Dishes for Easter - we set the table for the most important holiday of the year. A selection of the best recipes for Easter: salads, hot, desserts

Dishes for Easter - we set the table for the most important holiday of the year. A selection of the best recipes for Easter: salads, hot, desserts

Easter is preceded by a forty-day Great Lent, during which all believers refuse animal products.

It is customary to break the fast on Holy Sunday, so at Easter a rich table is served from a wide variety of dishes.

Dishes for Easter - the basic principles of cooking

A table at Easter should emphasize the greatness of the holiday. In wealthy families served forty different dishes, which symbolized the forty days of Lent. According to the tradition, there should be three dishes on the Easter table: Easter cake, Easter eggs and painted boiled eggs. Many people confuse Easter cake with Easter, but these are completely different dishes. Kulich is a pastry made from butter dough, which is decorated with icing, and Easter is made from cottage cheese.

In the old days, the Easter table was not cleaned all day, so that any guest could taste the food.

The preparation of the holiday table began a week before the great holiday. Baked cakes, painted eggs, cooked homemade sausages and other dishes.

In addition to the required dishes, the table serves:

• A variety of fish, vegetable and meat salads.

• Cold snacks. Aspic meat or fish, pies, sandwiches, etc.

• Hot snack. Pancakes stuffed with caviar or meat, meat rolls, meatballs, chops.

• Meat dishes. Here you can cook the meat in any way: bake in the oven, roast on a fire or stew.

• Desserts: cakes, jelly from berries and fruits, cakes, pastry, etc.

But it is worth remembering that Easter is, above all, a church holiday, and not a reason for a feast. You must be careful, especially those who held a strict fast. After all, after prolonged abstinence there is a risk of overeating and harm to health.

Recipe 1. Curd Easter


cottage cheese - a kilogram;

candied fruits and raisins;

high-quality milk chocolate - tile;

soft plums. oil - 100 g;

sour cream - 200 g;

sugar - 100 g

Method of preparation

1. Use only real home cheese. Twice it through a sieve or a sieve, combine with butter and sour cream.

2. Stir until smooth. Then add the egg, grated chocolate and candied fruit. Wash the raisins and cover with hot water. Leave for ten minutes. Then pour the infusion. Drain the raisins, and add to the curd mass.

3. Stir until the entire mass has a uniform color.

4. Cover a special shape with a thin cloth or gauze. Put the curd mass in the form and cover with a plate. From above install the oppression. Soak Easter in the fridge for 24 hours.

Recipe 2. Easter snack


six eggs;

fresh greens;

250 g sprats;


onion head;

30 g of mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

1. Place the eggs in a saucepan, cover with water and set on fire. Boil ten minutes from boiling up. Drain the hot water and cool the eggs under cold running water.

2. Peel the eggs from the shell, carefully cut in half, remove the yolks. One leave to decorate snacks. The rest combine with half sprats. Beautiful and strong sprats leave. Peel the bulb and finely crumble. Pass in vegetable oil to light ruddy. Add onion and mayonnaise to yolks. Finely rub with a fork until smooth.

3. Fill the halved eggs with the filling. Take one stuffed half of the egg, put one sprat on top and cover with the other half of the egg. Garnish with finely chopped greens and grated yolk.

Recipe 3. Easter salad with chicken



chicken leg;

ten pieces of prunes; three boiled eggs;

pickled cucumber.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken leg under the tap and boil. Remove the prepared meat from the broth, cool and disassemble into fibers. Discard skin and bones. Chicken meat lay out evenly in a form for salad. Make a top mesh of mayonnaise.

2. Remove pickled cucumber from brine, grind on a coarse grater. Arrange in a salad bowl over chicken and pour with mayonnaise.

3. Melt dried prunes in boiling water. Drain the infusion and squeeze. Finely chop the prunes and lay them out in the next layer.

4. Peel boiled eggs and chop on a grater. Put on top of prunes and make a grid of mayonnaise on top. Smooth the top layer of lettuce. Garnish with prunes or green peas.

