Eggplant with minced meat in the oven is a quick recipe - an appetizing and healthy dish. Eggplant with minced meat in the oven: quick options

Eggplant with minced meat in the oven is a quick recipe - an appetizing and healthy dish. Eggplant with minced meat in the oven: quick options

Eggplant is a seasonal vegetable that is eaten only after heat treatment. Due to the rich content of blue vitamins and trace elements, the dishes from them are not only tasty, nourishing, but also healthy.

Eggplant with minced meat in the oven quick recipe - the basic principles of cooking

Eggplants are fried or stewed, but they are especially tasty and are baked in the oven with vegetables or meat. The blue ones take only the young ones, while the seeds are not ripe yet, and the skin has not become coarse. In addition, overripe vegetables contain solanine, the use of which in large quantities can lead to poisoning. It is because of him that eggplants are bitter. To get rid of this blue wash, cut, as required by the recipe, spread in a bowl, flavoring each layer with salt. Leave for half an hour. Then the released juice is drained, the vegetable is washed and dried on a kitchen paper towel. Now the blue ones are ready for further processing.

Eggplants with minced meat are baked in the form of a casserole, in separate circles, with minced meat laid out on it, or stuffed.

Minced meat for cooking can be pork, beef, chicken, or mixed from several sorts of meat. Add spices, garlic and finely chopped onion.

In addition to minced meat, other vegetables are added to baked eggplants: fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and others. If blue and minced meat are baked in layers, they are poured with cream or sour cream sauce. For a ruddy crust, the dish is sprinkled with cheese on top.

Recipe 1. Eggplant with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe with beef


ground beef - 300 g;

100 grams of cheese;

tomatoes - 300 g;

600 g of eggplants;

two cloves of garlic;

150 g onion.

Method of preparation

1. Peel and chop the garlic and onion finely. Fresh tomatoes cut into small pieces. 2. Blue my, wipe and cut in half. Sprinkle with salt and leave. Then wash and squeeze. Spoon take out the pulp and chop it finely.

3. Heat the frying pan with butter and place ground beef, garlic and onion in it. We fry, constantly stirring so that large lumps do not form. Cook for about ten minutes. Stuffing should be half finished.

4. We send the pulp of eggplants and tomatoes to mince, pepper, salt and cook for another ten minutes.

5. Grease the baking sheet with olive oil. Put the boats on it and stuff them with minced meat, tightly tamping it.

6. Finely rub cheese and sprinkle them with stuffed eggplant. We put in the oven for forty minutes. Cooking at 180C.

Recipe 2. Eggplant with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe for casseroles


cheese - 200 g;

ground black pepper;

stack thick sour cream;

vegetable oil;

eggplants - four pcs .;

three tomatoes;

ground beef - half a kilogram.

Method of preparation

1. Blue wash, wipe with a napkin, pruning the stem and the back. Cut each into circles, about a centimeter thick. Put them in deep dishes, generously flavored with salt. Stand for half an hour until the juice stands out. Then it is drained, and rinsed eggplant and squeeze.

2. Fry minced meat in vegetable oil, stirring well, so that it breaks up into small particles. At the end we pepper and salt.

3. Put another pan on the fire, pour in vegetable oil and heat well. Fry the blue on both sides to light ruddy.

4. Put an eggplant layer on a baking sheet, spread the fried minced meat on top. Salt sour cream, stir and pour it with blue with minced meat. My tomatoes and cut into thin circles. We spread on a layer of sour cream. Sprinkle with whole grated cheese.

5. Send the pan to the oven, heated to 200 degrees for half an hour.

Recipe 3. Eggplants with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe with pine nuts


six medium eggplants; vegetable oil;

Mixed minced meat - 300 g;

onion head;

freshly ground pepper;

pine nuts - 75 g;

cinnamon - 7 g;

tomatoes - two pcs .;

cardamom - 7 g

Method of preparation

1. Blue wash and cut off the tail, but not completely. Peel the peel with strips along every centimeter. Salt and leave until the juice stands out. Rinse, wring out.

2. Fry the eggplants on all sides in a small amount of heated oil. Place the fried blue ones on a plate covered with a napkin.

3. Peeled my onions and finely crumbled. Fry it until it turns red in a separate pan and add minced meat. Mix, breaking lumps. When the stuffing starts to brown, pepper, salt, season with cardamom and cinnamon, add pine nuts.

