Eggplant with tomatoes - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook eggplants with tomatoes.

Eggplant with tomatoes - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook eggplants with tomatoes.

The homeland of all your favorite eggplants is faraway India. Initially, these vegetables were grown there as a medicinal plant. It was believed that boiled eggplants are able to relieve toothache, and the powder, prepared from unusual fruits, is an excellent tool for the treatment of gout. It was only in the Middle Ages that Europeans began to eat eggplants for food, and then the first recipes of dishes from them appeared.

Eggplant with tomatoes - general principles and methods of cooking

Young fruits are subjected to various types of cooking. They are not only boiled or fried, but also stewed, stuffed, baked and dried. But in the homeland of eggplants they are sometimes even eaten raw. The people eggplant is often called "blue", as the skin they have a really beautiful blue-violet hue. The taste of fresh eggplant is a little bitter, but in the process of cooking it quickly changes its structure and turns into a soft mashed potatoes. This quality makes the fruit absolutely indispensable for canning.

Eggplants with Tomatoes - Food Preparation

A distinctive feature of eggplant is that with any method of heat treatment, it saves huge amounts of vitamins. Eggplants do not differ in special aroma, but at the same time they easily absorb extraneous smells, therefore, they are successfully used in a variety of dishes. Choosing a fruit, you need to take it in hand, a ripe eggplant should weigh more than it seems at first glance. High-quality eggplants should not have scratches, cuts, dents or any stains, and the skin of a good vegetable is always shiny, smooth, not wrinkled or wrinkled.

Given that the eggplant product is quite perishable, it is better to purchase them directly on the day of cooking. If necessary, fruit should be stored in a cool place, but be aware that in the refrigerator they deteriorate faster than at room temperature.

Eggplant with tomatoes - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Eggplant and Tomato Appetizer

The simplest preparation of the dish is perfect for any table. Ingredients: 3-4 medium eggplants, 3-4 medium tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, cilantro, salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Cut eggplants and tomatoes into rings. First fry in olive oil until golden brown. Put ready-made eggplants on a napkin or paper towel in order to get excess fat out of them.

At this time, finely chop the cilantro and squeeze three cloves of garlic on it. Mix well and salt plentifully.

Next, put eggplants on a prepared wide flat dish, sprinkle them with a mixture of garlic and cilantro, and top with a layer of tomatoes and sprinkle with greens again. In order for the dish to turn out to be more delicious and juicy, said layers of eggplants and tomatoes must be made several. After that, the finished snack should be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that the vegetables let the juice. Everything, tasty and fragrant dish is ready, you can serve!

Recipe 2: Eggplant Lasagna

This unusual version of lasagna, is not inferior in taste to the classic recipes of this dish. In addition, it differs unsurpassed aroma and attractive appearance.

Ingredients: 2 large eggplants, 12 champignons, 200 grams of cream, 200 grams of hard cheese, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, 5 large juicy tomatoes, 1 large onion, 500 grams of ground beef, 2 table spoons of dried herbs (to taste), 50 grams of butter, 5 tablespoons of flour, 500 milliliters of milk, a pinch of grated nutmeg, the same amount of salt.

Method of preparation

Melt the butter in a saucepan and add flour to it, stirring it over the fire for two to three minutes. Then pour the milk in a thin stream, continuing the stirring. Put a pinch of salt and nutmeg in the milk, cook on very low heat for another ten minutes.

Eggplant cut into equal lengths, brush with butter, salt and bake in the oven. Cut and fry the mushrooms, and in another pan also fry the mince, in which add the garlic and chopped tomatoes. In the same mixture pour the cream and sprinkle it with spices.

The bottom of a prepared baking dish is plentifully greased with cooked sauce, put ready-made sheets of lasagna on top, which should be covered with layers of minced meat, mushrooms and eggplant. The filling must be laid out so that each component has two layers. Top everything again, well pour the sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese. Cover the lasagna with foil and bake at 180 degrees for forty minutes. After that, remove the foil and hold the lasagna in the oven for another fifteen minutes.

Recipe 3: Baked Eggplants with Tomatoes

This appetizer looks great on the holiday table, it is perfectly combined with any meat dishes and is quite simple to prepare.

Ingredients: 2-3 medium eggplants, 2-3 medium tomatoes, 100 grams of hard cheese, 1 processed cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, mayonnaise to taste.

Method of preparation

Wash the eggplants, cut off the ends from both sides and cut into small circles. Salt well and put the fruits in a bowl, where to leave for fifteen minutes, in order to leave the bitterness.

At this time, grate and hard cheese grated, add mayonnaise and garlic, mix everything well.

Fry eggplant circles on both sides with vegetable oil until golden brown. Wash tomatoes and cut into slices.

Grease a baking sheet with plenty of oil, put pre-fried eggplants on it, which should be covered with a mixture of cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Top tomato circles.

Bake the eggplants for fifteen minutes at 180 degrees.

Eggplants with Tomatoes - useful tips from experienced chefs

To preserve the greatest amount of vitamins in eggplants, cut and clean them better with a knife made of stainless steel. Cut vegetables can not be left open for a long time. Eggplants need to be cooked not on animal fat, but on vegetable oil. To determine the degree of maturity of eggplant, you need to press on it with your finger, if the fruit immediately returns to its original form, then the vegetable is ready for use.

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