Cream biscuit - easier than it seems! Fast and delicate cakes based on cream biscuit with condensed milk, lemon, berries

Cream biscuit - easier than it seems! Fast and delicate cakes based on cream biscuit with condensed milk, lemon, berries

Many housewives, enthusiastically engaged in baking products from different types of dough, are very wary of cooking biscuit semi-finished products, foreshadowing their culinary failure. Well, then, let's discuss this topic again to dispel all doubts.

Cream biscuit - basic technological principles

In fact, preparing biscuit semi-finished products is very easy, if you clearly adhere to the recipe and technology of its preparation. For a variety of tastes, some deviations from the basic recipe can only be afforded when the main biscuit is made “with closed eyes”.

Remember the composition of the ingredients for the main recipe is very easy: flour and sugar, in equal parts, and one medium-sized egg. The weight of the dietary egg of the second category without the shell should be equal to the weight of bulk ingredients, this is about 50 g. So, the weight of flour and sugar is 25 g each. The term of realization of dietary eggs is 7 days, after which they become the category of table eggs. Be sure to get a good lush sponge cake, use only fresh products.

When starch, cocoa, cinnamon, poppy and other dry ingredients are added to biscuit dough, combine them with flour, respectively, reducing its amount when using cocoa, starch, and ground nuts. Dry flavors are also added to the flour, and essences, extracts, rum, brandy, liqueurs - in the liquid part.

Recently, new technologies for the preparation of biscuit dough, with the addition of dairy products, baking powder. Although this dough is more likely to belong to another group, there is still a similarity in the preparation of biscuit and other types of filling dough. The technology of preparation of semi-finished products from such dough is considered separately, in special recipes, but the principle of equality of proportions between dry and wet ingredients is preserved. Only when preparing a recipe, note that sugar conditionally refers to dry ingredients, because when heated, it becomes liquid. If we are already talking about sugar, then we note that for beating it with eggs or sour cream, it is preferable to choose fine-crystalline white sugar. Some housewives prefer brown sugar, but the biscuit cake mix with this product is more protracted and not very porous.

When adding butter or vegetable fat, an oil biscuit is obtained, which has a heavier and at the same time loose texture similar to dough for cupcakes.

Biscuit oil should be at room temperature, as the yolks, but the whites should always be placed in the cold before beating, and always in a separate dry and clean container, without any trace of fat or flour. Impurities impede the whipping of proteins, and they must be whipped up to increase in volume 2.5 - 3 times.

Now you need to remember well that the prepared components of the biscuit dough are connected in a strict sequence, without the slightest deviation from the rules:

- the butter is whipped whitewash into a fluffy mass, together with sugar;

- yolks of room temperature are gradually added to the delicate creamy mass, one by one;

- whites are whipped separately until a foam appears

- Next in the yolk-oil mixture is injected flour or flour mixture, which is pre-sifted into the dough in small portions, while mixing the dough with a wooden or silicone spatula. Mixing the dough and introducing whipped proteins must be extremely careful, but quickly, so that small air bubbles “stuck” in the protein “threads” remain in them as long as possible. They should go outside only in the oven, when a golden crust appears on the sponge cake.

Sponge cake baked, weighing up to one kilogram in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for twenty minutes. In no case can the oven be opened until the dough acquires a stable texture, otherwise the semi-finished product will instantly settle, and after that it can only be used to make biscuit crumbs.

If it is necessary to bake a thin sponge cake, then the dough is spread in a thin layer onto oiled baking paper and baked at a higher temperature (200-220 ° C) for 7-8 minutes. After all these actions, you can pause at work until the next day. Biscuit cake mix can even be prepared a week before the cake is collected from it, only it needs to be well packed and can be stored in the refrigerator or frozen. But it is recommended to cut the cake shortly after eight hours, when it finally cools down. Therefore, biscuit cakes for cakes and pastries are best prepared in advance.

Impregnation makes the cake moist and juicy. Sponge cake can soak up to one and a half liters of sweet syrup with the addition of dessert wine, coffee, green tea or hibiscus, condensed milk with brandy. Dare and create.

When there is a ready-made cream biscuit, the preparation of the cake no longer causes any problems. A bit of fantasy, sweet jam, nutella, cream, soufflé - and everything is ready! For the festive versions of sponge cake, of course, it would be nice to stock up on the elements of decor in advance, and then in general you can implement any creative ideas.

1. Cream biscuit: collect a cake with boiled condensed milk and peanuts


Prefabricated, biscuit creamy 1 kg

Meringues (finished) 300 g

Condensed milk, boiled 250

Amaretto (or other liqueur) 200 ml

Oil, natural 82.5% 180 g

Roasted peanuts, peeled 150 g

Vanillin 4g


Cut ready-made semi-finished product into three cakes (diameter 26 cm). 150 g of condensed milk, combine with liqueur and vanilla. Saturate the cakes, evenly applying a milky-liqueur syrup to the surface.

