Step-by-step recipes of gentle and air protein cream. Cooking creamy protein cream as a dessert or for baking (step by step)

Step-by-step recipes of gentle and air protein cream. Cooking creamy protein cream as a dessert or for baking (step by step)

Preparation of protein cream is a delicate matter, but not difficult and takes very little time. Although homemade cream is stored noticeably less than shoplifter, it is worth trying to cook it in order to understand what a yummy it is!

Sweet white cream with your favorite berries will be your signature dessert. The main product of step-by-step protein cream recipe are egg whites. In addition, you can add butter, vanilla sugar, fruit or berries, spicy greens, alcoholic flavor or food coloring. This protein cream will be part of the sponge cake or cake. It is perfect for decorating homemade cupcakes, waffles or shortbreads.

Step-by-step recipe for protein cream - general principles of preparation

Eggs for the cream must take fresh and proven brands. Freshness check, dropping the egg in a glass of water, it should float. Wash the eggs under cold running water and dry.

To prepare the first thing you need to carefully separate the yolks from proteins. If at least a drop of the yellow component of the chicken egg gets into the protein, then whipping it into the fluffy mass will not work.

You can beat using a whisk, blender or mixer. With the latest kitchen equipment, whites are whipped much easier and faster. At the very beginning you should interfere at a low speed, and then gradually it needs to be increased.

Either sugar or sugar syrup is added to the whipped proteins. If sugar is added, the cream is prepared in a water bath. And sugar syrup is added to proteins in hot form gradually, in small portions. In the second case, you will not need to put the cream on the water bath. If there is no time for cooking syrup, then it can be replaced with powdered sugar.

Step by step recipe protein cream


• four egg whites; • 200 g of granulated sugar;

• 1 g of vanilla;

• 4-5 g citric acid.


1. Egg whites must be chilled. If whole eggs are taken, they must first be washed in warm water and wiped with a clean cloth. Then break each egg and separate the white from the yolk. The protein is poured into the container, while the yolk remains in the shell divided into two parts. Proteins can be cooled again to make protein cream, and the yolks in this step-by-step recipe are not needed, they can be left for another dish.

2. Pour the cooked cold squirrels into an enamelled cup and beat a little with a whisk or mixer at low speed.

3. Add sugar and vanillin to proteins. Stir with a whisk.

4. Fill with citric acid (can be replaced with lemon or lime juice). It is needed to make the cream white and white.

5. Beat the mixture with a whisk of a blender until sugar is dissolved. To make things go faster, it is recommended to take powder instead of granulated sugar.

6. Put a cup of cream in a water bath.

7. It is done this way. Take the pan or any other enameled cup, which can be put on the heat of the stove.

8. Pour half a volume of water into it, put on moderate heat.

9. Place a cup or other convenient container of cream in this pan. In this case, the cup should not be buried in water, but should be as if above it, holding onto the walls of a pot of water. As soon as the water in the pan begins to heat up, the cream also heats up from the steam.

10. So, a cup of cream is heated in a water bath.

11. Now you need to start beating the warming cream with a whisk of a blender.

12. Beat until the cream thickens. It is a custard, because it is brewed in a water bath.

13. Then you need to remove the cream cup from the stove.

14. Continue whisking for a few more minutes until it cools at room temperature.

15. Now you need to cool the cream in the fridge or immediately put it in a pastry syringe and decorate the cake, cakes or petit fours. 16. Part of the cream can be set aside and mixed with a food dye of the same color. For example, sweet flowers and leaves can be made from red and green cream. Cocoa, coffee, or turmeric are also used as coloring agents.

Step-by-step recipe for creamy protein cream


• two egg whites;

• half a pack of butter;

• 120 g of granulated sugar;

• 15 ml liqueur.


1. Butter must be softened. To do this, just take the butter out of the refrigerator and put it in a cup, leave for half an hour on the kitchen table. The oil will be soft and ready to whip. If desired, the oil can also be slightly softened in a microwel.

2. Now whip the blender or mixer with an oil whisk until the mixture is thick and uniform in consistency. It will take no more than a minute.

