Tilapia with potatoes is both tasty and healthy. The best recipes for aromatic and nourishing tilapia with potatoes: simmer and bake fish with vegetables

Tilapia with potatoes is both tasty and healthy. The best recipes for aromatic and nourishing tilapia with potatoes: simmer and bake fish with vegetables

Fish dishes are tasty and healthy. For example, tilapia is attractive for its culinary specialties and affordable price; it has a delicate flavor with a minimally pronounced fish aroma. Combining tilapia with potatoes, you can cook a lot of dishes, and without spending a lot of time and effort: the fish quickly roasted, while baking, cooking or stewing does not fall apart.

Tilapia with potatoes - general principles

Any fish dish requires preliminary preparation of products, in particular the cleaning of fish. There should be no problems with tilapia; the fish do not have rigid scales, sharp fins and contain few bones. But most often it is sold in the form of a fillet, and, therefore, it must simply be defrosted.

Potatoes simply peeled and cut according to the recipe. Since the fish is cooked quickly, it is better to choose fast-preparing potato varieties for the dish.

Next, select additional ingredients, spices. What can be added:

· Various sauces: sour cream, lemon, mustard, based on cream, mayonnaise.

· Greens, herbs and spices.

· Vegetables: carrots, onions, tomatoes.

· Cheeses.

Recipe 1. Tilapia with potatoes, baked in foil


· 5 layers of tilapia;

· 5 potatoes;

· 3 bulbs;

· 2 tomatoes;

· Dutch cheese - 350 g;

· Half a lemon;

· 60 g of mayonnaise;

· Spices for fish, salt - 50 g each;

· Sunflower oil - 50 ml;

· Parsley, dill - on a half-boutique.

Cooking Method:

1. Thaw tilapia thoroughly, rinse under running water.

2. Cut the fish into small cubes.

3. Add mayonnaise to the fish, squeeze lemon juice, salt and season, mix everything thoroughly and let sit for half an hour.

4. Rinse the tomatoes, cut into cubes, chop the peeled onion into thin straws, potatoes - into thin slices.

5. Take a deep frying form, wrap it fully with foil, make sides of the foil along the side walls, pressing tightly to the edges.

6. Lubricate the foil with oil and spread the first layer of potatoes, salt. 7. Put the onions on the potatoes.

8. To the fish lay out the tomatoes, slowly mix and spread out the third layer.

9. Sprinkle with grated pre-chopped cheese.

10. Place the mold in the hot oven, bake for 40 minutes at not very high temperature.

11. Serve hot, dividing in small portions, sprinkle with dill and parsley.

Recipe 2. Tilapia with potatoes and spices


· 3 layers of tilapia;

· 6 potatoes;

· 3 tomatoes;

· Garlic - 5 cloves;

· Thyme greens - 5 twigs;

· Olive oil - 70 ml;

· 40 g cumin;

· Sea salt - 50 g;

· Black pepper - 40 g;

· A bunch of fresh basil.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the potatoes, chop into circles.

2. Tomatoes - slices, peeled garlic - plates.

3. Place in a container for baking, always smeared with olive oil, first potatoes, sprinkle with pepper and salt.

4. Spread tomatoes with a second layer, sprinkle with cumin and sprinkle with oil, put 2 thyme sprigs on top.

5. The third layer decomposed garlic plates.

6. Rinse the layers of tilapia, put in a deep cup, salt and pepper, sprinkle the remaining cumin and chopped thyme, mix well.

7. Place the form with potatoes, tomatoes and garlic in the oven, preheated, bake for 30 minutes.

8. Open the oven, decompose the layers of tilapia and bake for another 25 minutes.

9. Put ready-made plate of baked tilapia on a plate, next to potatoes with tomatoes, decorate all with leaves of basil.

Recipe 3. Tilapia with potatoes in milk


· 3 potato tubers;

· 4 layers of tilapia;

· Onions - 3 heads;

· Milk - 100 ml;

· Mayonnaise - 70 g;

· 250 g of any cheese;

· 6 sprigs of dill;

· Any fat - 40 g;

· 40 g of salt and black pepper;

· Parsley - 4 sprigs.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop the peeled potatoes into circles.

2. Rinse, peel and chop the bulbs.

3. Grease the deep frypot and spread the potatoes.

4. Rinse the pulp of tilapia and put on the potatoes. 5. The third layer decomposed onion rings.

6. Rinse the dill, chop and sprinkle the entire contents of the container.

7. From above draw a mayonnaise grate.

8. Sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven for 40 minutes.

9. After some time of baking, open the oven door, pour on milk and bake the remaining time.

10. Arrange in portions, decorate with parsley.

Recipe 4. Tilapia with potato and cheese and milk sauce


· 6 layers of tilapia;

· 4 potatoes;

· 1 onion;

· Oil for frying - 5 large spoons.

For the sauce:

· Milk - 300 ml;

· Eggs - 4 pcs .;

· 300 g of any cheese;

· Black pepper, salt - 45 g each;

· Dill - 1 bunch.

