Chicken soup with pasta and potatoes - homemade! Choose recipes for chicken soup with pasta and potatoes

Chicken soup with pasta and potatoes - homemade! Choose recipes for chicken soup with pasta and potatoes

Professional chefs claim that they can make any dish of two or three main products on hand.

Let's also try to take a creative initiative in our kitchen: take a standard set of products for everyday homemade soup and cook something new besides noodles and classic broth, and thus expand the assortment of chicken noodles and potatoes in the family menu.

Chicken soup with pasta and potatoes - the basic technological principles

Let's start with the intricacies of cooking broth - the most important component of the soup, on which depends not only the taste, but also the benefits of the first dish.

To get rich chicken broth, it is advisable to choose the meat of old chickens, carcasses, slaughtered at the age of one year and above. Usually take a rooster. Her one trick: tastier than a chicken grown not in a cage, but one that lived free. Their meat is a little tougher, but for broth, given the duration of cooking, it is good. The carcass, if necessary, you need to pitch, wash and gut. Wash the wings, cleaned the stomach, liver and heart after washing, put them in an airtight package, send them to the freezer: from this set, prepare the goose soup later. The rest of the carcass is divided into parts so that the meat will boil faster and send to boil, adding roots and spices after removing the foam and when the meat is almost ready.

There is a second option. If pulp is needed for cooking other dishes, then separating it from the bones, boil bone broth, reducing the amount of water, respectively. It will be very good if it becomes a habit to choose a whole carcass every time you buy chicken meat, and not separately, filet or flesh. Bones are always useful, and it is for soups.

Now about cooking broth: do not try to cook meat and, especially, bones quickly, including immediately maximum fire. Meat components must languish. This is the main secret of healthy and tasty broth. In addition, in this mode of cooking the probability of missing the moment of foaming is very small. If this all happened - do not worry. You can remedy the situation in several simple ways to get a beautiful, clear broth, but read about it below, right after the recipes. If the duration of cooking meat and bones affects the extraction of broth and its saturation with enzymes and other substances that help improve digestion and prepare the body to receive second courses and desserts, then adding vegetables and roots to the meat broth not only improves its taste, but also nourishes it with vitamins. The latter, as is known, must be kept in the maximum amount, and long-term heat treatment prevents the fulfillment of this task. Therefore, we add roots and other vegetables at the very last stage, when the meat is almost cooked. Salt soup broth is also necessary in the last turn.

All ingredients are sent to the soup in a strictly defined order: depending on the required duration of their cooking. Meat is boiled first. Then it is either removed from the broth and subjected to additional processing, or, if it is already cut into portions, first add to it harder and more dense ingredients, then, if necessary, fill the soup with passaged vegetables. Green vegetables and cabbage are thrown into the soup at the final stage of cooking, because they have the most delicate texture and contain the maximum amount of vitamins that need to be preserved without subjecting them to intensive cooking. It is allowed to add leafy vegetables to ready-made soups, directly upon serving.

Choosing pasta for soup you need to give preference to solid varieties. Depending on the size (thickness) of the vermicelli, the cooking time ranges from two to five minutes, and it should be borne in mind that after cooking, the pasta, remaining in the hot broth, increases in volume, absorbing moisture. On this basis, the required thickness of the soup is chosen.

However, to preserve the vitamins in the soup, choose potatoes of soft varieties, low in starch: it cooks much faster.

Try to cut the harder and more dense vegetables finely, and those that are cooked shortly - larger.

Recipe 1. Chicken noodle soup with potatoes: potato dumplings with home-made noodles

Ingredient list:

Chicken meat 0.5 kg

Boiled potatoes 250 g

3-4 eggs

Carrots 120g

Garlic 20g

Spices 10g

Onions 300g

Flour (high grade) 280 g

Chicken bones 800 g

Ginger and parsley (roots) - 40 g

Water1,6 l

Cream, fat (for submission)



Boil bone broth by adding peeled whole roots, salt and spices. Throw it through a sieve covered with a napkin and discard any excess. Chop the potatoes, chicken meat and garlic, add spices and salt, if necessary, beat the egg and, mixing the mass, form the dumplings with a spoon. Sift the flour on the desktop, sprinkle it lightly, add the remaining eggs and knead the stiff dough for noodles. Thinly roll it (no more than 2 mm in thickness). Roll the dough into a roll and cut into thin strips. Straighten the wheels and let them dry on the table. When rolling, use flour, and when the paw dries, shake it off.

