Salad with fresh cabbage and sausage - the best recipes. We cook correctly salad from fresh cabbage with sausage.

Salad with fresh cabbage and sausage - the best recipes. We cook correctly salad from fresh cabbage with sausage.

White cabbage proudly carries its “head” not for the first millennium. Still, for example, in ancient Rome, cabbage was considered a very tasty gift to humanity, it was used in medical quality by famous healers. You can imagine that our favorite cabbage has been healing wounds for thousands of years, actively fighting cancer, colic, it is used to prevent intoxication, etc. Even during the reign of Emperor Claudius, in the Roman secret ballot, senators voted that the most delicious ingredients are bacon and cabbage.

Literally until the beginning of the 20th century, cabbage was in most cases used as a medicinal plant and was actively used to treat asthma, tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases.

Today, cabbage is our favorite product, but at the same time it cannot be said that we all do not think about its medicinal and even cosmetic properties. That is why we often try to cook dishes from cabbage, sour it and pickle, and of course, prepare the most favorite salad, the main ingredient of which is cabbage.

Recipe 1. Cabbage salad with sausage

Ingredients Required:

- cabbage - 0.5 kg;

- boiled sausage - 200 g;

- mayonnaise - 100 g;

- fresh parsley, pepper and salt.


Remove the top leaves from the cabbage. Cut it in half, chop the cabbage into a thin straw. Put it in a bowl and salt it on top. At this stage we recommend shaking the cabbage a little bit so that it releases its juice. Otherwise, the salad may later be a little thick, and the cabbage - tough.

Now we need boiled sausage. You can pick up any variety that is usually eaten in your family. For example, "Doctor", "Amateur", "For tea". So, we will need 200 grams, which we carefully cut into cubes. Send it to the cabbage. Gently mix the salad and fill with a small amount of mayonnaise or sour cream. Put it in a salad bowl, and if you clearly followed all the cooking instructions, you can immediately serve the salad for a meal.

Recipe 2. Salad with cabbage and sausage

Ingredients Required: - boiled sausage - 300 g;

- cabbage - 0.5 head;

- Onions - 1 pc .;

- Canned corn - 1 can;

- eggs - 3 pcs .;

- mayonnaise, pepper and salt.


First put the boil eggs. Put them in a small saucepan, pour cold water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, we immediately lower the flame and cook the eggs on low heat for another 10 minutes. Immediately after the expiration of this period, move the eggs into cold water and quickly cool them. This egg cooking process is great for salads. As a result, you get a gentle white, beautiful and bright yolk without a dark circle around. So, the eggs are cooked, and we need to chop the cabbage beautifully on a thin straw. Salt on top and pound her hands. Peel the onion and cut into small rings. Add to the cabbage and add sugar. Now chop the boiled eggs and move them to the salad. Boiled sausage cut into rings, and then into strips. Open the can of canned corn and lay it in a colander. When all the liquid is drained, we will send it to the salad too. At the end, add chopped fresh parsley and dill, and mix. Add ground pepper to the salad and fill it with mayonnaise. We taste and, if necessary, make a salad. Let us put the salad in a cold place for a while, because it is much more delicious when chilled.

Recipe 3. Salad with cabbage and sausage

Ingredients Required:

- cabbage (young head) - 200 g;

- Fresh cucumbers - 200 g;

- smoked sausage - 200 g;

- corn oil or olive oil - 2-3 tablespoons;

- fresh dill, parsley and green onion feathers - 1-2 bunches


Cut the sausage into bars. Pour a small amount of butter into the pan and fry over low heat from all sides. In the end, you can still sprinkle with paprika and then the sausage will get a beautiful ruddy look. Choose a sausage from the pan with a slotted spoon and move it to the plate on which you lined the paper towel.

As long as the towel absorbs the excess fat from the sausage, we will prepare other ingredients.

We will carefully wash the young cabbage so that “unwanted” guests do not get lost between the leaves. Shake it with straws. Cabbage is young, juicy, so do not need to compress it, but just sprinkle a little salt. Fresh cucumbers, if they still have a thin skin, will not be cleaned, and cut into cylinders, and then bars. If the skin is stiff, it is better to peel off the skin. Crush fragrant fresh greens. All move to one salad bowl, mix and season with greens. You can also add roasted cashew nuts to the salad. Now we put the fried sausage in the salad and gently mix it. The unique taste of cabbage and sausage salad can adequately sit on the table of any level.

Recipe 4. Salad with fresh cabbage and sausage

Ingredients Required:

- young white cabbage - 400 g;

- uncooked smoked ham sausage - 200 g;

- canned green peas - 1 can;

- salt and pepper, mayonnaise - 4 tbsp.


Open the jar with green peas and throw it into a colander - let the liquid drain. Remove sausage from sausage, rinse the cabbage well.

Shred cabbage on small and short straws. Put it in a bowl, sprinkle it with salt and put some hands on it. Let the cabbage stand aside for 15 minutes so that it can release its juice. Smoked sausage cut into long straws. Connect it with cabbage and send green canned peas there. We dress the salad with mayonnaise, mix it carefully and taste it. If not enough salt, now you can fix this defect. Let us leave the salad aside for a while in a cool place and serve to the table.

If desired, in this salad, you can add boiled hard boiled and chopped eggs into eggs. Garnish with fresh herbs before serving and eat for health.

Salad with fresh cabbage and sausage - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

- Salad will be even tastier if you use young cabbage. If the cabbage is not the first freshness, be sure to chop it, sprinkle it with salt and remember well with your hands. When the cabbage releases juice, set it aside for another 5-10 minutes and then add all the other ingredients.

- Sausage in a salad can be successfully replaced with ham or bacon.

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