Beef liver cake will surprise even gourmets with its unique taste. A variety of recipes from beef liver

Beef liver cake will surprise even gourmets with its unique taste. A variety of recipes from beef liver

Beef liver cake - a dish with the most delicate taste, prepare it according to different recipes.

Many people like the taste of this delicacy, but far from everyone takes it.

Some do not know how to cook it, others simply do not want to do this, time-consuming at first glance, process.

Beef liver cakes - general principles

Beef liver cake does not require much time. It will take maximum pleasure from the absorption of this dish. The dish consists of soft liver pancakes soaked in juicy layer. In the interlayer, you can put different ingredients: pickled and steamed vegetables, mushrooms, sour cream, meat, mayonnaise, garlic.

Beef liver must be washed and turned into a mush using a meat grinder. For grinding the product, you can use a blender. Next, put the cake on a plate and spread with prepared aromatic filling. Next put another piece of the finished dough, and also miss it. It will turn out a unique festive beef liver cake. Delicious delicacy can be served as a hot dish, as well as a cold snack.

Beef liver with garlic


quail eggs - 12 pcs.

liver - 860 g

milk - 165 ml

carrot - 125 g

flour - 110 g

onion - 90 g

parsley - 85 g

pickled cucumbers - 180 g

garlic cloves - 25 g

mayonnaise - 220 g

sunflower oil

salt - to taste

ground black pepper - pinch

Method of preparation

1. Bulbs rid of the husk. Cut into pieces of medium size.

2. Remove carrots from the top layer. Rinse. Grate.

3. Fry the chopped vegetables in refined oil until tender and golden.

4. Sprinkle with pepper and salt.

5. Add chopped cucumbers.

6. Put the vegetable mixture on a plate.

7. Drain the fat.

8. Cut the liver into chunks.

9. Fill the blender bowl. Beat up a lot.

10. Put in a bowl. 11. Pour the required amount of milk.

12. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Pour the egg mass to the liver.

13. Sift there flour. Stir.

14. Salt. Spice up.

15. Add a few drops of oil.

16. Grease the pan.

17. Bake thin pancakes in a hot skillet. Spread the dough with a scoop.

18. Remove the top layer of garlic cloves. Skip through the garlic.

19. Mix with mayonnaise.

20. Add chopped parsley.

21. Put the first pancake on a flat plate.

22. Spread with a mixture of garlic and mayonnaise.

23. Put some vegetable mass.

24. Sprinkle with greens.

25. Cover the second cake.

26. Do the same for all liver pancakes.

27. Beef liver with garlic cake to send in the cold for 8 hours to soak.

28. Serve for dinner with vegetables.

Beef liver with mushrooms


cream - 460 g

beef liver - 480 g

milk - 145 ml

wheat flour - 135 g

eggs - 5 pcs.

olive oil - 36 ml

salt - 8 g

peppers mix - 2 g

champignons - 240 g

butter - 24 g

bulbs - 180 g

boiled egg - 1 pc.

Method of preparation

1. Liver thoroughly rinse under cold water.

2. Twist in a meat grinder.

3. Add the eggs.

4. Pour in half the required portion of milk. Stir with a mixer to get a homogeneous mass without lumps.

5. Add flour in small portions.

6. Pour out the remaining milk.

7. Salt.

8. Sprinkle with pepper.

9. Add a small amount of oil.

10. Pour a small portion of the dough from beef liver into the pan. Distribute evenly across the bottom of the tank.

11. After one side of the pancake is fried, turn it over.

12. Put the finished pancake on a dish.

13. Continue to fry pancake for pancake.

14. Chop finely peeled onions.

15. Fry in butter.

16. Cover the pan with a lid so that the onions are stewed.

17. Clean the mushrooms. Cut into thin layers. Put in the pan.

18. Stir the mixture.

19. Sprinkle with pepper and salt. 20. Simmer for 4 minutes.

21. Add butter. Mix well.

22. Put the ready stuffing on the plate.

23. Put the pancake on a plate.

24. Brush with cream.

25. Put the onion and mushrooms on top.

26. Cover with another pancake. And so on.

27. Decorate the cake with shabby egg and greens.

28. Delicate and juicy beef liver cake is ready to eat.

Beef liver cake stuffed with eggs and cheese


boiled eggs - 9 pcs.

milk - 225 ml

liver - 950 gr.

starch - 52 gr.

onion - 120 gr.

hard cheese - 90 gr.

greens - 180 gr.

Sweet pepper - 150 gr.

mayonnaise - 70 gr.

Fresh chicken eggs - 4 pcs.

vegetable oil, salt

Method of preparation

1. Finely chop the onion.

2. Rinse the peppers under running water. Rid of the core and semen. Chop sticks.

3. Fry vegetables, pepper and salted.

4. Place liver in container. To fill with water. Leave for 10 minutes. Drain the water.

5. Remove the film.

6. Grind using a blender.

7. Put starch.

8. Beat the eggs.

9. Pour out the milk. Stir the mass.

10. From liver dough to bake pancakes - cakes for the future cake.

11. Grate boiled eggs and cheese on a grater with large holes.

12. Add chopped greens. Stir fragrant mixture.

13. Every pancake fluff mayonnaise.

14. Top put slices of pepper, overcooked with onions.

15. Sprinkle with a mixture of eggs and cheese.

16. Put the next pancake.

17. Continue to lay out the pancakes with filling until they run out.

18. Send the finished beef liver cake to the fridge for 2 hours.

19. Serve for lunch with mashed potatoes.

Dietary beef liver cake


Buckwheat flour - 155 g

Eggs - 3 pcs.

