Tilapia in a pan - juicy, tender and tasteful. Simple recipes fried with a crispy crust and tender tilapia stew in a pan

Tilapia in a pan - juicy, tender and tasteful. Simple recipes fried with a crispy crust and tender tilapia stew in a pan

Tilapia is a low-fat, practically fat-free fish. It contains a lot of minerals and nutrients, and proteins contained in fish meat are easily digested. Tilapia is recommended for adults and children, this fish is especially useful for pregnant women and people with heavy physical exertion.

Tilapia has very tender meat, it does not have the characteristic taste and smell characteristic of the river dweller, for which it is valued by the cooks. In fish there are practically no small bones, which allows you to cook it in a variety of ways. The collection contains the most simple cooking recipes in the pan.

Tilapia in a pan - general principles of cooking

• Tilapia overseas fish and in our stores it can be purchased only in the form of frozen sirloin. When purchasing, pay attention to the ice - it should not be. The fish is dry frozen and if there is ice frost on the fillet, this indicates that it has already been thawed.

• It is recommended to thaw tilapia slowly, at room temperature. For quick thawing, you can dip the fillet in cold water, but pre-packaged in a package.

• Fish meat has a delicate structure and, as a rule, contains a lot of water, therefore, it is fried mostly in batter or breaded. Often tilapia in a pan is stewed. Fish goes well with vegetables, mushrooms, cream and various sauces.

• For stewing and roasting in breading or batter, the fillets are usually cut into small slices, but to fry in the most usual way, they are simply cut along.

• It is recommended to prepare tilapia before cooking - fish meat likes spices and lemon juice. Moistened with juice, sprinkled with spiced fillet pieces should stay warm for a while in order to be well fed with flavors.

Tilapia in a pan in a nut breading

They like to use almonds in sweet dishes, but by adding ground nuts in breading, we will act quite correctly - in the style of French cuisine. Ingredients:

• two medium-sized tilapia fillets;

• a quarter cup of almond;

• two spoons of white breading (coarsely ground white crackers);

• Spice set “For fried fish”;

• one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• spoon of Dijon mustard;


1. Thoroughly rinse the fish thoroughly with cool water, then wipe dry with towels.

2. Dry the almonds - pour the nuts into a dry frying pan and heat at medium heat for three minutes. Then put the almonds on a plate, cool well.

3. Combine cooled nuts with spices and white breading in the blender bowl. Add a little pepper and smash everything into a fine crumb.

4. On medium heat, place a thick-walled pan, immediately pouring vegetable oil into it.

5. While the oil is warming up, grease tilapia filet with mustard. Roll fish from all sides in cooked breading.

6. Spreading the fish in hot oil, fry for at least three minutes on each side.

Tilapia stewed with vegetables and mushrooms in a pan


• tilapia (fillet) - 3 pcs .;

• large onion;

• one fresh tomato;

• garlic;

• non-aromatic vegetable oil;

• five pitted olives;

• young champignons - 100 gr .;

• half a spoon of oregano.


1. After washing the fish with cool water, wipe dry with paper towels. Cut the fillet, first along, after across, narrow strips. It is desirable to get small pieces.

2. Chop the peeled onion into thin half-rings or quarters. It all depends on the size - stripes of onions should not be long.

3. Rinse the mushrooms, peel off the tomatoes, peel two garlic cloves.

4. Cut the tomato into medium-sized slices, mushrooms - with plates or strips, chop the garlic melenko.

5. In a small thick-walled skillet, fry the onion in butter. Cook over medium heat, stirring regularly, and trying not to burn.

6. Once the onion strips are clear, add the mushrooms, garlic, and tomato slices. Bringing to boil, pepper and lightly salt, lower the heat. 7. Put the mushrooms and vegetables for about a minute, put the tilapia pieces in the pan and bring to the boil again. Next, cook on the lowest fire, covered the pan with a lid.

8. After stewing for a quarter of an hour, remove the pan from the stove and put the fish on a serving dish. Top with sliced ​​olives.

Tilapia in a pan in a potato-cheese coat


• four fish fillets (tilapia);

• three large potatoes;

• 130 grams of “Dutch” cheese;

• three eggs;

• half a small lemon;

• high-quality vegetable oil;

• seasoning “For fish dishes”.


1. Thaw fish fillets. Having washed, wipe dry and cut each across, and then and along.

2. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, sprinkle them pieces of tilapia. Sprinkle with salt and seasoning.