3. Proteins should be used only chilled, pour them into the bowl for beating.

4. Add sugar to proteins and beat together until thick foam. The volume should increase approximately threefold. But it also happens that squirrels do not want to be whipped. In this case, add a pinch of ordinary salt to them, beat a little, and then pour in the sugar and beat again. It should also be noted that whipping proteins should first be at the minimum speed of the whisk, and, gradually, move to a higher speed.

5. Now you need to switch the rotation speed back to minimum and whisk, while adding the oil mass with a tablespoon. This should be done slowly, otherwise there is a risk that the protein mass will decrease in volume. In this case, the speed must be reduced so that when mixing the two components, they do not splash.

6. When all the oil is mixed with proteins, you need to add liqueur and beat at low speed until the most homogeneous state. Instead of liqueur, you can take dry table white wine. But, in no case for the preparation of creams will not fit brandy. This drink gives the cream a dark gray tint.

7. Then increase the speed and beat for about a minute. 8. Step-by-step recipe for protein cream is complete! The cream is ready!

9. This cream is perfect not only for decoration, but also as a layer for cakes.

Step-by-step recipe of protein cream with syrup and berries


• three egg whites;

• 150 g of sugar;

• 20 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

• 2-3 g of lemon peel;

• several leaves of fresh mint;

• 50-70 g of Victoria berries;

• 100 ml of water.


1. The step-by-step recipe of protein cream begins with the preparation of a syrup. Pour water (filtered or boiled) into a small enamelled cup or pan and add sugar and lemon juice.

2. Put the cup on a small heating plate.

3. While stirring, bring to a boil.

4. Boil until the syrup boils with a large number of small bubbles. So syrup boiled down and thickened.

5. Remove the syrup from the stove and allow to stand for a while.

6. Egg whites cool and pour into a beating bowl.

7. Start whipping at the first speed of a mixer or blender.

8. Then move alternately to the second and third.

9. Finish beating at the highest speed of the mixer. The mass should be airy and thick.

10. Now reduce speed to a minimum.

11. Continuing to beat, holding the mixer in one hand, with the other hand, add the hot syrup to the whites. This is called brewing proteins with hot syrup. Syrup should be added gradually so as not to disturb the airiness of the mass.

12. Beat until a glossy white mass. During this time, the cream will also cool.

13. The step-by-step recipe of protein cream continues by cooling the resulting mass on the top shelf in the refrigerator. There the temperature is quite low.

14. In the meantime, there is time, you can do berries and mint.

15. Victoria's berries bust. That is, select only non-damaged, evenly ripened specimens. Berries can take any. Perhaps one species or their mixture. For example, blueberries or a mixture of strawberries and blueberries.

16. Clean them and put in a cup with cool water. In this state, they will leave all the sand and dirt that may be left. 17. Dirt falls to the bottom of the cup, and the berries floating at the top pull out and put on a clean towel or kitchen napkin.

18. Do the same for mint leaves. Rinse over, rinse and dry at room temperature.

19. If the berries are small, use them whole. Large berries should be cut into slices with a sharp knife on a cutting board.

20. So, the final stage of the step-by-step recipe for protein cream with berries and mint. Put the cream in a sundae or a low glass. This can be done with an ordinary spoon or you can use a pastry bag (syringe) with a wide curly nozzle.

21. Top of the cream put berries and arrange all this with mint leaves and lemon zest.

22. If desired, the zest can be taken and dry. But, to get fresh, you first need to scald lemon boiling water. Then the fruit will be cleared of harmful mixtures, which it covered, preventing early decay. Now rinse the lemon with cool water and wipe dry. Using a special or ordinary knife, remove the zest and chop it on a cutting board.

Step-by-step protein cream recipe - tricks and tips

• So that whites can be whipped up faster, they can be put in the freezer for a while.

• It is more convenient to beat the whites, if at the same time the bowl with them is slightly tilted.

• Cream is better to use immediately after preparation, otherwise it will lose its airiness and fluffiness.

• If you add to the protein cream cocoa, it will turn out chocolate. You can also change the color of the cream with food dyes. With such creams, you can decorate cakes and pastries.

• To make protein cream flowing into it just need to add some water.

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