Milk - 135 ml

Liver - 860 g

Tomatoes - 120 g

Courgettes - 265 g

Oil for lubrication - 16 ml

Muscat - 3 g

Method of preparation

1. In a coffee grinder, thresh buckwheat flour.

2. Wash the liver thoroughly. Cut into medium pieces. Rid of films and tubes. 3. Grind a convenient method to make minced meat.

4. Mix mashed potatoes with flour.

5. Sprinkle with salt.

6. Add nutmeg powder.

7. Leave mass to infuse.

8. Grind tomatoes.

9. Cut the squash into small slices.

10. Fry vegetables in hot oil.

11. Shake eggs with milk.

12. Sprinkle with salt.

13. Vegetables pour mash.

14. Prepare an omelet in a frying pan, covered with a lid.

15. Lubricate the round shape with high sides for baking. Sprinkle with the remains of buckwheat flour.

16. At the bottom put a piece of minced liver.

17. From the cooled omelet cut circle, shape radius. Put on the liver mass.

18. Top again put the liver dough.

19. Lay out a layer of omelet.

20. Place the beef liver cake in an oven preheated to 195 degrees.

21. Bake for 35 minutes.

22. Remove the hot form from the oven. Put on a wet cold towel.

23. Turn the cooled liver treat into a dish.

24. Beef liver cake to decorate with low-fat cream.

Beef liver with carrots


semolina - 60 g

garlic - 2 tooth.

beef liver - 460 g

raw potatoes - 70 g

eggs - 5-6 pcs.

Korean carrot - 300 g

mayonnaise - 520 g

milk - 110 ml

flour - 55 g

vegetable oil - 45 ml

salt - 11 g

Method of preparation

1. From the liver cut the film.

2. Peel potatoes and onions. Rinse under running water.

3. Mince prepared ingredients 3 times to obtain a homogeneous mass.

4. Add pepper and salt to taste.

5. Pour in the milk. Stir the mixture.

6. Pour out the semolina. Stir the mass so that there are no lumps.

7. Sift the flour through a sieve.

8. Pour vegetable oil into a heated pan.

9. Pour liver dough with a ladle.

10. Fry on one side.

11. Turn the pancake. To fry the other side.

12. Bake in this way all the liver pancakes.

13. Mayonnaise put in a dish.

14. In this container through the press skip garlic. 15. Place 1 pancake on a plate.

16. Brush with mayonnaise.

17. Put another 1 pancake.

18. Top decompose Korean carrot.

19. Continue to lay out pancakes, alternating a layer of mayonnaise with a layer of Korean carrots.

20. Scoop dishes with the remnants of a mixture of mayonnaise with garlic.

21. Put the beef liver cake in a cool place for 4 hours so that the pancakes are thoroughly soaked.

22. When serving guests cut the treat in portions.

Pumpkin Cake and Beef Liver


Greenery for decoration

Sunflower oil - 26 ml

Sour cucumber - 55 g

Sour cream - 115 g

Cottage cheese - 125 g

Sea salt - 12 g

Nutmeg, chopped pepper - on a pinch

A mixture of dry herbs - 5 g

Flour - 46 g

Milk - 80 ml

Chicken Egg - 2 pcs.

Baked pumpkin - 240 g

Liver - 250 g

Method of preparation

1. Remove the rind from the pumpkin. Pulp cut into small slices.

2. Bake in a preheated oven for 12 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees.

3. Liver wash. To dry Crop films. Cut into pieces of medium size. Hold in a small amount of milk.

4. Beat the eggs.

5. Put half of the pumpkin gruel.

6. Pour some spices and salt.

7. Grind the ingredients until smooth using a blender.

8. Pour milk.

9. Pour the flour. Mix well.

10. Set the dough aside for 8 minutes so that the ingredients dissolve and future cakes keep their shape.

11. Put the pancake pan to heat on the fire.

12. Using a silicone brush, smear the bottom of the container with oil.

13. Prepare thin cakes from liver dough.

14. In a separate vessel combine pumpkin, sour cream, curd mass, salt and spices.

15. Mash cream with a fork.

16. Wait until the dough pieces have cooled.

17. Put the cake on a flat container.

18. Distribute a small amount of cream on its area.

19. Put the next cake. Continue alternating cream and dough.

20. Top with beef liver cake decorated with sour cream in the form of a lattice.

21. Supplement cucumber slices and greens. 22. Serve after the cake is infused in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Beef Liver Cakes - Tricks and Tips

  • The dough from the liver should be slightly thicker than on pancakes and thinner than on pancakes.
  • In a beef liver dough you must add a few drops of vegetable oil.
  • The second side of the pancake is cooked faster than the first.
  • The pumpkin should be soft after baking, but not mashed.
  • If buckwheat flour is put into beef liver instead of starch cake, the finished dish will acquire a unique delicate flavor.
  • It is possible to coat liver cakes with mayonnaise, cottage cheese or sour cream.
  • Liver pancakes should not be too thick.
  • If the liver is filled with milk and left for a few minutes, the product will have a delicate taste without bitterness.
  • The thicker the dough is, the tighter the cakes for beef liver cake will be.
  • In order for pancakes not to fall apart, it is necessary to fry them over medium heat for 5 minutes on each side and be sure to be in a container under the lid.
  • It is easy to turn the liver cakes with the scapula.
  • It is possible to decorate a beef liver cake with tomato flowers and boiled carrots or grated protein and yolks grated on a medium grater.
  • For the filling, instead of mayonnaise, you can put sour cream, add fresh tomatoes or cucumbers.
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