Cake "Monastic hut" with cherries and sour cream - beauty! Dough recipes for "Monastic hut" with cherries and sour cream


The one who came up with the cake “Monastic hut”, chose to remain anonymous.

We will not build a version about the name of the inventor of a delicious and at the same time simple dessert.

No matter who he is, one thing is clear - he owned the confectionery perfectly. So just choose the components for the cake, in a short time became the famous and favorite delicacy of gourmet-sweet tooth, could only a true professional.

The recipes of many famous desserts, going from hand to hand, were complemented or transformed by professionals or homemade “cake makers” so that as a result many different variations of the same cake appeared. And this is normal, because the thirst for experimentation, research is the engine of progress, which is no stranger to humanity.

With the cake “Monastic hut” with cherries, with sour cream this did not happen, and this recipe has already become a classic of the genre. Why did this happen, and is it possible to find some variants of additions to cherries or sour cream, so that the cake “Monastery Hut” “sounded” in a new way?

In this issue we will try to figure it out now.

Cake “Monastic hut” with cherries and sour cream - the basic principles of technology

Sand dough, cherry and sour cream are the main components of the cake.

A cherry is immediately struck - a berry, at first glance, an ordinary one, for our latitudes, but, nevertheless, has a bright color and aroma, so saturated that few fruits can live alongside it. In inconspicuous fruits, and other “satellites” in the dessert, without the same strong aroma, it does not need, because it is completely self-sufficient. Cherry can be supplemented unless the citrus scent is universal for many ingredients. But only the flavor. Cherry is not a very sweet berry, so in combination with the taste of lemon there will be an obvious search. And its refreshing smell, or the smell of oranges, just emphasizes the peculiarity of cherry flavor. What is the “frame” still fit cherry? Vanilla and chocolate. Absolutely win-win. And with a light, heady aroma, despite the mention in the name of the monastery cake, the cherry will be even more delicious. It can be, of course, cherry, chocolate, milk liqueur or cognac, rum. In addition to the alcohol content of these drinks have a sweet smell. This is what cherries need.

Sour cream and cream is an excellent choice, but perhaps you should not experiment with butter. Too high fat content of this dairy product will be very difficult to combine with fruit juice. And not so much to taste, because you can add a lot of sugar to the butter cream, but rather to the consistency: cherry juice will glide on the oil, creating a discomfortable feeling. Oil creams are in harmony with dried fruits, thick jams or nuts, but not with fresh or frozen berries.

Sour cream or butter cream will be perfectly combined with any fruit or berries. Only, here, cherry is not suitable for any "company". If you decide to cook “Monastic hut” with other fruit fillings, which is quite possible, you will have to exclude cherries from the list of ingredients.

It remains to analyze the dough. Does sand cake have any alternatives?

Short pastry structure is oily, crumbly, absorbs moisture well, which is very suitable for soaking the cake with cherry juice and sour cream, which is also quite moist cream.

This result can be achieved by using puff, chopped dough - it has a similar composition. Remember the cake "Napoleon" with custard: puff pastry also infused, soaked, and we get a great cake.

Also biscuit, creamy dough, with and without fillers, will do. Biscuit also absorbs creamy and cherry flavor, even much faster than shortbread dough, which means that waiting for the moment of tasting and eating cake “Monastic Hut” will be less than when using a sand base.

Perhaps you can try another protein dough. In this case, generally wait until the cake is soaked is not necessary. And the cake “Monastic hut” will melt in the mouth, crumbling just like its sandy “brother”, only without at the same time loading the body with a shock dose of cholesterol and calories present in the sandwich dough. You can also try making waffle, gingerbread, choux pastry for the cake. The dough for pancakes will be interesting - a kind of “curd”, but with a sweet filling.

Often the housewives would like to save time without depriving their loved ones of small sweet joys.

The recipes enclosed below give such opportunity. After all, in fact, cherry tubes are shortbread biscuits with berry filling, from which they form a cake, connecting it with sour cream. If there is no time for baking cookies, and the cake is urgently needed for the family, then any confectionery department of the grocery supermarket can help. Simply, buy suitable cookies, long and narrow in shape, made from puff, sponge or shortbread dough. When you come home, make sour cream and put these cookies on a dish, in the shape of the roof of the hut, brushing each layer with sour cream or butter cream. The issue with the cake will be resolved within some 20 minutes spent on the preparation of the cream.

Sour cream in the proposed recipes has the same composition of products and method of preparation, except for the use in some recipes of some additives: chocolate, liqueur and fruit flavors.

As for different types of dough base cake, then if you decide not to buy cookies, and prepare it yourself, then recipes for different types of dough are also attached.

Recipe 1. Cake “Monastic hut” with cherries, with sour cream, shortbread dough - the original recipe


For short pastry:

Yolks 2 pcs.

