Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - buon appetito! Italian pasta recipes carbonara with ham and cream

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - buon appetito! Italian pasta recipes carbonara with ham and cream

Carbonara - the famous pasta with pork cheeks guanchiale.

It is not always possible to find a delicious product on sale.

Therefore, more and more carbonara cooked with ham.

It turns out no worse!

Is dinner in Italian today?

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - the general principles of cooking

For the dish, you can use pasta with the same name or buy ordinary spaghetti. It is desirable that they were from durum wheat. Pasta is boiled according to the instructions on the package, then combine with ham. Pieces of meat product are pre-fried in a pan. At the very end of the carbonara pour a sauce.

What the fill is usually prepared from:

• cheese, most often it is parmesan;

• fresh eggs;

• fresh cream;

• olive or cream oil.

All these ingredients are mixed. But sometimes cheese is used for sprinkling the finished dish. You can add different spices to the sauce. But most often it is Provencal herbs, salt. After adding the sauce, the pasta is stirred and heated for just a minute, it is not worth keeping for a long time on the fire. In addition to ham, mushrooms, various vegetables, and bacon are often added to the dish. Garlic, fried onions are used for flavor.

Simple pasta carbonara with ham and cream (with eggs)

Option simple pasta carbonara with ham and cream. For the sauce also need raw eggs. The fat content of the cream is arbitrary, 10-15% is enough.


• 500 grams of pasta;

• 90 g of cheese;

• 3 eggs;

• 500 ml of cream;

• 200 g of ham;

• 50 g of oil;

• Italian herbs, salt.


1. Prepare pasta according to the instructions, which can be found on the package. Or simply boil it in large quantities of salted liquid, check readiness, pour out water.

2. While the products are boiling, you need to cut the ham, put it in a frying pan with butter (better to take butter) and fry. Use a large bowl to fit the whole dish.

3. Beat the eggs with cream, salt and season with Italian herbs, you can simply sprinkle black pepper. 4. Grate the cheese, ideally Parmesan is used for carbonara. In the absence of take another grade.

5. Put the pasta to the roasted ham, pour the sauce.

6. Stir, warm for two minutes and immediately lay out on plates. Decorate with greens, serve on the table.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream (with mushrooms)

Another very popular recipe for carbonara with ham and cream, which is added to the mushrooms. A few tricks are enough to make the paste unusually fragrant.


• 300 g of pasta;

• 250 ml of cream;

• 50 g Parmesan;

• 200 g of ham;

• 150 g of champignons;

• 40 g of oil;

• seasonings.


1. Cook the pasta in boiling water like ordinary pasta. Make sure that nothing is boiled soft, the density is preserved.

2. Cut the washed mushrooms into thin plates. If the champignon hats are large, then you can first cut into two or four pieces, and then strip them with plates.

3. Heat half of the oil almost to smoke. Lay out the plates, browse for a few minutes. Do not reduce the fire, otherwise liquid will appear in the pan.

4. Cut the ham into thin strips, shift to the mushrooms. Fry the slices until lightly crusted.

5. During this time, season the cream with spices, you do not need to add anything else. Pour the mushrooms with ham.

6. Once the sauce has warmed slightly, add the boiled pasta.

7. Hold on the fire for another couple of minutes, lay out in plates.

8. Immediately sprinkle with grated cheese, herbs.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream (with bell pepper)

Variant of an unusually fragrant dish with fresh notes. It is advisable to use ripe, meaty bell pepper pods. You can take different colors to make the carbonara more beautiful.


• 200 g of pasta;

• 150 g of ham;

• 2 small pepper pods;

• 40 g of oil;

• 220 ml of cream;

• 0.5 tsp. Provencal herbs;

• 1 egg;

• 40 g Parmesan or other cheese.


1. Boil the paste, set aside, after removing all the liquid. If the products are prepared in advance, it is desirable to grease or grease so that they do not stick together. 2. Rinse the pods, remove the seeds, cut into long but thin straws.

3. Heat the butter, sprinkle the pepper and fry for three minutes. The pieces should be soft, the lid does not need to close the pan.

4. Add the chopped ham.

5. While the products are fried, you need to beat the egg with cream, salt and Provencal herbs. Cheese rub and also add to the fill.

6. Put the pasta to the pepper with ham, gently stir.

7. After a moment pour cream sauce.

8. Make the maximum heat, warm the dish for another minute, stir constantly.

9. Immediately lay out the plates. Decorate Carbonara with fresh herbs.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream (with melted cheese)

For the preparation of such a paste will fit any cheese melted. You can use the product with the taste of mushrooms or with other additives. Cream with any fat content.


