Adjika of tomatoes and garlic for the winter: a hot topic of homemade preparations. 7 best adjika recipes from tomatoes and garlic for the winter

Adjika of tomatoes and garlic for the winter: a hot topic of homemade preparations. 7 best adjika recipes from tomatoes and garlic for the winter

So, her majesty - Adjika. The burning lady comes from the mountainous Abkhazia. At home, it is called “Abkhazian oil” ... But this is only butter with teeth.

Adjika from tomatoes and garlic for the winter - the general principles of cooking

The composition of this seasoning should include ingredients from the traditional recipe, namely: hot pepper, garlic, salt.

If there is a desire to stop at this, then take all these ingredients, grind by hand on a flat stone (and you definitely have it), and you will have “happiness with a twinkle” - the recipe of the old adzhika.

Adjika of tomatoes and garlic for the winter is prepared both raw and undergoing cooking. Here the choice is yours. Pluses are in any form. In raw adzhika more nutrients, boiled, stored longer.

To make adjika more fragrant, do not be afraid to turn on your culinary imagination and experiment boldly - add spices. Offhand here's a mix for you: cilantro, coriander, dill seeds, hops - suneli.

Since we are going to cook adjika of tomatoes and garlic for the winter, we should pay particular attention to the choice of tomatoes. They must be meticulous, ripe, even overripe will fit.

Rather, it is a safety measure - cook this dish with rubber gloves. From sin away. Hot pepper, he knows what kind of guy with character.

Adjika cans should be well sterilized. It is better and more convenient to take a pint capacity.

Raw adjika from tomatoes and garlic for the winter

This is the easiest recipe for adzhika, from which you can start to “dance”. He does not require much time and skill. All that is needed is the right ingredients, prepared container and about 20 minutes of your time.


Tomatoes - 3 kg

Garlic - 0.5 kg

Sweet pepper - 1 kg

Hot pepper - 150 gr

Salt - 0.5 st

Sugar - 3 tbsp. Cooking:

1. Peel the tomatoes and peppers from the stem. Take out the insides from sweet pepper. Peel the garlic.

2. Wash all ingredients.

3. Using a meat grinder, grind the tomatoes, garlic, 2 kinds of pepper.

4. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

5. Add salt and sugar. Stir again.

6. Leave the finished composition overnight.

7. The next day, drain the released liquid and spread the adjika into the cans, roll up or close the nylon covers.

That's all. Store in the refrigerator or cellar. Learn how to make this adjika - any kind of it will fit you.

“Wandering” adjika

Another recipe for raw adzhika. Agree that in the title itself there is some kind of ease, frivolity. Having learned how to cook it, you will understand where such a light name comes from. In fact, this recipe is a slightly modified first.


Tomatoes - 1 kg

Garlic - 0.5 kg

Sweet pepper - 0.3 kg

Bitter pepper - 150 gr

Salt - 1 tbsp.


1. Remove the stems from tomatoes, peppers. Remove seeds from sweet pepper. Peel the garlic.

2. Rinse ingredients under running water.

3. Alternately, skip all foods through a meat grinder or use a blender.

4. Mix the mixture.

5. Add salt and mix again.

6. Leave the stock for 3 - 4 days in a secluded place in the kitchen. During this time, stir the composition up to four times a day. The mixture should ferment. When you see that the gases have ceased to stand out - congratulate yourself with another achievement - the “roving adjika” is ready.

7. Spread in sterilized jars and roll up.

When you suddenly find that life is boring and monotonous, open a jar of “wandering” and hit the road.

