Fried eggs in the slow cooker - easy! Recipes scrambled eggs in a slow cooker; scrambled eggs, fried eggs, with tomatoes, cheese, sausage, steamed

Fried eggs in the slow cooker - easy! Recipes scrambled eggs in a slow cooker; scrambled eggs, fried eggs, with tomatoes, cheese, sausage, steamed

Scrambled eggs are often cooked for breakfast.

It can be fried in a frying pan, but happy owners of multicookers often ask themselves: is it possible to cook scrambled eggs in a multicooker?

Sure you may. In addition, the multicooker allows you to cook this dish using the minimum amount of oil or fat.

Fried eggs in a slow cooker - the basic principles of cooking

Scrambled eggs in a slow cooker will never burn and get tender. We pour a little bit of oil into the multicooker bowl, and it is better to use a mixture of vegetable and cream. Those who follow their figure can simply smear the bottom of the bowl with a silicone brush.

The bowl is heated in the “Frying” mode and only after that they drive in eggs. Prepare scrambled eggs under the lid, about three minutes. If you are preparing a gossip, then after you have hammered the eggs, they must be vigorously stirred with a wooden spatula until ready. Fried eggs can be cooked and steamed. To do this, you need silicone molds for muffins. Eggs are hammered into them, seasoned with spices and steamed in a container. Then the container is placed in a bowl, the program “Steaming” is turned on and the quarter hour is prepared, closing the lid.

Scrambled eggs can be varied by adding sausage, seafood, vegetables, cheese, spinach, etc. To do this, first fry vegetables, sausages or other products. Only after this, eggs are hammered and fried until ready.

Recipe 1. Scrambled Eggs. Eagles


  • two eggs;
  • spices;
  • 25 ml olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Pour olive oil into the bowl of the multicooker. Turn on the "Baking" and wait about three minutes to the oil warmed up.

2. Break eggs into a bowl, trying to do it in such a way as not to damage the yolk, season with spices and close the lid.

3. After the beep sounds, remove the scrambled eggs on a plate and decorate with fresh greens.

Recipe 2. Fried eggs in a slow cooker with tomatoes


  • 20 ml of sunflower oil;
  • five eggs;
  • two tomatoes;
  • 5 g black pepper;
  • quarter onions;
  • 3 g of salt.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the tomatoes, wipe with a linen towel and cut the tomatoes into half-centimeter thick circles. Cut out the place where the stem was attached. Put the circles on the board and lightly salt them.

2. Shred the onion into small cubes.

3. Lubricate the bottom and sides of the multicooker with oil. Put the tomato slices on the bottom and sprinkle them with chopped onion.

4. Turn on the Frying program for a quarter of an hour and lightly fry the tomatoes without closing the lid.

5. Beat five eggs into a deep plate, pepper and salt. Lightly chop them with a fork.

6. Turn the tomatoes over with a wooden spatula and fill them with eggs. Close the lid. Put the scrambled eggs on a plate and serve with fresh vegetables.

Recipe 3. Fried eggs in a slow cooker. Chatterbox


  • three chicken eggs;
  • spices;
  • 30 ml of milk;
  • a piece of butter.

Method of preparation

1. Put eggs into a bowl, add milk, season with spices and whisk slightly.

2. Turn on the multicooker in the “Frying” mode. Put a piece of butter in the bowl and wait for it to melt. Pour in the milky-barley mixture. Close the lid and cook in this mode for seven minutes.

3. Slice the rye bread into thin slices and fry in a toaster or pan. Put the scrambled eggs on rye toast and serve with greens and fresh tomatoes.

Recipe 4. Scrambled Eggs from Quail Eggs with Cheese


  • quail eggs - 10 pcs .;
  • salt;
  • milk - a glass;
  • black pepper;
  • cheese - 30 g;
  • butter - 10 g.

Method of preparation

1. Break eggs into a deep cup and whisk well with a whisk or fork. Enter the milk in a thin stream and continue to beat until smooth.

2. Rub the cheese with fine chips and add it to the egg mixture. Salt it.

3. Activate the slow cooker to “Baking” mode. Put a piece of butter in the bowl and wait until it melts. 4. Pour the egg-cheese mixture into the bowl. Close the lid and cook the eggs for a quarter of an hour. Put the prepared dish on a plate and tuck in finely grated cheese.

Recipe 5. Scrambled Eggs in “Sun in the Clouds” multicooker


  • two chicken eggs;
  • a pair of dill sprigs;
  • two slices of rye bread;
  • spice mixture.

Method of preparation

1. Eggs are carefully broken down and divided into proteins and yolks. Put them in different dishes.

2. Add spices to whites and whip them into strong, dense foam.

3. On a slice of rye bread spread whipped squirrels. In the middle we make a deepening and pour into each yolk.

4. Turn on the “Baking” program on the slow cooker and wait a couple of minutes for the bowl to warm up. At the bottom lay out slices of bread with eggs, and cook with the lid closed, ten minutes. Shortly before the end of cooking, sprinkle with a dish of finely chopped greens.

