Harvesting watermelons in liter jars and bottles. Sweet, salty and spicy watermelons, canned in jars

Harvesting watermelons in liter jars and bottles. Sweet, salty and spicy watermelons, canned in jars

Watermelons are definitely great fresh.

In the heat - the pleasure to cut a cold juicy lobule from the striped side. But, in spite of numerous skeptics, canned watermelons, in one form or another, are a wonderful and very popular product.

Fans of taste contrasts appreciate the marinated watermelon flesh for its unspeakable, distinctive taste.

Watermelon, canned in jars - the general principles of cooking

• Conservation suitable ripe watermelons, with bright, not loose flesh. Large juicy berries canned in a large glass container with a capacity of 3 liters. You can also preserve watermelons and liter jars. Glass containers can be taken with screw caps or standard, designed for seaming the covers with a manual key.

• Before using the glass containers, they must be washed with very warm water and baking soda, thoroughly cleaning the heavily soiled areas with detergent. Particular attention is paid to the neck, or rather, its rim. Washed containers are dried and sterilized.

• Sterilization can be done in the oven, keeping the jars in it at 150 degrees for at least 10 minutes or above steam, until they are completely dry. Metal lids are also well washed with boiling water, and then boil for an additional 10 minutes, or a little more. After that, they must be dried on a clean towel.

• Watermelon is cut into large slices so that they easily pass into the jar. In most cases, the peel is not cut and does not remove the bones, but for the preparation of watermelons in one-liter jars, the peel is better removed in order to fit more pulp into small containers.

• Harvested watermelons in jars can be pickled, salted, sour-sweet, even spicy. The taste of the finished preservation depends on what kind of marinade was used, and what additional spices and spices were used. • To preserve for a long time, most marinades are prepared with vinegar or citric acid. If the addition of such ingredients in the marinade is not provided, aspirin must be put in the jar itself before pouring. If canned in 3-liter containers - add three tablets of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), while preserving the watermelons in one-liter jars, just put one.

• Hermetically sealed preservation tightly wrapped in a blanket and kept under it for at least two days or until complete cooling.

Marinated watermelons in liter jars of spices


• watermelons.

For cooking marinade, per 1 liter of water:

• Spoon refined sugar;

• 30 gr. large table salt;

• sugar - 25 g .;

• acetic acid food essence - 2 tsp;

• bitter pepper, laurel, fresh horseradish leaves, cinnamon sticks, lovage.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the watermelons thoroughly in warm water. Pay special attention to highly contaminated places. To clean the dirt better, take a clean foam sponge.

2. Cut the watermelon flesh into large slices of such size that they freely pass into the liter jar.

3. Put horseradish on the bottom of the containers treated above the steam, put the pieces of flesh on top. Add cinnamon, lovage, Lavrushka and bitter pepper.

4. Measure out the desired volume of filtered water and set to boil. In a hot liquid, dissolve sugar, salt and bring to a boil.

5. As soon as the marinade begins to boil intensely, remove from heat. Immediately pour vinegar essence into it and, having stirred well, pour it over the filled cans.

6. Cover containers with sterile caps for seaming and sterilize for at least 20 minutes. Then remove and hermetically roll up.

Salted watermelons, canned in jars of garlic

Ingredients per 9 liters (3 bottles, 3-liter volume):

• 10 kg of ripe, medium-sized watermelons. To one liter of brine:

• one spoonful of coarse salt;

• two spoons of sugar;

• fresh leaves of black currant;

• fresh cherry leaves;

• garlic;

• 40 ml of vinegar;

• Lavrushka;

• Dill umbrellas.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the jars well in hot water with soda or soda solution, rinse off any traces of detergent. Dry the container by placing it on the grill or towel with the neck down.

2. In warm water under the tap, wash the prepared dill leaves and umbrellas. Then spread on a towel and leave for some time to dry.

3. Put a clean watermelon on a cutting board and cut on both sides of the edge to the very pulp. Cut into circles and cut each into segments.

4. Without removing the rind and seed, put the watermelon pieces in a large bowl.

5. In each dried jar, on the bottom, put two cherry, three black currant leaves and two dill umbrellas.

6. Fill the jar for three-fourth volumes with slices of watermelon flesh, on top put lavrushka, bell pepper, and thin plates of garlic.

7. It is impossible to accurately determine the required amount of brine, a little more than a liter of brine is included in one three-liter container with watermelons. But It is worth noting that its volume may vary depending on the ripeness and wateriness of the berry.

8. In a large saucepan, boil about five liters of filtered water and immediately pour into it the necessary amount of sugar and salt based on the above calculation.

9. As soon as the brine begins to boil, lower the flame and boil it for at least a minute. Then remove from the stove, enter the vinegar and pour boiling liquid into the lobules placed in the cans so that it reaches the neck itself. Cover with boiled lids, sterilize for 20 minutes.

