Fruit puree - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare fruit puree.

Fruit puree - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare fruit puree.

Fruit puree - general principles of preparation

Fruit puree is usually included in the scheme of the first feeding for infants. Also mashed potatoes give to patients during the recovery period, as it is well absorbed by the body, helps to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. Begin the first lure with applesauce, as it has the most gentle effect on the body. Fruit purees can be single-component (from apples, pears, apricots, peaches, etc.) or multicomponent ones such as bananas and apricots, or apples and pears. Also for the preparation of children's mashed potatoes use dried fruits, cherries, papayas, plums, strawberries and other berries and fruits. Fruit purees can also be prepared with the addition of vegetables (such as pumpkin or carrots), cottage cheese or milk. Sometimes to give the desired consistency in the fruit mixture pour a little warm water. For the preparation of baby fruit puree do not need to use sugar or other sweeteners. Mashed potatoes should be made just before the feeding itself, so you should not take large proportions.

In general, there are 2 main ways to prepare fruit puree. The first involves grinding or grinding in the blender the pulp of raw fruits and berries, the second - the primary heat treatment (as a rule, cooking) and further grinding in a blender or grinding through a sieve. Particular attention should be paid to the mixing process, since there should be no lumps in the puree. Fruit puree is usually served an hour or half an hour before the main meal and is not preheated. Fruit puree should be at room temperature.

Fruit puree - preparation of products and dishes

In order to make a tasty and healthy fruit puree, you need to prepare the following utensils and other kitchen utensils: a small saucepan, a sieve, a knife, a chopping board, a device for cleaning vegetables and fruits, a vegetable cutter, a grater, a bowl and a blender.

Since fruit purees are mainly prepared for baby food, the preparation of ingredients must be approached with great care. Fruits need to be washed several times in hot water, and even better - pour boiling water. It will also help to quickly and easily remove the peel from the fruit. Skin must be removed in any case. You also need to cut the seeds, remove the bones and cut the "tails". The flesh is usually finely chopped, after which you can proceed to the very preparation of fruit puree. Fruit puree recipes:

Recipe 1: Fruit puree

The simplest recipe for one-component fruit puree includes a pear or an apple. It is from this puree that the first food begins. Only fresh fruit and some water are used for cooking.

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 apple or pear;
  • 45 ml of filtered water.

Preparation Method:

Fruits should be thoroughly rinsed in hot water, cleaned and cut out the hearts. Chop the pulp, add water and cook until soft, then stew until almost all the water boils away. It should remain about 14-15 ml of water. In the process of making fruit you need to pour the liquid and look at the consistency. Boiled fruits need to be baked by a blender.

Exactly the same puree can be prepared from fresh fruits: thoroughly wash the apple or pear, peel and cut the seeds. Grate and grate through a sieve (or propure with a blender). Add a little warm boiled water to the puree and mix thoroughly. You can give such fruit puree to babies from six months.

Recipe 2: Fruit puree of bananas and apricots

Very tasty and sweet fruit puree that your child will surely like. So mashed potatoes can feed children from eight months of age.

Ingredients Required:

  • Half a ripe (but not overripe banana);
  • Apricots - 2-3 pieces.

Preparation Method:

Wash fruit, remove peel from banana, mash pulp with fork. Remove the bones from the apricots, rub the flesh through a sieve. Put the flesh of both fruits in a bowl and mix with a blender so that there is not a lump.

Recipe 3: Fruit puree with milk

Such fruit puree can be given to children from eight months. For the preparation of used several fruits, dried fruit, some special baby milk and water. Fruit puree of bananas, pears and apples is very useful and nutritious.

Ingredients Required:

  • Half a pear;
  • Half a ripe banana;
  • A half green apple;
  • 30 ml of filtered boiled water;
  • 15 ml of baby milk;
  • Dried apricots - 4-5 pcs.

Preparation Method:

Pear, apple and banana thoroughly washed and peeled. Pear and apple cut seeds, cut dark ends from a banana. Rinse dried apricots thoroughly and steam for a few minutes in boiling water. Dried apricots and apple cut into small pieces, immerse the water and put to boil for 5 minutes under the lid closed. Chop the pear and put it in the pan, cook the fruit for another couple of minutes. Banana mash with a fork. Drain the water from the pan, add mashed banana to the fruit and warm milk. Grind the contents of the pan with a blender.

Recipe 4: Peach Sauce

A single-component peach fruit puree is very well absorbed by the children's body, helps to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. It is safe to include such mashed potatoes in the diet of a seven-month-old baby. Apricots can also be used instead of peaches.

Ingredients Required:

  • Peaches or apricots - 5 pcs .;
  • Water - 1 cup.

Preparation Method:

Peach puree can be prepared in two ways.

Method 1:

Fruits thoroughly wash, pour over boiling water and peel, cut in half and remove the bones. The pulp to grind through a sieve, thoroughly stir the mass until smooth, so that there is not a single lump.

Method 2:

Fruit rinse, pour boiling water, remove the skin. Remove bones, cut flesh into several pieces. Immerse the fruit in water and cook until soft. Grind the prepared fruit through a sieve or grind blender.

Recipe 5: Apple Puree with Cherry

Very tasty and healthy fruit puree that will appeal to any kid. Suitable for children from seven months. For cooking, you need an apple and fresh cherry.

Ingredients Required:

  • Half apple;
  • Cherry - 4-5 pieces.

Preparation Method:

Fruits should be washed in hot water, then boiled over and skins. Remove the bones from the cherry and cut the core out of the apple. Put the fruit in the bowl and grind blender. You can also grate the apple on a fine grater and grind it with a cherry through a sieve. Stir the fruit puree thoroughly.

Fruit puree - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

For the preparation of baby fruit puree should be used only the freshest and ripe fruit. Before proceeding to the preparation of mashed potatoes, the fruit must be carefully bruised, discarding the spoiled, overripe, damaged or rotted copies.

If the child is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to make mashed green or yellow apple varieties, as red ones can cause a rash.

You should be especially careful with bananas, as they contain a lot of sugar, so if someone from close relatives suffers from diabetes, you need to take into account the hereditary factor.

Fruit puree from plums should be given in small quantities, as plums have laxative effects. In general, the older a child becomes, the more varied a menu can be made, including in it all new fruits and berries.

If you need to pre-boil the fruit to make fruit puree, this should be done as quickly as possible, since prolonged heat treatment leads to the destruction of vitamins and nutrients. It is necessary to boil the fruit on a slow fire under the closed lid; it is not recommended to lift the lid frequently during the cooking process. The broth is better to merge into a separate bowl, as it can be added to the finished puree to give the mixture the desired consistency.

Many housewives preserve fruit puree for the winter. It can be useful for cooking many dishes and baking. The finished fruit puree is poured into clean prepared jars and sterilized. Sometimes some sugar is added to the fruit mass.

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