Adjika “Thistle”

Here is another variation on how raw adjika is prepared from tomatoes and garlic for the winter. In addition to the name, this adzhika has a couple of highlights. First, it has a more interesting taste due to horseradish. Second, confronts some harmful viruses. And, attention, women, thirdly, increases male power. Do not miss the chance to put this drug on your narrowed arm when he once again eats chicken legs at dinner. Ingredients:

Tomatoes - 1 kg

Garlic - 3 medium heads

Horseradish - 3 roots

Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg

Red pepper, hot - 3 pcs

Salt - to taste


1. At the tomatoes and peppers, remove the stem. Remove seeds from sweet pepper. Peel the garlic.

2. Thoroughly rinse all products.

3. Then everything is simple. Grind all the ingredients through a meat grinder or blender.

4. Mix the puree thoroughly.

5. Add salt to taste. In this recipe, by the way, you can sacrifice principle No. 1 and do not add salt.

6. The last step - decompose the resulting composition in a well-sterilized compact jars.

Tip: dear women, as this adzhika with a twist, use some unusual container. For example, roll up in jars of pink or unusual shape. Add romance to the ordinary.

Female adjika

Gentle taste, piquant shade of femininity - it's all about the "female" adjika. The composition already includes a more diverse set of products. Cooking will be more interesting. Of course, cooking will take about 1.5 hours. But this is a “female” adjika and that says it all.


Tomatoes - 2.5 kg (can be replaced by 2 liters of tomato paste)

Garlic - 200 gr

Capsicum - 3 pcs

Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg

Carrots - 1 kg

Sweet apples - 1 kg

Coarse salt - 1/4 Art

Sugar - 150 gr

Sunflower oil - 150 gr

Vinegar 9% - 150 ml


1. Peel tomatoes, apples, peppers from stalks. Remove the seeds from the bell pepper. Peel apples and seeds. Peel the garlic.

2. Rinse the cooked ingredients well.

3. Perebut all through a meat grinder. And do it as many times as possible, an average of 3 times will be enough.

4. Put on the fire, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and boil for 60 minutes. Do not forget to stir the mixture sometimes to avoid burning.

5. A couple of minutes before the end of cooking, combine the composition with garlic, pre-milled, salt, sugar, vinegar and sunflower oil. 6. Stir the mixture and bring to a boil. As soon as boils, turn off.

7. Pour the adjika into jars, roll up and send for storage in the winter time in the cellar.

This adjika can rightfully be considered an independent dish. All because her taste is very gentle and light. If you are reluctant to cook, and you want to eat something, make a sandwich with this seasoning.

Adjika “Cossack Joy”

Your attention is invited to the recipe of practically traditional adzhika, which is distinguished by its increased sharpness and sharpness. This mixture, unlike the previous one, is unlikely to be able to eat just with a spoon. Important! A lot of pepper. Use gloves and a mask.


Tomatoes - 1 kg

Garlic - 3 medium sized heads

Hot red pepper - 1 kg

Salt - to taste


1. Remove the stems from the tomatoes and peppers. Seeds in pepper can be removed, and you can leave. If you leave, it will still burning. Peel the garlic.

2. Wash the ingredients.

3. Chop the garlic through the garlic press.

4. Next, drain the tomatoes through a meat grinder or blender.

5. Put the resulting tomato on the fire and bring to a boil and reduce the heat.

6. As soon as the tomatoes begin to boil, add salt to taste. Stir.

7. Then add pepper and garlic. Let simmer a couple of minutes, up to 10 maximum.

8. Pour the resulting drug into jars, roll up, wrap for a couple of hours before cooling. Keep in the cold.

As already mentioned, this adzhika itself is too stinging. Add it to sauces, gravy to main dishes. Guaranteed this seasoning will enrich the taste of any of your culinary masterpiece.

Adjika “Volzhskaya”

Another recipe for cold adzhika, i.e. raw. The taste is very spicy and very aromatic. In a word - a piece worthwhile. Dare, and you will not regret. More amazing adzhiki of tomatoes and garlic for the winter you can hardly find.

Ingredients: Tomatoes - 0.5 kg

Garlic - 0.5 kg

Chilli pepper - 3 kg

Sweet pepper - 0.5 kg

Salt - 2 tbsp.

Mustard beans - 1 pack

Acetic essence - 1 tbsp.

Hops - suneli - 1bird

Parsley - 1 bunch


Warning! Put on gloves before starting.

