Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

Whoever is not familiar with such wonderful baking as a manna, we suggest doing it right now. Why a miracle? Because the cake is so simple and easy to prepare that even a novice chef will cope with it. With semolina biscuit turns out not as capricious as with flour, and the cake always rises well.

Mannik - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

The composition of the recipe necessarily includes semolina, which is why the name “mannik” appeared. As well as flour, butter, sugar and any dairy or fermented milk product, sometimes cottage cheese. To add flavor to the dough can add candied fruits, dried fruit, chocolate pieces, poppy seeds, honey, apples, pumpkin, berries.

To give the cake a beautiful appearance, it is sprinkled with powdered sugar, smeared with fudge, icing, jam. And in order to improve the taste and make it more juicy, the manna is cut into two halves and smeared with sour cream, condensed milk, jam, soaked with rum or brandy. It turns out this cake.

Mannik - preparation of products

To make a delicate and tasty cake, you need to soak the semolina so that it is saturated with moisture and well swollen. It is left in the liquid for at least an hour, more. Otherwise, the semolina goes bad, and the grains in the finished cake will crackle on the teeth.

Mannik - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Mannik classic

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

There are many manniki recipes that claim to be the most classic, only some are mixed with sour milk, others with kefir, and others with sour cream. Therefore, these ingredients can be combined into one definition - dairy products, and you choose which one is closer to you. The rest of the composition is the same - semolina, flour, sugar, butter.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp. semolina, sugar and dairy products, 3 eggs, soda - 1 tsp., 100g butter, 1 stack. flour.

Method of preparation

Stir semolina with any fermented milk product of your choice and leave for an hour.

Eggs and sugar mix and beat. Add melted butter, mix and combine with semolina. Pour the flour and soda. To avoid the appearance of lumps, for mixing the mass is better to use a mixer. It should turn out not quite thick dough. If thick sour cream is used, the amount of flour can be reduced to one cup. Grease the form, sprinkle with semolina or flour and pour out the dough. Bake (190C) for 35-40 minutes.

Recipe 2: Mannik on sour cream

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

Mannik on sour cream is not only very tender and tasty, but it always works. In this recipe, the number of products specified on the standard form for the cake. If the products are doubled, the pie will be the size of a large pan.

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 glass of sour cream and semolina, 2/3 tbsp. sugar, no soda, 1 tsp., margarine or butter (grease the form).

Method of preparation

Mix the semolina and sour cream and leave for an hour so that the semolina can swell. If sour cream is thick, it is better to hold one and a half to two hours.

Beat eggs by adding sugar. Mix with semolina, pour soda and mix. Lubricate the form and sprinkle with semolina, breadcrumbs or flour. Put the dough and bake for 30 minutes (190C).

Recipe 3: Mannik on kefir

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

A simple recipe for manna on kefir. If you have already prepared such a cake on sour cream or milk, by all means try it again on kefir, you will not regret. It is light, airy and crumbly. This is a basic pie recipe. In the dough, you can add fresh berries, dried fruit, chocolate.

Ingredients: kefir - 1 cup (200ml), a cup of semolina (200g), 3 eggs, butter (to lubricate the form), baking powder - 10g or soda -1/2 tsp., Pinch of salt, sugar sand - 100g, vanilla sugar - 1 sachet.

Method of preparation

In kefir add a glass of semolina. When a glass is mentioned in a recipe, they imply a legendary faceted Soviet glass of 250ml. Leave the rump to swell for about an hour at least, or even two. Dishes can be covered with a plate or wrap.

We start to prepare the dough. Beat the eggs by adding salt and sugar. Stir well, the easiest way to do this is with a mixer. Add vanilla sugar, then baking powder (or soda), but one thing.

It's time to combine the egg mass and kefir with semolina and mix them thoroughly. At this stage, add dried fruit, zest or citrus juice, if there is a desire.