Cook dumplings and noodles simultaneously in boiling broth. When serving, season each serving with your favorite herbs and hot cream.

Recipe 2. Chicken noodle soup with potatoes - transparent


Rooster 2.5 kg

Roots (parsley and celery) - 40 g

Dill stalks 30 g


Fresh Lemon Zest

Potatoes 350 g

Onions, white 120 g

Pasta (noodles) 180 g

Parsley, fresh leaves

Ground white pepper

Carrots, whole 150 g

Bay leaf

Water 2.4 l


Yield: 6 servings


For a good broth you need to take a large bird, older than a year. Processed carcass of a rooster, without neck, giblets and legs, cut into pieces so that all the meat fit into the pan and was completely covered with water. Cook on the lowest heat until the meat lags behind the bone. Before boiling try to remove the foam. When the broth becomes transparent, add a bunch of dill stalks, chopped or shredded roots, peeled, whole carrots, peas, onion and bay leaf. Continue cooking the rooster for fifteen minutes to make the meat fragrant. Put the finished poultry meat on a dish and separate the pulp, cut it arbitrarily and strain the broth, removing the roots. Return the broth to the plate, add the peeled potato sticks. When it is half cooked, add salt and noodles, parsley, spices and prepared meat. Boil and remove from heat.

Recipe 3. Chicken noodle soup with potatoes, green


Carrot red 80 g

Celery Leaves 40 g

Leek 120g

“Spider” 140 g

Potatoes 300 g (net)

Fat 50 g

Spices 20 g

Parsley 90 g

Broth 1.6 l

Yield: 4 servings


Chop the bow and pass it. Slice peeled potatoes into thin slices. Cut the roots in the form of noodles, long and thin, and add to passaged onions, bring to a soft and shift into boiling broth. After boiling, throw the potatoes and cook for about twenty minutes; Add spices, bay leaves, “cobweb” - let it boil for a couple of minutes, put chopped greens, cover the pan with a lid and remove from the stove.

Recipe 4. Chicken soup with pasta and potatoes - milk

Composition of products:

330 ml broth

Milk 500 ml

Celery 25 g

Potatoes 100 g

Vermicelli (or stars, bows) 50 g

Cauliflower 90 g

Butter 30g

Leek 30g

Carrots 70g

Spinach 40g

Yield: 2 servings


Potatoes, carrot and celery roots cut arbitrarily. Fry cauliflower in butter. Chop the leek. Prepared products put in hot broth, season and salt. Before the end of cooking, in 10 minutes, add pasta, after 5 minutes - chopped spinach. Boil the milk and add to the portions when serving separately.

Recipe 5. Chicken noodle soup with potatoes and mushrooms


Chanterelles or champignons 300 g

Poultry broth

Potato 150 g

Onion 250g


Red carrots 120 g


Oil 70 g

Parsley (leaves)



Washed and peeled champignons cut into plates and fry in butter, adding to them after the shredded onions, onions, carrots and spices. Prepared potatoes are cut arbitrarily and cook in chicken broth almost to readiness: 10 minutes before being removed from the stove, add bows or any pasta of your choice, put vegetables and mushrooms, fresh greens in the soup. Try the dish, and add spices if needed. You can remove from the stove.

Chicken soup with pasta and potatoes - tips and tricks

There are several ways to fix muddy broth:

  • If the water with meat has already boiled and the moment of foam removal is missed - just add cold water to the pan, reduce the heat and foam will rise again before boiling: do not miss, so that you do not have to refill the water again;
  • If dressing or dairy products are added to the soup, or served with sour cream, there is no need to achieve exceptional transparency;
  • To make the broth transparent, if there is a need, take a small portion of it and dissolve gelatin in it (10 g / liter of liquid), pour into the bulk and, after cooling, strain through the fabric, and then cook the soup as usual.

Soups need to be cooked in the quantity needed for lunch, because these dishes quickly lose their beneficial properties. In the heated soup there are no vitamins or taste. But the finished broth can be stored for some time in the refrigerator and even frozen in briquettes.

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