Errors in cooking meat. Why it turned out dry and hard, smells bad or bitter: how to fix it?

Errors in cooking meat. Why it turned out dry and hard, smells bad or bitter: how to fix it?

Meat is not always tasty and juicy, sometimes it is impossible to chew or the pieces fall apart, when cooking, an unpleasant smell may occur, and when frying there is no ruddy crust. This is only part of the problem, there are other troubles.

Baked meat is very dry

The main problem, why baked meat is dry - the wrong piece. If there is no fat on it at all, there are many veins, muscles are developed, then a gentle and soft dish will not work. Also, do not use the former product in freeze for baking. When defrosting it loses moisture. It will be even worse if you defrost meat in warm water or near a battery.

The recipe itself has a great influence on the result. Meat should be covered with sauces, vegetables and spices, lubricated with oil, they will prevent moisture loss. It is important not to cook at a low temperature, otherwise it will simply dry out.

How to fix

  • Select the pieces with the fat, pre-marinate.
  • We put the meat in a well-heated oven (200-230 degrees).
  • We start cooking at a high temperature, and after 20-30 minutes, when a crust appears, reduce it to 170-180 degrees, let it bake.
  • If bought meaty or not very young meat, it is better to leave it for stewing, cooking, you can cook with sauce, vegetables, dried fruit in pots.

Roasted hard meat

Here also the problem may be in the meat. Ideal for frying suitable cutting, carbonate, ribs. If initially a piece is in doubt, it is better to pickle it or use it for stews. Old and tough meat perfectly softens mustard, soy sauce, brandy. Beef must be cleaned before use.

How to fix

  • If the fried meat is dry and tough, then the only way to reanimate it is to stew it in a liquid.
  • It can be broth, any sauce, mayonnaise, sour cream.
  • It is not necessary to add a large amount.
  • You can just pour plain water to the bottom of the saucepan, it will give steam.

Dish from meat smells bad

If raw meat smells unpleasant, has a slimy, gray shade, then there is nothing to correct it.

Unscrupulous sellers (as well as cooks in cafes and restaurants) soak the spoiled products in vinegar, manganese solution, mustard. The smell will go away, but the meat will not be healthier and safer.

It so happens that the unpleasant aroma appears when cooking or baking. Often, this sin pork, namely, not castrated boar.

When immersed in hot water, the smell of urine. This does not fix anything.

How to fix a dish

If you just do not like the smell of boiling meat or it does not immediately appear, then you can add peppercorns, onions and garlic, roots, bay leaves, dill sprigs, and rosemary to the broth. Spices will share their flavor and taste.

Why chops are hard

How to cook chops correctly - master class


Meat beat off, so that it becomes tender, soft, quickly cooked. But not always the goal is achieved.

If the chops turned out to be tough, then they were cut incorrectly or fried. The plates need to be cut across the fibers, then beat.

To preserve the juice, cover the pieces with a film or just a plastic bag, knock it through with a hammer. As for frying, then lay the meat in the hot oil or fat, not letting it dry. Even beef chops are prepared for 2-3 minutes on each side, so do not overdo it, do not cover, just let it lightly brown.

How to fix

  • If the chops are already fried, turned out to be tough, then they can be reanimated.
  • Fold in the saucepan and add a little cream, boiling water of sour cream, tomato sauce, wine or beer.
  • Cover, simmer on low heat until soft. Or send in the form, grease with mayonnaise, cover with foil and heat in the oven.

If the meat is not fried, do not brown

Beautiful meat with a ruddy crust is much tastier, and it looks more effective on the table. If the pieces do not want to brown in any way, then it's about the temperature.

The griddle, oven, grill or barbecue should be well heated.

Otherwise, it will begin to produce juice, dry out.

It is possible to crust the pieces in a crust in breadcrumbs, flour.

How to fix

  • If the meat is not roasted in a pan, then at the end you can pour in a little soy sauce.
  • It instantly clutches, changes color and gives a light crust.
  • If the meat is not browned in the oven, you can grease the pieces with a mixture of soy sauce, ketchup and honey or lightly sprinkle with grated fine cheese.

Why cooked meat is red

Boiled or fried meat must be gray or brown in accordance with the norms. If the cut inside is red, but the product is ready, the nugget does not stand out, then the problem is in the meat itself.

Unscrupulous manufacturers feed the animal with additives, give antibiotics that allow it to grow quickly and gain weight even in adverse conditions.

How to fix

Unfortunately, no way. You can warm the patties in the oven for even 1.5 hours, but inside there will be a red tint. Also with pieces of meat.

Less harm will bring boiled water product, as part of antibiotics and harmful substances will be released in the broth.

Why meat or broth from it is bitter

Meat can taste bitterly if, during cutting by inaccuracy, bile gets on it. But this is the most innocent and natural reason. Much worse, if sellers soaked spoiled meat in chemicals, removed the smell and corrected color.

Also, the reason may be hiding in an undistorted animal. This will indicate the smell that appears when heated.

How to fix

Remove the bitterness from cooked meat or broth is impossible.

You can try to mask the spices and sauces. But, since most often we are talking about a product of poor quality, it is wiser to get rid of it, take care of your health.

Why meat foams

When boiling meat should appear foam, this is normal, but sometimes a lot, a magnificent hat is formed, it is not going to flakes.

The reason is in antibiotics and supplements that fed the animal.

When baking from such meat, gray foam will also come out. She appears, if you chop ready-made pieces, this is done to increase the weight.

How to fix

  • Make the second or third broth.
  • Give the meat to boil, drain the water, add a clean liquid.
  • Re-boil a few minutes and change again.

Why meat increases

With any method of cooking meat should decrease, sometimes the loss reaches 50%, it all depends on the chosen technology.

If the piece during cooking or frying increases, becomes lush and voluminous, then it is pumped up with anabolic steroids (synthetic steroids). Once such meat was called “foam plastic” or “anti-crisis”.

How to fix

It's impossible.

When cooking, part of the introduced substances will go into the water. When frying this will not happen. It remains only to choose natural meat from bona fide producers.

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