Sushi cake: bright and stylish! Cooking sushi cake with red fish, shrimp, crab sticks, caviar

Sushi cake: bright and stylish! Cooking sushi cake with red fish, shrimp, crab sticks, caviar

For sushi lovers, the cake of the same name is a real find. It can be served to the festive table, the dish will decorate the feast.

Do not want to pomp? You are welcome! There are everyday, budget options for sushi cake, which do not require special ingredients.

Sushi Cake - General Cooking Principles

For the preparation of sushi cake you need three main ingredients: properly cooked rice, fish and sharp flavored dressings. In addition, you will need dried sheets of noria, cream cheese, seafood (shrimps, crab sticks, caviar), avocado, cucumbers, from dressings and spices - wasabi, rice vinegar, white wine, sesame, ginger, etc.

There are dozens of variations of this dish, so you can vary the composition of your cake as you like. However, it is important to observe the following principles:

• puff styling;

• A mandatory layer of vinegar rice and fish (or seafood);

• Japanese flavor coloring (optional, but desirable).

The main subtlety is, of course, the proper boiling of rice. Grains must be specially designed for sushi (read labels). Boil rice with special technology:

• rinse the grits in six waters until the water remains completely clear;

• Pour pure rice with cold running water in a saucepan in a 1: 1 ratio, an additional 10 percent;

• put the pot on a medium heat, bring to a boil;

• reduce heat to minimum, cook for 14 minutes from tightly closed lid (do not lift!);

• Remove from heat, wrap in a warm towel and leave for half an hour.

While the croup reaches, prepare the dressing and then follow the recipe. It is important that rice during cooking can not be disturbed, stir with a spoon, open the lid.

To give the dish a traditional flavor, we must use the appropriate hot spices: wasabi, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. Without them, get a tasty snack, but not sushi cake in the Japanese tradition.

Sushi Cake “Snack”

The festive, very beautiful and multicomponent version of the sushi cake is designed, of course, for the festive table.


• a piece of lightly salted red fish weighing 250 grams (you can take salmon, salmon, pink salmon, trout);

• ten large shrimp;

• three tablespoons of red caviar;

• cucumber weighing 100-150 grams;

• one avocado fruit;

• large chicken egg;

• a pinch of salt in an omelet;

• one and a half cups of special sushi rice;

• five tablespoons of rice vinegar (can be replaced with white wine vinegar);

• two tablespoons of sugar;

• teaspoon salt in rice;

• three sheets of dried nori seaweed;

• one hundred grams of crab sticks or crab meat.


Cook rice.

Prepare a rice dressing by combining rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Refuel to warm up on low heat to grains dissolved.

Put the finished rice in the bulk dish, pour in the dressing.

Using a spatula, scatter the grains to the sides, then collect them in the center of the hill. Repeat mixing three times.

Leave the rice to stand for ten minutes.

Cook shrimp.

Now divide the entire volume of rice grains into three parts, each put in a separate plate.

Chop crab sticks very finely.

Also finely chop the sheets of algae.

Fish cut into thin slices.

Spread the crab and algal pieces on different plates of rice (the third plate remains snow-white, without additives).

Bake an omelet cake from an egg and a pinch of salt and cut it into very thin strips.

With the avocado, remove the peel, remove the bone, cut the flesh into thin slices.

Take the form with a rectangular bottom, cover it with food-grade durable film.

Put rice mixed with crab sticks on the bottom of the form, press tightly.

The next layer is avocado slices.

The third layer is white rice.

The fourth layer - the pieces of fish. Leave a few fish petals to decorate the top.

The last layer is rice with algae.

Turn the shape on the appropriate size dish, remove the film.

Sprinkle the top of the sushi cake with omelette straws.

Cut the cucumber into translucent slices. From the fish to form "roses", from cucumber plates - leaves.

Decorate the top with “flowers” ​​of fish, red caviar, shrimps.

Sushi cake with cream cheese and wasabi

If cream cheese is part of the snack, the dish acquires a special tenderness. In combination with spicy wasabi, a savory snack is obtained, the place of which is on the festive table.


• two glasses of rice for sushi;

• water;

• two hundred grams of salted salmon;

• two eggs;

• some omelet salt;

• that grams of crab meat;

• five tablespoons of cream cheese (Philadelphia, ricotta, etc.);

• A tablespoon of wasabi;

• three tablespoons of white sesame;

• lemon;

• half a cucumber.

For rice dressing:

• three tablespoons of rice vodka (you can replace one tablespoon of regular vodka or not add alcohol at all);

• three tablespoons of rice vinegar;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• one and a half tablespoons of sugar.


Cook and fill the rice as described in the first recipe.

Mix eggs with salt, beat and bake pancake.

Cut the omelette after cooling with straws.

Cut fish into thin slices.

From crab meat to pick pieces of hands (can be cut).

Combine cream cheese with wasabi, mix.

Cooled seasoned cheese combined with sesame seeds, mix.

Lay out a layer for laying out with a film, sprinkle with acetic water (take a teaspoon of rice vinegar for a third cup of water).

Put the fish layer first.

The following layers: a third of the total rice, an egg, crab meat pieces, another half of the remaining rice, wasabi cheese, the remaining rice.

Cover the cake with film on top, set the oppression and leave it for two hours.

Cut the lemon and cucumber into translucent slices.

Turn on a suitable plate, garnish with cucumber and lemon slices.

