Homemade chocolate cream. Exquisite dessert and decoration for homemade cake: a variety of recipes for chocolate cream

Homemade chocolate cream. Exquisite dessert and decoration for homemade cake: a variety of recipes for chocolate cream

Chocolate cream - the general principles of preparation

The consumption of chocolate in many countries is quite large, including in Russia. It has been established that each of our compatriots consumes an average of up to 6 kg per year.

This is of course due to the fact that chocolate improves health, causes joy and a surge of strength. After all, it is absolutely confirmed by clinical studies that its components are able to relieve stress. In addition, chocolate has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizing blood pressure and improving brain nutrition.

A special substance theobromine, which is contained in cocoa, can help to bring the level of glucose in the blood to adequate values. However, this component is very dangerous for many animals, including domestic ones, because it unnecessarily loads the work of the heart and can contribute to death. A pronounced allergic reaction to cocoa is observed quite often, mainly due to various impurities and additives to chocolate.

A treat in the early morning or during the day with a cup of tea or coffee with a wonderful chocolate cream spread on a cracker or toaster will help you gain courage and strength for a further day. Chocolate cream is very diverse, depending on its consistency, they can also coat cakes, decorate any confection, and use as a separate independent delicacy. The following are the basic methods and features of making chocolate cream.

Simple Chocolate Cream

A very common recipe is cream on condensed milk and butter. But sufficient convenience in its preparation does not at all implore its taste. This cream should not be too chocolate, moderately sweet and wonderfully combined with sponge cake.


• 30 g cocoa powder; • 200 g of condensed milk;

• 180 grams of butter;

• 20 g of cognac or vodka.

Cooking Method:

It should be clarified that the amount of cocoa powder depends on its color and richness of taste. Can be used to make cocoa cream in the form of a dry mix. But many experienced cooks recommend adding very hot milk or thick boiling water to a dry powder. In this case, the cream mass is softer in taste, and all the ingredients mix better.

To begin with, the butter is slightly heated in any aluminum container over low heat. After it softens slightly with a mixer, beat it until thick and slowly try to pour in the condensed milk, not wholly, but dividing it into small portions - about two tablespoons, while stirring all the time with a mixer. Determine the readiness of the cream before adding cocoa to it can be determined by how well it comes off the walls of your dishes.

Then prepare the chocolate gruel in the above manner, dissolving the dry powder in milk or boiling water to obtain a liquid mixture, let it cool completely and carefully, continuously stirring the previously prepared cream, combine all its components (you can use dry powder) until a homogeneous mass. The latest pours brandy or liquor.

This chocolate cream can be successfully used for the layer of cake layers, and for decorating the pastry.

Classic Chocolate Cream

This method of cooking cream is the most popular. Classic chocolate cream combines perfectly with any kind of dough and is great for decorating cakes.


• 3 bars of dark chocolate (300 g);

• 400 g butter;

• 200 g of powdered sugar;

• 2 eggs;

• 20 g vanilla sugar;

• 20 g of salt.

Cooking Method:

We get butter out of the refrigerator and let it warm slightly at room temperature. At this time, we melt chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave and cool it slightly. Mix the softened butter in a deep dish, add salt and vanilla sugar and beat with a mixer for several minutes. Then in the resulting mixture include powdered sugar, adding it in small portions. After that, add one raw egg, beat for some time and also dissolve the second egg. At the end, we add liquid, room temperature chocolate, and continue to beat with a mixer for another 4-5 minutes.

Chocolate coffee cream

Now consider the original recipe, which allows for a stunning taste based on a combination of ingredients such as coffee and cocoa. This cream will saturate any confection and make it unforgettable.


• 100 g of granulated sugar;

• 200 g strong black coffee;

• Chocolate bar;

• 3 egg yolks;

• 100 g butter.

Cooking methods:

Coffee is better to cook in advance. The most wonderful option - it is brewed coffee, and not diluted with soluble powder. After this, it is necessary to separate the yolks from the proteins. We do not need proteins for the cream, but they can be used to make lush biscuit dough or protein glaze and decorate the cake or cakes with it. And the yolks should be poured into a bowl, add sugar and beat with a mixer until white.

After mixing the resulting white egg foam with strong brewed black coffee and put the contents into a water bath. Heat a little, while it is best to constantly stir the mixture until it turns into a thick mush. Then rub on a small grater chocolate bar and gently pour it into the resulting warm mixture. Remove the custard mass from the water bath, let it cool down a little and add butter to it. Now beat with a mixer for a few seconds until smooth, and the cream is ready for use!

Custard Chocolate Cream

The recipe is very airy and delicious custard, which can be used to layer a cake.

This chocolate cream recipe is notable for its extraordinary tenderness, besides, it is convenient to prepare and can be successfully applied to the cake layer.


• 200 g of milk;

• 50 g of sugar;

• 2 egg yolks;

• 30 g of starch;

• A bar of dark chocolate;

• 50 g butter.

