Picnic snacks in nature - it will be fun and tasty! Cooking simply and quickly different snacks for picnics in nature

Picnic snacks in nature - it will be fun and tasty! Cooking simply and quickly different snacks for picnics in nature

No picnic is complete without snacks. In nature, everything tastes better! But this is no reason to limit sandwiches or boiled eggs. There are lots of more interesting options! What would it take with you?

Picnic snacks in nature - general principles of cooking

Picnic snacks must meet a number of requirements: do not get your hands dirty, do not spoil in the heat, do not melt, please with taste. Therefore, you should immediately give up the idea of ​​taking something boring and everyday with you. Let the food be memorable. Usually it is made from meat or sausages, cheese, crab sticks, canned fish and vegetables.

What you can take on a picnic:

• rolls of pita;

• baking;

• stuffed eggs or vegetables;

• salads.

You do not need to decorate snacks, water or sprinkle something, as they usually fit into containers. If you want to flavor with spices, herbs, it is better to take them with you in a bag, you can pre-cut. Or just add all the ingredients in the filling and stuff the products.

Picnic snack in nature “Lavash roll”

Very convenient to transport, eat and easy to prepare snack for a picnic in nature. You can choose a different filling, there are recipes with Korean carrots, sausage, red fish, but here with crab sticks.


• pita bread;

• three eggs;

• 140 grams of any soft cheese;

• three spoons of mayonnaise;

• packing sticks;

• a bunch of dill;

• one clove of garlic;

• two cucumbers;

• bunch of onions.


1. Cut the thawed sticks into small cubes, pour into a bowl.

2. Boiled eggs, too, finely chopped or grated, shift to the chopsticks.

3. Add a couple of fresh cucumbers, pre-cut.

4. Season the salad with mayonnaise and garlic cloves. You can collect the roll layers, but then the filling is not soaked evenly, put the sauce on the dry pieces is difficult.

5. Expand the pita bread, smear with cream cheese, then put crab stick filling on it. Salad too level. 6. Rinse, sort the onions and dill, chop, sprinkle with crab stuffing evenly.

7. Twist a thick roll, put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

8. Remove the blank from the pita bread, cut it into pieces, put it in a container and ready! You can fold and small rolls for batch use. In this case, each pita is cut into 4-6 parts.

A picnic snack on the nature of puff pastry

Option nourishing snacks. It is suitable for a picnic in nature or for any other purpose. The dough can be used absolutely any purchase or home.


• 400 g of dough;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 150 g of ham or sausage;

• egg.


1. Hold the dough a little at room temperature so that it melts. Then roll out with a rolling pin to a thickness of three millimeters.

2. Lubricate the surface of the egg.

3. Grate a piece of cheese on the layer immediately, level it.

4. Grate boiled sausage on top or cut into small cubes. You can take sausages or wieners.

5. Twist a neat roll out of the dough with the filling. Brush the edge again with an egg so that the dough is softened and stuck.

6. Cut the roll into pieces two centimeters wide.

7. Lay out the blanks on a pan covered with a silicone mat. Put in the oven, bake at 200 degrees until cooked. It is not necessary to do temperature less, puff pastry does not like it.

Sardine Fish Picnic Snack

The recipe for a versatile snack of sardines. This mass can be used for sandwiches, as a dip or filling for pita bread. Absolutely any cheese, even the simplest wrapped in foil will do.


• 240 g sardines in oil;

• onion;

• 4-5 eggs;

• 100 g cheese;

• 60 grams of mayonnaise;

• A pair of lemon juice spoons.


1. Eggs for this snack should be boiled, this can be done in advance, it is the longest process in cooking. Cool, peel, cut into slices, do not shallow.

2. Peel the medium bulb, cut into several pieces. Transfer to the bowl of the food processor for grinding 3. Add mayonnaise and lemon juice to onions and grind all this, lightly salt the sauce.

4. Add prepared eggs.

5. Open the sardines, take out the pieces, leaving the oil in the jars. Add the fish after the eggs, grind everything together.

6. Evaluate the consistency. If you need a sauce for dipping pieces of bread or vegetables, then pour a little oil from the can. If the sardine will be used for stuffed snacks, then leave a thick mass.

Onion picnic snack

Marinated onions are an ideal addition to kebabs from meat or poultry, but it can also be an independent snack to vodka and other alcoholic beverages. In nature, such a bow is sure to go in the first place, if you pickle correctly.


• 300 g of juicy onions;

• 30 ml of table vinegar;

• 3 tbsp. l oils;

• a couple of bunches of greens;

• 1 tbsp. l Sahara.