10. When sterilization is complete, remove the jars and roll them into the can of wrench.

Sweet and sour watermelons in jars with honey and citric acid (without sterilization)

Ingredients per can, capacity 3 l:

• one and a half kilograms of watermelon.

For the marinade, per liter:

• three tablespoons of any natural honey;

• teaspoon fine kitchen salt;

• 100 gr. honey

• A spoon of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the watermelon washed with warm water and cut into circles about 4 centimeters thick. Each such circle cut into eight slices.

2. Place the pieces in pre-sterilized jars, without reporting to the neck 2 cm, pour boiling water and immediately drain it.

3. Measure the volume of the resulting fluid. Add to it all the necessary components of the marinade, correctly calculating their number, mix well, until they are completely dissolved and put on medium heat.

4. Pour the slices in the jars with boiling marinade, right under the neck and immediately roll up the containers with boiled lids for rolling.

5. After that, put the preservation cover down on a towel and wrap tightly with a warm blanket. Not less than in two days uncoil and clean to the place of storage.

Watermelons in jars without sterilization with aspirin - “Special”


• small size watermelons - 1.5 kg;

• horseradish root - 30 gr .;

• Aspirin - 3 tablets.

In the marinade, for every liter of drinking water:

• salt, large, garden - 1 tbsp. l .;

• a large spoon of any honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the watermelon into small, neat “skirts”. Cleaning the bones and cutting off the peel is not necessary.

2. Rinse the horseradish root well and cut it into centimeter-thick ringlets. Dip them in a glass container prepared for preservation, about 30 grams in each container, and place watermelon slices on top of the hangers. Add aspirin.

3. In a large pot, measure the required volume of water and put the tank on high heat. As soon as boils, reduce heat, add salt with honey and stir well. Continuing to mix, boil until the added components are dissolved. Then quickly boil, and pour over the banks. 4. Cover with boiled, sterile canning lids and roll them with a hand-held sealing key.

5. Be sure to wrap blanks upside down on the neck with a blanket, and soak under it until it is completely cooled.

Sweet watermelons in one-liter jars without peel and stones with honey


• 8 kg of ripe watermelon;

• filtered drinking water - 9 l .;

• 350 gr. light or dark honey;

• sugar - 125 g .;

• 5 large spoons of salt;

• 300 ml edible vinegar (9%).

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the watermelon with warm water and cut it into 5 cm thick circles. Then cut off the entire peel, cut into large cubes or cubes and carefully select the seeds.

2. Fill the pulp prepared according to the recommendations of the pulp so that they reach only the coat hanger and pour boiling water up to the neck.

3. After waiting 10 minutes, pour the broth into the pan, add honey, sugar, salt and medium-high heat, keep stirring, bring to a boil.

4. Remove almost ready marinade from the heat, add vinegar into it and pour it over the cans, trying to pour it right under the neck. Cover with clean boiled lids and roll them up tightly.

5. For 2 days, place the hot preservation under a warm blanket, turning the jars upside down.

Watermelons in cans with tomatoes and mustard - “Assorted”

Ingredients for three, 3-liter containers:

• ripe red tomatoes - 3 kg;

• ripe watermelon - 3 kg;

• five cloves of garlic;

• mustard powder - 3 tsp;

• table 9% vinegar - 50 ml in one jar.

Per liter of marinade:

• 2 tablespoons of sugar, no slides;

• 1.5 Art. l - coarse salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the watermelon into neat slices, no larger than a tomato. Remove all the bones, and if the skin is thick, then cut off it. Wash and dry the tomatoes.

2. In clean, preferably sterile jars, place the tomatoes, perelaivaya them with slices of watermelon. Do not tamp tightly so as not to deform the watermelon pulp. 3. At the very neck fill it with boiling water and 5 minutes. stand, covered with sterile caps. Then gently drain the liquid, boil it and pour it into the jars again. After five minutes, decant again, measure the volume to accurately calculate the number of components of the marinade and put in a boil.

4. In each three-liter jar, put garlic plates on top, about one and a half cloves, and a teaspoon of mustard.

5. Add sugar and salt to a hot infusion, mix until they are completely dissolved, and as soon as you boil, pour the marinade over the cans so that 50 ml of vinegar can be added to each top. Pour in the vinegar.

6. Hermetically roll up the preservation with sterile covers and leave under the blanket until it is completely cooled.

Watermelons canned in jars - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Do not take overripe fruits with loose, not juicy pulp for preservation. Pieces will not hold the form, and fall apart at the first pouring boiling water.

• To harvest watermelons in one-liter jars, be sure to cut off the peel from the pieces.

• If you can preserve in large containers, and the skin is too thick, remove it. The bones are removed as desired.

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