Cook the chicken stomachs in all the rules! How and how much to cook chicken stomachs in water, steamed, in a slow cooker

Cook the chicken stomachs in all the rules! How and how much to cook chicken stomachs in water, steamed, in a slow cooker

Chicken stomachs - a by-product with a very rich taste of ... beef!

Yes Yes!

This meat is reminiscent of affordable, inexpensive ventricles. And smart housewives are actively using them.

The stomachs are beautiful not only in the first or second courses.

In salads, stews, pie fillings, they are also beautiful.

But only if properly cooked. How and how many chicken stomachs are cooked?

How and how much to cook chicken stomachs - general principles

The first thing to do is clean the stomachs. This process frightens many housewives, although there is nothing difficult in it. You just need to open the stomach and remove the yellow film, it is convenient to use a small knife. If this is not done, the boiled stomachs will have an unpleasant taste, and the dish may be bitter.

After cleaning, the stomachs are well rinsed with water. Then they can be cut. But since they are small, you can use it entirely.

What does not hurt to know:

1. The stomachs themselves are denser and have more connective tissue than other parts of the chicken carcass and offal. Therefore, they always prepare longer.

2. Frozen stomachs will be harder after boiling. Therefore it is better to use fresh offal or chilled.

3. As with cooking meat, you need to remove the foam when boiling. And it is better to do this several times. In the foam will accumulate residues of the crude film, as well as excess fat.

As in the preparation of other dishes, when cooking this by-product, the addition of a variety of spices is encouraged. The stomachs go well with all sorts of vegetables, cereals. They can be served with different sauces, used instead of meat in different dishes and even added to homemade sausages. But first you need to cook them. But how?

How to cook chicken stomachs in water

The basic way to boil the stomach just in water with spices. After that, you can cook any dish, and even salads. And in salads, they will resemble beef. So how to cook chicken stomachs and how long will it take?


• 0.5 kg of stomachs;

• 1 l. salts;

• pepper peas;

• bay leaf.


1. We pour the washed and cleaned stomachs with clean water and send them to the stove. The product should safely float in the liquid, at this amount pour at least 1.2 liters. 2. When boiling, remove the foam and reduce the fire. Periodically come and remove the foam formed several times.

3. Cook the stomachs for about 40 minutes. If chickens are young, then this time will be enough. We pierce the product with a fork and appreciate the taste. Add salt, pepper, bay leaf and let it boil for another five minutes. Done!

4. If the chickens were not very young, then the product will be tough. We continue to cook. It may take the same amount of time.

5. Ready stomachs get out of the broth, cool, chop and use for the purpose.

How much to cook chicken stomachs in a slow cooker

A great way to cook the ventricles in a slow cooker. The dish is obtained immediately with gravy. Suitable for any side dishes: cereals, vegetables, pasta.


• 500 grams of stomachs;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 onion;

• 2 spoons of tomato paste;

• 500 ml of water;

• 4 spoons of butter;

• spices.


1. Prepare the stomachs, wash and clean the films. You can cook whole or cut into pieces. We do as you like.

2. Onion head cleaned, cut into small cubes.

3. Clean the medium-sized carrot, three or cut into strips.

4. Pour oil into the slow cooker, put the vegetables, immediately add the prepared offal and tomato paste.

5. Now it's the spice line. In addition to salt, you can add any pepper, rosemary, bay leaf. You can add seasoning mixtures for chicken, meat.

6. Pour in water, mix everything well.

7. Close the slow cooker, set the extinguishing mode for 2 hours.

8. Open, add greens and you're done! The stomachs are very tender, and the sauce is rich and delicious.

How and how much to cook chicken stomachs with potatoes

Potatoes with potatoes are a budget alternative to homemade meat roasts. But it is prepared a little differently. How and how many stomachs are cooked for such a dish?


• 0.4 kg of stomach;

• 0.7 kg of potatoes;

• 1 bow;

• 1 carrot;

• oil and spices;

• greenery.