4. Eggplant spread in a baking dish. We make along the incision, but not through. Slightly push apart the halves. We spread in the formed pocket mince.

5. Cut my tomatoes, cut them in half and rub them on a grate. We throw away the skin. Spoon spread tomato mixture on top of minced meat. Pour half a glass of drinking water. We put for half an hour in the oven. Readiness check from the tail.

6. 15 minutes before the end of cooking, sprinkle with finely grated cheese. Served with spaghetti or rice garnish.

Recipe 4. Eggplant with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe for “Jean-Eggplant”


small eggplants - four pcs .;

50 grams of cheese;

red sweet pepper;

half a cup of broth;

minced meat - 300 g;

three cloves of garlic;


pinch of hops-suneli;


celery and parsley;


vegetable oil;

50 g of tomato sauce “Krasnodar”;

sour cream - 80 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash the eggplants, peel the skin, leaving about a centimeter of skin. Remove the stem and chop the vegetable into centimeter thick slices. Transfer to a bowl, sprinkling with salt. After ten minutes, rinse the blue ones with water and dry.

2. Slightly fry the circles and place on a paper towel so that it absorbs the excess fat. 3. Add in minced meat, finely chopped onion, sweet pepper and greens. Beat in the egg. Squeeze garlic through a press, season with hops-suneli and salt. Mix all well, slightly beating.

4. Lubricate the round refractory mold with oil. For each eggplant circle, lay a small loaf of minced meat and place them vertically in a circle so that there is meat between the eggplants.

5. Tomato combine with sour cream, pepper, salt and stir. Pour the contents of the form with the resulting sauce and place for an hour in the oven, preheated to 180C.

6. Remove the form, sprinkle with cheese chips and send to the oven. Keep until the cheese is melted and crusty.

Recipe 5. Eggplants with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe for “Moussaka”


young squash - two pcs .;

Eggplant - three pcs.;

potatoes - 0.5 kg;

three tomatoes;

minced meat - 500 g;

olive oil;

tomato paste - 30 g;

cheese - 300 g;

carrots - two pcs .;

dill and parsley;

onions - two heads;

head of garlic.



eggs - two pcs .;

milk - 300 ml;

half a pack of butter;

flour - 100 g

Method of preparation

1. Peeled carrots, onions and garlic finely crumble, and fry in vegetable oil. Put the minced meat and fry, seasoned with salt and pepper, constantly stirring so that it does not gather in large chunks. Add tomato paste and stir.

2. Peel zucchini and blue peels, and cut into thin strips. Fry in vegetable oil. Put on paper towel.

3. Cut tomatoes and peeled potatoes into thin circles.

4. Prepare the sauce. Pound butter with flour in a pan, pour in a thin stream of milk and stir to avoid lumps. Separately, shake the eggs and pour in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Cook over low heat. Salt, season with herbs. As soon as it begins to thicken, remove from the stove.

5. Cover the deep form with parchment. Lay out a layer of potatoes. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Cover it with half the minced meat. On it - slices of eggplants and cheese. Then zucchini and cheese. All close the remaining minced meat and arrange the circles of tomatoes. 6. Fill the contents of the form with sauce and tuck it all with cheese. Put in the oven for half an hour. Bake at 180C. Take out the moussaka, tuck in greens and cut into pieces.

Recipe 6. Stuffed eggplants with minced meat in the oven: a quick recipe


pork pulp - half a kilo;


boiled rice - 80 g;

cheese - 100 g;

three eggplants;

two bulbs;

tomatoes - three pieces

Method of preparation

1. Wash the blue ones and cut the stem and cut them in half. Salt and leave until they make juice. Rinse, dry and bake until half cooked in the oven.

2. Peel the onion, finely crumble and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

3. Wash the pork pulp, dip it in napkins and twist in the meat grinder with greens and fried onions.

4. Spoon remove the pulp from the aubergine halves. Combine it with boiled rice and minced meat. Pepper, salt and mix. Stuff the eggplant halves.

5. Put the eggplant on a baking sheet. Top with diced tomatoes and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Eggplant with minced meat in the oven - tips and tricks

You can start raw or pre-processed eggplants.

You can get rid of bitterness by sprinkling it with salt or boiling it for a couple of minutes in salted water.

Minced meat can be meat, vegetable or mushroom.

As a filling eggplant with minced meat, you can use creamy or sour cream sauce.

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