Oatmeal oatmeal cookies - not much happens! Homemade oatmeal oatmeal cookies with various fillings

Oatmeal oatmeal cookies - not much happens! Homemade oatmeal oatmeal cookies with various fillings

Oatmeal cookies, unlike porridge, are a delicacy for all times. There is a place for him in the geologist's backpack and on the table of a business woman, adults love him and, of course, the kids love it. There are more than a dozen recipes for this baking, but we collected exactly those that are prepared on the basis of oatmeal.

General principles for making oatmeal oatmeal cookies

Dough for biscuits can be made from any type of flakes, but it is better to use those that prepare quickly and swell well in boiling water. But if you have them available, those that are made ready for cooking, it is better to kill them beforehand with a blender.

There are plenty of options for making dough for oatmeal flakes. It is mixed with eggs and without them, with the addition of flour, and without it at all, on kefir, sour cream, vegetable oil, cottage cheese and even fruit puree.

Oatmeal cookies, like regular pastries, can be flavored with vanilla. Fillers are often dried fruit, raisins, fresh or dried berries, seeds or sesame.

Oatmeal cookies are baked, at 180 degrees, the roaster is installed, only by heating the oven. Duration depends on the specific oven and can last from 12 minutes to half an hour. The surface of the finished cookie has a pleasant golden hue and is evenly colored.

Ready oatmeal cookies are removed from the pan after cooling. As a rule, hot, it is brittle and can crumble.

Oatmeal oatmeal cookies - “Classic”

The recipe of the very same cookies from a beautiful childhood, it tastes good and fresh, and underlined. It would probably be too loud to call it a masterpiece, but the ease of preparation, the availability of products, and the taste completely different from other pastries make oatmeal cookies a great treat.


flakes, oats - 250 gr .;

200 grams of brown sugar;

spoon of honey;

200 gr. wheat flour;

eggs - two large; 0.5 spoons of soda and "lemon";

a pack of butter, “Farmers”.

Cooking Method:

After scattering flakes on the table, we select the litter. Pour into a spacious bowl, add citric acid, sugar and soda. Through a sieve, sift flour into flakes and mix the products thoroughly.

Cut the butter into a saucepan and put it on a small fire. Melt, stirring, then cool well.

Pour the eggs into a separate bowl or cup and lightly spread them with a fork.

Pour the cooled oil to the dry ingredients, add honey and eggs.

Stir the oatmeal dough thoroughly for a long time. It should come out soft and not cool.

Having made a parchment baking sheet, moisten it with butter, turn on the oven for warming up.

We scoop the oatmeal dough with a teaspoon dipped in water and spread it in the form of flat cakes on a baking sheet. Place in the oven, cook for 12 minutes.

Oatmeal oatmeal cookies with chocolate

The original recipe involves the use of white chocolate, but if you prefer dark, feel free to take it. Dried cherries can be replaced by any dried fruit. Dried apricots, raisins, prunes and even dried cranberries. Butter melt is not necessary, it is enough to soften well at room temperature.


one egg;

half a pack of butter or margarine;

a glass of sugar;

a glass of oatmeal (flakes);

spoon of vanilla sugar;

50 gr. chocolate;

ripper dough and cinnamon, ground into powder - half a teaspoon;

two tablespoons of dried cherries, you can raisins;

full glass of wheat flour.

Sugar, flour and flakes are measured in a glass with a capacity of 250 ml.

Cooking Method:

Whip butter with a glass of sugar. Pour in the oil mass egg, beat again.

Add salt, cinnamon, vanilla and ripper, mix thoroughly. You can beat it again.

Stir in oiled flakes into the oil mixture, then grated chocolate and cherries (dried fruits).

Sift flour into a bowl of oatmeal. Thoroughly, but not for long, knead the dough with your hands. Prolonged kneading will damage the liver, it will not turn out crumbly. As soon as you achieve uniformity, stop stirring. We cut the oatmeal dough into twelve balls, spread them on a baking tray, covered with parchment. Lay, retreating to the thickness of the finger, from each other - when baking, the dough will increase in size and the cookies may stick together.

Place the roaster with the future cookies in the preheated oven. Cooking approximately a quarter of an hour, until golden blush.

