Red and green tomatoes with apples for the winter: help yourself! Recipes of canned, salted and pickled tomatoes with apples for the winter

Red and green tomatoes with apples for the winter: help yourself! Recipes of canned, salted and pickled tomatoes with apples for the winter

Juicy tomatoes and fragrant apples are perfectly combined in homemade preparations: adjika, winter salads, ketchups, borsch petrol stations. However, they can be preserved in a duet or supplemented with a third vegetable, for example, garlic, bell pepper, beetroot. The sweet and sour taste and wonderful apple flavor make tomatoes with apples for the winter one of the most popular preservation recipes.

It is possible to preserve apples not only with ripe, but also with green tomatoes. Such blanks have a specific spicy taste and aroma that some people like more than ripe tomato blanks. You can put greens, favorite spices, and spices in jars: peeled garlic cloves, fragrant bay leaves, allspice, black or hot peppers, fragrant cloves. Pour marinade with vinegar with or without vinegar.

For conservation, it is better to select medium-sized fruits in order to comfortably reach them through the narrow neck of the can. Tomatoes should be strong, whole, with intact skin, no dents and spots. If there are no small and medium-sized tomatoes, and you really want to pickle them with apples, you can select the strongest fruits and cut them into quarters.

Apples do not need strict selection, so their appearance is unimportant: fruits are cut into slices. Preference should be given to dense, sour, fragrant varieties. Antonovka is especially good.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter - general principles of cooking

To prepare the winter harvesting tomatoes and apples must be pre-processed. Wash tomatoes, leave whole. Thick, immature tomatoes can be cut into quarters or rings. Wash apples thoroughly, cut into quarters or smaller slices. Cut the centerpiece, seeds and hard films.

Peel and chop the vegetables used in the recipe. Pepper cut off the top, remove partitions and seeds, cut into strips. Peel the garlic and leave it whole. Beets thoroughly wash, dry and cut into small slices. Just stick to the recipe is not worth it: salting is a creative matter. Most often, the exact proportions are set for marinades, but you need to take tomatoes as much as you can fit in banks. If you wish, you can put currant leaves or cherry leaves, horseradish leaves, dill umbrellas in the banks.

Three-liter and liter cans for salting can be used. They need to be thoroughly washed with soda, and then sterilized. A factory sterilizer is very convenient, but if it is not there, you can perfectly get along with an aluminum sterilization wheel, which is conveniently mounted on the pan's shoes. Sterilize the banks should be fifteen to twenty minutes.

After capping the workpiece must be properly cooled. Covering the floor with a cloth, you need to put on it hot cans with their necks down. Banks wrap them with a thick blanket or blanket. Turn the tomatoes with apples for the winter and send them to storage after the cans are completely cooled.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter “Easy preservation”

Very simple classic version of salting tomatoes with apples for the winter requires a minimum of ingredients. The pickle is slightly salted, has a very delicate apple flavor. The beginning hostess will cope with such preparation.


• one and a half kilograms of tomatoes;

• a pound of apples;

• one and a half liters of clean water;

• two large spoons of salt and sugar;

• spices to taste and desire;

• two tablespoons of sugar;

• a quarter cup of vinegar;

• half a teaspoon of allspice and black pepper.

Cooking Method:

Prepared apples cut into large slices.

Clean sterilized jars to dry.

Laying apple slices on the bottom of the cans is the first layer.

Lay out a layer of tomatoes on apple slices.

If spicy herbs and spices are not used, then alternate these two layers to the neck of the jar. If you want to add spices, they also need to lay out the layers.

Pour the contents of the jar with boiling water. The liquid should cool in a jar to room temperature.

Pour the cooled water into a deep saucepan, add salt, pepper, sugar and cook marinade. Tomatoes pour in a spoonful of vinegar.

As soon as the water boils, the brine is poured into the banks.

Cork sterilized caps and leave to cool as described above.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter in spicy brine

Tomatoes with apples prepared for this winter are very fragrant. They are perfect for meat and can be the basis of hot tomato sauce. The number of ingredients will roll up five cans with a capacity of one liter.