Sugar 240 g

Butter (margarine) 0.4 g

Flour 500-600 g

Flavoring (vanilla or other)

Baking Powder 10 g


For the filling:

Cherries or cherry marmalade

For cream:

Sour cream 800 g

Icing sugar 200 g

For decoration: chocolate and cherry syrup, cream (whipped)

Shortcrust Cooking:

Combine the sifted flour with the flavoring (if using vanilla powder). It is convenient to sift the flour immediately, on the prepared surface. Collect it a hill and make a funnel in the center. Mash softened butter with sugar, salt and yolks. For quickness, it is convenient to rub the finer salt and icing sugar, as this will reduce the time of working with oil so that it does not melt too. Rub the yolks into the butter, make a homogeneous mass, and transfer the mixture to a flour funnel. Add liquid flavoring to the oil with yolks. Working with a knife, knead the dough on the desktop, cutting movements. If the dough is too melted and does not hold the form, cool it, and then continue to work with it, taking small pieces out of the refrigerator. But do not overcool it too much.

Cooking cherry filling:

Prepare the cherry stuffing. Remove the bones if they are not removed. Frozen cherries defrost in the refrigerator, on the top shelf, putting it in a sieve, and putting a drip tray under the sieve. If you wish to make a sweet cherry, then pour it with powder mixed with a spoon of potato or corn flour. Prepared cherries can be sprinkled with flavoring liqueur, brandy, rum or fruit essence, to enhance its flavor, add cherry liqueur and brandy.

Preparation of cake mix for the cake:

Try to work fast. Preheat the oven and sprinkle flour on the baking tray. Put the finished shortbread dough on the board and form a rectangular bar out of it. Start rolling it, dusted with flour, if the dough will stick to the rolling pin. Thin, rolled layer (not more than 0.5 cm) cut into strips (2.5 - 3 cm) along the entire length of the sheet. In the middle of each strip, place the cherries in one row and tack the dough. It is desirable that the tubes turned out to be no more than 2 cm in diameter, in finished form (keep in mind that after baking, the dough will increase in volume). Put the dough tubes with cherry filling on a baking sheet and bake.

Making cream from sour cream:

While the tubes are cooling, prepare the sour cream: whisk the fat sour cream with a whisk to a full mass, but do not interrupt, so that it does not start to peel off; add icing sugar and, if desired, any flavoring.

Assemble the “roof” by coating each layer of the cream with sour cream. Cover the surface with peaks of whipped cream and syrup, draw a “tile”.

Recipe 2. Cake “Monastic hut” with cherries with sour cream puff pastry


Flour 600 g

Juice of half a lemon Food Soda 10 g

Butter, cream (melted) 100 - 120 g

Cherry (pitted) 400 g

Refined oil 100 ml

Sour cream (more than 35% fat) 600 ml

Chocolate 200 g

Sugar 120 g

Water (warm) 150 ml

Salt 10 g


Dissolve salt and sugar in water, pour refined oil into it and gradually add flour, stirring the mass. Lemon juice extinguish the soda and add it to the warm solution. Knead the dough to a steep consistency, and let it rest. After that, roll the thick dough into a thin sheet (1.5 - 2 mm thick). So that the dough does not tear and does not stick to the rolling pin or table, drag it with flour and constantly rotate on the surface. Lubricate the rolled sheet with butter over the entire surface with a silicone brush. Roll the dough with a greased surface inward and roll it again. Repeat this manipulation several times. Wrap the finished dough in the film, soak for about half an hour in the cold.

Melt the chocolate bar and beat with the sour cream. Lay the finished tubes in a heap, smearing each row with a creamy mass. Decorate the cake and soak it in the cold to soak.

Recipe 3. “Monastic hut” cake with cherries and sour cream: shortbread with lemon flavor

Another recipe for the cake, but this time in the short pastry - a natural lemon flavor. The recipe is also interesting because the cherry is dried, and therefore it will be much faster to make such a dessert. You can see for yourself personally!


Lemon 2 pcs.

Yolks 6 pcs.

Sour cream, homemade (fatty) 400 g (including, 200 g - for cream)

Oil, softened 100 g

Sugar 250 g

Flour 600-700 g

Baking Powder (ammonium) 40 g

Dried cherries, pitted (or dried) 400 g

Chocolate icing, sand crumb (for registration)

Proteins (for registration) 6 pcs.

Powder (for protein glaze) 300 g (including 150 g for sour cream)


Remove the zest from the lemons and squeeze the juice. Half of the squeezed juice (about 50 ml), leave for the protein cream. Use the second part of the juice for the test. Grind the yolks with sugar, soft butter and sour cream. Pour in the juice and add fresh zest. The dough should have a pronounced, yellow tint, thanks to the yolks. If you want more saturation, add a pinch of Indian saffron (turmeric) to the liquid base for the dough. Sifting flour, mix it with baking powder and add the prepared, dried cherries, after sorting, washing and carefully drying the berries. In a large container, combine both masses and knead the dough. Form sticks of the required length from it, but not too thick, so that the sandy semi-finished products will bake well. Place the cookies on a baking sheet sprinkled with flour and bake.

In the meantime, prepare icing from chilled proteins and powder. Beating whites with sifted powder, add the remaining lemon juice to them to make the mass more lush and shiny, with a sour taste. Optionally, you can add vanilla or any other flavor.