3. Peel the potatoes. Through a large grater, rub the tubers into a small bowl. If you have a lot of juice, drain.

4. On the same grater, rub the cheese to the potatoes, pour in three eggs, add a little salt and mix everything thoroughly.

5. Pour a little oil into the pan and warm it well over medium heat.

6. Cover the potato mash with the fillet pieces and place them in the hot oil with the “fur coat” down. Immediately cover the fish mixture and the top.

7. Once the bottom is covered with a golden blush, flip and fry the back side.

Tilapia in a pan: juicy fried fish in batter


• tilapia (fillet) - 500 gr .;

• ten tablespoons of flour;

• half a cup of milk;

• small lemon;

• refined oil;

• two eggs.


1. Cut the lemon, squeeze the juice.

2. Thawed thawed fish, rinse well, remove with water towels from the fillet.

3. Cut the fish into small pieces and fold into a bowl. Sprinkle with salt, add a little pepper, mix. Sprinkle tilapia with lemon juice, mix the pieces again and leave for a quarter of an hour.

4. While the fish is pickled, cook the batter. To do this, pour the milk into a small bowl. Smashing eggs, pour the whites into separate dishes, and put the yolks to the milk. Well razboltav, add a little salt, five tablespoons of flour and a little pepper. Stir the batter until smooth, if there are lumps left, you can beat it up a little. 5. Beat the squirrels into strong foam and mix into the batter just before frying the fish. Pour the remaining flour into the plate.

6. Pour vegetable oil in the pan, about a finger, but it can be a little less. Place the pan on a medium heat and wait a couple of minutes, the oil should heat up well. Take a little batter and drip in the pan, if the dough quickly grabbed a lump, but not spread - you can fry the fish.

7. Alternately, pan the tilapia pieces with flour, then dip into a batter and immediately place in a frying pan. Turning, fry the fish until golden brown. To remove excess oil from ready-made pieces, spread on a napkin or in a colander.

Tilapia in a pan stewed in cream


• half a small lemon;

• two bulbs;

• five tilapia fillets;

• 200 ml of cream, fat content of not more than 20%;

• an incomplete spoon of finely chopped dill;

• small bay leaf;

• Odorless vegetable oil - 20 ml.


1. Thawed fish fillets after washing, cut into small pieces in a bowl.

2. Squeeze out the lemon, strain the juice.

3. Season tilapia pieces with ground pepper, sprinkle with strained lemon juice. Mix thoroughly, let the fish stand for at least a quarter of an hour, but preferably 30 minutes.

4. Chop the bulbs into thin half-rings. Disassembled into strips, send onions to the pan with well-heated oil. Cook, stirring until the onions lose their dullness and become almost transparent.

5. Put the fish in the pan and start stirring. Steaming the pieces for about a minute, pour in the cream and, stirring continuously, bring to a boil. Do not boil!

6. Turning off the heat to medium, evaporate the cream by half. Then add dill and, lightly salted, mix thoroughly.

7. Remove the pan from the stove and serve immediately. Tilapia stewed in cream is good for any side dish.

The easiest recipe for fried tilapia in a pan - “Golden Fish”


• tilapia - 5 fillets;

• 100 gr. flour;

• vegetable oil, preferably odorless; • fine salt and a set of spices “For an appetizing fish”.


1. Be sure to thaw fish well. It is advisable to do this at room temperature, without using such methods as Russian-style defrosting in water or a microwave oven. Well, if you still need to thaw out quickly, do it only in water, first placing the fish in the bag.

2. Thawed fillets dry wipe and cut lengthwise.

3. Mix salt with ground pepper, rub tilapia fillets from all sides and let it rest for a while.

4. On an intensive fire, place a dry thick-walled frying pan, in an extreme case, take a pan with a non-stick coating. After waiting half a minute, pour some oil into it and immediately reduce the heat to medium. Heat your fat well.

5. When sanding the fish in flour, spread it in hot oil and fry until golden brown, about three minutes on each side.

Tilapia in a pan - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• If cooking tilapia in batter, heat the oil well. In a badly hot fat, the dough quickly slips from the pieces.

• Replace lemon juice with wine. It is also well marinated fish and beneficial complement its taste. Tilapia is good with dry vermouth, and in it it is worth marinating. Another great recipe is to fill the layers of thawed fish with inexpensive sparkling wine and place it under a slight oppression, the finished dish will have an amazing taste.

• If you do not want to get a thick layer of dough, do not pan the slices before dipping in batter.

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