Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker - it can be different! Classic and new recipes of rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker - it can be different! Classic and new recipes of rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker

Rice porridge - a dish very simple, but nourishing, healthy, cheap.

It is perfect for breakfast.

In one fell swoop, you can feed the whole family and even small ones.

To minimize the cost of time and effort, you can use the slow cooker. This kitchen assistant can cook delicious porridge.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

Rice for porridge is better to take round. You can use small grass and even chop. Not suitable steamed, long cereal. Spoil through, rinse.

Milk for porridge can be used fresh, dry. It is better to take the average fat content from 2 to 3.2%. Rice can be cooked in whole milk or diluted. If milk powder is used, then it is diluted with usual water.

What else do they put in rice porridge:

• pumpkin, apples and other fruits;

• dried fruits, nuts, honey;

• sugar, salt;

• butter.

Depending on the model of multicooker, use the program porridge, cooking, soup. We focus on the capabilities of your kitchen assistant.

Thick rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker

Recipe ordinary, thick porridge with rice. A great meal option for the whole family. Milk can be used plain or baked.


• one cup of rice;

• four glasses of milk;

• 20 grams of oil;

• three spoons of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.


1. We take rice, we sort out from unsuitable grains, we wash. We take cool water.

2. Lay the cereal in the slow cooker.

3. Add milk. It is very important not to warm it up in advance, pour in, immediately removing it from the refrigerator.

4. We throw salt and sugar in the dish, add a piece of butter.

5. Close, set cooking porridge for an hour.

6. We open, we stir, we decompose in plates. Additionally, put in each batch of more oil.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker (with water)

Professional chefs know that any milk porridge will get tastier if you add water to it. It's not about saving. But how much to pour the liquid? Ingredients

• a cup of rice;

• two glasses of milk;

• two glasses of water;

• salt;

• oil at will;

• sugar.


1. Mix some water with milk, add salt, sugar to it and pour into the slow cooker.

2. Wash the croup, sort out, discard bad grains.

3. Pour the rice to the prepared liquid.

4. Stir future porridge with a special spatula.

5. To taste we throw a piece of butter, but you can cook without it.

6. Close the multi-cook saucepan.

7. Turn on porridge for 40 minutes.

8. At the end you need to stir, then let the rice porridge stand a little under the lid so that it reaches the desired state.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker with pumpkin

Pumpkin porridge with rice is an old, favorite dish. It turns out very tasty in the slow cooker. This recipe uses fresh pumpkin.


• a glass of rice;

• three glasses of milk;

• 400 g pumpkin;

• 30 g of oil;

• two spoons of sugar.


1. Putting in a slow cooker a piece of butter.

2. Cut diced pumpkin. In the recipe indicated the weight of pure pulp without a crust, seeds. The size of the pieces is no more than one centimeter. Laying the oil.

3. Now turn the rice. It is simply washed, sorted. We shift to the pumpkin.

4. Pour milk.

5. Next, throw in sugar, salt.

6. Stir, close the lovely saucepan.

7. Turn on the porridge program, wait for exactly one hour.

8. You can periodically stir the dish, slightly knead the pieces of pumpkin. To taste add more sugar, butter.

Liquid rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker

Rice porridge has a tendency to thicken. If you add four parts of milk to it, then in a few hours a spoon will stand in the dish. This recipe is for those who prepare the dish in advance.


• a glass of rice;

• three glasses of milk;

• water two glasses;

• 40 g of oil;

• sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.


1. Enumerate the cereal. Throw washed rice in a saucepan from the slow cooker.

2. Add milk with water.

3. Next fall asleep sugar, throw oil with salt.

4. We stir, we include the porridge program for half an hour. 5. Five minutes before the end of the specified time, you need to open the slow cooker and stir the dish.

6. Close, leave for another five minutes and turn off. We insist a few hours, during this time the croup will reach absolute readiness.

Recipe for caramel porridge on milk in a slow cooker with raisins

A variant of amazing porridge with very juicy, soft, fragrant raisins. To make it happen that way, we do everything according to the rules! Raisin is better to take light, you can fine.


• a glass of rice;

• raisins 0.5 cups;

• milk four glasses;

• spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• spoon of cooking oil.


1. Heat oil in baking mode.

2. Wash the raisins, dry a little, throw to the oil.

3. Immediately pour prescription sugar and lightly roasted grapes.

4. As soon as the unusual flavor of roasted sugar, that is, caramel, goes from the slow cooker, it is time to add the washed rice.