Recipe 6. Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Pork Neck


  • four eggs;
  • table salt;
  • two slices of smoked pork neck;
  • black pepper;
  • tomato;
  • sunflower oil;
  • a couple of greens.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the pork neck into small pieces.

2. Pour a little bit of sunflower oil into the slow cooker. Put the sliced ​​pork neck. Activate the “Frying” mode for five minutes. Fry, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula.

3. Tomato wash, rub and chop finely. Add the tomatoes to the bowl and mix.

4. Beat the eggs on top of the roasted tomato with the pork neck. Switch the slow cooker to Baking mode for a quarter of an hour. Cook the eggs under the lid. Arrange the scrambled eggs in portions and serve with fresh cucumbers.

Recipe 7. Steamed Scrambled Eggs


  • three eggs;
  • salt and spices;
  • a slice of butter;
  • sausage.

Method of preparation

1. Three silicone molds for muffins grease with butter.

2. Remove the film from the sausage and cut it into thin slices. 3. In each mold put a few slices of sausage. From above we drive in one egg. Season with salt and spices.

4. In the bowl of the kitchen appliance pour two glasses of filtered water. We put the cookie cutters in a steaming container. Place the container in the multicooker bowl and close the lid.

5. Activate the “Steaming” mode for seven minutes. We lay out the cooked scrambled eggs on a pair, gently pressing with your fingers on the sides of the form, on a serving plate. Served with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Recipe 8. Fried eggs in the “Flowers” ​​multicooker


  • spices;
  • two chicken eggs;
  • 5 ml of olive oil;
  • two milk sausages.

Method of preparation

1. We cut each sausage along. Make transverse shallow cuts on the sides.

2. Fold the sausage in the form of a flower. Tips fasten toothpick.

3. Lubricate the bottom of the multicooker tank with oil. Turn on the mode “Frying”

4. At the bottom lay out the “flowers” ​​of sausages.

5. Separate the whites from the yolks. In the middle of each “flower” lay a spoon of yolk. Close the lid and cook for about five minutes. Then spice everything up with spices, put it on a plate, and serve with mayonnaise or ketchup.

Recipe 9. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Multi-Cooker


  • three chicken eggs;
  • two cherry tomatoes;
  • 60 g of bacon;
  • two sprigs of parsley.

Method of preparation

1. Cut bacon into thin strips. We spread it on the bottom of the multicooker and run the “Baking” program for about 20 minutes. Fry the bacon for five minutes.

2. Split eggs over bacon so that the yolks remain intact. Salt and cook scrambled eggs, without closing the lid.

3. Put the scrambled eggs on the plate. We decorate with cherry tomato halves and serve to the table.

Recipe 10. Puffed eggs in a slow cooker


  • 25 g of ketchup;
  • three eggs;
  • spices;
  • small onion;
  • 5 ml of butter;
  • 5 ml of olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Carefully break the eggs, separate the proteins from the yolks. 2. Add ketchup and spices to the yolks and beat with a mixer.

3. Protein mix well with a fork.

4. Clean and shred the onion. We spread butter and vegetable oil in a bowl and activate the slow cooker in the “Frying” mode for five minutes. We spread onion and fry it to light ruddy.

5. Fill the onions with proteins. We transfer the slow cooker to the “Quenching” mode and cook for about five minutes until the squirrel grasps.

6. Now pour the whipped yolks. Activate the program "baking" for four minutes. Serving scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables and bread.

Recipe 11. Fried eggs in a slow cooker in tomatoes


  • three tomatoes;
  • cheese;
  • three chicken eggs;
  • dill;
  • salt;
  • olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Wash tomatoes, rub and cut the top. Carefully remove the pulp of the tomato. Hammer an egg into the resulting cavity and season with spices and salt.

2. Smear the bowl of the multicooker with vegetable oil. Place the tomatoes on the bottom with the eggs.

3. Turn on Baking for five minutes and close the lid.

4. Rub the cheese. Open the lid, put a pinch of grated cheese and finely chopped dill into each tomato. Close the lid and cook the eggs in the same mode for another ten minutes. Such eggs can be cooked and steamed.

Fried eggs in the slow cooker - tips and tricks

  • Use homemade fresh eggs to make scrambled eggs.
  • From quail eggs you can cook a diet egg.
  • Cook the scrambled eggs on a mixture of olive and butter.
  • Before you put the eggs in, heat the oil well so that they do not absorb a lot of fat.
  • Do not remove the scrambled eggs immediately; leave it for a few minutes in the slow cooker.
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