Chicken in a slow cooker - the best recipes. How to cook chicken in a slow cooker.

Chicken in a slow cooker - the best recipes. How to cook chicken in a slow cooker.

Multi-Cooking Chicken - General Description

Modern technology greatly simplifies the process of cooking, while the dishes are tasty and fragrant. A great helper for housewives is a slow cooker, it is a tabletop device in which slow cooking takes place at a temperature of 70 to 140 degrees.

Most often, a cooker is cooked chicken, despite the fact that the process takes a little longer than on the stove, modern housewives do not neglect this technique, because poultry meat turns out incredibly juicy and soft.

Products cooked in a slow cooker have several advantages over those that have been baked in the oven or fried in a pan:

- Benefit for health;

- wonderful aroma and taste;

- products never stick;

- you can use meat of a lower grade, it will become soft after a few hours of cooking;

- from the hostess does not take much time to prepare this dish, you can put the chicken in a slow cooker and do your own business.

Chicken in the Multicooker - Food Preparation

When cooking chicken in a crock-pot, it is necessary to first remove the skin and cut off excess fat, since too much of it can negatively affect the final result, and it is not very good for health. Sometimes housewives (to remove excess fat) fry chicken pieces a little before putting them into the slow cooker, this approach brings a particularly rich flavor to the dish.

If the chicken is cooked with vegetables, it should be borne in mind that the process of bringing fresh root vegetables to an excellent condition takes more time than cooking poultry, so it is better to cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them on the bottom and cover with meat. Seasonings are usually added during cooking, but salt and herbs (if necessary) are best placed at the very end of cooking.

Chicken in a multivariate - the best recipes

There are a lot of recipes for cooking chicken in a multicooker, it can be cooked with a whole carcass, slices in different sauces, with the addition of vegetables and other side dishes. We offer several recipes for poultry meat in a slow cooker.

Chicken with vegetables in a multicooker

It is difficult to imagine a more attractive side dish for chicken than vegetables, so it is not surprising that the recipe “Chicken with vegetables” takes the top spot in the cookery notebook of most housewives.


- 1 kilogram of chicken (drumstick, wings, thighs);

- 500 grams of Hawaiian vegetable mix (if not, you can use regular, finely chopped fresh vegetables);

- 300 grams of small pumpkin cubes;

- 250 grams of mayonnaise or 1 cup of kefir;

- spices;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Gently rub the chicken with spices, fold to the bottom of the multicooker, top it with pumpkin cubes and vegetable mixture (provided that you use regular fresh vegetables, cut into slices of medium size, it is better to put vegetables on the bottom of the multicooker). Add mayonnaise or kefir, stew the dish for 2 hours. Fermented milk dressing can be added to the cooking process little by little, so that it does not curl.

Chicken thighs in own juice

Chicken thighs can be perfectly cooked in their own juice, the dish turns out to be incredibly fragrant and tasty.


- 1 kilogram of chicken legs;

- 1 small head of garlic;

- 2 onions;

- A few things bay leaf.

Method of preparation

Wash the chicken legs, salt, pepper and lay on the bottom of the multicooker, then put a layer of onions and again the legs, so alternate. Garlic and bay leaf are placed on top. The cooking process takes about 2.5 hours.

Chicken in a sweet and sour sauce in a slow cooker

The sauce gives the chicken a special taste, we offer a recipe for sweet and sour dressing.


- 3 chicken legs;

- 1 apple;

- A few tablespoons of vegetable oil;

- salt;

- 1 tablespoon of natural honey;

- 1 tablespoon of ketchup;

- 1 tablespoon mustard;

- 1 tablespoon soy sauce.

Method of preparation

Add vegetable oil to the slow cooker and place chicken. Fry the bird for 15-20 minutes, then turn it over and salt it. On top of the chicken, put the apple cut into small pieces, continue to fry for 15-20 minutes. Make a sweet and sour sauce of honey, soy sauce, mustard and ketchup, season the chicken with apples and simmer for 1.5-2 hours.

Chicken in a multivariate - useful tips from experienced chefs

The liquid in the slow cooker evaporates very little, so do not abuse the sauces and dips.

The slow cooker "picks up" the color of the products and makes them outwardly not very attractive, so use more greens, colored bell peppers and tomatoes when cooking chicken with vegetables.

It is not necessary to add natural cheese to the chicken, the preparation of which takes place in the slow cooker, it is better to replace it with melted cheese, and put it at the end of cooking.

Dairy products in the slow cooker can be curtailed, add them at the very end of cooking, the same rule applies to seafood and fish.

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