Beat the butter, adding vanillin and boiled milk. Add to the cream large pieces of peanuts, mix. Put cream and meringue on the surface of each cake. Put the cakes on each other. Cover the surface of the cake with cream and meringue, and sprinkle the sides with chopped nuts. Let the cake stand for a couple of hours in the fridge before cutting.

2. Creamy biscuit roll with berry jam


Raspberry Jam 350g

Pastry cream 100 ml

For butter biscuit:

Eggs (melange) 400 g

Flour 210 g

Starch 50 g

Sugar 240 g

Oil 100 g

Cooking: This is one of the options for making cream biscuit from melange - egg mixture. Melange is used for making biscuits in production. With this method of making biscuit dough melange, beat with sugar. The temperature of the egg mixture is 20-25 ° C. Proteins and yolks at home and small pastry shops share to speed up beating. Therefore, melange requires a longer beating. At home, it is difficult to determine exactly the temperature of the eggs, on which the duration of beating depends, so be guided by an increase in the volume of the egg mass by 2.5-3 times. Sugar should be completely dissolved. Simultaneously whisk the butter to a creamy consistency. Add it to the egg mixture. Combine flour and starch, mix and sift into a liquid mass. Stir the dough quickly and gently. After adding the flour mixture to the biscuit dough, do not use the mixer. Work with a spatula.

Pour the dough onto a baking sheet sent out with parchment paper. Grease the paper beforehand with vegetable oil. Smooth the surface and bake at high temperature until golden brown. Put the finished thin biscuit on a silicone cloth (30x40 cm), wait until it cools down a little. Carefully peel off the paper and grease the prefabricated jam. Roll into a roll, shift to a dish, seam down. Decorate the surface with whipped cream, berries, sprinkle with powdered sugar through a sieve.

3. Creamy sponge cake with chocolate and butter cream


Dark chocolate 100 g

Drinking cream 150 ml

Sweet cream butter 60 g + 180 g (for cream)

Sugar 125 g (for dough) + 150 g (for syrup) + 100 g for chocolate cream

Brandy (cognac) 75 ml and 50 ml

Fresh orange 120 ml and one fruit peel

Vanillin (crystalline powder) 4 g

Flour 80 g

Cocoa powder 45 g

Eggs (d-2) 5 pcs.

Almond flakes 70 g


Immediately turn on the oven and heat it to 200 ° C. Prepare a large baking tray with a low side by placing greased baking paper on it.

Beat the chilled whites, and in a separate bowl, whisk in parallel the soft butter with sugar, adding the yolks to the oil mass at room temperature, one at a time. Combine egg-oil mixture with lush proteins. Mix flour and cocoa, add vanilla powder, and sift the dry mixture into a liquid mass, mixing the dough with a whisk. Immediately pour the dough on a baking sheet and send it to the oven. Bake a thin biscuit, as described in the previous recipe, but roll it up is not necessary. Simply divide the semi-finished product after cooling into four identical rectangles.

Remove the fresh orange zest and squeeze out the juice. Leave the zest temporarily out of the way, and from the juice and 150 g of sugar, boil the syrup until the sample is thin. Add brandy (75 ml) to the ready syrup and zest when it cools to 40 ° C.

Soak the cakes. Combine cream with sugar, bring to a boil, add chocolate and boil the mass in a water bath to the consistency of thick sour cream. Pour the chocolate cream into the whipped butter, continuing to whip.

Smear the cakes with the resulting cream, stacking them tightly, on top of each other. Sprinkle the cake with almond flakes or decorate to your liking.

4. Creamy sponge cake for bird's-milk cake according to GOST

The taste of the favorite cake, which causes nostalgia, was surely tried by many cake lovers in their kitchen to reproduce, but not everyone knows that the basis of this cake is butter biscuit. Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you bake an ordinary biscuit cake mix, without adding oil, but the gentle creamy texture is just what you need, and it is for this taste that Bird's Milk is remembered and loved by the older generation. True, the oil - biscuit base of this cake slightly resembles the technology of making shortcrust pastry: although the dough consists of the components necessary for a biscuit, it has a denser texture, not similar to the bulk dough for a classic biscuit.


Oil, softened 200 g

Flour 280g

Eggs (d-1): 2 pcs. + 2 yolks

Sugar 200 g

Vanilla powder

Cream soufflé:

Agar 40g

Sugar 600 g

Water 260 ml

Butter 400 g

Milk, condensed 8.5% 200 g

Citric acid 4 g


Chocolate 200 g

Vegetable oil 20 g

Essence 5 mg

Rum 25 ml

Cooking Technology: Beat butter with sugar and add 2 eggs and 2 yolks. In a large container, sift flour, add crystalline vanillin, egg-oil mixture. Knead the soft dough and divide it into two parts. Roll out and cut out two circles with a diameter of 26 cm. Transfer the cakes to a baking sheet lined with oiled paper. Bake in preheated oven (200 ° C).