“Build a roof” on a platter, made from shortbread biscuits, with cherries, smearing each laid row with sour cream. Cover the top of the “roof” with protein glaze and decorative thread made of chocolate glaze. Sprinkle sand crumbs. And the next day, invite guests to tea with a cake. During this time, the cake will reach the desired condition. Do not forget to hide it in the fridge.

Recipe 4. “Monastic hut” cake with cherries, sour cream shortbread without eggs

The recipe is without eggs, but with a twist!


Sour cream (for dough) 400 g

Sugar 250 g

Oil 200 g

Flour (as needed)

Soda (or baking powder) 20 g

“Drunk cherry” 1 l

Pastry cream (for cream) 600 g

Powder (for butter cream) 180 g

Grated chocolate 300 g

Flavoring (optional)


Start cooking this cake should be when there is a "drunk cherry" - cherry in sugar and brandy. It is done like this: a seedless berry is tightly packed in a liter jar, filled with sugar, and then it is all filled with brandy (200 ml). You need to keep this jar tightly closed, in a dark and warm place, for at least two weeks.

Syrup from the "drunk Vichy" is useful for flavoring in any cherry desserts. For this recipe, cherries should be freed from the syrup.

Prepare shortbread dough, on technology. Cut the strips from the finished dough and place the cherries in them. In detail this process, like baking, is described in the first recipe. It will take a lot of whipped cream. It is better to whip cream with 300 g each, as it is not possible to whip up too much quality. Beat one half to fluff the layers of ready-made shortbread biscuits with cherry filling, and beat the second part of the cream for decoration, secondarily.

Each laid row of “huts” consists of three layers: biscuits, butter cream, grated chocolate. We also make: whipped cream and dark chocolate crumb.

Recipe 5. Monastic hut cake with cherries, with sour cream biscuit cream

If you do not want to cook the biscuit dough, you can buy it. For those who prefer only homemade pastries - a biscuit recipe (hot method).


For sponge cake: Eggs 3 pcs.

Sugar 60 g

Flour 80 g


For cream: Sour cream 450 g

Powder 125 g

Rum (for perfume cream) 30-40 ml

For the filling: Cherry, frozen or fresh 0.7-0.8 kg

Cooking sponge cake:

For the Monastyrskaya izba cake, the hot method of making biscuit is more suitable, since with this method the dough will be more crumbly, which corresponds to the desired consistency of the confection.

Into a deep bowl, drive eggs, one by one, add sugar, heat in a water bath, no more than to 50 ° C. At the same time, beat the eggs with a whisk, until the volume increases 3 times. Remove the dishes with beaten eggs from heating. Continue beating until cool. When the whipped mass has cooled to 20 ° C, add sifted flour in small pieces, carefully bring the dough to readiness. Immediately pour into the prepared form and bake in a preheated oven.

Cake Preparation:

For the cake you need a thin biscuit, so pour the dough on a wide baking sheet, in a thin layer. When the finished sponge cake has cooled, cut it into long and narrow strips. Shift between strips of cherries and combine everything with sour cream. Top it up with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

You can make sponge cakes with cherries, to do this, bake sponge dough in a frying pan, like thin pancakes, and immediately wrap cherries in hot sponge cakes.

Recipe 6. Cake “Monastic hut” with cherries, sour cream and meringues without baking

Very fast and the most low-calorie version of the “hut” - a cake with meringue, without baking. How much it can be considered close to the original recipe is unknown, because with the air dough a completely different consistency is obtained. But, by the way, protein dough is also crumbly, and less caloric than sandy.


Meringues (preferably a long form) ± 1 kg

Cherry jelly 450g

Oily sour cream (not less than 25%) 400 g

Chocolate “medallions” (for decoration) 200-250 g


We start with cherry jelly: if it is not there, then pour 250 g of cherries (you can take frozen fruit without waiting for defrosting) with a glass of sugar and boil for 5-10 minutes. For gelling syrup is better to use confiture or agar-agar. These thickeners are thrown into a hot, boiling syrup and the result will not take long. Jelly freezes in 30-40 minutes. If you use gelatin, then pre-soak it and add to warm jam.

Next cherry jelly, obtained in this simple way, mix thoroughly with sour cream. Do not get carried away whipping, so that sour cream does not start to peel off.

Now put a layer of protein cookies on the dish and cover with cooked cream. The following layers are also, until the cream and cookies are over. The shape of the cake should resemble the roof of the hut. From the finished chocolate "medallions" make a "tile". You can pour the roof lightly with cherry syrup. This cake can be eaten immediately, without waiting for tomorrow.

Cake “Monastic hut” with cherries and sour cream - tips and tricks

  • For short pastry, choose flour with a low gluten content so that the dough is crumbly, more tender.
  • Chocolate glaze is often used to decorate pastry. Make the glaze necessary consistency of chocolate, melted in a small amount of milk and combined with candy caramel.
  • Sand and puff pastry containing a significant amount of butter or margarine is desirable to cook in a cool room. For chopped puff pastry, oil is better to pre-cool. If according to recipes it is necessary that it is soft, then immediately after the dough is ready, divide it into portions, put it on a plate and get it out of the refrigerator as needed, during work.
  • Temperature for baking shortcrust pastry - 230-250 ° C.
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