Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Regularly listening to television news and feeling the effects of the crisis on oneself, one involuntarily begins to think that many delicious dishes can now become only guests at our table. Sadly, the increased prices for products are not at all encouraging. However, culinary optimists will find a positive sign here too - if you can’t cook your favorite dishes because of the high cost of food, there must be anti-crisis recipes that can feed a large number of people and not remain in the loser!

And they are! You will be shocked - how profitable it is to be able to cook and combine different ingredients. From the minimum you can create a culinary masterpiece, which no gourmet will refuse. Do not believe? Let's check! In today's menu, we will have puff tubules with protein cream - the sweetness from our childhood.

Take the necessary ingredients for 12 tubes:

- 500 g puff pastry;

- 2 chicken eggs;

- 150 g of granulated sugar;

- a pinch of salt;

- vegetable oil to lubricate the form.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Surprised by such a small number of products? Cook with us and in the end you'll be amazed no less. We calculate the approximate number of tubes: from this composition of ingredients, 12-13 pieces are obtained. We define 2 portions per serving, therefore, out of 12 pieces there will be a dessert for six people. If you are planning a children's party or other event, increase the number of ingredients according to the number of invited guests.

You don't have to make the dough yourself, because you need to knead the puffy dough with butter for a very long time, periodically placing it in the refrigerator. We will go the other way and purchase ready-made magazine dough - it is easy to defrost it within 1.5-2 hours, leaving it in a warm place. You can also move it from the freezer to the fridge in the evening and by the morning it will completely thaw out!

So, let's proceed to the recipe. Separate the egg whites from the yolks, placing in separate containers. We need the yolks to lubricate the tubes, and from the whites we will make a delicious cream.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Beat the whites with a pinch of salt with a mixer at the highest speed until the volume triples. Then pour sugar and whip again, now about 10 minutes, until the protein cream becomes thick and does not form peaks.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Roll the dough into a rectangular layer, trying to stretch horizontally. Then we cut from it strips 2 cm wide. To create tubes, you will need cones: you can purchase 10 pcs. in the store, or you can simply form them from sheets of thick paper and staple them together. We grease the iron cones with vegetable oil and, starting from the bottom, we wind on them strips of dough, going beyond the previous edge. As soon as you screw it in, fasten the strip on the dough without leaving the cone, otherwise you will not be able to pull it out after baking. Do this with all the chopped strips.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Lubricate the form or parchment paper with vegetable oil and place all the wrapped tubes on it. Now we just need deferred yolks. With the help of a confectionary brush we lubricate the surface of the tubes with yolks.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

Turn on the oven and put our pan in it. We bake the tubes for 15-20 minutes at 180 ° C, observing their surface. As soon as it turns red - remove the baking sheet and let the tubes cool together with the cones. If you remove the cones from warm baking, it will wrinkle or burst.

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

From the cooled tubes take out the cones. Fill a pastry syringe or bag with cream and fill them with tubes. If desired, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and garnish with mint leaves. That's it!

Puff Tubes - Anti-Crisis Dessert Recipe

The recipe takes about 30 minutes, and at a cost goes more profitable than buying ready-made dessert.

Calculation of dish cost:

- 500 g of dough - 50 rubles .;

- 2 eggs - 10 rubles .;

- 150 g of sugar - 10 rubles .;

- oil and salt - 5 rubles.

Total: 75 rubles.

Sweet tubules in the store:

1 PC. - 30 rubles.

Total: 30 * 12 = 360 rubles.

The difference is: 360-75 = 285 rubles.

It is a sin to refuse such savings!

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