baking” option, setting the timer to 60 minutes.

3. After working out the program, chop the contents in a mash with a blender or grind on a sieve and place again in a bowl.

4. Add a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, mix and run the device again in the same mode, but not for an hour, but only for 40 minutes. Try every 5-10 min. stir the applesauce to make it more uniform.

5. Put the finished marmalade in a half-centimeter layer on the oiled baking sheet and allow it to cool. Cut into small pieces and serve.

Recipe for marmalade from apples at home with spices


• medium-sized apples of any kind - 1 kg;

• half a glass of water;

• refined sugar - 0.5 st .;

• two umbrella carnations;

• cinnamon stick;

• three anise grains.

Cooking Method:

1. Place the saucepan with water over moderate heat. Dip the spices, sugar and boil. To make it easier to get the spices from the syrup, collect them in a gauze or rag bag, which is dipped in water. Let the syrup boil for two minutes and remove the bag from it.

2. In a boiling syrup, lower the small apple slices, without the peel and seeds. After waiting for boiling, reduce the heat and boil the fruit in a spicy syrup to half the volume.

3. Kill the contents of the container with a blender until homogeneous and put to boil for minimum heat.

4. Lay out the thickened apple mass in an even layer on the parchment that was extinguished in a roasting pan, and dry in the oven at 160 degrees to the desired state. The thickness of the marmalade layer should not exceed 3 cm.

Recipe for apple marmalade at home with honey and nuts


• Spoon freshly ginger;

• two kilo sour apples;

• two glasses of walnut hearts, halves;

• liquid light honey.

Cooking Method:

1. In a small saucepan, fold the peeled apple peel and cut out the middle. Add a quarter cup of cold water and boil over medium heat for about 40 minutes. The peel should soften well so that it can be easily interrupted using a blender or grind into a puree through a sieve. If after the specified time it remains rigid, boil more. 2. Dab the softened apple peel through a fine-mesh sieve and mix with apples grated in a large grater. Bring to a boil and continue cooking until the grated fruit begins to “creep away,” that is, about a quarter of an hour.

3. Wipe boiled apples through the same sieve and put back on low heat. Add finely shredded ginger and boil for an hour. The finished marmalade mass will begin to move away from the walls of the tank itself.

4. In slightly cooled marmalade, add honey at your discretion and mix well. Honey, in the absence, can be replaced with brown sugar.

5. Line the baking sheet with parchment, apply refined sunflower oil on it with a thin layer and put a thick fruit mass. Smooth and spread out on the surface in neat rows, slightly pressing down, halves of nut kernels.

6. Warm up the oven to 160 degrees and place in it on the top level a baking tray with marmalade. Drain for several hours, then cut into pieces so that each has a nut.

Apple marmalade at home - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Boiled or baked apples are best mashed in a mash through a sieve. So in the marmalade will not fall into the rigid partitions that remain randomly in pieces.

• For cooking, use containers designed for cooking jam — thick-walled stainless steel utensils.

• It is more convenient to store a large amount of layer marmalade in whole pieces, wrapping each layer with parchment.

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