1. Purified stomachs fold into the pan entirely and boil in a liter of water for half an hour. Drain broth, cool the stomachs and cut into pieces. It is enough to divide each into three parts.

2. While preparing the stomachs, you need to clean and cut all the vegetables. Also boil the kettle with water. 3. Pour some oil into a saucepan or cauldron, fry onions.

4. Add chopped carrots, and then the stomachs. Fry five minutes to a good ruddy.

5. Add diced potatoes.

6. And immediately pour all the boiling water from the kettle. Salt, put pepper, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

7. Open, try. If the potatoes are boiled, then fill the dish with greens and you're done!

How to cook chicken stomachs with onions

A variant of very tasty stomachs cooked in onions with husks. This product can be consumed after cooking, or used further for different dishes.


• 3 onions;

• 1 carrot;

• salt;

• 1 spoon of butter;

• 1 parsley root;

• 500 g of ventricles.


1. Pour the cleaned offal with water and boil for 10 minutes. Separately, we put boiled water.

2. Pour the decoction from the stomachs, rinse the saucepan.

3. Clean parsley root and carrot. We cut in large pieces by centimeter.

4. Remove the upper husk from the onion, leave the lower one. Cut in half, the skin does not need to be removed.

5. Heat a spoonful of butter in a pan and lay the vegetables in one layer. Onions put cut down. Fry the pieces well until brown. We shift to the pan to the stomachs.

6. Fill all with boiling water, send to the stove and cook for 40 minutes.

7. 10 minutes before the end of the put salt and any seasoning.

How much to steam chicken stomachs

Steam cooking is a simple and fast way to get healthy, but also tasty dish. Boil the stomachs can be in any device that is available at hand. And if there is nothing at all, then even a colander or a sieve that can be installed on a pot of boiling water will fit and cover from above.


• stomachs;

• butter;

• spices.


1. Clean the ventricles. Flush.

2. Take a little vegetable oil and combine with any spices, be sure to salt. You can add pepper, dried herbs.

3. Pour the oil into the stomachs, mix, cover and leave to marinate for an hour. You can do it on the eve and then the dish will be even more delicious.

4. Spread the product on a pan and cook for a couple. But how much to cook the stomachs? Usually 50 minutes is enough, but you can leave for an hour. Can't go wrong!

How and how much to cook chicken stomachs with buckwheat

A very tasty combination is the ventricles and buckwheat porridge. But in order for the dish to not turn out dry, you need to know how to cook a popular by-product tasty and properly.


• 300 grams of buckwheat;

• 50 grams of tomato sauce;

• 400 grams of ventricles;

• one onion;

• spices;

• a little bit of oil;

• one carrot.


1. We do the preliminary cooking of the ventricles. To do this, pour the prepared product with water and boil for about half an hour. Cool, cut into several pieces.

2. In a cauldron we heat up 3-4 spoons of oil and fry the onion head. Then put the carrot, stomachs in a minute. Fry two more minutes.

3. We wash buckwheat, throw in the total mass.

4. The contents of the cauldron must be salted, pepper.

5. Add cool boiling water. Pour as much as the water level is two fingers higher than buckwheat porridge. Cover and cook for 12 minutes.

6. Open and add tomato sauce. Stir and leave to cook for another three minutes.

7. Turn off, but do not open. Let the dish be fed with its own pairs and reach readiness in the cauldron.

Cooking Chicken Gizzards - Tips and Tricks

• Not everyone likes the flavor of boiled stomachs. But it is easy to eliminate! It is enough to add a little lemon zest or a clove asterisk to the water.

• If you need to cook the first dish of the ventricles, then it is better to cook in the second broth. Boil the product in water for 10 minutes, then rinse it and container, pour it with clean boiling water and cook until ready.

• Stomach - a dietary product that has a low calorie content. But on top of them is a lot of fat. And if you follow the figure, it is better to delete it.

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