Fresh cabbage stuffed cabbage is a traditional step-by-step recipe. Step-by-step recipe for fresh cabbage cabbage: in the oven and the slow cooker

Fresh cabbage stuffed cabbage is a traditional step-by-step recipe. Step-by-step recipe for fresh cabbage cabbage: in the oven and the slow cooker

Fresh cabbage leaves were wrapped in minced meat in ancient Greece. Since then, the technology of cooking has hardly changed. Today, stuffed cabbage is made from Peking and white cabbage.

Fresh cabbage cabbage rolls (step-by-step recipe) - basic cooking principles

Perhaps the most important task is to choose the right cabbage. For stuffed cabbage take a dense head of medium size. From a small head get a little cabbage. A large head will not work, as its leaves are too large. At the same time pay attention to the leaves, they should not be rigid, otherwise they will be difficult to separate from each other. Can be used Peking cabbage. Its leaves are especially soft and tender.

In some stores or in the bazaar you can find cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls by weight. This is very convenient - no need to pick up the right plugs.

Selected head of cabbage washed under the tap and remove the upper leaves. They are not used for cooking. Put a large pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. The head of cabbage is placed in boiling water. Stand five minutes. In fact, time is determined independently. The upper leaves should be transparent and soft. Remove the heads of water from the water and carefully, so as not to burn yourself, remove the leaves until they move away freely. Then repeat the procedure until smooth, medium-sized leaves are removed from the head. Now cut the seals at the base of the sheet with a sharp knife.

Now proceed to the preparation of the filling, which is prepared from minced meat and rice cereals. Minced meat can be pig-beef, but if you want, you can take chicken or turkey. Purchased minced defrost, removing it from the freezer in the evening. But it is better if it is homemade mince. To do this, wash the meat, cleaned it of all the excess. Cut into small pieces and grind in a meat grinder or using a blender. Rice use long grain or round. The main thing is that the croup should be of high quality. It is washed. Water is changed until it becomes transparent. Then rice is boiled until half cooked. If you take the finished cereal, the filling during the cooking process will turn into a porridge, and the raw rice will absorb the juice from the meat, and it will be dry. Semi-cooked rice is thrown back on a sieve, washed again and left to get rid of excess moisture. Rice cereal shift in a bowl with minced meat.

In addition to the minced meat and rice, you will need onions and carrots to make the filling

The bulbs are peeled free and ground into small pieces, quarter rings or half rings.

Carrots are peeled and crushed into large chips using a grater. Carrots will make the filling juicy, so it must be added.

Heat the butter in a pan and fry the onion in it until lightly browned. Roasted onions shift in a bowl with minced meat and rice. In the same pan fry carrots until soft. It is also sent to the rest of the ingredients.

The filling is salted, seasoned with freshly ground pepper and mixed well.

Cabbage leaf is placed on the board with the base to itself. A small amount of stuffing is laid out on the edge and turned into a tube, wrapping the edges inside.

Stuffed cabbage spread in a cauldron or pot with a thick bottom stitch down, placing them tightly to each other.

Tomato paste is diluted in water and poured it stuffed cabbage. The liquid level should not reach the top edge of the cabbage for two fingers. In addition to tomato paste, you can add ketchup, unsweetened yogurt or sour cream to the sauce. The cauldron is put on the stove, brought to a boil, twist the fire to a minimum and extinguish for an hour.

Cabbage rolls can be shifted by roasting onions and carrots.

Serve stuffed cabbage with sour cream or sauce, prepared on its basis.

Recipe 1. Fresh cabbage stuffed cabbage: a step-by-step recipe in a cauldron


two medium white cabbage forks;

a glass of refined sunflower oil; Pork and ground beef - half a kilogram;

180 g tomato paste;

two glasses of rice;


large onion;

freshly ground pepper;

large carrots.

Method of preparation

1. From the cabbage remove the top leaves. Put a wide pot of water on the stove. Turn on the fire and hold until the water starts to boil. We prick the head of a large fork and lower the cabbage into boiling water. Hold for five minutes. Make sure that the leaves are not digested, otherwise they will not be suitable for the preparation of cabbage rolls. We take out the head of cabbage from the boiling water, at the base we make cuts and separate the soft leaves. Repeat the procedure until all the leaves are ready. Cut the compacted areas at the base. Put the prepared leaves aside.

