Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer…

Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer…

“Olivier” is the favorite salad of people living in the spaces of the former Soviet Union, and an invariable attribute of any festive table, especially New Year's. But the dish that we used to enjoy from childhood is not the same salad “Olivier”, which glorified the name of the chef who invented it. If you want to know the taste of the classic “Olivier”, prepared according to an old recipe, then we are happy to share it with you.

Olivier's original vintage salad recipe

So, presenting yourself as Lucien Olivier, take the meat of two boiled grouse and one boiled tongue. Let's cut all this into small enough cubes.

Cut 200 grams of finely washed and dried fresh lettuce into thin strips.

Take the neck 25 boiled crayfish (you can replace them with 1 can of lobster) and 100 grams. black pressed caviar.

Prepare 100 grams of pickled capers, drain them with liquid (capers belong to the prickly vegetable crop, in which the flower buds are pickled).

Next, finely cut 200 gr. pickles (so called very small pickled cucumbers) and 2 medium fresh cucumbers.

Cook, clean and finely chop five eggs.

Then Olivier took kabul soybean, and we would replace it with half a can of soy, canned without tomato, sprinkle the liquid, rub it into a paste and add a little soy sauce to it.

Preparing in this way all the components, mix them and season with mayonnaise. Our original old “Olivier” is ready. Before serving, cool it and put it in a beautiful dish, garnish with crayfish and greens on top.

Classic (Soviet) salad recipe “Olivier”

Boil until cooked about 300 grams. beef and, after cooling, finely chop into cubes.

350 gr. wash potatoes and boil “in uniform” until cooked, then cool, peel and also cut into small cubes.

Boil 4 eggs, finely crumble them. To make it easier to clean boiled eggs, after removing them from boiling water, they should be quickly placed for a few minutes in cold water. Finely cut 100 grams. pickled cucumbers.

From 1 can of green peas, pour out the liquid.

Finely cut 150 gr. green onions.

All components of the salad prepared. Now we mix them in the same dish, salt to taste, season with mayonnaise or sour cream (or you can take it in equal parts of both, it turns out very tasty), put it in a beautiful dish and serve it on the table. One piece of advice: it often happens that salads are cut in advance and kept in the refrigerator for several hours. In this case, the green onion is better to cut and add to our Olivier at last, before dressing, then the taste of the salad will be much better.

Another nuance: many prefer “Olivier” not with meat, but with sausage. In this case, you need to add to the salad instead of boiled beef chopped boiled sausage (“Doctor’s”, “Molochnaya”), in the amount of 300 gr. We advise not to save on sausage, as it largely affects the quality of the finished dish.

I would like to say a few words about the meat component of the salad, which in “Olivier” is decisive. Her choice primarily depends on the imagination of the cook. As we have said, it can be beef, boiled sausage of high quality, chicken meat, both boiled and smoked, lean pork, tongue.

We also bring to your attention a few more “Olivier” salads, which can diversify your holiday table and add originality to it, which will surely be marked by your guests.

Olivier Vegetarian Salad

I must say that today the recipe for “Olivier”, sometimes the most unexpected, there is a mass. For example, for those who follow a vegetarian diet, we offer this recipe.

Boil 1 kg of potatoes and 0.5 kg of carrots for a couple, peel them and cut them into small cubes.

In the same way, grind marinated zucchini, taken from a 1-liter jar, and 2 fresh cucumbers.

Prepare the contents of 1 can of canned corn and 1 can of peas, drain the liquid from them. We cut cubes 300 gr. homemade cheese (slightly bigger than vegetables) and 1 avocado.

Preparing salad dressing: 400 g sour cream mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon mustard, add 2 tsp. salt, one third tsp allspice, a quarter tsp. white pepper and turmeric. We mix everything, fill the salad, salt it to taste and shift it into a beautiful dish, and decorate it with greens on top.

For lovers of unusual dishes, we suggest making these “Olivier” salads.

Olivier salad with pineapples

Boil in salted water 1 chicken leg and, after cooling it and freeing from the skin, finely cut.

Boil “in uniform” 100 gr. potato, clean and cut into small cubes.

We clean the pineapple and also finely cut.

Cut up half of the white onion.

Next, in the same bowl, mix all the ingredients, dress with mayonnaise, salt to taste. Our salad is ready! You can decorate it with pieces of pineapple.

Salad “Olivier” with salmon

For its preparation we cut cubes 200 gr. lightly salted salmon, 1 apple, 10 boiled quail eggs, 300 gr. potatoes, boiled “in uniforms”, 1 carrot.

Grind 1 onion (small) and a few gherkins (to taste).

Now we are preparing a dressing: mix mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, white pepper, salt and sugar to taste.

All the ingredients of our salad mix in one container, refuel, gently mix and serve.

Of course, such a salad can be called “Olivier” with a stretch, because it is traditionally considered to be meat. But it seems that the main requirement for any dish is its good taste. Therefore - show imagination, experiment, and let your “Olivier” always work out the most delicious!

The recipe for the traditional and well-loved salad Olivier is most popular in the winter months. New Year, Christmas, February 23 - a huge number of our compatriots are still preparing Olivier salad for these holidays. But did you know that this salad has a summer version? And this is how the recipe of the salad of Olivier looks like if you cook it in the warm summer season.

Salad “Gentle Olivier” (summer)


  • 4 chicken fillet
  • 4 potatoes
  • 5 eggs
  • 3 carrots
  • 5 lightly salted cucumbers
  • 4 fresh cucumbers
  • 1 can of canned peas
  • 600 ml. mayonnaise 50% fat

Cooking Method

  • Boil carrots and potatoes “in uniform”. Eggs can be cooked with vegetables. From boiling potatoes and carrots cook for 15-20 minutes (try, you can not boil the vegetables “in porridge”). Boil eggs from boiling for 5 minutes;
  • Cook the fillets in salted water for 40 minutes.
  • We clean vegetables and eggs; cut potatoes, eggs, carrots into cubes. Approximate size 6 * 6 * 6 mm, (not too small)
  • cut each fillet across into three parts and tear each of the parts into fibers
  • We cut cucumbers similarly to other vegetables; mix all the ingredients, add the peas, mayonnaise;
  • Serve to the table!
Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer… Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer… Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer… Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer… Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer… Olivier salad recipes with photos: classic, vegetarian, vintage, summer…

Why does the name of the salad have the prefix “gentle”? Firstly, in the recipe we used salted cucumbers, not salted ones. Secondly, the salad is in sufficient quantities of fresh cucumbers. Third, instead of sausage, we have a natural boiled chicken.

About carrots - who loves, put more, not three pieces, but five.

If desired, add finely chopped onion to the finished salad (better take white). Add onions before serving salad to the table.

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