Wine made from chokeberry at home is a unique drink! Recipes cooking aromatic wine from chokeberry at home

Wine made from chokeberry at home is a unique drink! Recipes cooking aromatic wine from chokeberry at home

Black chokeberry - a seemingly unattractive berry, which is not held in high esteem by most housewives.

Probably, they simply do not know that it is possible to make an unusual homemade wine from it.

Unlike many other alcoholic beverages, this lowers blood pressure and is generally very useful.

Homemade black chokeberry wine - general principles of preparation

Beginner winemakers need to remember that when making wine from chokeberry at home, the berries never wash. Even if they are dusty and dirty. In the process of fermentation, all foreign substances will turn into tartar, which is then easily removed.

The berries of chokeberry contain little sugar, so the dry wine is not very tasty, tart and sour. It is better to bypass such recipes and make a drink with the addition of sugar.

Classic Home Technology:

1. Preparation of wort (squeezing berries, adding sugar, water and other ingredients according to the recipe).

2. Stage of active fermentation. Usually lasts about 2 weeks. A glove is put on the bottle, the cap or neck is wrapped with gauze.

3. The stage of slow fermentation. Water trap required.

4. Removal from sediment. It is better to produce using a straw. It is not recommended to shake the drink or try to pour by tilting the container.

5. The stage of maturation. Turns young wine into a full-fledged drink.

6. Storage and aging. At this stage the taste, aroma is revealed.

Homemade wine made of black chokeberry is quite thick and rich. Therefore, many winemakers prefer to reuse the expressed pulp. To do this, add water, sugar, allow to ferment. Then mix both drinks. With this approach, the wine goes more useful substances from the berries, the drink is easier and more pleasant.

In winemaking can not use metal utensils. Ideally, the drink is prepared in wooden barrels, but not everyone has this luxury. Therefore, in the home are usually used glass bottles. You will also need a water seal, which can be purchased at the store or made yourself.

Recipe 1: Chokeberry at Home

According to this recipe, you can easily make a dessert wine from chokeberry at home. The technology uses re-digestion of pulp with sugar and water, which allows to get a light, not cloying drink.


• ashberries 3.5 kg;

• 700 ml of water;

• sugar 2.5 cups.


1. We sort out rowan berries, we put in a big cup or pan. Pound and add 1.5 cups of sugar, mix several times.

2. Put the mass in a jar, cover with a lid and remove for fermentation. On average, it will last a week. Periodically need to stir the mass.

3. A week later, the juice is filtered through a colander. You do not need to do this through cheesecloth, small particles should remain in the wine for further fermentation. Pour into a jar, put on a water seal.

4. Pour a glass of sugar into the pulp, add 0.5 liters of water, mix and ferment for 5-6 days.

5. Strain the wine from the pulp, mix with the first juice and put everything under the general water lock. We remove for further fermentation, every 2-3 days you need to remove the foam.

6. When the fermentation is over, you need to drain the drink from the sediment and you can taste it. The drink is still young, for maturation you need to hold it in the basement.

Recipe 2: A simple black chokeberry wine at home

Easy and profitable option of black chokeberry wine at home, which has a good yield due to the addition of additional liquid. It is better to use well water or spring water, but if there is no such possibility, then boiled and separated.


• 5-6 kg of mountain ash;

• sugar 3 kg;

• 80 gr. raisins;

• water 5 liters.


1. Rowan berries carefully mottled, rubbed with sugar, raisins and water. Everything is well stirred and removed for fermentation. Stir through the day.

2. When the active game of wine is over, you need to strain the drink through a colander. Pulp squeeze and throw away.

3. Drain the liquid in the bottle, put it under the water seal for about 40-60 days. As soon as the fermentation process is over, remove the sediment, pour the drink into bottles and remove for 3 months in a cool room.

Recipe 3: Black chokeberry wine at home with the addition of grapes

A special feature of this black chokeberry wine at home with grapes is a classic aroma. The recipe will help out, if there are different berries, but do not want to make a drink separately. And he is good at not having to worry about weak fermentation, with grapes it will definitely be good.

Ingredients Required

• Grapes 5 kg;

• 5 kg of black chokeberry;

• 1.8 kg of sugar;

• Water 5 liters.


1. Separate the grapes from the branches, while sorting the spoiled, rotten and unripe ones. Chokeberry also we sort out.

2. We knead all the berries with our hands, pour out the sugar, pour out the water, remove it for fermentation.

3. When the future wine stops playing, we filter and remove for 1.5 months for further fermentation.

4. Filter, bottle and give the wine to ripen for 2-3 months.

Recipe 4: Homemade Cherry Black Chokeberry Wine

Chokeberry pleases the harvest in the fall, usually in September, and cherry is the summer berry. So how can you make a drink? In fact, such black chokeberry wine is prepared at home by adding cherry leaves. It can be said that it is a snag, but it does not prevent to get an unusually fragrant, bright drink.

Ingredients Required

• 3 kg of black carp;

• a handful of cherry leaves;

• 0.5 liters of water;

• a handful of raisins;

• 500 gr. Sahara.


1. Cherry leaves thoroughly washed, dried.

2. We thoroughly knead the berries, add sugar, raisins, purified water, cherry leaves. We remove fermentation.

3. We filter, put the shutter and maintain the drink for another month. We are checking. If it is still sharp and did not beat, then keep it on.