• three kilograms of tomatoes;

• five apples;

• fifteen cloves of garlic;

• five bay leaves;

• five branches of dill and parsley;

• four large spoons of coarse salt;

• two large spoons of sugar;

• five tablespoons of vinegar;

• five pea-scented peppercorns;

• two liters of water.

Method of preparation

Cut medium apples into eight pieces.

Spread on the banks of the twigs of greenery.

Put garlic and apple slices on dill and parsley.

Lay the tomatoes up to the neck of the cans.

The last layer to lay out the remaining apple slices.

In a large saucepan, cook the marinade from salt, sugar, pepper. When the liquid is boiled for five minutes, pour vinegar into it.

In a separate saucepan or kettle, boil six liters of water.

Pour the jars with simple boiling water, cover with a lid and leave for ten minutes.

Water pour.

Immediately pour tomatoes with hot marinade right up to the neck.

Cork the banks, cool.

After a week, you can take the first sample. But the perfect taste of tomatoes with apples for the winter will get only a month.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter “German Trio”

Excellent taste is obtained from the preparation of the German recipe. A delicious shade gives the tomatoes with apples for the winter sweet bell pepper. Ingredients with the exception of marinade are taken by eye. Someone wants more apples, someone - pepper. The amount of marinade is indicated for a three-liter jar. Delicious marinade, sweet and sour apples, strong tomatoes - a real pleasure!


• tomatoes;

• apples;

• Bulgarian green pepper;

• pure water; • 50 ml of vinegar 6%;

• a large spoonful of salt;

• five big spoons of sugar.

Cooking Method:

Cut the apples into slices.

Put the tomatoes in a jar, sprinkling them with apple slices.

Cut the peppers into strips and lay them upright on the sides of the jar.

Next to the pepper, place the parsley sprigs.

Optionally, in a jar, you can add a pea of ​​allspice and cloves.

Pour the jar to the top with boiling water, leave for five minutes.

Pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil, so that both sugar and salt dissolve. Pour in six percent vinegar, boil for five minutes.

When the liquid is boiling and the salt and sugar are completely dissolved, fill the jar with hot marinade and immediately roll it up.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter in a pink marinade

Pink marinade gives tomatoes with apple slices an original color. As a dye used fresh beets. Spicy taste to tomatoes with apples for the winter gives onions. The number of ingredients indicated for the three-liter jars.


• medium or small tomatoes;

• two medium bulbs;

• an Apple;

• small beets;

• one and a half liters of water;

• tablespoon with a heap of salt;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• half a cup of nine percent vinegar.

Cooking Method:

Cut onion into rings.

Clean dense elastic beets from the ground, wash, cut off the skin and cut into plates.

Apple cut into slices.

Put onions, beets and apples in a jar.

Top up fill the jar with strong tomatoes.

Boil the water and pour over the jar. Leave for twenty minutes.

Water poured into a deep pan. Boil them with marinade, boiled with salt, sugar, vinegar.

Boiling marinade gently pour into a jar of tomatoes, immediately roll up.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter “Autumn Garden”

Those who scrupulously adhere to the principles of healthy eating will be interested in the recipe of tomatoes with apples for the winter “Autumn Garden”. Vinegar is not needed for its preparation. Fast, tasty, good for health.


• medium or small tomatoes;

• two apples;

• three large spoons of sugar and salt; • half of hot peppers pod;

• Dill umbrella.

Cooking Method:

Put a dill umbrella in a jar and half a pod of hot pepper.

Apples cut into slices, add to spices.

Fill a jar with strong tomatoes.

Pour boiling water over the jar, leave for five minutes.

Pour water into a deep saucepan, add sugar and salt, and boil brine.

Pour the boiling brine jar.

Put the jar in a pot of boiling water (boiling water should reach the hanger of the jar) and sterilize for fifteen minutes.

Cork tomatoes, cool correctly.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter in salad cutting

Non-standard, large tomatoes can be turned into sliced ​​salad and pickled for the winter with apples, cucumbers, peppers, carrots. Excellent option in order to realize the last kilogram of the crop of tomatoes. It turns out a simple and delicious winter salad.