Cooking Method:

1. To begin with, make the sauce: whip the eggs in a clean container using an egg whisk, pour in the milk and beat a few more minutes. Add chopped dill (2 sprigs), grated cheese, mix everything thoroughly with a whisk.

2. Take a deep bowl, brush with oil and put the potatoes, peeled and sliced ​​in advance.

3. Rinse tilapia, cut into cubes and put on the potatoes, salt and pepper.

4. Cut the peeled onion into rings and spread out in a third layer.

5. Pour the entire contents of the container with a milk-cheese sauce, place it in a hot oven beforehand, and bake for 40 minutes at medium temperature.

6. Serve garnished with dill sprigs.

Recipe 5. Tilapia with potatoes and mushrooms


· Tilapia - 800 g;

· Champignons - 7 pcs .;

· Onions - 3 heads;

· 6 small tubers of potatoes;

· Vegetable oil - 40 ml;

· Hard cheese - 350 g;

· A floor of a bunch of different greens;

· Half a lemon;

· 20 g of salt and black pepper;

· Basil, oregano, cilantro dry - 20 g each;

· Mayonnaise - 50 g

Cooking Method:

1. Well thawed tilapia put in a deep cup, pour lemon juice.

2. Sprinkle the fish with salt, pepper, basil, oregano, cilantro, cover with a towel and leave for a while to feed.

3. Chop the peeled potatoes into circles.

4. Cut the cleaned and washed mushrooms into small cubes. 5. Chop the peeled onion heads and pour into the pan in the oil, fry to a slightly ruddy color, add mushrooms and fry for another 10 minutes.

6. Cover the deep frying sheet with foil and put tilapia sheets next to each other.

7. Top roast mushrooms with onions.

8. Rinse the dill with parsley, chop, add to a small cup. Leave a few parsley leaves and dill for decoration.

9. Add chopped cheese to the greenery, put the mayonnaise, salt and mix everything thoroughly.

10. Mushrooms spread potatoes, smear all the cheese sauce.

11. Bake in a hot oven for 40 minutes at an average temperature.

12. Arrange on plates, decorate with dill and parsley.

Recipe 6. Tilapia with “Two in One” Potatoes


· Tilapia - 8 layers;

· 600 g of potatoes;

· Carrot - 1 pc .;

· 1 egg;

· On the floor of the dessert spoon of red and black peppers;

· Salt - 40 g;

· Thyme, basil, coriander - 15 g;

· Vegetable oil - 60 ml;

· 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar;

· Sour cream - 150 g;

· 200 g of any cheese;

· Any greens - a bouquet floor;

· Tomatoes - 2 pieces.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the potatoes with carrots and, without cleansing, put them in a saucepan with water, add salt and cook until soft.

2. Remove the vegetables, let them cool, peel, grate, mix in a deep bowl.

3. Thawed layers of tilapia thoroughly rub with salt, red and black peppers, thyme, coriander, basil. If desired, you can take any other spices. Put the fish in a cup, pour in balsamic vinegar, mix, leave to soak half an hour under the lid.

4. In a small cup, beat the egg, add sour cream, add salt, pepper, mix well and pour in the potatoes and carrots, mix to a uniform consistency.

5. Oil the deep container, put a thin layer of vegetable garnish.

6. Lay a tilapia stratum on the side dish and cover with the rest of the side dish.

7. Sprinkle with cheese, bake in a hot oven for half an hour.

8. Serve in plates, sprinkle with herbs, next to put slices of fresh tomato.

Recipe 7. Tilapia with potatoes in a slow cooker


· 4 layers of tilapia;

· 4 potatoes;

· Onion head;

· 3 small tomatoes;

· Any greens - 4 branches;

· 15 g of black pepper and salt;

· Seasoning for fish - 40 g;

· Half a lemon;

· Sunflower oil - 20 ml;

· Low fat sour cream - 150 g;

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly rub the washed tilapia with salt, black pepper, seasoning, put it in a cup, add chopped dill, sprinkle with lemon juice, let it sit for a few minutes.

2. Cut the peeled potatoes into slices.

3. Cut the washed tomatoes into circles.

4. Chop the peeled onion into strips.

5. Grease the capacity of the multicooker, put the products in the following order: potatoes, fish, onions.

6. Lubricate all the sour cream, spread out the circles of tomatoes, pour in a small amount of filtered water, sprinkle with salt a little.

7. Adjust the device to the “extinguishing” mode, time 35 minutes.

8. Stew tilapia with potatoes spread on plates, garnish with parsley leaves.

Tilapia with potatoes - secrets and tricks

· Tilapia does not have a pronounced taste, so using spices you will need to be careful, it is important not to overdo it. Put a little bit of everything. Fish goes well with parsley, pepper (white, black, pink), ginger, lemon, garlic, coriander.

· You can pre-marinate tilapia for several minutes, for example, in a mixture of herbs and lemon juice.

· Baking tilapia with potatoes in the oven can overdry foods, so it is advisable to use foil or a special sleeve for baking.

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