1. Peel the onion heads, cut into thin rings, fold into a container.

2. Mix vinegar with two cups of cold water, add sugar, vegetable oil, which softens the taste. Stir, pour onions.

3. Pickling time is not limited, but it is desirable to withstand at least half an hour.

4. Drain the water from the bow.

5. Chop fresh parsley, dill or any other, add.

6. Grind a little black pepper, literally 4-5 peas, sprinkle onions and stir again.

Eggplant Picnic Snack

Option aromatic summer snack for a picnic in nature. You can cook young squash in a similar way.


• 3 eggplants;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 3-4 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• some oil;

• 2 tbsp. l nuts (optional);

• 0.5 bunches of dill, parsley or other herbs.


1. Cut the long plates of eggplants. Sprinkle all the pieces with salt, leave for half an hour.

2. Rinse the eggplants, squeeze.

3. Pour a little oil on the pan, fry all the pieces alternately, to brown on both sides.

4. Grate cheese, chop nuts and garlic, add chopped herbs, mayonnaise, stir the filling. 5. Grease each piece of eggplant with a layer of curd.

6. Twist the vegetables with a straw. For reliability, stab with a toothpick, you can also use skewers, which will be easier to eat.

Picnic snack on the nature of eggs

A simple recipe for very tasty stuffed eggs. For the filling, salted herring is used, it turns out very satisfying and interesting.


• 10 eggs;

• 1 herring fillet;

• 2-3 Art. l mayonnaise;

• 4-5 onion feathers.


1. Put eggs in a saucepan, pour cold water over, boil after boiling for 8-10 minutes. Drain boiling water, pour cold water over again and cool completely. Peel off the shell.

2. Cut each egg in half lengthwise or across, remove the yolks, crumble.

3. Cut the diced herring into small cubes, chop up the green onion, shift to egg yolks. Add mayonnaise, stir. Spices are not needed.

4. Fill half the eggs with fish mass, fold them into a container with a lid and the appetizer is ready!

Korean picnic on the nature

Option spicy vegetable appetizers, which is perfect for a picnic in nature. It does not spoil, it is beautifully kept warm, does not produce a lot of juice, the longer it costs, the tastier it becomes.


• 2 bulbs;

• 2 carrots;

• 2 peppers;

• 0.5 tsp. hot pepper;

• 2 eggplants;

• 100 g of oil;

• 1 tsp. with a pile of Korean spices;

• 2 cloves of garlic.


1. Cut eggplants into large cubes, about half a centimeter thick. Sprinkle with salt, set aside.

2. Cut the peppers into strips. If the pods are small, then you can take three pieces.

3. Rub the carrot into straws. Spread on top of pepper.

4. Sprinkle carrots with spices for Korean salads and immediately add red pepper. You can chop the fresh pod, get even more tasty.

5. Rinse the eggplant from the bitterness and excess salt, squeeze.

6. Heat the oil in the pan. We take the largest and widest vessel.

7. Spread eggplants, fry for 3-4 minutes until golden brown, no need to turn down the fire. 8. Put the hot eggplants together with butter on the carrot, cover the bowl with a lid, let the spices reveal the aroma.

9. Leave for 30-40 minutes.

10. Remove the lid, stir the salad, transfer it to the container. On the way to the picnic, he still insists.

Picnic snack on the nature of crab sticks

The option is very easy to prepare rolls. You need to choose the crab sticks, which unwind.


• 200 g of chopsticks;

• 2 eggs;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• garlic, greens, mayonnaise.


1. Grate cheese and boiled eggs, chop garlic. Chop any greens. Add a bit of mayonnaise, stir, the liquid mass should not turn out. You can add a bit of grated carrots or sliced ​​cucumber, it will also turn out decently.

2. Thawed sticks gently deploy.

3. Grease the resulting plate filling, gently roll back. Stuff all the sticks.

4. Cut each roll into 2-3 pieces so that it is more convenient to use, put in a container and can be taken with you on a picnic!

Snacks for a picnic in nature - tips and tricks

• Mayonnaise is often replaced with sour cream, but in picnic snacks this is undesirable. It is better to get more calories than poisoning. Mayonnaise perfectly transfers heat, and sour cream can sour.

• Strains an abundance of containers and utensils? Many snacks are well tolerated transportation in ordinary plastic bags.

• It is not necessary to take a lot of snacks with you, some can be cooked on a fire. Vegetables, meat, fish, and even plain bread or smoked bacon are very tasty.

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