Pie with walnuts - the power for the brain, joy for the stomach! Recipes for homemade walnut cakes for a sweet life

Pie with walnuts - the power for the brain, joy for the stomach! Recipes for homemade walnut cakes for a sweet life

Much has been said about the benefits of walnut and we will not repeat it.

It must be introduced into the diet and you can do it very tasty, for example, make pies.

Fragrant and healthy pastries will be appreciated in any home, it remains only to choose the appropriate recipe.

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Walnut Pie - General Cooking Principles

Walnuts are always sorted before use. Often they come across debris and internal partitions, which are very dangerous for teeth. Normally the core is not washed. But if there are doubts about cleanliness or safety, then it is better to do it. Then the nuts are dried, crushed, fried. They are simply poured into the dough or used for the filling.

What are nuts combined with:

• apples, pears, citruses and other fruits;

• honey, sugar;

• poppy, sesame, different seeds;

• cottage cheese, soft cheeses;

• dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes, apples).

The method of laying and additional ingredients depend on the recipe and type of test. Pies with nuts make sand, yeast, biscuit. You can use puff pastry purchased in the store.

Recipe 1: Walnut Walnut Cake

Walnut cake recipe, which can be used either directly or as a cake base. Crumb is soft, airy and very gentle.


• 0.2 kg flour;

• 0.14 kg oil drain;

• 0.2 kg nut kernels;

• 0.15 kg of sugar sand;

• 1 scoop cocoa powder;

• ripper 10 grams;

• two eggs;

• salt and vanilla;

• powder for registration.


1. The oil must be softened. To do this, just cut into cubes and keep the hour warm, no need to melt.

2. Yolks are detached from proteins.

3. Divide the nuts in half. Part crushed into a crumb, and the remaining nuts just cut into pieces. It is advisable to pre-dry the kernels in a skillet to make it more aromatic. 4. Mix flour and baking powder, add a pinch of soda. Next we throw nuts.

5. Beat the butter with the prescription sugar and yolks to the pomp.

6. Separately whip proteins. It is very important not to use the whisk after the oil mixture. Otherwise, the protein will not scramble.

7. Pour the flour into the oil mixture, throw vanilla to taste.

8. Carefully add the whipped proteins so as not to precipitate the foam. Stir light movements from the bottom up.

9. We send the dough in the form, which must be lubricated.

10. Bake about 40 minutes at 180. After cooling, sprinkle the cake with powder. Or cut into a few cakes and lubricate the cream.

Recipe 2: Fasting pie with walnuts and raisins

A variant of a lean walnut pie, which also requires raisins. Grapes can be soaked and dried beforehand so that the filling is juicier.


• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 0.1 kg of raisins;

• 0.1 liters of oil grows;

• vinegar, soda;

• 0.2 kg of nuts;

• 450 grams of flour;

• 220 grams of orange juice;

• some cinnamon.


1. Chop the nuts into pieces, fry as desired.

2. Raise the raisins, you can soak it, as mentioned above.

3. Combine butter with sugar, stir.

4. Add orange juice, a pinch of salt to them. You can take the juice of tangerines, pineapple or apples, also turns out well.

5. Mix the flour with cinnamon, nuts and raisins, send in the dough.

6. It remains to add a teaspoon of hydrated soda acid and mix well.

7. Grease the form with vegetable oil, sprinkle with flour.

8. Pour the nut dough and set to bake. This cake will take about half an hour, it all depends on the thickness of the layer. Temperature 180.

Recipe 3: Walnut Pie Shortcake

Variant of crumbly pie with walnuts, which is prepared on a simple shortbread dough. We knead it on margarine. Or we replace with confectionery fat, oil.

Ingredients • margarine 200 grams;

• 0.35 kg of flour;

• 3 yolks;

• 2 tablespoons sour cream;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper.

For the filling:

• 3 proteins;

• 0.15 kg of sugar;

• 0.2 kg of nuts;

• vanilla.


1. Beat margarine with sugar until white mass, alternately add egg yolks to them, and then sour cream. Enter the flour with baking powder, quickly stir and shift the dough into the bag. We clean in the freezer.

2. Beat the whites to a cool foam together with the prescription sugar, for an appetizing aroma we throw a little vanilla.

3. We chop nuts in pieces of any size and mix with proteins. Gently pour in proteins and stir.

4. We take out from the freezer the cooled, but not frozen dough. Third pinch off.

5. From the most part we roll out a flat cake, we spread it in a form with sides, we make a plate.

6. Put the protein filling with nuts.

7. Cover with a thin cake from the remaining dough, the edges should match.

8. Baking a cake with nuts about half an hour, focus on ruddy color. The temperature of more than 180 degrees do not.

Recipe 4: A quick pie with walnuts and poppy

A variant of a very easy and simple cake made from biscuit dough. In addition to nuts, it also adds an ordinary poppy.


• 4 eggs;

• 0.15 kg of flour;

• 0.16 kg of sugar;

• 70 grams of nuts;

• 30 grams of poppy;

• 1 tsp. Ripper optional.


