Pike perch soup is traditional and original: with potatoes, millet, mushrooms. How to cook ear from pike perch with herbs and vodka

Pike perch soup is traditional and original: with potatoes, millet, mushrooms. How to cook ear from pike perch with herbs and vodka

Pikeperch sweet fatty meat is an excellent basis for making real Russian fish soup. Pike perch fish is found only in clean water, and therefore is considered noble.

The pike perch ear is rich, light and tasty. It satisfies hunger, gives strength and improves mood.

Pike perch soup - general principles of preparation

Pike perch is a very large fish. Its average weight reaches 8-10 kg. There are few bones in the carcass, especially if the spinal section is removed. Before cooking zander, you need to clean and cut:

• cut sharp fins;

• remove the insides;

• cut off the head;

• cut the carcass into portions.

Head and fins will be useful: you can make rich broth from them.

Potatoes, onions and carrots are usually put in a pike perch soup. Some recipes use cereals, mushrooms, tomatoes. It is rather a variation on the soup.

Ear from the perch “Double”

Traditional pike perch soup cooked with the addition of basic vegetables and seasonings. Preparing the dish is simple, but requires some attention. Double broth will require head, fins, fish tail.


• a piece or carcass perch weighing 600 grams;

• head, tail and fins of perch;

• two carrots;

• four potatoes;

• medium bulb;

• five to six black peppercorns;

• two bay leaves;

• three or four sprigs of parsley;

• three sprigs of fresh dill;

• tablespoon of salt.


In three liters of water, cook the cut parts of the carcass (tail, head, fins) together with one carrot and onion.

As soon as the water boils, reduce the fire, remove the foam.

Broth fill with pepper, bay leaf.

Boil for half an hour.

Carrots, depending on the size, cut into slices or quarters.

Dice the potatoes.

From ready broth to throw out vegetables and fish waste.

In the filtered broth put carrots and potatoes, salt.

Sudak divided into portions.

As soon as the water boils, carefully lower them into the pan, cook for ten minutes. Chop the parsley and dill.

Season with greens, let slowly simmer for about five minutes and turn off.

Pour into plates and serve.

Ear from pike perch “Creamy”

This version of the soup is easier to prepare: do not have to cook the double broth. For greater richness, along with a portion of meat, you can take the head of a fish.


• a pound of pikeperch meat;

• fish head;

• three potatoes;

• two carrots;

• large onion;

• Bay leaf;

• five peppercorns;

• two tablespoons of butter.


Boil perch with head, carrot and half onion. Cooking time - no more than 10 minutes.

Remove the head, cooked vegetables, throw away.

Cut the potatoes into small pieces, throw in the broth.

Cut the remaining carrot and onion into cubes.

On a spoonful of butter fry vegetables.

Season the ear with fried carrots and onions.

Boil the vegetables with a slow boil until cooked.

Season the ear with a tablespoon of butter.

Submit to the table.

Pike perch soup with vodka

A light, transparent ear of pike perch is the best dish to rest after a serious feast. If you add vodka to it, it turns out very tasty.


• a piece of pike perch weighing one and a half kilograms;

• head, pike perch tail fins;

• 100 gram piece of celery root;

• two bulbs;

• three carrots;

• five potatoes;

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• two leaves of laurel;

• five black peppercorns;

• two peppercorns;

• salt to taste;

• a glass of vodka 50 ml.


Coarsely chop celery and half the rate of carrots and onions.

Boil the broth from the head and vegetables. Cooking time - 30 minutes.

Cut the remaining carrots into slices or cubes.

Potatoes cut into slices, diced onions.

From boiled broth to throw out pieces of vegetables and head with fins.

Put potatoes, carrots and onions into the broth, without roasting, add salt.

After boiling, lower portions sliced ​​perch.

Season with spices, salt as needed.

Boil no more than fifteen minutes.

Pour in vodka, in 5-6 minutes submit to the table.

Fish pike perch with Finnish cream

The highlight of this recipe is cream and spices. This Finnish pike perch ear will delight fish lovers. It takes time for the dish to reveal all its charm. The next day, the ear will taste better.


• seven hundred grams of pike perch fillet;

• a glass of cream;

• three onions;

• a bunch of green onions weighing three hundred grams;

• seven hundred grams of potatoes;

• any greens to taste;

• several peas white and black pepper;

• a teaspoon of dried basil, thyme and coriander;

• sprig of fresh basil;

• salt to taste.


Pike perch fillet cut into large crows.

