Pork soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pork soup.

Pork soup - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pork soup.

Pork soup - general principles and methods of cooking

Pork? Any nutritionist who only hears about pork shakes his head in disapproval. Unless we are talking about pork tenderloin, this tender meat without fat is considered especially valuable. Easily tolerated by the body and scapula. The content of unhealthy fats in brisket and pork neck is “overwhelming” - just what is snapped up in the market for kebabs on the eve of holidays. Obviously, for a healthier diet it is best to choose pork tenderloin and scapula.

Why do we all love pork so much? Pork soup will make any man full. It can not be called easy, however, it is very satisfying. This quality is especially appreciated during the cold season. It is scientifically proven that pork is in second place in terms of digestibility by the stomach.

She also plays an important role in sexual function - a huge amount of proteins and vitamins have a positive effect on the “male power”. Red meat is most rich in myoglobin - and this is exactly the element that helps transport oxygen to the muscles. Judaism and Islam prohibit pork, and in Christianity it is allowed, although the Old Testament refers it to unclean foods.

In any case, the decision about the use of this meat in the food, everyone makes himself. Whatever harmful properties this meat does not possess, scientists believe that it cannot cause significant harm to the body. Daily rate - 200 grams.

Pork soup is a wonderful dish that will only benefit the body. You can cook it on the bone or meat fillet. For cooking, meat should be poured with a small amount of water - so it will be more juicy. In the middle of cooking you need to add spices and onion roots - the broth will become fragrant and saturated.

Pork Soup - Food Preparation

Soup can be cooked absolutely any meat. Young pork more dense consistency has a pinkish color. Its surface is slightly matte, and almost without films. Dark meat with films may be dryish. There are two varieties of pork.

The first variety includes pork shoulder, brisket, brisket, flank, lumbar part and ham. The second - tanks, cervical cut, knuckle, shank. Good meat is covered with a thin pale pink crust, when pressed, juice is released from it, and the fossa quickly disappears and levels out. Quality meat always smells good. For cooking soups often choose meat on the bone.

Pork Soup - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Pork Soup with Mushrooms

Very rich and flavorful soup, cooked in bone broth. Its only drawback - for boiling broth will take time, at least two hours. If you have time, proceed!

Ingredients: pork (on the bone, 500 g), salt, pepper, bay leaf, onion, carrot, celery stem, tomato paste (1 tbsp), mushrooms (400 g), green peas (frozen or canned).

Method of preparation

Put the meat in a saucepan, fill it with water, salt it with pepper, put a bay leaf and cook. Do not forget to completely remove the foam and reduce the fire. Boil the meat until it begins to move away from the bones.

Thin slices cut mushrooms. In a pan, fry them for about 4 minutes. Transfer the mushrooms, and in the same pan, passsered carrots with onions and celery.

After 10 minutes, add the tomato or tomato sauce to the mixture. Remove cooked meat from broth, cut into pieces.

Strain the broth, pour into a saucepan, bring to a boil and put vegetable dressing and mushrooms into it. Add peas, meat and warm all 5 minutes.

Recipe 2: Pork Soup with Beans

The recipe is excellent nourishing warming soup. Choose dark beans - black or red. Despite the color of the bean broth, it is much tastier. We get 8 servings of hot steaming rich dish, sharp, with exotic notes.

Ingredients: dry beans (200 grams), flour (1 tbsp. Spoon), onion, celery, pork (shoulder, 400 grams), hot pepper, garlic, ground coriander, tomatoes or tomatoes in their own juice ( 400 grams), meat or chicken broth, salt.

Method of preparation

Beans are pre-soaked in water for a few hours - so it will cook much faster. Drain the first water, pour it over and cook until ready.

Grind onion, celery and hot peppers. Meat cut into small pieces.

In a thick-walled pot, heat 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil and fry the meat until golden brown. Add roots, spices and fry.

Fill the broth, add mashed tomatoes, beans. Cook another 30 minutes. When serving, you can add fresh chopped garlic.

Recipe 3: Georgian Potato Pork Soup with Tomatoes

Georgian cuisine is rich in original soups. This recipe is based on sousi - pork soup with bell pepper, dill and adjika. A large amount of meat cut into huge pieces is what real men need. Having eaten a plate of such a soup for dinner, they will not get hungry soon, but women also like it.

Ingredients: pork meat, pulp (0.8 kg), potatoes (several pieces), onion, tomatoes (2 pcs.), Sweet red pepper (1 small or half large), garlic, dill, thyme (Georgian name Kondary), adzhika, hot pepper (information of a small pod), salt.

Method of preparation Choose a pot more than 3 liters. Pork cut into large pieces, well washed with running water. Fill the meat with water and cook, removing the foam when boiling.

Grate a large onion and potato and put the slurry in the broth. Salt and pepper.

Two tomatoes cut into pieces - there, in the pan. We peel potatoes, cut them into large cubes. We cut the sweet pepper and dill.

After half an hour of cooking meat add potatoes, cook for 20 minutes. Adjika (a small spoon) and chopped pepper are laid 10 minutes before the end of cooking.

The soup is cooked when the potatoes are boiled soft. Fill the dill, chopped finely garlic and a few shreds of condari. Leave the soup to infuse for half an hour.

Pork Soup - tips from experienced chefs

Soup is the most common dish on earth. Their popularity is due, primarily, to extractive substances of meat, which can activate the activity of the digestive glands. This contributes to the stimulation of appetite. And the soups are just delicious, they satisfy hunger well. Different cuisines of the world offer their options. There are recipes that can simply shock a European, for example, bird's nest soup or the stomach of an animal.

However, one should not disturb nerves and digestion, it is better absorbed to prepare dishes from products traditional for the area. Give them a varied taste can be added spices. Pork soup is most often used: bay leaf, bedrock, dill, parsley, chervil, tarragon, celery, paprika, thyme, cloves, coriander, red and black pepper, nutmeg, lovage, and sage.

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