Fried squid - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook fried squid.

Fried squid - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook fried squid.

Fried squid - general principles and methods of cooking

Anyone who adheres to the principles of healthy eating, can adopt the recipes from squid - an affordable and very useful diet seafood. Squid meat leaves far behind chicken, pork and other species due to the high protein content of vitamins and microelements. The subtleties of the preparation of the product is not so much, taking them into service, you can cook a variety of dishes. First of all, you need to know that squid can not be digested, otherwise the meat becomes tough, like rubber.

What is served squid? In America and Europe, squid is cooked with rice, stewed cabbage, raw and stewed vegetables, or simply as an independent dish. Ocean countries are accustomed to assorted seafood. Externally, the squid looks like a sac with 10 tentacles-limbs and a pair of fins. After cleaning the skin and viscera, it can be cut or stuffed. For frying, the carcass is cut into pieces, pre-cutting the tentacles, which are also very tasty.

Fried squids - food preparation

Very tender and juicy taste of fried squid can be obtained only with the exact processing time, because it needs to be boiled for a very short time. In some countries of East Asia, squid is generally eaten raw, using various sauces and seasonings for taste. For our country, this is too extreme a meal, it is better to fry or boil it for 2-3 minutes. In dishes from several products this time increases. Before cooking, clean the carcass from the dark skin and remove all the insides, and rinse well so that sand does not remain. It should be remembered that seafood is too “impressionable”, and take on the neighboring flavors. This means that you should not overload fried squid with spices and seasonings.

Fried Squid - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Grilled Calamari in Rice Wine

Residents of the ocean coasts in countries where rice is no less important than bread are very fond of rice wine. In our country it is not a typical product, but you can take dry white wine, grape or apple. Some greens, some vegetables and the dish is ready. Ingredients: squids (8-00 grams), vegetable oil for frying (3 spoons), green onions, carrots (1 piece), rice wine (5 tablespoons), chicken broth (3/4 cup) .

Method of preparation

In a large saucepan, prepare the water for boiling squids - bring to a boil and lower the carcasses with a certain interval so that the water is boiling all the time. Boil for 2-3 minutes, drain and cut into strips. Heat the oil in a frying pan or cauldron and add onions, garlic, grated carrots and ginger, pass over a few minutes, stirring. Add the wine and simmer another 2 minutes. Pour in chicken broth and cook until thick. We spread the squid and fry for another 2 minutes.

Recipe 2: Fried squid in breadcrumbs

Crunchy squid in breadcrumbs are good as a snack for a friendly or family get-together. In addition, this dish is considered an excellent aphrodisiac. It is cooked very quickly, like all dishes with squid.

Ingredients: calamari (half a kilogram), eggs (2 pcs.), Salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, vegetable and butter for frying, a spoon of sour cream, a spoon of mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

Cut the squid with rings or straws. Beat the eggs and cook the lemon - add sour cream and mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix well. Sliced ​​squid dipped in lezone, then dipped in breadcrumbs. Fry in a pan in butter or vegetable oil for no more than five minutes, stirring occasionally. Put the finished rings on a paper towel, then on a plate, decorate with greens and pickled vegetables. Similarly, squids are cooked in batter - you can use beer to make it. Beer batter add only egg whites, mixing them with flour and a small amount of beer. Serve with different sauces, for example, cream and sour cream. Crunch with pleasure!

Recipe 3: “Squids with sour cream and onions”

Squids in cream sauce become very soft and have a delicate creamy taste. Easy and simple recipe with a minimum of ingredients.

Ingredients: squid (0.5 kg), sour cream (200 grams), onions (2 pcs.), Vegetable oil, ground black pepper, dill.

Method of preparation

Chop the onion with rings or half-whelk and fry in vegetable oil. Squid boil in boiling water, clean (the skin will be removed better). Well washed, remove the insides and cartilaginous arrows. Cut into small rings half a centimeter, add fried onions, spread in a mixture of 3 tablespoons of sour cream and pepper. On medium heat, under the lid, hold for 5 minutes, serve to the table, sprinkled with dill.

Recipe 4: Fried Squid Chinese Recipe

The Chinese eat this dish right from “piping hot”, sometimes even in a frying pan on a beautiful stand. A good reason to practice is Chinese wooden chopsticks.

Ingredients: Squids (0.5 kg), large onion, bell pepper (1-2 pieces), soy sauce, honey (1 tablespoon), vegetable oil (100 grams), pepper.

Method of preparation

We clean and wash squids, boil in salted water and chop the onion and bell pepper. Fry the onions and pepper rings in butter. We cut the squids and add to the pan. We add soy sauce, a bed of honey, warm up a little - and the dish is ready.

Recipe 5: Squids with Garlic and Bacon

Ingredients: bacon (100 grams), garlic (6 cloves), squid (800 grams), salt, ground pepper, parsley.

Method of preparation

Bacon cut into small pieces. Chop the garlic with a knife, cut into strips or slices of squid. In a dry skillet, fry the bacon until golden brown, add garlic and increase the heat. Fry for a short time, about 30 seconds, take out the bacon, then lay out the squids. Fry for 3-4 minutes. Bacon return to the pan and mix. Served with greens on the table.

Fried squid - useful tips from experienced chefs

Squids can be cooked not only in the oven, but also on the grill. True, for this carcass must first marinate. To do this, mix the onion, grated garlic with the juice of one lemon, grated on a fine grater, salt, pepper and mix with squid. You can add a little paprika. Leave for a few hours and fry on a wire rack, pouring the remaining marinade.

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