2. We clean the onion head from the husk. We spread on the board, cut into four parts and chop thin quarters into rings. Put the pan on fire, pour in some oil. As soon as it warms up, lay out the onion in it and fry, stirring regularly, until light rosy. Put the fried onions in a plate.

3. Using a sharp knife, cut a thin skin off a carrot. Wash vegetable and chop into grated grated chips. In the pan, where the onions were fried, add vegetable oil and fry the carrots, stirring constantly, until soft.

4. Pour the rice into a sieve and rinse, stirring, under a stream of cold water. We shift into the pot, pour clean water and boil until half cooked. Then again, throw back on the sieve and wash again. Leave to glass the excess liquid. We shift in a deep bowl.

5. Mince can be used ready, or make it yourself. To do this, the flesh of my beef and pork, we clean out of everything superfluous. Cut the meat in small pieces and twist the minced meat using a meat grinder. Put the minced meat in a bowl with rice. We also send fried onions and carrots here. Salt stuffing, season with pepper and mix everything thoroughly. You can add spices for meat. 6. Put the cabbage leaf on the chopping board with the base to yourself. Put a little stuffing on the edge and wrap it in a sheet into a roll. The edges refuel inside.

7. Put the pan on the fire, pour a little oil. Slice the stuffed cabbage on one side with tomato paste and place it with the greased side down in a frying pan. Now grease the upper part of the paste. As soon as the cabbage rolls are fried, turn them over and continue to fry until light rosy.

8. Turn on the oven at 230 degrees. Roasted stuffed cabbage spread in deep form. Pour in the water so that its level reaches 1/3 the thickness of cabbage. Cover with foil and set for an hour and a half in the oven. From time to time take out the cabbage rolls and pour them with the liquid in which they stew.

9. Ready-made cabbage rolls from fresh cabbage (step-by-step recipe) are laid out on a plate, sprinkled with sour cream or a sauce based on it, and served to the table.

Recipe 2. Fresh cabbage stuffed cabbage: a step-by-step recipe in a slow cooker


medium head of cabbage;


two carrots;

two bay leaves;

a glass of long grain rice;

freshly ground black pepper;

750 grams of meat;


a glass of tomato sauce.

Method of preparation

1. As a rule, rice for cabbage is boiled until half cooked. But we will act a little differently. Wash the croup. Then pour the rice into a bowl and fill it with hot boiled water. Set aside for half an hour. Water should be absorbed into the rice almost completely.

2. Take the pork and beef pulp in equal parts. We wash the meat, cut off all the excess. Cut into small pieces. Using a blender or meat grinder, grind to the state of minced meat. We shift the stuffing in a deep plate. Putting the rice on a sieve. When the remaining liquid is drained, we shift the cereal to the minced meat and mix well.

3. Wash my carrots, clean and bless them again. Grind grated with medium sections. Spread carrot chips in a plate with rice and minced meat. Salt, season with spices and black pepper. Mix, cover the plate with cling film and put in the fridge for half an hour so that the rice and mince are soaked with the aromas of spices. 4. Pour a glass of clean water into the multicooker container. Put the cabbage into it, after removing the top leaflets from it. The container is placed in the device and run the program “steaming”. We set the time for 20 minutes. The cover of the device is closed.

5. After the beep, remove the cabbage, shift it to a plate and cool it. We assort heading on leaflets, cutting at the basis. Cut off the seals at the base. Water from the tank is poured. Lay out two or three sheets on the bottom.

6. Remove minced meat from the refrigerator. Put on a cutting board cabbage leaf. We spread the spoon of the filling at the base, fold the edges on both sides and fold it in the form of a roll. Thus, we make all cabbage rolls and put them in a container on cabbage leaves. We pour in one and a half glasses of the filtered water, we put a bay leaf, we season to taste with spices.

7. Install the container in the device. Run the mode "cabbage" or "cooking". We set the time for half an hour. After the beep, open the lid and pour in the tomato sauce. We start the same mode for another half an hour and close the lid. Serve fresh cabbage (step-by-step recipe) served hot.

Fresh cabbage cabbage rolls (step by step recipe) - tips and tricks

Be sure to cut from the seal sheet at the base, otherwise it will spoil the taste of the dish.

Long-grain rice can not boil, it is enough to pour boiling water and leave for half an hour.

You can add chopped fresh greens to the filling.

Stuffed cabbage can be stewed or baked in the oven.

For serving, you can prepare a sauce of sour cream and ketchup.

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