Do not rush to remove the ready-made cookies with a slice, give it a little time for hardening. As a rule, immediately after baking, the middle of the cookies is soft and can be damaged if removed hot.

“Anzax” - crumbly oatmeal cookies made from oatmeal with coconut chips

No eggs or any other liquid is added to the dough. The simplest components and recipe, and the cookies turn out tasty and crumbly. For this cookie use quick-cooking cereal.


flour - one glass;

half a pack of butter, margarine will not work;

a glass of white coconut shavings;

150 grams of sugar;

a glass of “fast” flakes;

two spoons of molasses or liquid honey;

spoon without a slide of soda;

two spoons of drinking water.

Cooking Method:

Twice the flour in a bowl. Adding brown sugar and flakes, mix thoroughly.

Cut butter into cubes in a saucepan and place on the smallest heat. As soon as the pieces are completely melted, add honey, stir and remove from heat.

We extinguish soda. Please note that it does not need vinegar or citric acid, soda will be extinguished with water. Pour out the ripper in a small cup, pour two spoons of boiling water. Stir thoroughly, immediately pour into hot oil and mix - the mixture should actively foam.

Combine the dry mix with the foaming mass, knead. The resulting mixture is difficult to call the dough, as it turns out thick and does not have a uniform consistency.

Turn on the oven for warming up, cover the brazier with a sheet of parchment.

Scrapping in small portions, we make flatbreads out of oatmeal dough and, spreading out on paper, lightly press each one down. The thickness of future cookies should not be more than 1 cm. A narrow gap should be left between the blanks, as the dough rises well during baking. Cooking cookies for about twenty minutes, until the surface is golden. Remove from the pan, allowing it to cool slightly.

Delicate oatmeal oatmeal cookies with raspberry filling and almond

Crumbly, but at the same time sweet biscuits from flakes with fragrant raspberries. Prepared on the principle of a grated cake, after baking the layer is cut into small squares. The bottom of the cookie is wet, the top is crispy and crumbly. Raspberries can be put even more, but for the first time cook strictly according to the recipe.


sugar - 180 g;

a pack of "Peasant" oil;

one and a half cup of fresh or frozen raspberries;

a small handful of almond petals;

200 grams of wheat flour.

Baking will require a rectangular roaster 20 * 23 cm or a suitable size round shape.

Cooking Method:

After going over, we interrupt flakes in the bowl of the blender or coffee grinder. Putting in a bowl, add the flour and sugar. The flakes can and do not grind, then the dough will turn out coarser, but no less tasty.

In the same bowl, large rub the butter and quickly rub with your palms into a crumb.

We cover the form with parchment so that the paper covers the sides.

Spread on the parchment two thirds of the prepared oatmeal mixture.

We spread out raspberry mashed with a fork on top. Frozen berries must first be thawed and dried well in a colander.

Cover the raspberries with the remaining mixture and cover the top with almond petals.

Place the baking sheet in a heated oven, bake for about 40 minutes.

Pulling out of the oven, pass the knife's edge along the sides to separate the dough from them, cut into squares. Spread cookies on the dish just completely cooled.

Oatmeal oatmeal cookies - “Favorite”

The simplest, time-tested dough for oatmeal cookies. The recipe is convenient because it can be used to prepare two types of cookies. If you roll out the dough thinly, the baking will turn out crisp and crumbly, and if you make the layer thicker, it will be more airy and soft.


three glasses of “Hercules” and flour;

standard pack of creamy margarine; a full glass of sugar;

five spoons of kefir;

two eggs;

spoon of soda;

two spoons of fragrant honey.

Cooking Method:

Twice pereseivaem flour.

We go over from the litter flakes, we twist in a meat grinder. Mix the crushed flakes with flour.

Cut slices, melt margarine with honey in a saucepan on low heat and wait for the mixture to cool.

In a separate bowl, combine kefir with soda heated to room temperature.

In a spacious white bowl, rub sugar with eggs. Add soda, slaked in kefir, oat-flour mixture and cooled, sweetened with honey, margarine. Knead is not very cool dough. Putting in the package, put it in the fridge for half an hour.

Roll oatmeal dough in the cold roll out a centimeter layer. Using a special form for cutting out cookies or a glass, we extrude a blank of cookies and put them in a roasting pan on the parchment. Slightly sprinkle the surface of the workpiece with sugar.

