Prunes in sour cream - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook prunes in sour cream.

Prunes in sour cream - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook prunes in sour cream.

Prunes in sour cream - general principles and methods of cooking

Prunes are dried plum fruits. Especially high-quality dried fruits are obtained from plums of the variety Hungarian or Stanley, which have reached full maturity or slightly overripe. To give a specific flavor to the smoke, before drying, the plums are slightly smoked over the fire. The result is a natural and tasty delicacy that contains beneficial substances - pectin, fructose, vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus. It is recommended to use when avitaminosis. Prunes, in addition to useful properties, have a pleasant taste, many consider it a favorite delicacy, which is much more useful than candy. If you use it regularly, it saves teeth from caries, because contains antibacterial substances. It has a laxative effect, so it’s enough to eat no more than five or six berries a day.

Prunes are eaten raw, candies, snacks are made from it, and bird, vegetables, and meat are stewed with it. But the most delicious delicacy is prunes in sour cream with the addition of sugar. Usually the middle of the fruit is filled with a piece of walnut - walnut or hazelnut. You can make a savory snack from prunes by stuffing it with a nut mass with garlic and pour over sour cream mixed with sugar and salt.

Prunes in sour cream - preparation of products

Prunes must be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of traces of chemical treatment - glycerol, etc. Next, steaming should be done - pour boiling water. So they become softer, and difficultly washed away dirt is removed from them. If the fruits were initially soft, it will be enough twenty minutes, but if overdried, you need to soak for at least an hour. When the prune cools, a bone is removed from it, if there is one, it is simply squeezed out. Usually, after soaking, it slips out easily.

Prunes in sour cream - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Prunes stewed in sour cream

Very unusual and tasty dessert. If it is cooked on the eve of serving, so that it infuses overnight and soaked with sour cream, the berries will simply melt in your mouth. The quantity and proportions of ingredients must be selected, guided by their taste. Ingredients: 0.5 kg of prunes, 0.5 liters of sour cream, a handful of walnuts (whole quarters), sugar, water.

Method of preparation

Steamed dried fruit in boiling water. Allow to cool, remove bones, if any. In their place to insert the quarter walnut. So fill all the fruits.

Sour cream diluted with water. On half a liter of sour cream - pour about about a glass of water. Pour a little of this sauce without sugar to the bottom of the cauldron so that the prunes do not burn. The remaining sour cream mixed with sugar, so that the taste was very rich, almost cloying. Lay a layer of stuffed berries in the cauldron, pour sour cream, another row of berries, pour over the sauce again and so, until all the black meat dumplings run out. Pour the remaining sour cream on top, it should completely cover the top layer. Simmer in the oven for about half an hour (180C), making sure that it is not burnt.

Recipe 2: Spicy snack with garlic and prunes in sour cream

The sweetness of prunes and the sharpness of garlic give the dish a very interesting and unusual taste. We are sure that not only you, but also the guests will like this snack.

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of soft prunes, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 stage. peeled walnuts, 2 table. lie mayonnaise. Sauce: 250ml sour cream, salt, 2 tablespoons. Sahara.

Method of preparation

Washed prunes pour boiling water and let it brew for about twenty minutes. If there are bones, remove them, dry them, spreading them on a paper towel.

Grind nuts in a grains - roll them with a rolling pin or use a blender. Chop garlic, mix with mayonnaise and nut groats.

Cut the prune berry with a knife and stuff it with a nut mass. It is convenient to do a spoon. Put the stuffed dried fruits in a salad bowl.

Beat sour cream with sugar, a little salt and pour the prunes.

Recipe 3: Five-Minute Dessert

Very quick dessert with sweet and sour taste. Dark prune fruits are wrapped in a snow-white cream of thick cream and sugar. Lovers of nuts, can be inserted into the berry on the nucleolus. The dish is absolutely not subjected to heat treatment, so all the useful properties of prunes saved at one hundred percent. It is better to look for soft, good quality prunes, then you can not soak it. Ingredients: 20-25 prunes, 250 ml thick cream, sugar.

Method of preparation

Wash prunes without stones, pour twenty minutes for warm water. Dry berries and put in a bowl or bowl.

Sour cream mixed with sugar, the amount of which is determined by your own taste. Someone can put half a cup of sugar on a glass of sour cream, and a third is enough for someone. In order for the grains of sugar to disperse and not creak on the teeth, it is necessary to mix the mass very carefully. Or replace sugar with powdered sugar. Pour the berries with sour cream and put in the cold for impregnation for two to three hours. You can leave for the night. If sour cream is thin, excess liquid can be drained. Why lay a slice of gauze on the bottom of the colander and pour sour cream on it. After a few hours, the excess moisture will go away. Vanilla sugar can be added to sour cream to taste, and to decorate the top, sprinkled with finely grated chocolate.

Prunes in sour cream - useful tips from experienced chefs

-Dried prunes should be black, with a bluish sheen, color with moderate gloss. Excessive glossy shine gives the fruit glycerin, which they lubricate to give an attractive presentation.

- If the fruits have a brownish, coffee color, this means that before drying, they were treated with boiling water, which is also not very good, because under the action of high temperature, fruits have lost some of their beneficial properties.

- The taste of high-quality prunes should be sweet, with a slight sourness. Such fruits contain enough vitamin C. They should not be overdried, with easily separable stone.

- Stuffing prunes with nuts is a rather laborious process, but it can be facilitated. For this, the nut is not inserted into the berry, but stacked in a bowl or cauldron in layers - a row of prunes, a row of nuts, stratified with sour cream.

- Before stuffing prunes with nuts, they must be calcined - in a frying pan, in an oven or in a microwave. So they will become more delicious.

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