Sushi cake with ginger

Another recipe for a delicious dish on the theme of many loved sushi complemented by ginger. A spicy pickled root gives the appetizer an enlightening taste, and cream and soft cheese - a special tenderness.


• 100 grams of salted salmon or other fish; • one hundred grams of soft cheese;

• one avocado;

• half a cucumber;

• fifty grams of pickled ginger;

• two sheets of dried algae;

• two tablespoons of wasabi;

• dining boat white sesame;

• a tablespoon of drinking cream;

• one hundred grams of rice;

• a tablespoon of rice vinegar;

• a teaspoon of sugar;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• A tablespoon of white wine.


Boil rice cereal by adding white wine to the water.

Make a dressing of rice vinegar, salt and sugar.

Ready cooled rice mixed with sesame and fragrant rice dressing.

Cut the fish into plates or strips depending on the thickness of the piece.

Make a cream of wasabi, cream and soft cheese.

Peel the avocados and cut into thin slices.

Cut the cucumber with a vegetable cutter into very thin slices.

Marinated ginger can be cut into smaller pieces.

Sheet nori cut into small pieces with scissors or with hands.

Prepare a form for laying out layers, covering it with a film.

Down put the fish layer.

Fluff the third part of the cream with soft cheese and wasabi.

The second layer is half dried algae.

The fourth layer is half flavored rice.

The fifth layer - cucumber slices, smeared with cream.

The sixth layer is slices of pickled ginger.

The seventh layer is the rest of the rice and cream cheese with wasabi.

The ninth layer - the remains of nori.

Wrap the form with a film, press lightly to seal the rice layers and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Turn the ready sushi cake on a wooden stand, sprinkle with sesame and serve.

Sushi cake with crab sticks and caviar

Those who do not mind the use of mayonnaise in salads, you can use the following recipe for sushi cake. It can be prepared for a family Saturday night.


• a glass of sushi rice;

• a tablespoon of rice vinegar;

• a tablespoon of white wine;

• teaspoon of granulated sugar;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• ten crab sticks;

• half a cup of fatty mayonnaise;

• A tablespoon of wasabi;

• one mature avocado;

• A tablespoon of pickled ginger; • three sheets of dried algae;

• a tablespoon of red caviar;

• teaspoon sesame.


Cook the rice.

Pour vinegar, wine into hot grains, add sugar and salt, mix.

Divide the rice into three parts.

Chop crab sticks very finely.

Peeled avocados cut into small cubes or thin plates.

In the form put the first sheet of nori.

Then put the rice, smooth with wet hands, grease wasabi.

Put the crab sticks, grease with mayonnaise. About two sticks to leave for the top.

Lay the second sheet of nori.

Put a second portion of rice on it, smear wasabi.

Put the avocado, spread the ginger petals on top of it.

Cover all the third sheet of algae.

Again put the rice, grease it with the remains of wasabi.

Decorate the top of the sushi cake with crab sticks, eggs, wasabi droplets.

Soak in the cold for two hours and lodge.

Sushi cake “Chess”

This version of the cake has an interesting “chess” design. Try to make it, and you will pleasantly surprise guests and delight loved ones.


• four hundred grams of boiled rice;

• teaspoon of sugar;

• three tablespoons of rice vinegar;

• one sheet of nori;

• three hundred grams of salted fish;

• two hundred grams of creamy soft cheese;

• one fresh cucumber.


Cut the fish as thin as possible.

Grate the cucumber on the grater and dry on a napkin.

Cut algae leaf into squares.

Fill the cooled rice with vinegar dressing (grains of sugar and salt should disperse completely).

Lay out a layer of fish on the bottom of the form, tightly pressing them together.

Spread half the cream cheese with a silicone spatula.

Arrange the cucumbers.

Put the rice, press it well and put the piece in the fridge.

Remove the dish, turn on a flat surface.

Brush the top with soft cheese.

From the squares of nori lay out a “chessboard”.

On the sides, you can decorate with wasabi roses, pickled ginger petals.

Sushi cake with fresh salmon

From fresh salmon, you can quickly cook pickled fish and create an original sushi cake on its basis. The dish will turn out to be an amateur. You can eat half-fish if you are sure about the manufacturer. Ingredients:

• four hundred grams of boiled sushi rice;

• four tablespoons of rice vinegar;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• three sheets of nori;

• a pound of fresh salmon;

• three tablespoons of soy sauce;

• one avocado;

• two tablespoons of sesame.


Prepare the rice as described above. Fill it with a solution of salt and sugar in vinegar.

Cut salmon fillet into transparent slices.

Marinate fish in soy sauce and sesame, put in the fridge for half an hour.

Very thinly chopped cucumber, peeled avocado.

Grind sheets nori.

Lay out the layers (all the ingredients divided into three parts): rice, cucumber, avocado, fish, nori. Repeat layers two more times.

Hold for about an hour in the refrigerator.

Before serving, decorate with fish slices, wasabi, ginger.

Sushi Cake - Tricks and Tips

  • Layers in sushi cake should be smooth and dense. You can tamp them down with wet hands or a cutting board, strongly pressing on each rice layer.
  • It is important to show the beauty of the layers. To do this, when cutting, you need to use a very sharp knife, pre-cooled in the freezer.
  • The serving of the cake on a thick wooden board is beautiful. For a snack you can serve soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, sesame.
  • The cake should be stored separately from other foods so that they do not absorb sharp flavors.
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