Soak the agar in cold water for half an hour. You can use gelatin, but its amount should be increased five times. The remaining water dissolve the sugar, boil the syrup for 10 minutes. To prevent the syrup from crystallizing during the cooking process, add citric acid. Immediately start beating chilled proteins. Pour boiling syrup into a whipped protein mass. Beat the butter with condensed milk and pour it into the protein mass. Add dissolved agar.

The cooled cakes put in the form of a larger diameter. Putting between them cooked souffle. The cream should be evenly distributed on the sides of the cake, filling the empty space. Part of the cream must be laid on the top cake and level the surface. Put the cake in the fridge until the souffle is frozen.

Melt chocolate in a water bath, add butter, essence, brandy and whip the glaze to a shine.

Put frozen cake on a plate set on a dish (or stand). Fill the cake with warm melted chocolate. Transfer to the fridge again to freeze the frosting. After that, with the help of a cornet or a syringe with a thin nozzle, apply a drawing in the form of a heat-bird made of melted chocolate.

5. King's Creamy Sponge Cake

In the recipe of this biscuit, you can see the discrepancy with the standard recipe. This is - at first glance. If you look closely, then all the proportions are met, and adding baking powder to the dough makes it possible to get a biscuit cake mix with an incredibly lush texture.


Sugar 250 g

Extra Grade 170 g

Eggs (d-1) 4 pcs.

Flour 260 g

Lemon 1 pc.

Baking Powder 8 g

Vanilla extract 20 ml

Cream, pastry 300 ml

Berry jam 150 g

Cream cheese 0.55 kg

Powder 200 g Berries for decoration

Cooking Technology:

Butter biscuit is prepared in the classical way: butter and sugar are whipped, eggs are added to it one by one, then - lemon peel, vanilla extract; flour is added to the whipped mass, combined with the baking powder. The finished dough is immediately poured into the prepared detachable form and put in a preheated oven.

Cooled and aged biscuit split into two cake layers. Each cake richly grease with berry jam. Jam can be chosen to your taste: all berries are combined with a delicate sponge cake and curd cream. Combine the impregnated cakes with cream. Cream cheese rub through a sieve, add cream and powder. Beat with a mixer.

Also decorate the surface of the cake with berries and powder.

6. Cream biscuit - a versatile “Zenoise” for desserts

Genoese sponge cake is not the name of the dessert, but rather a special technology for the preparation of a semi-finished product. One of the differences of this method consists in the number of ingredients, because eggs for cooking “marina” are used more than for the classic biscuit, prepared in a cold way. The second difference is the hot cooking method.

This is a detailed description of the classic technology of the Genoese biscuit, which in Italy and France is prepared only with the use of butter. Of course, it is also chocolate, with cinnamon or poppy seeds, rolled up with peaches, and so on, until the fantasy runs out. But it is better to practice on a simple recipe in order to master such a technique, and only then to fantasize like the French.


Sugar 200 g

Eggs 10 pcs. (500g)

Flour 160 g

Starch (preferably corn) 40 g

Vanilla 25 ml


Oil 80 g

Working order:

This biscuit preparation technique does not require the separation of the whites from the yolks and their cooling. Break eggs into a mixer bowl. It is convenient in this case to work as a manual and stationary mixer.

Add all the sugar to the eggs at once, lightly mix the mass and heat the mixture in a water bath to 40 ° C. At the same time, beat the eggs at low speed and monitor the heating temperature. Try a mixture with your finger, if there is no thermometer: the desired temperature is approximately equal to body temperature, only a little warmer. Heated the eggs, continue to beat, but at high speed, until the standard increase in the amount of dough. Turn off the mixer and take the spatula. Add vanilla essence. Stir. Rotate the paddle constantly clockwise, from the edge of the bowl towards the center, do not lift it. It is necessary to maintain the airiness of the mass, so work quickly and carefully. Shake the bowl with biscuit dough and knock on it too.

Separate a small portion of the dough, quickly mix with melted butter and pour the mixture back into the total mass. Pour smoothly, along the edge of the bowl, while continuing to work with a spatula.

Combine flour with starch and salt, sift in the egg-butter part. Stir again and pour into a detachable form (24-26 cm), greased with grease.

Bake, warming up the oven to 180 ° C. Put hot prefabricated on the grill before cooling. After you can cut the cake on the cake or store in the refrigerator.

Cream biscuit - tips

Adding salt to the sweet pastry enhances the contrast, and the pastries seem sweeter. Use this culinary trick when baking sponge cake. If you add a pinch of salt-extras into the yolks when they are rubbed, the yolks are more easily beaten. You can add salt by whipping butter, or mix it with flour.

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