How to make raisins from grapes at home - save the harvest! All ways and tips on how to make good raisins from grapes at home

How to make raisins from grapes at home - save the harvest! All ways and tips on how to make good raisins from grapes at home

For the benefit of raisins, talk is unnecessary.

This product is very popular and has only positive sides. If the vineyard is pleased with the harvest, then you can prepare raisins for the future.

At home it is easy to do. There are many ways and, contrary to popular belief, not only kishmish is used for drying. Grape varieties with stones can also be prepared. They are wonderfully suitable for compotes, they will definitely delight in winter and spring periods, when the body especially needs vitamins.

How to make raisins from grapes at home - general principles

For the preparation of raisins, you can use any grapes, but preferably ripe. From sour and unripe berries, a low-grade product is obtained.

Basic rules:

1. Grapes need to be collected only in dry weather. If the berries are saturated with moisture, the raisins will not only dry out for a long time, but the quality of the product will suffer.

2. Before harvesting, it is advisable not to water the vineyards for 10 days. This will also reduce product moisture.

3. Washing the crop is not necessary. The grapes are picked by the hands, if not dried with brushes. Cobwebs, trash and other trash are just shaken off. The exception is wet processing, which is carried out to accelerate the ripening and drying of raisins.

For the preparation of raisins will need mesh trays or regular trays. If the grapes are brought to readiness in an electric dryer, then enough pallets from the kit. Often dried product in bunches. In this case, need a clothesline, on which the tassels will be hung.

Cloth bags are best for storing raisins. But they do not sufficiently protect the product, it is likely that there will be bugs in it. Therefore, more and more hostesses prefer hermetic jars. Periodically dry grapes need to pour on a baking sheet, air on the air.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in the sun

The easiest and cheapest way to make raisins at home. But this method is only suitable for solar regions. If a cold snap is expected at the time of the ripening of the grapes, it is rainy season, then the product will not be dried naturally.


• grapes.

You will also need trays with a grid on the bottom or regular trays.


1. Take the grapes, remove the visible debris, spread out evenly on the pan. Well, if there are trays with a mesh bottom through which air will be ventilated.

2. Place the trays in the sun.

3. As soon as the berries wilt, they need to be turned over.

4. Dry the product from 15 to 30 days, depending on its humidity and weather.

5. The raisins prepared by this technology will be hard, dry, but very well stored, not moldy.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in the shade

This method differs from the previous quality of the finished raisins. The product is softer, more moist. For drying, you need a dry, ventilated room, a pile or an attic. The process is long, it may take 2-3 months.


• any grapes.


1. Stretch the clothesline indoors if you dry grapes in bunches.

2. Hang the tassels on the ropes, fix with clothespins and wait for it to dry. You can tie the brushes with a strong thread of two things, then just throw it over the clothesline.

3. If you dry on trays, then scatter the berries and leave for a while. But faster raisins obtained in limbo.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in an accelerated way with soda

An interesting method of cooking raisins at home, for which you need soda. Contrary to the rules, here the berries are moistened with water. But due to the addition of baking soda, the skin softens, microcracks appear on it, grapes quickly give up moisture.

Ingredients • grapes;

• baking soda.


1. Prepare a solution. Add 0.5 tsp to 1 liter of water. drinking soda. If the grapes are with thick skins, then put a full spoon. Stir until dissolved.

2. Immerse grapes in the solution, leave for ten minutes. You can immerse the whole brush, if you dry on the twigs.

3. Take out the grapes. Separated berries can be drained into a colander. Then spread on a soft cloth, let dry. Sprinkle on trays, send to dry in the sun or in the oven.

4. If soaked whole clusters, you can immediately hang them on a rope in a ventilated room.

5. Leave the raisins until completely dry. It is not necessary to rinse the soda layer, since before use the product will be washed in any case.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in the oven

It is not very convenient to dry the grapes in the oven, the process is quite long, it can take up to 30 hours. It will also entail the consumption of electricity or gas. But sometimes this is the only way to determine the yield, especially if the weather is not happy, high humidity, there is no possibility to purchase an electric dryer.


• 1 kg of grapes;

• 1 tsp. with mountain soda;

• litere of water.


1. You can cook raisins without soaking them in a solution with soda. But this technique will shorten the time. Soak the berries in the solution for ten minutes, rinse, dry.

2. Put it on the trays, it is advisable to cover the sheets with parchment.

3. Set in the oven. At one time you can put a few baking.

4. Set the temperature to 90 degrees. Dry for about five hours. The oven door should be ajar, moisture will come out through it.

5. Remove the trays, stir the berries so that the water evaporates evenly.

6. Return the grapes to the oven, reduce the temperature to 70 degrees, dry until ready.

7. Take out the raisins, along with the baking sheets carry out on the air. The product shriveled, it was not enough, you can pour on one sheet. Allow the raisins to air well for several hours, and store them.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in the dryer

If there is an electric dryer at home, the preparation of raisins is simplified. He does not need close attention, just load the berries on the trays, turn on the device. Despite its compactness, it fits quite a lot. Unwashed grapes can be put in the dryer or the product can be soaked in soda solution, which in this case will shorten the cooking time.

For uniform drying it is recommended to periodically change trays in places. If the grapes are well dried, you can put them on a baking sheet, leave them to “ripen” in a ventilated room, and fill the device with a new portion of berries. The exact time of drying raisins depends on the power and capabilities of the device, the grape variety, but rarely exceeds 48 hours.

How to make raisins from grapes at home with boiling water and soda

Another processing technology berries. In the production of grapes fumigate sulfur. At home it is difficult to do. But there is another way, simple and harmless. When processing in boiling water the grape skins are thinning, wax is removed, the drying period is significantly reduced.


• grapes;

• soda;

• boiling water.


1. Pour 5 liters of water into a large saucepan. Capacity take with a margin, preferably at least eight liters.

2. Place the pot on the stove, bring to a boil.

3. For now, grapes can be made. Since it will still be exposed to wetting, you can rinse the brush, it is not necessary to pinch the berries.

4. Pour soda into boiling water. But not all at once. Water will fizz, foam will go. Pour in small portions.

5. Now take one cluster at a tip, quickly dip it into the boiling soda solution and immediately remove, a second processing is enough. If the skin on the berries is thick, you can hold for up to three seconds.

6. Take out the bunches, let them drain.

7. Now the brushes can be hung to dry. Or disassemble the berries, spread on pallets or pans, cook the raisins in any other way.

How to make raisins from grapes at home in halves

This method is suitable for large grapes with stones. Halves are also beautifully stored, dry much faster, but can get tougher. In this case, before use, you will need to soak the product.


1. Disconnect grapes from brushes, remove debris from them.

2. Cut each berry with a knife along. If there is a desire, then remove the large bones. Get grape "boats".

3. Spread the halves upward on the mesh trays or on the trays, you can use the dryer trays if the product will be cooked in it.

4. It remains only to bring the raisins to readiness. In the sun it will take about 7-10 days, in the dryer and in the oven drying will occur much faster.

Grape Raisins - Tips and Tricks

• Often buying raisins, hostesses prefer golden grapes of a light yellow color. But in fact, this color gives sulfur dioxide or sulfites, which are processed grapes. Without them, neither at home nor in the production of this color is not achieved.

• Moist raisins are tastier than dry ones. But it is harder to save. If you use the product immediately, then you can not finish it a little. If you prepare for the future, it is important to evaporate all the excess moisture.

• Check the quality of raisins in a very simple way. Throw some grapes, they should fall with a soft thud.

• Grapes have a different size, small berries dry much faster than large ones. You can immediately sort the product by different trays.

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