Wine at home is a simple recipe for a rich drink. Production of homemade wine: simple recipes for beginners

Wine at home is a simple recipe for a rich drink. Production of homemade wine: simple recipes for beginners

Winemaking is a true art, ancient as the world has its own special secrets and recipes of preparation.

The process of making wine is creative, but rather complicated, requiring certain knowledge and skills, and subject to the strictest technology of making this drink.

Wine is a natural product of fermented grape juice.

Real wine has the following composition:

• Water that grapes use with the help of vines and roots from the ground.

• Alcohol, which is formed as a result of the fermentation of sugar.

• Acids that are transmitted to wine from the grapes themselves.

In addition, high-quality and natural wine has many useful properties that, with moderate consumption of the drink, bring the benefit and help to the human body in the fight against a number of diseases.

In general, the preparation of wine at home, includes several stages of the manufacture of this drink, having mastered that you can pass for a real winemaker and master of this business.

This, as they say, the drink of the gods is prepared from wine grapes, as well as fruits, berries, honey and jam.

Cooked wine at home is a simple recipe, which will help create this drink will be much tastier and healthier than any brand bought in a store or supermarket.

General principles and features of making wine at home

• To make wine at home, you must have clean dishes and a room in which this valuable product will be produced.

• The best option for making homemade wine is oak barrels. But in no way inferior to such barrels, glass bottles - having tight tight plugs with rubber tubes inserted in them in the center. The main thing in this design is that all available parts fit snugly together and do not let air through. • The raw materials from which the wine will be produced must be of the highest quality, namely, grapes, fruits and berries should not have any dents and damage, rotting areas, various stains and other defects.

• Also in the process of making wine, you must respect the proportions of sugar. If the primary product already has a high percentage of sugar, then when it is added with an excess, the fermentation process may not start.

• For a normal fermentation process, the temperature regime should be optimal and be 20-25 degrees.

• In order for a juice or a different wort to turn out to be of high quality and purified, it must be poured over and filtered several times. Since the quality of the future wine directly depends on this purification process.

• At the end of homemade wine, the drink must be bottled and bottled. Here it is very important not to raise the dregs and sediment from the bottom of the bottles, in connection with which it is profitable to use the hose for the accurate removal of wine from the bottles.

• Store this homemade wine is recommended in a dark and cool place at a temperature not higher than 10 degrees.

Recipe 1. Wine at home simple recipe of grape drink


• Grapes - 1 bucket (10kg).

• Sugar - 0.5 - 1 cup of sugar per liter of juice.


Harvesting grapes or berries intended for making wine should be in sunny, not rainy weather, so that the wild tremors necessary for fermentation and creating high-quality wine remain on the fruit. Also, the harvest is not recommended to wash.

Next, the berries must be sorted. Unripe, overripe berries and carrion will spoil the taste and quality of the wine. Rotten berries, crushed and with mold should also be disposed of.

Then the enumerated berries are crushed (preferably with their hands), crumpled, and the juice with grapes is placed in an enamel bowl. Tara is covered with clean cloth or gauze, cleaned in a dark and warm place (20-25 degrees) for 2-3 days. By the end of the first day, the grapes with juice begin to ferment, and a kind of hat appears on the surface of the rind of the berries, which must be broken 2-3 times a day (in order for the wort not to turn into vinegar).

When the pulp becomes lighter, acquires a sour aroma and produces a characteristic hiss, the juice can begin to squeeze. Peel from the surface must be collected in gauze and squeezed, after which you need to attach the resulting juice to the main consistency.

Then all the juice should be filtered 2-3 times through cheesecloth, and the pure component should be placed in a glass bottle, filling the entire volume of container with 70% of it.

With a small amount of juice can be used for making wine bottles.

In order for the wine not to be acidic, it must be protected from oxygen, while at the same time ensuring the outflow of carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process.

Therefore, it is necessary to install a water seal on the bottle, consisting of a dense cork with a hole in the center and a hose coming out of it, the second end of which must be lowered into a jar of water.

After the mash has been corked, it is necessary to provide all the conditions for active fermentation, namely, to establish a temperature regime not lower than 10 degrees. The optimum temperature for active fermentation can be considered as a regime ranging from 22 to 28 degrees.

Without the addition of sugar, the wine will be a fortress no more than 10-12 degrees. But if you add sugar to the wine, its strength will increase significantly. The main thing is not to overdo it. Judge enough sugar, better focusing on the taste of wine. Sugar needs to be made fractionally in small portions.