• 300 g of pasta;

• 200 g of ham;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 100 g of processed cheese;

• 300ml cream;

• 1 egg;

• 1 clove garlic.


1. Prepare according to the instructions pasta.

2. Heat the oil in a pan. If you want to get a fatty dish, you can pour a little more.

3. Ham cut into long strips. Put it in the pan.

4. While the pieces are fried, you need to prepare the fill. To do this, chop the melted cheese with garlic, add cream and egg. You can put all this in a combine and whip, it will turn out even faster.

5. Season the sauce with herbs, turn, salt.

6. Add the pasta first to the roasted ham, and cream sauce in a minute.

7. Add a fire to the maximum, close the pan, turn off the stove after a minute.

8. Allow the carbonarare to stand under the lid for ten minutes to allow the sauce to reach the ready and soak the pasta.

Onion paste carbonara with ham and cream

According to the recipe used onions. After grilling, it will give the Italian carbonara with ham an unusual taste and aroma. It is advisable to cook this dish on a mixture of oils.


• 200 ml of cream;

• 1 egg; • 2 onions;

• 150 g of ham;

• 50 g of oil;

• 70 grams of cheese;

• spices;

• 1 spoonful of flour.


1. Cook the pasta. Add a spoonful of oil, stir, let the products wait for their time.

2. Onions need to be peeled and cut into half rings. Then sprinkle the pieces with flour on top, stir with your hands.

3. Put the remaining oil in the pan, heat up.

4. Lay the onion slices in flour, fry until light crust. Often stir, so that the flour is not burnt, the pieces are not charred.

5. Add the ham. It can be cut into cubes or straws.

6. While the main products are roasting, mix the egg with cream, grated cheese and seasonings. The sauce should be at the ready.

7. Add to the fried onions pasta, stir.

8. Immediately pour the cream sauce, stir again.

9. Warm the dish until the sauce is ready. Serve Carbonara while it is hot.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream (with bacon)

This carbonara is cooked with pork cheeks. But they can easily be replaced by regular bacon. It is advisable to choose pieces with copious amounts of meat layers, it will turn out more tasty.


• 300 g of pasta;

• 150 ml of cream;

• 120 g of bacon;

• 1 egg;

• 150 g of ham;

• spices, oil:

• cheese for dressing.


1. Cook spaghetti. Follow the instructions on the pasta packaging.

2. While the pasta is cooking, heat some oil in the pan.

3. Ham and bacon should be cut into long strips. Width make about 5 millimeters.

4. Put the meat products in the pan. Cook for three minutes, stir frequently, but do it carefully.

5. Mix the egg with the cream, add spices to the sauce.

6. Transfer the spaghetti to bacon and ham, stir, heat.

7. Fill the dish with cream sauce, stir again, sprinkle with cheese on top and immediately turn it off. Let stand five minutes.

Lazy carbonara pasta with ham, cream and mushrooms

Mushroom carbonara variant, pickled champignons. The dish is prepared in literally 20 minutes. If the paste is already cooked, it will turn out even faster. Ingredients

• 150 g of ham;

• 200 g of pasta;

• 80 g of pickled mushrooms:

• 200 g of cream;

• 50 g Parmesan;

• 1 egg;

• 30 g of oil.


1. Pour pasta into boiling water, cook until ready.

2. Heat the butter over high heat, add the sliced ​​ham.

3. Marinated mushrooms, too, cut, add to roast ham.

4. After a minute, lay out the boiled pasta. Warm everything together.

5. Mix the cream and the egg, add the grated cheese and salt, quickly stir the fork and pour the hot pasta.

6. Stir with a spatula, cover and turn off after a minute

7. Additionally, you can sprinkle the dish with cheese on top.

Pasta carbonara with ham and cream - tips and tricks

• Carbonara do not prepare in advance and for future use. This dish does not tolerate reheating. But you can always put off part of the boiled pasta and other prepared ingredients, so that in a few minutes you can build an Italian lunch or dinner.

• Instead of ham, you can use any sausage. But it is desirable to choose a high quality product. Also, any recipe can be adapted for chicken, lard, meat.

• If there is no Parmesan, then use any other cheese for carbonara. Tasty turns out even with processed cheese.

• Pasta loves all sorts of spices and peppers. In the spicy version, the dish turns out to be especially tasty, burning, it wakes up the appetite. For spiciness, you can use a dry mixture of peppers or add natural adjika from burning pods.

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