5. Fill the milk. If it is not enough, then you can take some of the water.

6. Immediately throw a couple of pinch of salt, stir.

7. Close the slow cooker, cook porridge for 40-45 minutes.

8. Then, without lifting the lid, let the dish stand for another quarter of an hour.

Ordinary rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker with raisins

For such a rice porridge, raisins do not need to be fried, and caramelized sugar. Everything is cooked much easier, but it also turns out delicious. This version of the dish is preferable for children than the recipe above.


• three glasses of milk;

• a glass of rice;

• glass of water;

• 100 g raisins;

• spoon of sugar;

• a piece of butter.


1. Wash the raisins, throw in a slow cooker.

2. Behind the grapes add the washed rice.

3. Pour water into them, immediately add milk.

4. We throw butter, salt, sugar. There is no need to add a lot of sand, because the raisin itself is very sweet, it is very easy to overdo it.

5. Turn on the porridge program, cook before the signal.

6. When serving, it is very important to stir the dish thoroughly so that the raisins are evenly distributed.

7. Do not forget to taste the rice. If sugar is not enough, then add. Also we put in plates on a piece of butter.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker with pumpkin puree

Recipe porridge with pumpkin from the finished mashed potatoes. This version of the dish can be used for baby food.


• 300 grams of pumpkin puree;

• 600 ml of milk;

• 160 grams of rice;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.


1. Pour milk into a multi-cooker saucepan. You can dilute with water or also boil porridge in water, reducing the amount per 100 ml.

2. Add washed rice to milk. Pour salt, sugar.

3. Turn on the porridge mode, close the saucepan.

4. After 25 minutes, lay in a slow cooker mashed pumpkin.

5. At the same stage, put a piece of butter.

6. Now you need to stir everything well.

7. Close the lid, prepare the dish until the end of the program.

Rice porridge on dry milk in a slow cooker

If there is no fresh milk at home, you can use a dry concentrate. It must be remembered that the product also has its shelf life. If in powder solid lumps, there was a musty aroma or an unusual color, then it should not be used for rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker.


• 800 ml of water;

• 4 spoons of milk;

• 140 grams of rice;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• some oil;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.


1. We wash rice, we shift to the crock-pot.

2. You can immediately throw salt with sugar, add butter.

3. Now you need to dilute the milk. Do not immediately fall asleep powder in a slow cooker so that it does not seize lumps.

4. Pour the milk into the bowl, first add half a glass of water and stir until a slurry is obtained. You can take a whisk or spoon.

5. Now pour in the remaining prescription water, stir. Lumps should not be.

6. Ship the diluted milk to rice with the rest of the ingredients.

7. Close, set the usual mode of porridge, cook before the signal.

Recipe for cereal with milk in a slow cooker with egg

Another old recipe for porridge, which is added eggs. Once this ingredient was laid in the semolina, buckwheat, wheat grits.


• liter of milk;

• a glass of rice; • 2 spoons of sugar;

• 2/3 tsp. salts;

• 2 eggs;

• honey, cinnamon, apples;

• 80 grams of oil.


1. Combine washed rice and milk in a slow cooker, throw salt.

2. Close the saucepan, cook on the porridge program for about 45 minutes.

3. At the end add sugar and butter.

4. Eggs need to beat, but not very zealous. Enough to achieve uniformity, so that the yolks with whites connected.

5. Take a spatula for the multicooker, open the saucepan. Pour in a thin stream of eggs and quickly stir.

6. Now you can add sugar, close.

7. We leave porridge on the heating for about ten minutes.

8. Spread the rice with eggs on plates, supplement with honey, cinnamon, apples or any dried fruit.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker - tips and tricks

• All ingredients in recipes are usually measured by multi-cook cups. But if it is not, then you can use an ordinary glass, keeping the proportions of the liquid with the croup.

• Has rice porridge remained, become thick and tasteless? Do not throw away! From it you can make delicious casseroles, sweet chops and other dishes. Find recipes for such delicacies are not a problem.

• It is necessary to add butter not only to the finished porridge, but also when cooking. It will make the food taste much better.

• Why salt in porridge? In fact, without it, the taste of the dish will be empty. If sugar can be replaced by dried fruits, honey, substitutes, then there is no salt anywhere.

• Did you cook porridge from fried rice? It turns out a very unusual and tasty dish. Before cooking, dry cereal should be slightly calcined in a dry skillet or with butter.

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