Recipe 4. Jellied beef “Easter eggs”


600 ml of broth;

boiled carrot;

250 g boiled beef;


12 eggs;

25 grains of canned corn;

25 g of gelatin.

Method of preparation

1. Wash beef, cut off the film and excess fat. Place the meat in a saucepan and stew over medium heat. After ten minutes, salt and pepper.

2. Wash eggs in the shell thoroughly. From the top of the egg, make a small hole and drain the contents.

3. Soak gelatin in 150 grams of cool water and wait until it disperses. Then strain the liquid through cheesecloth.

4. Beef broth strain. Enter into it a thin stream of gelatin. Bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil! Remove and cool.

5. Pour the fourth part of each egg shell with broth. Put the eggs upright in the fridge and leave them there until it hardens.

6. Cut beef into cubes. On top of the frozen jelly lay out slices of beef, parsley leaves, corn and chopped boiled carrots.

7. Pour the ingredients with the remaining broth and place the eggs in the refrigerator again. When the second layer of jelly completely hardens, carefully remove the shell and place the fill eggs on the dish.

Recipe 5. Chicken with prunes “puff”


300 g of prunes;

spices for chicken;

two chicken breasts;

sea ​​salt;

150 g Dutch cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Chicken fillet wash, remove skin and bones, cut into thin plates. Size does not matter. Thick plates slightly repelled with a kitchen mallet.

2. Cover the baking sheet with foil, fold the edges over the sides of the baking sheet. The finished dish can be easily shifted to the dish, holding the foil.

3. Spread on the first layer of chicken fillet greased with vegetable oil. Salt and sprinkle with spices. On a layer of chicken lay out prunes without stones. Pre-steam it and open each in the form of a book. Sprinkle a layer of prunes with cheese chips. Then repeat the layers in the same sequence. It should make 3-4 layers. The top layer should be chicken fillet. We grease it with mayonnaise. Cover the dish with foil and set in the oven for an hour. Cooking at 180C.

Recipe 6. Meat bread with olives


two kg of minced meat;


half a liter of milk;

bunch of greens;

200 ml of cream;

kitchen salt;

three eggs;

jar of olives.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse a bunch of greens, lightly dry and finely crumble. Add minced greens to the mince, salt and pepper and mix. Gradually pour in milk and cream and whisk everything with a dipping blender.

2. Beat the eggs into the foam, gently put in the stuffing and mix. It should make a watery mass. Cut the olives into pieces and place them in the mince. Stir and put the resulting mass in a baking dish, smearing it with vegetable oil. Cover with foil and bake at 200 ° C for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and keep in the oven until browning.

Recipe 7. Pork baked with apples


kg pork tenderloin;

sea ​​salt;

70 ml of dry white wine; olive oil;

green sour apple;


30 g black pepper peas.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the rectangular piece of pork tenderloin and dry it with paper napkins. Use a sharp knife to cut the meat across, without cutting to the end.

2. Pork fat cut into very thin slices. My apple and cut in half, remove the core, cut into halves across the thin slices.

3. Combine slices of bacon and apple in pairs, put them into each cut in the meat. To prevent a piece of meat from falling apart, we pierce it with small-diameter bamboo skewers soaked in cold water beforehand.

4. Put the meat in a greased form, sprinkle with oil, pepper and salt. Put the pork with apples in the oven preheated to 200 ° C for 45 minutes. After the allotted time, pour the meat with wine and bake another 15 minutes. We take out the pork from the oven, remove the skewers, spread it on a flat dish, decorate it with greens and serve it to the table.

Easter Food - Tips and Tricks

  • Easter salads are best laid out in an oval salad bowl and decorated in the form of Easter eggs.
  • In addition to meat dishes, stuffed fish or jellied fish can be served on the table.
  • Before setting the table, Easter cakes, Easter, eggs and salt are consecrated in the temple.
  • You can serve grilled vegetables, boiled rice or buckwheat as a side dish.
  • Remember that the holidays will pass without any unpleasant surprises, observe the whole measure.
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