Children's salads - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a children's salad.

Children's salads - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a children's salad.

Children's salads - general principles and methods of cooking

Children love salads, it is unlikely that parents will argue with this statement. Such dishes are prepared from fortified foods or ingredients that contain healthy minerals and trace elements. The composition of children's salads often include vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, cheese and eggs.

Sour cream, olive oil, kefir, honey, and lemon juice are great as a dressing for meals intended for babies, although choosing a sauce for salad should not be used for foods that are allergic to the child.

Children are more likely to eat salads that are interestingly decorated, after spending a few extra minutes creating an amusing composition, parents will give pleasure to their children.

Children's salads - preparation of products

Products that are placed in the children's salad should be fresh, if we are talking about vegetables or fruits, they should be thoroughly cleaned. When poorly processed vegetables can remain eggs of worms, and on the fruit of harmful substances that are processed fruit for better growth.

Provided that the vegetables are added to the children's salads in their raw form, they must be washed, then scalded with boiling water and rinsed again in cold water.

Cucumbers and tomatoes do not like hot water, they should be doused with cold boiled water after the “water procedure”.

Cabbage (white cabbage, kohlrabi) must be placed for half an hour in salted and acidified water, so you can get rid of the caterpillars and their larvae.

Recipe 1: Children's Dragon Salad

“Dragon” - the original children's salad, tasty and satisfying, besides the excellent taste of the kids enjoy the look of the salad.


- 200 grams of chicken breast;

- 40 grams of hard cheese;

- 2 eggs;

- 2-3 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

To decorate:

- half of red bell pepper; - 1 cucumber;

- 1 avocado;

- 2 carnation tricks.

Method of preparation

While boiled chicken meat and eggs, proceed to the preparation of decorations for the salad. Avocado is cut into two parts, and one must be much larger than the second. A larger slice of avocado will imitate the dragon's torso. In the body do a small incision. From the second piece we make oval paws, the head, from a cucumber - a tail, from pepper - ears, a mouth, in general, the fantasy can be limitless. The parts of the dragon that require fixing need to be fixed with the help of toothpicks. When the decoration is ready, proceed directly to the preparation of the salad. Dice chicken, grate eggs (leave some yolk for decoration), do the same with cheese. Salad salad with yogurt. Salad lay out on a dish, sprinkle with yolk, put the dragon on top.

Recipe 2: Children's fruit salad with yogurt

Children adore yoghurt and fruit, why combine these ingredients and not make a delicious fortified salad?


- 3 sweet apples;

- 100 grams of hard cheese;

- 100 grams of raisins;

- 5-6 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Method of preparation

Wash the raisins, soak for 30 minutes in water and dry.

We clean the apples and fry them on a fine grater, add the raisins cut in halves, pour in yogurt.

Salad put on a plate, so as to get a circle and a small tail. We cover the salad with grated cheese on a fine grater; we make ears of two small pieces of cheese for the “salad hero”. As an eye, you can use blueberries or currants, make a nose out of boiled carrots (cut a triangle). Funny mustache will look from dill.

Recipe 3: Children's salad of zucchini and cucumber

Zucchini is good for children's health, it improves the digestive process and is rich in vitamins.


- 1 young squash; - 1 cucumber;

- green onions;

- dill;

- yogurt, kefir or sour cream

Method of preparation

Zucchini peel, cut into cubes, do the same with cucumber. Cut the onions and dill. We combine all the ingredients, mix and fill with yogurt.

Recipe 4: Children's Vitamin Salad from Cabbage

Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamin C, as well as protein and fiber.


- 200 grams of cabbage (white cabbage);

- 1 orange;

- 1 apple;

- 30 grams of raisins;

- sour cream.

Method of preparation

Cabbage finely shred, add some salt and mnemi hands. We sort the orange into slices, each cut into 3-4 pieces. Three apples on a coarse grater. All the ingredients, including raisins, mix, add sour cream.

Recipe 5: Children's beet salad with prunes

Beets - a useful product, it is often given in kindergartens, seasoning with vegetable oil. At home, boiled beets can be made differently by adding prunes and nuts, kids like this salad.


- 150 grams of beets;

- 30 grams of prunes;

- 30 grams of walnut;

- some vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Boil beets, bring to readiness using steamers. Rinse prunes, chop finely, chop nuts in a blender.

Mix the ingredients and season with vegetable oil.

Children's salads - useful tips from experienced chefs

Vegetables in water should not be kept for more than 10 minutes, otherwise all the vitamins are washed out of them.

Sprouted and green potatoes are dangerous for the child, it should not be part of children's salads.

Salads must be eaten before the main meal, it activates the work of the stomach and intestines.

Do not put hot spices in children's salads and do not salt.

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