Not every hostess can boast of watermelon compotes! A unique combination of flavors of watermelon and other berries compote

Not every hostess can boast of watermelon compotes! A unique combination of flavors of watermelon and other berries compote

What other watermelon compote?

They are, in fact, solid water! But do not rush to judge by the first impression.

The drink, although somewhat unusual, in practice turns out to be gentle and peculiar.

If you have the opportunity to cook it - make at least a sample, and in winter, you see, “fly away” as pretty!

Watermelon Compote - General Cooking Principles

• Compote from watermelon can be prepared without conservation for daily use chilled or canned for the winter.

• Compotes are made from ripe watermelons with non-sugary, dense flesh. Almost always, the dense skin is removed, less often left, removing only the dark green skin. White firm pulp is used in the preparation of syrups for compote. Watermelon pulp is cut into medium-sized slices or cubes and carefully select all the bones from it. That they do not fall into the drink.

• Refreshing watermelon compote has practically no taste of its own; therefore, the drink is prepared mainly with other berries, fruits, or melon and mint are added to it.

• To make compote saturated, syrup is prepared with a lot of sugar. The “sugariness” of the drink is broken by adding citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

• For canning watermelon drink, use clean, dry containers of two or three liters. Washed with a detergent banks sterilized by steam or placed in an oven. After sterilization, the container is cooled and only then filled.

• Covers for conservation also need to be sterilized. They are washed under water to wash off the dirt and then boil for 5 minutes. Close containers only well-dried lids.

• Compotes preserved for the winter are cooled under a blanket, turning the containers upside down. This allows you to further sterilize the drink, which provides longer storage.

Classic watermelon compote for the winter


• large ripe watermelon;

• filtered drinking water; • sugar - 1 kg;

• 5 l. drinking water passed through the filter.

Cooking Method:

1. From the whole, washed watermelon, cut off the peel so that only one red flesh is left without any white residue.

2. Cut it into large cubes, approximately 4 cm in size, carefully select the bones. Pulp fill the clean dry jars for a third or half the volume.

3. Pour five liters of filtered drinking water into a large saucepan, and add a kilogram of sugar into it, mix. Heating gradually, bring to a boil, and pour the syrup into the filled jars.

4. After 15 minutes, strain the syrup back into the pan and boil again, boil for about three minutes and again pour into the jars.

5. Hermetically seal the watermelon compote with boiled lids and leave to cool under a blanket, turning the containers on the lids.

Fragrant compote of watermelon and melon for the winter

Ingredients per 3 liter can:

• a pound of melon;

• melted watermelon - 500 gr .;

• six glasses of water;

• 190 gr. Sahara.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove from pulp melon pulp with seeds.

2. Peel the watermelon and melon, cut the pulp into cubes and select all the seeds from the watermelon pieces.

3. Gradually add all the measured sugar to the boiling water, stirring, bring the syrup to the boil and put the watermelon and melon pieces into it.

4. Boil for another five minutes, with a slotted spoon, remove the slices and spread them, gently hooking with a spoon, on dry jars.

5. Boil the syrup for another two minutes and pour the watermelon and melon into the jar.

6. Roll up the containers with boiled lids and set to cool, turning over the lids.

Compote of watermelon without preservation with berries


• two liters of drinking water;

• a pound of watermelon;

• one glass of blueberries;

• full glass of raspberries;

• fresh strawberries - a glass;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

• four leaves of fresh mint.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse fresh berries under a stream of cold water in a colander and leave it in for a while so that all the liquid goes well. If you took frozen berries, thaw them in advance, putting them on a sieve. 2. Peel and cut off the peel from the watermelon. Cut the flesh into small pieces, select all the seeds, cut the dried strawberries in half.

3. Measure out two liters of water and pour it into the pan. Dissolve sugar, stir well and simmer at moderate temperature.

4. When the sugar is completely dissolved, and the syrup begins to boil slowly, remove the pan from the heat and put all the berries and slices of watermelon pulp into the sugar syrup.

5. Add mint crushed with a knife and leave to infuse until completely cool. Then pour the drink into a carafe and add ice to it.

Compote of watermelon without preservation with lemon


• one kilogram of ripe watermelon;

• pound of sugar;

• one and a half liters of purified drinking water;

• half a teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• 1/2 small lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. From the watermelon, thinly cut off the green skin and cut it into small cubes or cubes. Then gently separate the white flesh from the ripe red. Cut a thick white crust into small cubes and dip them in cold water.