The dough is ready, it remains to pour it into the form and bake (190C). After about 40-50 minutes, the cake will be ready. He can even burn down earlier, especially if the crust has reddened strongly. Then you should pierce it with a wooden stick. Usually this role is trusted by a simple toothpick. If it remains dry, you can get manna.

Recipe 4: Mannic on Milk

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

A very tasty mannic, literally melting in your mouth. It is made from the simplest ingredients, which are every day at hand, and kneaded in just a couple of minutes. If you add a bag of vanilla sugar to the mass, the dairy cake will turn into fragrant, and if you have a spoonful of two cocoa, then a chocolate one. Instead of cream, you can add chocolate butter, coconut or cocoa butter, it will make the taste of the cake more original.

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 1 glass of milk, semolina, flour and sugar, 1 table. lie baking powder, vegetable oil - 80 ml, cream oil - 20 g, a pinch of salt.

Method of preparation

Eggs with a mixer or whisk, beat with sugar. Pour in vegetable oil, grind until smooth.

Heat the milk to such an extent that melted butter. Do not heat or boil too much so that the egg whites do not coagulate. Connect with semolina and egg mixture, set aside until 30 minutes to allow semolina to swell.

Mix the baking powder with flour and combine with the dough. Grease the form, for reliability, so that the cake does not stick to the bottom, to powder with flour or semolina. Pour the dough into the mold and bake (180C - 40 minutes). It is better to keep a wooden toothpick on hand, periodically piercing the cake with it.

Recipe 5: Mannik in the Multicooker

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

Mannik and easy to cook in the oven, and in the slow cooker in general for one or two. In the recipe, in addition to cottage cheese, there is a small amount of sour cream. It is possible to take any fat content, but not too liquid. If you put soda in the baking powder instead of baking powder, the biscuit may turn a little darker in color. If you are not a fan of too sweet pastries, reduce the amount of sugar. To achieve a more delicate cake, cottage cheese must be rubbed or mixed with a blender to break the lumps.

Ingredients: a glass of sugar and semolina, 4 eggs, 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, baking powder 1 tbsp. spoon or soda 1/2 tsp. l., sour cream 5 tbsp.

Method of preparation

Mix cottage cheese, semolina and sour cream. Can be mixed with a blender. Separately, beat the eggs and sugar, adding them to the curd. Pour the baking powder and mix.

Grease the bowl with margarine or butter and pour the dough. Bake for 60 minutes in baking mode. When the cake is removed from the multicooker, it settles a little, but it still remains quite thick and fluffy.

Recipe 6: Pumpkin Manna Without Eggs

Mannik - 10 correct recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mannick: all the secrets of the lush pie

This amber sunny cake will appeal to many. Cinnamon, which is part of the manna, gives it a festive Christmas touch. If you do not like the flavor of cinnamon, simply exclude it from the composition. In this recipe, there is one zest - the finished cake is poured with syrup. This moment will be especially appreciated by lovers of juicy and “wet” biscuits.

Ingredients: 2 cups grated pumpkin, semolina - 1.5 stacks., A glass of kefir, baking powder - 1 tbsp. or soda 1/2 tea.l., sugar - 1/2 stack. Syrup: 100g of apple juice or 1 large orange (you need fresh juice), lemon juice - 1 table. l., sugar 2/3 stack., a pinch of cinnamon.

Method of preparation

Finely grate the pumpkin and squeeze. The resulting juice can be used for syrup instead of apple or orange juice, or find other uses. You can freeze.

Mix soda with kefir, the liquid starts to foam, so the reaction occurs when the soda is quenched with acid. Mix with pumpkin, sugar and semolina. The dough is mixed, it remains to bake it. In 30-40 minutes, the cake will be ready at 180 ° C.

While manna bakes, cook syrup. Squeeze the juice out of the orange, or use apple juice. Mix with lemon juice and sugar. Cinnamon lovers can put a pinch of this spice. Boil the syrup.

Another hot cake pour boiled syrup. At first, the manna will “float” in it, so it is better to put it in a bowl with high edges. After 30-40 minutes, the pie will absorb all liquid as a sponge. Then you can cut it and serve.