Cooking Method:

For the manufacture of custard, you can do a simple whisk, if there is no desire or opportunity to use a mixer. You must first break the chocolate as small as possible and melt it in a water bath or using a microwave. After the yolks are separated from the protein, dip them into any bowl, add starch and granulated sugar to them and wipe the entire contents well enough to obtain a solid, almost white mixture. Then in another container, bring the milk to a boil and, without cooling, add it to the resulting yolk mass. But keep in mind that boiled milk should be poured very slowly, and the mixture should be stirred with a whisk all the time. Then all that happened should be passed through a frequent sieve and again heated over low heat. At the same time continue to beat the contents until boiling, and then a few more minutes, until the cream is brewed. It will be ready when the mixture thickens enough. And after we add melted chocolate to the cream and mix everything thoroughly. It remains to put the butter and beat everything well again. Cool the cream by placing it in another container with cool water and stirring all the time. In this case, you will achieve a solid, thick, amazingly gentle, without any inclusions of cream.

Chocolate cream on yolks

There is also a rather unusual and tasty recipe also for custard for pastry, which is prepared using egg yolks. This recipe is designed for a fairly large cake or cake, and at its discretion, if you find that there are too many such ingredients, you can reduce the entire content in proportion to other components.


• Liter of milk;

• 250 g of powdered sugar;

• A bar of dark chocolate;

• 10 egg yolks;

• 90 g flour;

• 50 g butter;

• A bag of vanilla sugar.

Cooking Method:

First you need to break the chocolate bar into small slices, put it into milk and dissolve on low heat until a liquid mixture is formed. Then separate the yolks, grind them with powdered sugar, add flour and gently, constantly stirring, pour the chocolate melted in milk. Then boil the entire contents in a water bath, while stirring all the time until the mixture is thick enough. After that, remove the mixture from the water bath and at the final moment we add vanillin and butter to the cream.

Cocoa and Sour Cream

Very tasty, saturated, moderately thick and absolutely not fat cream turns out on the basis of sour cream. It perfectly combines with any kind of confectionery, but more often it is used for impregnation and decoration of honey cake doughs. In addition, the cream is fast and easy to prepare. Ingredients:

• 120 g sour cream;

• 100 g of powdered sugar;

• 50 g cocoa powder;

• 15 g of gelatin.

Cooking Method:

After pre-cooling the sour cream, we shift it into the container and, stirring all the time, gradually add the icing sugar. After the sour cream becomes fluffy and without lumps, pour out the cocoa powder gradually and mix everything thoroughly. Then in another dish dilute gelatin in cool water and combine it with the resulting cream. It remains only to put it in the refrigerator for a while, and you can soak a cake in them or serve it separately as an independent delicacy for tea.

Chocolate Cream - Tricks and Tips

1. In order for the cream’s taste to remain genuinely chocolate, when brewing it, all the ingredients above 45 degrees should not be heated. Try not to use the services of a microwave oven to dissolve a chocolate bar, but rather use a steam bath for this purpose. Despite the fact that a sufficiently high temperature is used for making chocolate, the microwave oven violates the composition and properties of this delicacy.

2. If you use cocoa butter, then for its preparation in a water bath is enough 40 degrees, and cocoa beans for this is better to pick up fresh, unprocessed.

3. Many recommend adding liquid warm honey to make a cream instead of powdered sugar.

4. All products that make up the cream, must necessarily be unspoiled.

5. Cocoa butter is desirable to pick up fresh-pressed, it is better to avoid thermal cleaning. It may be somewhat more difficult to find, but it’s worth it. And the task of searching for this product will help solve special, working with cocoa containing goods, online stores.

6. For children, it is necessary to prepare a special chocolate cream, since ordinary cocoa can put an extra load on the immature nervous system. For adults, chocolate is recommended as an invigorating agent, for recuperation with excessive physical or mental stress, with exhaustion of the body. Carob is great for children - these are the pods of the fatal tree, which taste is no different from chocolate, but unlike it, they do not contain a highly exciting substance. In addition, many people like carob much more to their taste. When making a cream on a carob, its also. as a chocolate bar, it is necessary to break and combine with other products. 7. More often, when making chocolate for children, an already prepared pre-ground carob is used, however, this product is better to grind on your own just before use. This will not only improve the quality of the prepared cream, but also improve its taste, since the grinded carob has a tart and viscous taste beforehand. Dealing with a cap carob is quite simple, although it will certainly take some time. You need to scroll raw solid pods in a coffee grinder and clean with a sieve. The result will justify all your efforts.

8. In the manufacture of chocolate cream according to any recipe to all its components, you can include spices, such as vanilla and cinnamon. And men often like a little tart taste of chocolate, which is obtained by adding red pepper and ginger. In addition, these seasonings have a positive effect on health, improve blood circulation and potency, add courage and strength.

9. If we talk about cocoa butter, then it is desirable to purchase it in special stores, but not in pharmacies. Pharmaceutical oil is purified and suitable for external use, and unrefined oil is required for eating. It is possible to distinguish refined butter by smell, it does not smell at all, and the butter for the cream should exude chocolate aroma.

10. In the manufacture of cocoa powder cream and cocoa butter, both products are mixed in equal amounts, otherwise the chocolate product just will not work. To all other components of the recipe do not impose such strict requirements.

11. At your request, it is possible to add any dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit, biscuit pieces and everything that you feel tasty to the finished cream.

12. When decorating a chocolate cream cake, it is better to rub some dark chocolate on top, it will add richness to the taste.

13. Before smearing the layers of the cake with cream, it is better to soak them with syrup.

14. It is better to store chocolate cream in the fridge by covering it with a lid and, if necessary, spreading it out in advance, as from the cold on the cream you get a light and tasty crisp.

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