4. Strain from sediment and remove for storage. This recipe is well suited for fixing. You can add ordinary vodka, this amount is enough 0.5 liters.

Recipe 5: Chokeberry Wine at Home with Apples

For some, the variant of this apple wine with chokeberry at home may seem too dreary due to the repeated addition of sugar, but the end result is worth it. A sweet, full-bodied drink with a summer fruity aroma will delight in winter evenings. Required Products

• 3 kg of black carp;

• sugar 1.5 kg;

• apples 2 kg;

• water 1.8 liters.

Method of preparation

1. We cut on small pieces of an apple, in the course of removing seeds and pith. It is better to use ripe fruit, but without dark spots. Immediately cut the wormholes, otherwise the final product will have an unpleasant taste.

2. Fleshbrow we sort, knead with 0.5 kg of sugar and send to the apples. Add water, mix everything, tie the neck of the jar with a cloth or gauze. We clean for a week, every day a lot needs to be mixed.

3. A week later, add 500 gr. sugar mix. On the third week we pour another 500 grams of sugar. Do not forget to stir daily or at least once every 2 days for another 2 weeks.

4. Give the wine a good ferment for about a month. Do not touch the drink any more, you do not need to mix it. Then we filter, we pour in a convenient container and we clean on storage.

Recipe 6: Chokeberry Wine at Home with Orange Flavor

Wine from chokeberry at home with an orange aroma is made in several ways. For example, by adding juice or zest. The second option is much nicer and more aromatic. Therefore, we stock up on fragrant citrus peels and proceed to the preparation of the drink.

Ingredients Required

• 4 kg of black carp;

• 2.5 glasses of sugar;

• oranges 3 pcs .;

• 1500 ml of water.


1. Flushed, we knead, knead, add 2 cups of sugar, water. We clean for 10 days.

2. We take oranges, wash them thoroughly with laundry soap, and dry them. Remove the zest and grind. You can simply do this with a grater, processing the fruit from all sides.

3. We strain our drink, we press the pulp. Add chopped zest to the juice, the remaining sugar and give the future wine to ferment another week.

4. Filter again, put the shutter and hold the drink under it until the reaction is completely stopped, on average, about a month.

5. Pour off the sediment and you can taste the young wine. For full disclosure of taste, you need to send it to ripen in a dark and cool place.

Recipe 7: Strong black chokeberry wine at home

For fortified wine from chokeberry at home, you will need vodka. Similarly, you can use alcohol, if you can buy it. Such drinks differ not only in degrees, but also in taste. Therefore, it is very important not to overdo it and not turn the wine into a strong tincture. It should not exceed 20 degrees, ideally 12-15 is enough.

Many people mistakenly assume that you can add alcoholic beverages in the finished wine and get a fortified counterpart. In fact, the taste of this product will be fused. Alcohol or vodka should be added only to young wine after removal from the sediment, and then tastes should “make friends” for 3-5 months.

Ingredients Required

• 5 liters of young wine;

• 1.2 liters of alcohol, it is better to use brandy.

Method of preparation

1. Pour alcohol into the filtered young wine. It is important that it is completely fermented. Otherwise, the alcohol will destroy the bacteria, the incomplete process will stop and the good taste of the drink will not be achieved.

2. Mix thoroughly, send the drink for 10-15 days to the basement room for clarification.

3. Filter again through 4 layers of gauze, bottled and sent to storage. The container should be kept in a horizontal position and periodically turned over to the other side so that the cork does not dry out.

Recipe 8: Black chokeberry wine at home with syrup

The technology of blackfloat wine according to this recipe is different from the classic version. Rowan berries usually give bad juice, especially if not very mature. Heating the product will solve this problem.

Ingredients Required

• 2.7 kg of mountain ash;

• 1.4 kg of granulated sugar;

• water 3 liters;

• raisins 150 gr.

Method of preparation

1. Cooking syrup. To do this, dissolve all the sugar in a liter of water. We put on the stove, boil a minute. We leave to cool.

2. Add the remaining 2 liters of water to the berries, bring to a boil, boil for a minute and cool to a warm state.

3. Mix the syrup with boiled berries. Add the raisins and remove the ferment for 7-10 days. Periodically you need to stir the berries with a wooden stick so that they do not become covered with mold. 4. Squeeze the pulp and prepare the drink further, according to the classical technology: put under the water lock, then remove from the sediment, pour in the container and send it to ripen.

Home-made Rowan Wine at Home - Tricks and Tips

• Winemaking loves hands, especially men. Therefore, do not use a blender or grinder to crush the berries. From this will suffer the quality and the original taste of the drink. It is advisable to do everything with your hands or with a wooden stick.

• Chokeberry juice is very poorly washed from clothes. Therefore, you need to be engaged in winemaking in an apron.

• Unripe berries make the taste even more tart, produce poor juice, slow down fermentation. It is better not to use them and immediately recline.

• If the wine plays poorly, you can add a little raisins. You can also add a couple of handfuls of fresh raspberries, if there are autumn berries. The taste of this will not change, but the process will go more actively.

• At any stage of fermentation, mold can form on the surface, so the future drink must sometimes be mixed.

• When choosing a recipe for homemade wine, do not hope that you get a drink with the same degree as the author. The strength is influenced by many factors: the ripeness of the berries, the temperature in the room, the sweetness of sugar, the quality of the pulp squeeze.

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