Recipe 7: Mannik with raisins

For such a mannica recipe, you can use light or dark raisins, it is not so important. Much more important is his proper preparation. To supplement turned out tasty and fragrant, dried fruits need to soak. Dough for manna on milk.


• 150 grams of sugar;

• 170 grams of cereal;

• 0.2 liters of milk;

• two eggs;

• 6 grams of ripper;

• 65 grams of oil;

• 70 grams of flour;

• 100 grams of raisins.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the washed raisins with hot water from the kettle, leave for five minutes. Then we decant the water.

2. We combine warm milk with sugar and cereal, add raisins, eggs, it can be salted. All well stir, cover, leave at least twenty minutes, you can hold up to two hours. 3. We melt the oil, lubricate the form, it should take 15 grams. The rest is poured into the dough and we introduce a ripper mixed with flour.

4. We send the dough into a form, level it and bake a cake with raisins for 35 minutes at 200 degrees. The slow cooker is also suitable for cooking, in it the manna will be cooked for at least 50 minutes.

Recipe 8: Mannik with apples

This apple pie is not inferior in the taste of everyone's favorite charlotte. For mannik, you can take any apples: sour, sweet, a little sluggish and even broken. All damage must be cut.


• 140 grams of sugar;

• 160 grams of semolina;

• 0.22 l kefir (ryazhenka);

• 10 grams of soda;

• two apples;

• 100 grams of oil;

• 130 grams of flour.

Method of preparation

1. In kefir throw salt, add cereal and leave for 40 minutes. If time is short, then you can slightly warm up the milk product, leave the semolina in it for 25-30 minutes. Be sure to stir.

2. Beat eggs and sand, melt butter, can be replaced with high-quality margarine. Add all this to the croup. At the end we throw soda and flour. Since the dough is on kefir, you can not extinguish in advance.

3. Apple peel, cut into slices, pour into the dough. Mix and send in the form. Put the manna for 40 minutes in the oven, bake at 170 ° C.

Recipe 9: Chocolate Mannik with Cocoa

It is not always that manna appears before us as a modest and boring cake. It can be a wonderful dessert if cooked with this recipe. At will, after baking, icing. Instead of yogurt, you can take kefir.


• 200 grams of cereal;

• 500 grams of sour milk;

• 60 grams of cocoa;

• two eggs;

• 100 grams of flour;

• 4 spoons of butter;

• 10 grams of ripper;

• 190 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. By yogurt pour sugar and cereal, stir and forget about them for half an hour.

2. In another bowl, beat eggs, pour cocoa, salt, stir. Pour to the croup.

3. Add flour to the dough and enter with baking powder. Knead until homogeneous.

4. Pour the chocolate mass into a mold with a diameter of about 20 cm. Bake the manna with cocoa at 180 ° C. At the request of the grease glaze, but do it after cooling the cake.

Recipe 10: Mannik “Gentle” on sour cream with margarine

Mannic for this recipe is always obtained. The cake is soft and loose, buttery due to the addition of fat. If desired, you can add a little dried fruit to it or cut an apple, but without any additives, you will still like the taste.


• 150 grams of margarine;

• a glass of low-fat sour cream of 10-15%;

• 160 grams of cereal;

• 160 grams of sugar;

• three eggs;

• 6 grams of soda;

• 140 grams of flour;

• pinch peel.

Method of preparation

1. Margarine for such manna can be well softened, but it is better to melt and cool. Mix it with sour cream. It should not be too thick. Use a product with a low fat content to make the dough with the right consistency.

2. Add sugar, and then eggs, enter the zest, you can replace it with vanilla sugar.

3. Fall asleep semolina, leave the mixture for half an hour.

4. We enter flour and soda which needs to be repaid. Stir the dough, shift to the form. At 170 ° C bake for 35 minutes. If the shape is small in diameter and the cake is high, then you can add a few more minutes.

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