Aioli sauces - garlic mayonnaise for any dishes. Classic, modern and simplified recipes for Aioli sauces

Aioli sauces - garlic mayonnaise for any dishes. Classic, modern and simplified recipes for Aioli sauces

Aioli - garlic sauce, one of the most popular on the Mediterranean coast, is most common in Spanish and Italian cuisine. Akin to Provencal mayonnaise, the sauce has a pronounced garlic flavor and its spiciness.

In general, all Aioli recipes are identical and are based on a basic, classical one: gruel made from ground with garlic salt, whipped with olive oil, yolk and lemon juice. Depending on the sauce, the main components can be added or replaced, and the eggs can be completely excluded.

Traditionally, Aioli garlic sauce is served with fish soups, with seafood and croutons. They are complemented by fresh vegetables or dishes of fried meat and fish, paella, a great idea - to use it as a dressing for vegetable salads. Aioli sauce is a versatile homemade garlic mayonnaise.

Aioli Sauce - General Cooking Principles

• The basis of the Mediterranean sauce is garlic, pounded with salt. Options grinding on a grater or press completely excluded, since homogeneity is one of the basic rules. The best device for these purposes would be a mortar or a monolithic metal crumbler. Grinding garlic with a blender can also achieve the desired result, if you use the maximum speed.

• The sauce is easy to prepare - continuously beating the garlic base with the gradual addition of oil and no boiling. The main thing is to introduce vegetable fat correctly so that the ready sauce does not exfoliate. The oil should be added gradually, drop by drop, without stopping the foundation. You should not introduce a new batch until you thoroughly beat the mass after the previous addition. Do not rush, the amount of added fat should be increased gradually. As far as possible a thin stream begin to pour after half of the amount specified in the recipe leaves.

• It is best to whip the sauce with a whisk, but not everyone will be able to withstand a long process, so they use kitchen appliances when preparing Aioli. Beating at medium speeds with a mixer or immersion blender simplifies the process and saves time. • Lemon juice or vinegar, like oil, should be added gradually, constantly removing the sample. This will allow time to stop and do not peroxidize the gas station. As an option, initially add a little more than half, and the remaining amount is already in the process, after removing the sample.

• Do not immediately prepare a lot of sauce. Try to use it immediately, only short-term storage in the refrigerator is allowed - no more than two days.

Aioli yolks classic recipe with lemon juice

The classic recipe sauce is prepared on yolks, whipped with grated garlic. Whip whisk eliminates its delamination. All products are recommended to warm up to one temperature in advance, leaving in bowls on the kitchen table. Lemon juice is replaced with balsamic or apple cider vinegar.


• two raw yolks;

• 300 ml of high-quality olive oil;

• half a small lemon;

• garlic, except young.


1. We clean four medium-sized garlic teeth, finely cut, then we grind the pestle in a mortar. The mass should be homogeneous, similar to mashed potatoes.

2. Scald lemon with boiling water, cut. We leave one half, it is not useful, and from the second we squeeze the juice and filter it through a sieve.

3. To the garlic mashed potatoes add yolks, a little ground pepper. Pour in fresh lemon juice and salt.

4. Thoroughly whisk everything with a whisk; in the process, pour olive oil in small portions.

5. Aioli's well-whipped sauce for cooling is placed in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

Aioli Mustard Sauce

Mustard can be used any as spicy, and softer Dijon. It all depends on what kind of taste you want to get - sharp or softer.


• ordinary olive oil - 1 + 1/2 cup;

• raw yolks from two eggs;

• garlic;

• A spoonful of fresh lemon juice;

• “Dijon” or spicy “Russian” mustard.


1. Mincely chop up three large garlic cloves, put them in a mortar, add them and grind them thoroughly. A homogeneous slurry should form.

2. Wash the eggs in warm water with soda. After breaking, carefully pour the proteins into a separate container, and add the yolks to the garlic. Proteins will not be needed. 3. Strain the lemon juice, measure out a tablespoon and add to the yolks. Slightly beating with a whisk, mix all the ingredients until smooth.

4. Without stopping beating, and pouring in small parts, we introduce all the oil. Then put the mustard and whisk thoroughly again.

Aioli sauce with walnuts

In the preparation of nut sauce without a mortar can not do, and the process itself will take more time. Dense walnut kernels should be thoroughly ground with garlic, so that the walnut-garlic base is a mushy consistency.


• a tablespoon of chopped dill;

• 30 ml of highly purified vegetable oil;

• two tablespoons of finely chopped walnuts;

• half a lemon;

• garlic head.


1. We clean the garlic from the films, press three slices of medium size with a press into the mortar. Add the finely chopped nuts and carefully grind the pestle.