1. Traditionally. Peel tomatoes, sweet peppers and chilli from seeds. Separate the garlic from the peel.

2. Rinse everything thoroughly under running water, including herbs.

3. Cut tomatoes and sweet peppers into medium slices.

4. The resulting ingredients begin to grind in a blender or meat grinder. To get the desired consistency, make it mixed, that is, a little tomato, then sweet pepper and a couple of slices, then some garlic cloves. And so in a circle. The principle is clear to you.

5. When everything is chopped, mix the mixture thoroughly.

6. Next, enter the seasonings: salt, mustard grain, essence, hops - suneli. Stir again.

7. Spread the mixture in sterilized jars and put the sleeping “bombs” in a cold place for storage.

And imagine: winter, snow, bitter cold, and from the table on you a cute look watching a jar of "Volga". She will warm you, be sure.

Adjika “Original”

In the end we present to your attention a bonus - adjika for gentlemen. In a whisper and in secret we will tell you that the true name of this adzhika is not at all gentlemanly - “Hrenovina”.


Tomatoes - 2 big meaty things

Garlic - 1 medium head

Peppers - chili - 2 pcs

Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg

Horseradish - 20 gr

Salt - 2 tsp.

Sugar - 1 tbsp.

Kumin and hops - suneli - 1 tsp

Coriander - 2 tsp.

Paprika - 1 tbsp.

Cilantro - 1 bundle

Walnuts (the most secret ingredient) - 130 gr.


1. Peel sweet pepper from seeds, tomatoes from peduncles, garlic from a peel.

2. Wash all ingredients.

3. Cut the sweet pepper into medium-sized pieces, tomatoes in arbitrary pieces, and the pepper into chili rings. Combine everything in a separate bowl. 4. Now the nuts. Fry them in a frying pan, stirring so as not to burn. Then cool, peel off. Mash a little and add in a bowl with tomatoes and pepper.

5. Then proceed to seasoning. Pour coriander, cumin, paprika, hops - suneli into a dry frying pan and fry for 2 minutes. After that, chop the spices. You can use a mortar, and you can in a coffee grinder. Pour the spicy composition into a bowl of chopped vegetables.

6. The next step is to grind all the ingredients into small pieces. It is better to use a large meat grinder or blender. The consistency of mashed potatoes is not appropriate here.

7. Put the resulting mass on a small fire, adding some vegetable oil to the pan. Also add salt, sugar and finely chopped cilantro.

8. Tomit adjika under a closed lid on very low heat for 30 minutes.

9. Garlic and horseradish rub on a fine grater.

10. At the end of cooking, for 5 minutes, add garlic and horseradish to adjika. Stir the mixture.

11. Spread the hot mixture into prepared jars and roll it on the floor. After that, sterilize them again, immersing them in a container of boiling water. The sterilization time will depend on the volume of the jar - but we use 0.5 l jars. Therefore, boil them for 15 minutes.

12. Next, roll up the jars and wrap until cool.

So, a little sweating and tormenting, you will prepare a "treasure" that will not be equal on your holiday table. And since this is a winter harvesting, it is also on New Year's.

Adjika from tomatoes and garlic for the winter - tricks and tips

If you think that the amount of red pepper in the recipe doesn’t agree with your notions of “great”, move away from the original. Add more or less peppercorns. Do not be afraid to experiment.

If your goal when cooking adzhika - to achieve the most saturated red color, add more red pepper. It is he, and not tomatoes, that give adzhika such a passionate color. If you want to play with flowers, add green hot to adjika instead of red hot pepper. Get less nuclear taste, but more interesting color.

Avoid excessively long boiling and boiling adzhika. Everything is good in moderation. As soon as it boils, reduce heat to low. So in seasoning there is more benefit.

Do not use an enameled pan for cooking. Otherwise, the burning you provided, no matter how often you do not interfere with the composition. Ideally, use a stainless steel saucepan.

Hot pepper - very cunning. A weak woman will cope with it with difficulty. Therefore, entrust the cleaning of the pods to your bogatyr - a beloved man. For one, admire each other once again.

Adjika adjika strife. If you or your family has a gastrointestinal problem, be careful when preparing this seasoning. Make it as gentle as possible. Taste is taste, but health is paramount.

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