1. Immediately throw nuts into the pan and fry for a couple of minutes. Cool, put on a table or board, roll with a rolling pin several times to reduce the size of the pieces. We leave to wait in the wings.

2. Smash the eggs and just beat with a mixer for a couple of minutes, then add sugar. All together you need to whip until fluffy foam.

3. We combine flour with poppy seeds, add crushed nuts. For greater pomp and insurance cake from dropping, you can pour baking powder.

4. Transfer the dough to any mold, preferably greased. 5. Bake a cake with nuts for half an hour. Put in the oven at 190 degrees, then reduce to 170.

Recipe 5: Pie with Walnuts and Apples

Recipe yeast cake with walnuts and fresh apples. The dough can be prepared in this way, but not necessarily. If you have a proven and favorite recipe, then use it.


• 150 ml of milk;

• 70 ml of water;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 1.5 tsp. yeast;

• salt and flour.

For the filling:

• 1 glass of nuts;

• 3 apples;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon;

• 140 grams of sugar.

One yolk for smearing the top before baking.


1. Add 70 ml of hot water to the milk to make the liquid warm. We breed yeast.

2. After 10 minutes, throw sugar, pour in a little salt, half a teaspoon is enough. Stir.

3. We enter about three glasses of flour, in process of mixing we add the vegetable or melted butter. If the dough turns out weak, then add some more flour.

4. Cover with a towel, give the mass to rise well.

5. Apples are peeled, cut into thin plates.

6. Chop the nuts, send to apples. You can immediately add the cinnamon, but the sugar is poured just before forming the cake.

7. We divide the dough into two parts for the bottom and the top, the second piece should turn out to be slightly smaller.

8. Roll out buns.

9. Add sand to the filling, mix and stack on the cake.

10. Cover the tip, pinch the edges together. We make several holes on top. You can make a mesh from the second piece of dough and make the top half-closed.

11. It remains to smear the top of the nut cake with yolk and bake until rosy.

Recipe 6: Grated Walnut Pie

Another option is a shortcake with walnuts, which is prepared using a grater. Hence the name. The dough is best prepared in advance, as it requires cooling.

Ingredients • 0.2 kg margarine;

• three glasses of flour;

• 0.5 tsp. soda and salt;

• 2 eggs;

• 180 grams of sugar.

In the filling:

• 1 glass of nuts;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• 50 ml of water.


1. Pound the margarine with flour. You can first soften it a little warm or use a grater.

2. Add eggs with sugar, add flour and baking powder. For taste, throw salt, but if unsalted margarine. Otherwise it is better not to add.

3. Pinch off a third from the dough, roll the balls out of both pieces. Keeping in the freezer until solid.

4. Put a saucepan with sugar and water on the stove, cook the syrup for a minute after boiling. Add crushed nuts, you can throw vanilla, cinnamon, any additives to your taste. Cooling down.

5. Roll out the bottom layer of the cake from a large piece of chilled dough.

6. We smear nut filling.

7. Take the second piece of dough from the freezer and rub with large chips using a grater on top of the nuts.

8. Bake in the oven until rosy color.

Recipe 7: Walnut Cake and Puff Pastry Honey

A variant of an amazing puff pie with walnuts, in which you can also add raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits to the filling. It will only be delicious. The default is raisins.


• 0.5 kg puff pastry;

• 2 glasses of nuts;

• 1 cup raisins;

• 2/3 cup of honey;

• 0.5 lemon.


1. Pour the washed raisins with hot water, but not boiling water. Leave to cool, drain the liquid and dry the berries.

2. Add walnuts to raisins, which need to be chopped a little. Or just put it on the table and roll it several times.

3. Squeeze the juice out of half citrus.

4. Spread half the prescription honey. Stir the filling. If the honey is thick, it is better to melt it first, otherwise the cake will be unevenly sweet.

5. Roll out the dough thinly in one layer, which should turn out to be twice the size of the pan. 6. Spread so that half hung.

7. Distribute a layer of nut filling with raisins.

8. Cover with the upper layer, connect the edges, pinch.

9. We take a sharp knife and cut the top of the cake with diamonds or squares, like baklava. Upon request, each diamond can be put on a piece of walnut.

10. Bake until ready at 200 degrees.

11. We take out and, while the cake is hot, we generously lubricate it with honey. Leftovers can simply be poured from above. Cooling down.

Walnut Pie - Tips and Tricks

• Nuts will be tastier and more aromatic if you pre-fry the kernels. But stored in this form is not recommended and you need to eat roasted nuts in the next few days.

• Nuts are prone to spoilage if they are not sufficiently dried. Before storing the kernel, you need to hold it in the sun, then fold it into a sealed and dark container.

• Nuts can be greased not only with an egg. Perfectly suited for this liquid honey. It is applied with a brush on the product after baking.

• Any dough will be softer, lighter and softer if you sift the flour before filling it up. In the process, it will become loose, dry out and easier to mix with other components of the dough.

• If you do not want the nut filling to crumble, then you can add egg white to the joint. It is simply poured into the total mass or pre-whipped until the foam, you can immediately with the prescription sugar for the filling.

Have a nice tea party!

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