Pasta Casserole - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pasta casserole.

Pasta Casserole - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pasta casserole.

Pasta Casserole - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

Cooks believe that pasta is as much a part of global culture as poetry, sculpture, painting, and more. Countries and differ from each other in the culture of production and consumption of pasta (by the way, having anti-cancer properties). The victorious procession of pasta on the planet has been going on for more than 4,000 years - from the time a peasant accidentally discovered that the dough he had thrown out had not only deteriorated after drying in the sun, but had become a product of long-term storage. Under the Russian word macaroni our compatriots often understand any pasta.

The Italian word Maccheroni describes only tubular products, hollow inside and made from flour and water. Casseroles made from pasta with the addition of various ingredients are called noodle makers and pasta. There are recipes for already boiled or dry products. Meat, fish, vegetable or mushroom pasta casseroles are poured with a mixture of milk or cream with an egg and sprinkled with cheese. When baking, an appetizing crust is formed. For dessert, sweet casseroles are made from noodles and cottage cheese with the addition of pieces of fruit, berries or cream cheese. These casseroles can be sprinkled with cinnamon, dark sugar, pour honey or jam.

Pasta Casserole - Food Preparation

When buying pasta, you can focus on the type of flour and the appearance of pasta.

- Grade A - hard wheat varieties; under the variety B produce products from soft varieties.

- products made from flour of the highest grade belong to the 1st class. First grade - products of class 2.

The package should not be crumbs, pasta should have a solid color, smooth surface. Color products are obtained from herbal supplements. Mushroom or cereal mixture for dietary nutrition is added to the gray-brown products. For storing products, it is best to use transparent jars or compacts to prevent the penetration of moisture and insects. In packaging, they can only be stored closed in the kitchen box. Pasta Casserole - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Pasta Casserole with minced meat

Ingredients: minced meat (pork + beef, 1 kg), pasta (shells, spirals, cones, etc., 400 grams), tomatoes in their own juice (400 grams), hard cheese (300 grams), onion (200 grams), pepper, salt, vegetable oil, milk (1 liter).

Method of preparation

Boil pasta according to the package instructions. Plums water. Cooking sauce. Slightly fry the melted butter with flour, pour in a thin stream of milk and stir well, bring to a boil. The sauce should resemble the consistency of sour cream. Add nutmeg and pepper. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. We spread the cooked pasta in the form, leveled. Sprinkle with cheese, then lay out the minced meat and level. Spread the remaining sauce on the mince and set the oven. We bake at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.

Recipe 2: Pasta Casserole with Cottage Cheese

Wonderful and quick breakfast, quite thorough and satisfying. Suitable for adults, and very useful for children.

Ingredients: pasta (250 grams), cottage cheese (250 grams), eggs (2 pcs), milk (1 cup), vegetable oil (50 grams), butter (100 grams), flour (3 spoons) dill

Method of preparation

Add some vegetable oil to boiling water, add some salt and boil the pasta for 10 minutes. In a skillet, melt the butter, pour the flour and, stirring, pour the milk in parts. First, a third of the glass, after a minute the next part, then all without residue. Add grated cheese and 1 beaten egg to sauce. Mix and mix with pasta. Then add chopped greens and cottage cheese. In the form, greased with butter, lay out the contents and send in the oven (180 degrees) for 15-20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Pasta, cheese and chicken liver casserole

Ivory pasta and toasted liver - in itself is already a serious dish. But if you make it in the form of a casserole, its value will increase several times, not to mention the taste.

Ingredients: macaroni can be of any shape and size (450-500 grams), chicken liver (300-400 grams), onions (1 piece), flour (1 tbsp. Spoon), milk (1/2 cups), butter (50 grams), breadcrumbs (2 tablespoons), egg (1 pc.), melted cheese (1 jar) vegetable oil (3 tablespoons), salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

Boil the pasta and lay them on a sieve so that the water flows. Chicken liver cut into small pieces, chop the onion well and fry in butter with the liver. Add flour, stir. Pour half a glass of milk, salt and pepper sauce. In a deep bowl, mix the egg, the processed cheese from the jar. Grease the form with butter, lay out a layer of pasta, then liver with onions, put a layer of pasta in a greased baking form, lay a fried liver with onions on them. From above there is a cheese and egg mix. Sprinkle the casserole with breadcrumbs and cover with butter. Bake pasta in the oven at 200 degrees until golden brown (15 minutes).

Pasta Casserole - useful tips from experienced chefs

- To prevent pasta from sticking together after cooking, add a spoonful of vegetable oil to the pan;

- Pasta casserole is prepared in approximately the same way, the only difference is in the presence of ingredients. There are many recipes for cooking, and it’s just impossible to list them all. The excellent property of the casserole can be used to save food - for example, you can cook a dish with cheese, ham, pieces of boiled meat or liver, apples or vegetables.

Something about pasta

Historians have found three possible traces in the origins of pasta: Etruscan civilization, Arabs or Chinese. Egyptian tombs have stored for more than IV millennia images of people making something harmful to noodles - this is the manufacture of products for the way to the realm of the dead. On the bas-reliefs of 4 c. BC e. Kitchenware for making pasta is depicted in the Banditaccia Necropolis of the Necropolis. After the conquest of the necropolis by the Romans, the life of the conquered peoples was mastered and used. This is understandable - after all, Ancient Rome was, in fact, a huge metropolis with a population in excess of a million people. The food supply was the main task, and the macaroni was the best way to solve it. Modern pasta still have Oriental roots. In 2005, a pot of macaroni was discovered in archaeological excavations on the banks of the Yellow River, the scientists have determined to be 4000 years old!

Long thin macaroni in the east is still considered ritual: “Toshi-Tosi”, long noodles are given to everyone in the New Year, so that life is as long as noodles.

In Russia, the first macaroni factory was founded in Odessa at the end of the 18th century. There is a legend according to which factories producing pasta in the USSR were strategic objects. Their diameter supposedly coincided with the diameter of the cartridges, and in wartime the equipment can be used for the production of cartridges. Of course, these are just legends and rumors, although on such equipment it is quite fashionable to manufacture tubular powder for rocket artillery.

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