Omelet with milk in a pan - quick and easy recipes. How to cook an omelet with milk in a frying pan with sausage, cheese, vegetables

Omelet with milk in a pan - quick and easy recipes. How to cook an omelet with milk in a frying pan with sausage, cheese, vegetables

Cooking a dish in haste under the power of each hostess, but most often come to mind such simple dishes as sandwiches, pasta with sausages or banal fried eggs.

But many people forget about such a light and easy-to-cook dish as an omelette with milk. And in vain. The products included in its composition are elementary, available and always there in almost every home, and the scope for experiments is so great that even if you cook an omelet with milk in a pan every day, you can create new and new dishes every time.

Omelet with milk in a pan - the general principles of cooking

There is an opinion that a truly delicious, lush omelet can be cooked only in the oven or in the oven, but this is a profound mistake. Making an omelet in the pan is also easy. The main thing to consider is either to make an omelet from a large number of eggs, or to beat the egg whites apart from the yolks, and the more carefully the whites are whipped, the more lush and elastic the omelet will be. Some add soda to the egg mass while whisking, which raises the omelet, but in order not to spoil the final taste of the dish, it is better to put the soda in minimal quantities or extinguish with vinegar.

There are so many recipes for an omelet with milk that it is probably impossible to list everything. But the general principle of any recipe is the same: eggs are whipped with milk, salt and spices, after which the mass is transferred to a greased pan and stewed under a closed lid.

But in order for the dish to turn out to be more satisfying and tasty, all sorts of additional ingredients are added, and it is here that the set can only be limited to your imagination. After all, an addition to an omelet with milk can be:

• meat products: sausages, ham, chicken, minced meat, ham;

• vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, broccoli;

• seafood: fish, crab meat, shrimp;

• as well as green peas, green beans, any mushrooms; • cheeses;

• and much more.

In addition, using a variety of greens, spices, spices and seasonings, you can make an omelet with milk not only a new taste and aroma, but even color: Provencal or Italian herbs, parsley, basil, saffron, garlic, peppers, etc.

Omelette is good both hot and cold. Serve it as a main course with fresh bread or freshly cooked toast, sprinkled with herbs or watering sauce.

1. Omelet with milk in a pan


• five eggs;

• 2 tbsp. l flour;

• 200 ml of milk;

• vegetable oil;

• spices, salt.

How to make an omelet with milk in a pan:

1. To make the omelette fluffy, you need to beat the whites separately from the yolks. Therefore, separate them from each other, remove the whites for 10 minutes in the refrigerator, and beat the yolks with spices and salt.

2. Add milk, whisk well again.

3. In another bowl, whisk cooled proteins to a white foam.

4. Carefully add protein to the yolk mixture, mix.

5. Heat the oil in a pan. If you want the taste of the omelet with milk to be creamy, put the sweet butter, but you can also cook on an odorless vegetable oil.

6. Pour the omelette mixture into the pan, cook for 5 minutes on a quiet fire.

7. Cover the pan with a lid, soak for another 6-7 minutes, turn off the gas.

8. Serve hot, sprinkled with fresh herbs if desired.

2. Omelette with milk in a pan with sausage, tomatoes and cheese


• 3-4 eggs;

• 100 g boiled sausage;

• large tomato;

• 70 grams of cheese;

• one third cup of milk;

• salt, pepper, butter.

How to cook:

1. Cut the sausage into medium sized cubes.

2. Rinse the tomato and cut into small pieces.

3. Break eggs, salt, pepper, pour in milk. Beat until uniform color.

4. Melt the butter in a frying pan, put the prepared frying pan. Stirring, fry for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.

5. Add the chopped tomato, fry over low heat, stirring for a couple more minutes. 6. Fill the sausage with tomato with the milk-egg mixture, evenly distribute finely grated cheese over the top.

7. Cover the pan with a lid, cook, without stirring, about 10 minutes.

3. Omelet with milk in a pan with vegetables


• 5 eggs;

• 100 ml of cream;

• 100 ml of milk;

• red and green sweet peppers;

• a tomato;

• 100 g green string beans;

• sweet butter for frying;

• spices and salt to taste.

How to cook:

1. Rinse all vegetables thoroughly, remove seeds and tails from the pepper.

2. If you have frozen beans, pour boiling water over it for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.

3. Cut the sweet pepper into straws, tomato into cubes, if the beans are large, then cut them into several pieces.

4. Fry the peppers first in a couple of minutes on hot butter in a frying pan, then put the tomato and beans, fry for another 3 minutes.