After a couple of days after the fermentation began, the mash can be tasted. If the wine has become sour, then the sugar has fermented and you need to add another 50 grams per liter of juice.

This is done as follows, several liters of juice are drained from the bottle and sugar is diluted in it. Next, the component is poured back into the bottle, which is subsequently shaken. In the first month, such actions are repeated 2-3 times, until the sugar content of the drink finally ceases to decrease.

Also, the wine must be separated from the accumulated sediment, pouring into another clean bottle through a special tube. Frequent transfusion of wine and its separation from the sediment makes the drink transparent and light.

Having tasted and gone to the opinion of the readiness of the wine, it is necessary to pour it in bottles and clean in a dark cool place.

Recipe 2. Wine at home simple recipe currant drink


• Black currant.

• Water.

• Sugar.


Currants (not washed) must be sorted out, kneaded or crushed or minced, blender. The mashed potatoes produced in this way should be put in a bottle or bottle, add sugar to it and pour a little water on the neck.

Next to the neck of the bottle you need to vzdt glove (medical) and drag it with an elastic band. Tara put in a dark place. When the glove is inflated, it will be necessary to make one neat puncture in it.

The temperature regime that needs to be maintained for active fermentation of wine should vary in the range of 20-22 degrees. Wine should be infused for about 16 weeks.

In order to lighten the wine, it must be removed for 4 days in the refrigerator, and if sediment forms, drain the drain into another container.

Next, the wine must be bottled, lowered into the cellar and put them in a horizontal position.

The longer the wine is aged, the stronger the drink becomes.

Recipe 3. Wine at home simple recipe for a drink made from raspberry jam


• Raspberry jam - 1 l.

• Vodicka - 1 l.

• Raisin - 0.5 tbsp.


In a jar of jam you need to pour warm water and shake the contents well. To make the wine sweet with a good strength, you can put some sugar in it. For three liters of wine about 0.5 cups of sugar and raisins. Then you need to close the container with a rubber glove, making a neat puncture in it. Next, the wort must be removed in a dark place and keep it there at room temperature until fermentation ends.

After the pulp is on the surface, it must be removed, and the wort strain. Then the filtered wine must be poured into the banks, tightly corked and put away in a dark, cool place.

Every 3-4 days, the drink must be filtered to get rid of the sediment and pour into clean cans. Such wine made from raspberry jam will be ready in 90 days.

Recipe 4. Wine at home is a simple recipe for making a drink from apples


• Apples.

• Sugar.

• Purified water).

• Cinnamon.


Apples must be cut into slices and put in a saucepan. Then you need to add some water to the apples, on the tip of a cinnamon knife and cook them until they are completely soft.

Then the apples must be ground using a sieve and left for three days to ferment. Next, the texture must be filtered, add sugar to it as desired.

It is recommended to strain the finished wine once again, pour it into containers and store in a darkened and cool place.

Recipe 5. Wine at home simple recipe for making a cherry drink


• Cherries.

• Water.

• Sugar.

• Lemons.


Cherry must be washed and cleaned from the stalk. Bone gently without loss of juice removed from the berries. The pulp prepared in this way is put in special wine bottles.

Then hot boiled water should be poured over the cherries, and the neck of the bottles should be tied with gauze. Remove the bottle for four days in a dark place where the temperature is 18-27 degrees.

When the wort starts to ferment, it will foam, a certain smell and hiss will go, the next drink must be drained through the gauze rolled in half. Add the juice of two lemons, sugar and mix everything to the drink. Next, the wort again needs to be drained into the bottles by placing a water seal or a rubber glove with a small hole on them. Then the mash in the bottles must be removed for a month in a dark place with a temperature regime of about 15 degrees.

In order for the wine not to be acidic it needs to be shaken for a month every day. And when the wine ceases to ferment, brightens, and sediment appears at the bottom, it will need to be drained, poured into bottles and tightly closed with lids.

Store this wine is recommended at 15 degrees, in a dark place.

Minor cooking tricks at home and useful tips on making it

• Wine-making facilities must be perfectly clean and dried. Still tar can be smoked with sulfur, in order to avoid the ingress of foreign fungi that can spoil the taste.

• It is better to crush the berries with your hands and not to use a blender or meat grinder.

• If the wine does not ferment well and does not play, you need to add raisins.

• If it is necessary to lighten the wine, you can use an egg, the protein of which is recommended to be poured into the bottle, and after half a month, strain the sediment that has appeared.

• Most importantly, it is time to remove the wine from the sediment, then it will not lose quality and it will turn out delicious with the finest aroma.

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