White salads - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cooked white salad.

White salads - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cooked white salad.

What can we associate with a white salad? Of course - with the holiday, purity, freshness and delicate taste. We recommend to use our recipes and arrange a real snow-white furor in the kitchen.

White salad - general principles and methods of cooking

All salads, which are products and sauces of the corresponding color, can be attributed to white. These can be vegetables, fruits, meat, fish or seafood, harmoniously combined to taste.

White Salad - Food Preparation

Preparation of products is the same as for other salads - boiling (baking), cleaning and cutting. Raw vegetables are also advisable to peel before chopping. If there is an opportunity, then it is preferable to prepare the sauce yourself, this will only benefit the taste of the dish.

White salad - the best recipes

Recipe 1: White Lotus Salad (with Squids)

A light salad with squid is not only very tasty, but also extremely useful, because everyone has long known the healing properties of flaxseed and grape oil. If this oil is not, then you can replace it with any other sauce or “mayonnaise”.


Vegetable oil or mayonnaise sauce - 2 table. lodges .;

Onion - 1 pc .;

steep egg - 4 pcs .;

lemon juice - 1 table. lodges .;

potatoes - 2 pcs .;

squid - 5 pcs .;

flaxseed - 2 table. lie

Method of preparation

Thaw and rinse the squids, and then pour them with boiling water for just one minute to make it easier to remove unnecessary skin. Cut the peeled carcass in half, thoroughly clean the viscera and rinse well. Now you need to cook them. In order for squid meat to be more tender, you need to add lemon juice to the pan. They will be ready in 2 minutes. after boiling. If you overdo it a little, the meat will be tough.

Boil potatoes, wash the flax seed and pour boiling water. Remove squid from the water and cut into strips, and do the same with potatoes. Chop onions and eggs into small cubes. Mix all ingredients, add flaxseed. To fill at its discretion - or mayonnaise, or grape oil. If desired, the ingredients can be divided into 2 halves and filled with different sauces. Get different salads. Salt at its discretion and set aside for a while in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2: “Lenten” White Salad

This salad is ideal for people who keep a fast, because it contains a huge amount of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on all body systems. What is only celery!


Potatoes - 2 pcs .;

pitted olives - 1 ban .;

white beans (canned) - 1 ban .;

salad (leaf or Chinese headed) - 100 g;

Onion - 1 pc .;

celery root - 100 g;

“Soy Mayonnaise” sauce or vegetable oil;


For decoration - white radish (daikon) or radish, in accordance with the color scheme. You also need to leave a little lettuce and parsley.

Method of preparation

Boil and peel the potatoes, cut into cubes with celery root. Finely chop the onion and plan it (boil over it). Slice the olives, mix them with potatoes, celery root, onion, beans and chopped parsley. There also break lettuce leaves. Season with sauce or vegetable oil, salt and mix well.

Lay leaves to decorate to decorate on a platter, and on top of them - the prepared mixture. Top decorate with figurines chopped radish and parsley leaves.

Recipe 3: White Pineapple Salad

Despite the minimum number of ingredients, this salad turns out very tasty. There are few people in the world who would not like canned pineapple. Since the chicken fillet is dry, you need to add more pineapple, then the dish will turn out juicy. It is also recommended to flavor the finished product with black ground pepper - for the contrast of tastes and piquancy.


Russian or any other hard cheese - 200 g;

diced pineapples - 1 small jar;

chicken fillet - 1 pc .;

mayonnaise sauce.

Method of preparation

Cook the fillet and cut it into large cubes. Also chop and cheese. Add pineapples and season with sauce. Salt as needed and put on for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. You can serve.

Recipe 4: White salad “Flight of fantasy”

The combination of fish and chicken in one salad makes it extremely tasty, and nuts - nourishing.


Walnut kernels - 100 g;

almonds - 100 g;

three varieties of fish (preferably both sea and river) - 100 g each;

chicken fillet - 0.5 kg (you can meat the whole chicken);

cauliflower - 200 g;

dry white wine (can be without it);

sugar, salt and pepper;

mayonnaise sauce;

any greens.

Method of preparation

Boil chicken meat with herbs, cool in broth and cut into cubes. Also do with fish, just need to carefully remove all the bones, and even better - use fillets.

Disassemble cauliflower into florets and boil it in slightly sweetened and salted water. Scald the almonds with boiling water, free them from the skins and coarsely chop together with the walnuts.

All the ingredients combine, season with sauce “Mayonnaise”, salt and pepper. Stir gently so as not to mash cabbage and fish. You can sprinkle a little wine.

Insist in the refrigerator for about an hour. Before serving, decorate on your own.

White salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

Meat for salads to boil, pour it in a saucepan with boiling water. Then its outer fibers will be crusted, and will not give away the juice. Meat prepared in this way will be much juicier.

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