Cookies are cooked at 170 degrees, at least a quarter of an hour, but it can be up to 25 minutes. It all depends on what color cookies you like.

Homemade oatmeal oatmeal cookies - “Tenderness”

An interesting option for making oatmeal dough for cookies. After kneading it will need to twist a couple of times in a meat grinder, it will make the cookies more tender. Sugar is desirable to take brown, instead of butter, you can use margarine.


enumerated flakes - one and a half glasses;

four spoons of brown sugar;

2/3 packs of oil;

two eggs;

a glass of wheat flour;

three spoons of 20 percent sour cream;

ripper dough - 0.5 tsp.

Cooking Method:

Rubbed butter with sugar until white, add sour cream, pour in eggs and mix thoroughly.

Separately mix the flour with oatmeal and baking powder.

Combine everything in one bowl, knead until smooth. Set aside oat dough for 5-10 minutes to the side.

The prepared baking sheet is covered with parchment, we put a thin layer of vegetable oil on it. Turn on the oven.

We adjust the meat grinder on the most maximum crushing. Twice twist the dough. Laying out the dough from the spoon, just backing away from each other, place on the baking sheet small cakes.

Set the roaster in the oven, bake cookies for a quarter of an hour.

Delicate oatmeal oatmeal cookies on cottage cheese with raisins

Curd dough is a special success. Any baking out of it is gentle and does not get stale for a long time. Very simple and quick recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. Dried grapes can be replaced with fresh or dried currants, it will turn out not less tasty.


two selected eggs;

200 gr. instant oatmeal;

a small bag of vanilla powder;

half a pack of margarine;

half a cup of sugar, preferably brown;

180 gr. cottage cheese, fat content of 9% or more;

raisin seedless - 100 gr.

Cooking Method:

Raisin sorted out. Scald with boiling water, pour water and set aside for up to 10 minutes. After that, we decant the water, and dry the berries thoroughly, scattering them on a towel.

Margarine cut into cubes in a saucepan. Melt on low heat, then cool.

Pour the margarine into a bowl, add the oatmeal and grind the curd through a sieve. Add the eggs, whipped with sugar, vanilla and raisins, mix. There should be a viscous dough, if it turned out too rare, add more flakes.

Fold the dough using a spoon on a greased baking sheet and set to bake in a preheated oven. Cook for approximately 25 minutes, until golden brown.

Lenten oatmeal cookies with apple sauce

Oatmeal cookies can be lean. The dough does not use eggs and animal fats, it is kneaded on apple sauce, cooked on their own. If you don’t want to waste time stewing apples, you can simply kill the fruit to the desired state with a blender.


two and a half glasses of oatmeal;

three spoons of honey;

five large apples;

a third cup of peeled seed or sesame;

three spoons of vegetable oil;

raisin seedless - 50 gr.

Cooking Method:

Having washed the apples, cut off the peel with a thin layer, remove the core. Cut the flesh into small pieces in a thick-walled frying pan. Pouring a couple of spoons of water, cover with a lid and set to the minimum heat. Simmer the apples until soft, then cool slightly. Raise the raisins for ten minutes with boiling water. Lightly dry oatmeal in a dry frying pan.

Put the cooled apples on a sieve, fray. Measure out the glass of the resulting mashed potatoes in a wide bowl. Add flakes, vegetable oil and honey. After stirring, set the bowl aside for 20 minutes.

In the swollen flakes, mix the seeds and dried raisins after soaking. You can add some finely chopped nuts and sesame, but this is optional.

The resulting mass is laid out from a spoon on a pan covered with parchment. Flapjacks can crumble, do not worry, it should be so, when baking, all components are held together.

Install the brazier in an oven heated to 120 degrees, cook about an hour.

Give the liver to cool well, then remove from the pan with a spatula.

Oatmeal oatmeal cookies - cooking tricks and helpful tips

Oatmeal dough turns sticky and sticky, tidy cookies make it difficult to mold. To facilitate the process, periodically moisten the spoon or palm with water.

Oatmeal cookies do not require registration, but if desired, its surface can be decorated with icing or melted chocolate. Often cookies are powdered with powdered sugar. We bring beauty only after cooling baking.

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