• kilogram of tomatoes;

• kilogram of apples;

• kilo of carrots;

• kilogram of cucumbers;

• half a kilo of pepper;

• several peppercorns;

• Bay leaf;

• kilogram of onions;

• 80 grams of salt and sugar.

Cooking Method:

Washed, peeled carrots and apples chop, just rubbed on a coarse grater.

Peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, finely chopped. To make the salad more beautiful, you can cut the cucumbers into slices, and the onions into rings.

Mix all ingredients with salt, sugar, spices.

Carefully place in clean, prepared and dried jars.

Sterilize 40 minutes.

Cork and cool by the rules.

Green tomatoes with apples for the winter, pickled with garlic

An elementary recipe for salting green tomatoes with apples for the winter will please novice hostesses. It will help them and the exact indication of the weight of the components for the marinade.


• green small tomatoes;

• two apples;

• four cloves of garlic;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• 30 grams of salt;

• 100 ml of vinegar;

• litere of water;

• peas of two types of pepper, dill, cloves (to taste and desire).

Cooking Method:

Medium apples cut into four pieces. Garlic and apple slices lay in a jar.

Fill the jar with green tomatoes. Large fruits can be cut into pieces.

Pour the tomatoes with boiling water.

After five minutes, pour the water into a deep saucepan, add sugar, salt and stir until they dissolve.

Again, bring the brine to a boil and pour into the jar.

After five minutes, the brine is poured into a saucepan, wait for boiling, pour in vinegar and pour the tomatoes the last third time.

Roll up and cool.

Green tomatoes with apples for the winter, pickled with beets

Pink pickle is attached to this variant of salting green tomatoes with apples for the winter festive look. It turns out not only very beautiful, but also very tasty marinade due to the use of spices.


• green tomatoes;

• apples;

• small beets;

• sprig of parsley;

• allspice peas;

• one and a half liters of water;

• 70 ml of vinegar 6%;

• five large spoons of sugar;

• A big spoonful of salt.

Cooking Method:

On a three-liter jar, take no more than two beet circles.

Cut apples into slices.

Put parsley, apples, beets and tomatoes in a jar.

Boil the water and pour over the jar. Leave for 20 minutes.

Pour water into a deep pan, cook marinade from sugar, pepper, salt. Boil the liquid for a few minutes. Then pour vinegar.

Boiling marinade gently pour into a jar of tomatoes and immediately roll up.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter “Assorted”

A delicious recipe for autumn platter will allow you to enjoy tomatoes, slices of apples, peppers, carrots in the winter. Spicy, tasty, matchless snack!


• four green tomatoes;

• one apple;

• one Bulgarian pepper (preferably red);

• average carrot;

• medium bulb;

• celery (one or two twigs);

• three sprigs of parsley;

• five peppercorns of any kind;

• bay leaf;

• two cloves of garlic;

• liter of boiling water;

• six large spoons of sugar;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• half a cup of vinegar 9%.

Cooking Method:

Onions cut into rings or half rings.

Cut carrots into circles, Bulgarian pepper into strips. Cut green tomatoes into four.

Apple cut into slices.

Fill a jar according to the scheme: greens - apple slices - strips of bell pepper - green tomatoes - carrot circles - onion rings.

Put in a jar garlic, black pepper or allspice, bay leaf.

Cook the marinade as described above, at the end of the boil pour vinegar.

Tomatoes should be carefully filled with boiling liquid, then covered with a lid with scalded boiling water. In a separate saucepan, boil water, carefully lower the jars into it and sterilize for 12 minutes (time for a liter jar). Three-liter need to be sterilized for 20 minutes.

Cork and cool.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter - tips and useful tips

  • If you add a glass of raspberry berries to the recipe for salting, you get a stunning summer scent. Berries need to rinse with cold water and pour mixed with tomatoes and apples. For this variant of winter harvesting, cherry and blackcurrant leaves are ideal.
  • Recipes do not always contain the exact amount of ingredients. Beginner housewives can take note of these proportions: a three-liter jar is usually enough for two medium apples. You can calculate differently: take seven apple slices for seven tomatoes.
  • Banks after capping cool down under a blanket for about a day. If the marinade is prepared with vinegar, they can be stored in the apartment, removing in a dark place.
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