5. Beat the yolks separated from the whites with milk and cream, spices and salt.

6. Add whipped proteins to the resulting mixture. Stir.

7. Pour the mixture into the vegetables. Fry on low heat, cover the pan with a lid, 8-10 minutes.

4. Omelet with milk in a pan with chicken


• five eggs;

• 200 g chicken fillet;

• 200 ml of milk;

• ground pepper, salt;

• butter;

• soy sauce.

How to make an omelet in a pan with chicken:

1. Thoroughly rinse the fillet under running water, if necessary, remove the skin, fat deposits, film. Drain, cut into small pieces.

2. Fry in hot creamy oil, stirring occasionally for about 15 minutes.

3. For 5-6 minutes until ready, pour 1-2 tbsp into the pan with the fried chicken. l soy sauce.

4. Beat whites until white froth, yolks with milk and spices and salt until smooth. Mix both mixtures.

5. Pour the resulting mass into the pan, cover the dishes with a lid. Cook, lowering the heat to a minimum of 8-10 minutes.

5. Omelet with milk in a seafood pan

Ingredients: • 6 eggs;

• 150 g peeled shrimp;

• 200 g broccoli;

• 100 ml of milk and cream;

• seasonings, salt, oil.

How to cook:

1. Peel the shrimp shells, put in a pan, greased with butter.

2. Fry the shrimp on both sides, giving each side no more than 1 minute, otherwise seafood will be rubber. Put the shrimp on a plate.

3. Rinse the broccoli, divide the cabbage into small florets.

4. Beat the mixer or whisk the yolks of the eggs with milk, salt and seasonings.

5. Separately whip whites, enter them into the yolk mass.

6. Add broccoli inflorescences and already prepared shrimps to the egg-milk mixture. Stir.

7. Pour the fragrant mixture into a red-hot greased frying pan, fry, covered with a lid, for 10-12 minutes.

6. Omelet with milk on a skull with greens and zucchini


• 200 ml of milk;

• 5 eggs;

• small young zucchini 180-200 g;

• a bunch of fresh parsley;

• oil, spices.

How to make an omelet with milk in a pan:

1. Thoroughly rinsed zucchini peel off, cut into thin slices.

2. Rinse the fresh parsley, separate the leaves from the twigs. Throw out the twigs or use, for example, as an additive in the preparation of broth, and chop the leaves.

3. Beat the egg whites until thick and stable foam, in a separate bowl, mix the yolks with spices and milk until smooth.

4. Mix the whites with the yolks, here also mix the pieces of zucchini and parsley.

5. Cook, preheating the pan with a piece of butter, with the lid closed for 10 minutes.

7. Omelet with milk in a pan with mushrooms


• 3 eggs;

• 50 ml of milk;

• 3-4 large champignons;

• leek;

• a quarter of red sweet pepper;

• greenery;

• 50 grams of hard cheese;

• salt, pepper, oil.

How to cook:

1. Cut the white part of the leek onion with the finest rings.

2. Rinse the champignons and cut into thin slices.

3. Cheese rub.

4. Pepper peel and cut into straws.

5. Rinse the green chop. 6. Fry mushrooms with leek until softened and evaporate the liquid. Cool the mixture.

7. Beat eggs with milk, salt and spices. Mix this mixture with chopped greens, onion-fried mushrooms and peppers.

8. Pour the mixture into a red-hot frying pan, sprinkle with grated cheese.

9. Cook, covered with a lid pan, 7-10 minutes.

10. Serve the omelet with milk hot.

Omelet with milk in a pan - useful tips

• If you decide to cook an omelet with milk, adding any vegetables, it is best to pre-fry them so that they do not remain raw. The only exceptions are the young zucchini, greens, to give a special taste - Bulgarian sweet pepper.

• Practically in each recipe it is recommended to beat the yolks separately from the proteins - this is necessary so that the omelette will turn out lush, and not in the form of a pancake. But if you cook a large number of dishes of 7-8 eggs or more, then the eggs can be whipped before cooking, without separating the yolks from the proteins, the omelette will turn out to be voluminous and fluffy.

• For the splendor of an omelet, you can also add a little bit of ordinary flour when whisking, but note that this ingredient will make the dish more nutritious.

• If you put a couple of tablespoons of fresh sour cream in the egg-milk mixture, then the taste of the omelet will be tender and creamy. The same effect is achieved when cooking in butter, not in vegetable oil.

• Omelette is a wonderful, hearty and healthy breakfast for children. If your kid doesn’t like eggs very much, you can decorate the dish with bright beautifully sliced ​​vegetables or, for example, corn, green peas, cherry tomatoes, giving an ordinary omelet an interesting and appetizing look.

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