2. Lemon scalded with boiling water is left in hot water. Having sustained about a minute, we get, we cut and squeeze juice. Filtered through gauze, measure out exactly a tablespoon.

3. Pour salt and a little ground pepper into a pasty nut-garlic mass, pour in a spoonful of juice and, without ceasing to grind, gradually add all the oil.

4. Mix the ready-made sauce with the chopped fresh dill.

Aioli sauce “Catalan”, with pear and baked garlic

The basis of the sauce is a puree of pear and roasted garlic blanched in syrup. The subtle fruity aroma, mild garlic flavor of the Aioli sauce is a great addition to the juicy steak, whether it is meat, chicken or fish.


• 120 gr. olive oil;

• garlic head (5 large teeth);

• two spoons of apple cider vinegar;

• large aromatic pear.


1. Peel the pear, cut it into slices, fold it into a small saucepan, add sugar and add some water. On a small fire, blanch the pear until softened, decant the syrup, put the pieces on a sieve to dry.

2. With garlic, remove the top husk. Pack the garlic head tightly in foil and place it in the oven for half an hour with medium-high heat. Then free from foil and cool well. 3. From pears and garlic blanched in syrup, interrupting with a blender, prepare a smooth mashed potatoes. Add apple cider vinegar to it, add a little salt and beat well, using the same blender or mixer.

4. We introduce oil gradually, without interrupting beating. The whole process is produced at medium speed in order to prevent the sauce from splitting.

Aioli almond nutty sauce

Unlike walnuts, almonds give the sauce a brighter nutty flavor and aroma. The recipe uses balsamic vinegar, but it is perfectly acceptable to replace it with freshly squeezed lemon juice or table vinegar.


• balsamic vinegar - two tablespoons;

• 120 ml of high-quality oil;

• three large teeth of “sharp” garlic;

• a raw egg;

• A handful of peeled almonds.


1. Chop the almonds and garlic with a knife. Combine, add the egg and a small pinch of salt, carefully beat with a blender.

2. Pour vinegar into the resulting mass and, continuing to work with the blender, inject a thin stream of olive oil.

3. Do not use the maximum speed, whip at low speed, so that the sauce does not separate. All products should be mixed evenly.

Aioli sauce with basil and bread

Universal recipe, sauce perfectly complement any dish. The unusual solution is to use stale bread for the base. Crumb is soaked in milk, after which with yolk and fresh basil is interrupted until the blend is homogeneous.


• A handful of fresh basil leaves;

• half a cup of milk;

• garlic;

• one yolk;

• 125 ml of sunflower frozen oil;

• olive oil - 125 ml;

• two small slices of bread, stale, slightly dried.


1. Soak breadcrumbs in milk.

2. In a mortar, add half a spoonful of salt, grind three cloves of garlic in a mush.

3. Well squeeze the crumbly crumb, add to it garlic mush and torn into small pieces of basil. Add a little ground pepper, yolk and smash well with a blender to a pasty state. If the mass is too thick, add a little milk left over from the soaking of the bread.

4. Beating the base prepared for the sauce, pour a thin stream of oil slowly. Do not interrupt beating until we get a homogeneous mass.

A simple recipe for homemade Aioli sauce


• large egg;

• three teaspoons of fresh lemon juice;

• one and a half teaspoons of hot mustard;

• one third spoonful of fine salt;

• garlic;

• a glass of vegetable, ideally olive oil.


1. In a clean, always dry, pour a glass of blender, aged for at least an hour in heat, an egg. We act carefully to keep the yolk whole.

2. Top pour all the oil and lemon juice. Add mustard, salt. Putting the blender beater directly on the yolk, begin to beat. At this stage we do not move the blender.

3. When the mass thickens enough, several times, without stopping the beating, raise and lower the device to achieve homogeneity.

4. Density depends on the amount of butter used - the more, the thicker the sauce.

5. In the ready sauce, stir in garlic pounded in a mortar, at least three teeth, and mix thoroughly.

6. For a richer garlic flavor, let the sauce stand for about three hours.

Tips on making aioli sauce - useful tips

• Expensive olive oil is replaced by high-quality sunflower oil. You can make a sauce on a mixture of these two fats - the quality and taste will not suffer at all from this.

• If yolks are added to the sauce, eggs should be laid out in advance from the refrigerator and heated to room temperature. This applies to other products, they should all be of the same temperature. Cold foods are difficult to whip, and different temperatures can lead to delamination of the ready-made sauce.

• If you wish, you can experiment with the composition of any sauce - add your favorite spices and spices while beating.

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