2. In a saucepan, boil one and a half liters of water and dip into it the red watermelon pulp. Boil 15 minutes and, without turning off the stove, remove the pulp with a slotted spoon and place it in a colander.

3. In the hot sweet broth, lower the pieces of white peel and boil them in the syrup for half an hour. Then turn off the heat, wait for complete cooling and again boil the same time. Cool again, boil again and boil for forty minutes with pink flesh, cool.

4. Then re-boil over low heat, but this time squeeze and add lemon juice.

5. After boiling, remove the compote from the heat, strain it through a rare sieve and, after cooling to room temperature, put it to cool in the common chamber of the refrigerator.

Refreshing watermelon compote - “Summer”


• 300 grams of watermelon pulp;

• two medium apples;

• a small handful of gooseberries;

• sugar - to taste;

• drinking water - 2.5 liters;

• a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the watermelon flesh from the crusts into small blocks, select seeds. Peel the apples and seeds, cut the fruit into slices. From the gooseberry cut tails and noses. 2. Place a piece of watermelon pulp, apple slices and processed gooseberries in a suitable-sized pan.

3. Sweeten compote to your liking and bring to a boil on a slight heat. Then reduce the heat, add lemon juice.

4. Boil three minutes and turn off the stove, cool.

Tonic compote of watermelon with mint


• ripe watermelon - 2 kg;

• half a cup of sugar;

• 1 liter of water;

• three small pinches “lemon”;

• a few mint leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the peel from the watermelon and try to choose from the pulp the maximum number of seeds.

2. Add boiling sugar to boiling water, add citric acid, stir well and immediately put the watermelon slices into it.

3. Boil five minutes, remove the sample. If necessary, adjust the taste by adding sugar or "lemon" and remove from heat.

4. Strain the drink through a sieve into a jug, add mint cut into thin strips and let stand for about an hour. Cool further before serving in the refrigerator.

Compote of watermelon with fruits and berries for the winter


• 700 ml of purified water filter;

• 200 gr. apples;

• dark plums - 250 gr .;

• 150 gr. ripe sweet pears;

• dark grapes - 250 gr .;

• 600 gr. Sahara.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse berries and fruits thoroughly with water.

2. Remove the grapes from the branches, throwing aside rotten, cracked and dried berries.

3. Cut the apples and pears in half, cut a core out of them and cut the halves into medium-sized slices.

4. Break the plums, select the stones from them.

5. Cut the watermelon flesh separated from the crust into small cubes, choosing from it all the seeds - white and black.

6. Fruits and berries cut into small cubes and place in a clean glass container.

7. Pour sugar into hot water. Stir well over low heat, bring the syrup to a boil, then dip the chopped fruit and berries in it and boil again.

8. After that, reduce the heat, boil compote for a quarter of an hour and pour it immediately after turning off the stove into a clean three-liter container. 9. Cover with boiled lid for preservation and sterilize in hot water. The liquid should cover the jar on the shoulders, no more, otherwise boiling water from the pan during sterilization will fall into the compote.

10. After holding the container with compote in low-boiling water for 25 minutes, remove and close the covers tightly, rolling them with a key.

Watermelon Compote - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Acquired watermelon before use, lower for a couple of hours in cold water, this will allow to remove from its skin the chemicals that have fallen off during processing.

• If the pulp of the cut watermelon is loose, do not use it, otherwise the pieces will fall apart and the drink will turn into porridge.

• Any watermelon compote can be flavored by adding cinnamon, vanilla, lemon balm or clove.

• It is advisable to cool the beverage prepared for daily consumption before serving in the common chamber of the refrigerator or to drop ice cubes into it.

• To avoid fermentation in canned compote jars, it is important to follow all conservation rules and ensure the purity of not only berries, but also the dishes.

• Before rolling metal lids, it is advisable to sterilize containers with a drink in low-boiling water for 25 minutes and after seaming hold until fully cooled tightly wrapped in a blanket or thick blanket.

• Watermelons of different varieties are sometimes capricious to the neighborhood with berries of lingonberry, blueberry, blackberry, currant. If there is such an opportunity, try the first drink without canning, it will give you the opportunity not to be mistaken, making up a recipe for the winter.

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