Potatoes cut into cups.

Onions finely chop.

Leek cut into rings.

At the bottom of the pan throw the white and black pepper.

Lay out the layers: onion, green onion, fish pieces, potatoes.

Pour the contents of the pan with two fingers of water above the potatoes (about 2 cm) and send to medium heat.

From the moment of boiling, boil on low heat until the potatoes are ready, season the ears of pike perch with herbs and salt.

Without stirring the layers, pour in the cream.

After the cream begins to boil, try the dish, add some salt if necessary.

Warm up for three minutes and turn off.

Leave the dish under the lid for half an hour to infuse.

When serving in plates pour chopped greens.

Pike perch soup with millet

This version of fish soup is very satisfying due to the combination of potatoes, millet groats and fish. It will make a wonderful dinner for the whole family.


• a pound of pike perch;

• half a cup of millet;

• three potatoes;

• bulb onion;

• medium carrot;

• Bay leaf;

• salt to taste;

• half a cup of fresh dill;

• five black peppercorns.


Cook fish in three liters of water.

As soon as the water begins to boil, add laurel and pepper to the broth, add salt.

When the meat starts to separate easily from the bones, it is ready.

Remove the fish on a plate, strain the broth.

Rinse the cereal.

Cut potatoes into cubes.

Carrots cut into cubes or circles randomly. In the broth lay cereal, boil after boiling for ten minutes.

Send potatoes, carrots and whole onion to the pan.

While cooking the ear, boiled perch cut into pieces.

Cut the greens.

Piled perch sent to the pan.

Pour the soup into the plates, sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Ear of “Rostovskaya” pike perch with tomatoes

Tomato acid is successfully combined with the sweetish taste of zander in this version of soup. The dish turns out unusual and very tasty.


• eight hundred grams of pike perch;

• three tomatoes;

• three potatoes;

• bulb red;

• two tablespoons of cut fresh greens of cilantro, dill, parsley;

• fifty grams of butter;

• pepper, bay leaf and salt to taste.


Boil the fish with bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Boiled perch cut into pieces.

Potatoes cut into cups, onion - half rings.

Cook in a broth sliced ​​potatoes and onions.

Peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut into slices.

When the potatoes are cooked, put the tomatoes and chopped greens in the ear, stir for five minutes and turn off.

Put the pieces of fish in the pan and pour the ear in portioned tureen.

Pike perch soup with mushrooms

The original recipe of soup with soaked mushrooms and milk is unlikely to leave indifferent connoisseurs of fish dishes. This unusual and tasty version of zander soup is worthy of a place in the culinary book.


• A piece of perch weighing eight hundred grams;

• four potatoes;

• two hundred grams of dried mushrooms;

• average carrot;

• medium bulb;

• a glass of nonfat milk;

• tablespoon white flour;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• a bit of any fresh greens;

• salt and pepper;

• Bay leaf.


Heat the milk and pour two thirds of the total number of mushrooms.

Grind the remaining third of the mushrooms into flour in a coffee grinder.

Boil perch with spices, be sure to salt.

Remove the fish, cut into pieces.

Chop the potatoes into cubes.

Onion and carrot chop sticks. Soaked mushrooms cut into pieces.

Dip potatoes and mushrooms in boiling broth.

Fry the onion-carrot straw in butter quickly. Add wheat and mushroom flour to the pan, mix.

When the flour mixture turns golden, pour two soup broth into the frying pan, boil for about three minutes and pour the frying pan into the pan.

Fish slices dipped in the pan.

Send your ear to the table with sliced ​​greens and black bread.

Pike perch soup - tricks and tips

  • To make it easier to clean the scales, you can rub the fish carcass with salt. This will get rid of mucus, hands will not slip.
  • Pike perch has spiky fins. Rubber gloves can be worn to protect hands. And to protect the surface of the kitchen, the fish is best cleaned under water or in a plastic bag.
  • Pike perch meat is very useful. It contains many vitamins, amino acids and protein.
  • There are few bones in Sudak. The only bony part is the ridge. If the ear will have children, it is better to cut it out at all or boil it together with the head for Navara, and then strain the broth.
  • To make fish broth more rich, onions do not need to be cut for it. In addition, you can put parsley and dill stalks when cooking, linking them with culinary thread.
  • Vodka in the ear makes the taste of the dish sweetish, and fish meat - soft.
  • Very tasty triple ear soup. It is boiled simultaneously from three types of fish: perch, perch and brush.
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