Smoked homemade sausage - fragrant and natural. How to make homemade smoked sausage - cooking secrets and recipes

Smoked homemade sausage - fragrant and natural. How to make homemade smoked sausage - cooking secrets and recipes

Sausage is considered a popular product.

But it is not always possible to buy high-quality sausage on the shelves of stores, and even if there is one, then the price is very high.

Therefore, the best and most useful option is homemade sausage.

At home, this product turns out extremely fragrant and tasty.

Smoke sausage can be hot, warm or cold. Home-cooked sausage is prepared in cling film, foil and plastic bag. But smoked sausage is better to cook it in the guts or in a special casing for sausage, so it will turn out more fragrant and will be stored longer.

You can add to it any spices to taste or other ingredients. At first glance, the preparation of this product will seem complicated, but in reality this is not at all the case.

You just need to stock up on time and quality meat.

Home-made smoked sausage - general principles of cooking

• Use different types of meat to make minced meat.

• Meat for homemade sausage, choose fresh and high quality.

• Defrost meat in the refrigerator.

• As a shell it is better to use mutton or pork intestines.

• Rinse the intestines thoroughly several times and then soak them in saline for five hours. Perform this procedure at least three times.

• Using a knife back, remove a layer of fat from the intestines.

• The finished shell walls will be transparent.

• Store the remains of guts in the freezer for no more than a year.

• During drying between sausages, the distance should be at least 15 cm.

Smoked sausage from beef and pork


• 4 kg of beef;

• three kg of spinal tongue;

• 7 g allspice and black pepper;

• 380 g of salt;

• spoon of saltpeter;

• three kg of pork;

• 380 g of salt;

• 25 grams of sugar.


1. Remove excess fat, films, and tendons from the meat. Then salt it and clean in the cold. Keep the meat there for five days. 2. After the elapsed time, grind the meat with a meat grinder. Add sugar, saltpeter, chopped bacon and spices to the meat. Mix everything thoroughly.

3. Spread the minced meat in the pot and put it in a cold place for three days.

4. Next, take the small intestines, and well consolidating, tamp them with minced meat. If bubbles form, then pierce the shell in this place with a needle.

5. Tie the finished sausages tightly and let them dry for six days in a cold room. The stuffing during this time should turn red and should not be pressed.

6. After that, the sausage must be smoked with cold smoke and kept in this condition for three days at a temperature of 20 degrees.

7. Then cooked smoked sausages for five weeks in a cool place.

8. Serve a sausage as a snack.

Smoked Salami Sausage


• 780 g pork;

• 420 g bacon (pork);

• three tablespoons of salt;

• garlic clove;

• sugar;

• 780 g of beef;

• spoonful of granular pepper;

• spoon of glucose;

• ground white pepper.


1. Divide the meat into large pieces, salt and refrigerate for five days.

2. Fat finely chop and sprinkle with salt. Also clean it for five days in the fridge.

3. Remove the meat from the refrigerator after the time and pass it through a regular meat grinder. Add to it grains of pepper, ascorbic acid, ground white pepper, squeezed garlic and sugar. Add fat to the end of the kneading.

4. For three days, keep the minced meat in a bowl in a cold place.

5. Then fill the intestines with minced meat with a diameter of up to five cm. Stuff tightly, leaving no voids. But make sure that the shell does not break.

6. Next, loaves tightly tie and lead. Maintain them in this condition for almost a week.

7. After that, smoke them with cold smoke for a couple of days.

8. For smoking, use peeled sawdust.

9. From the finished sausage will emanate a pronounced smoked smell, and it should become brownish in color.

10. After smoking, remove the sausages in a cool place and let them ripen.

Homemade smoked pork sausage


• kilogram of pork (brisket and neck);

• 20 g of salt;

• Red pepper;

• 15 g nitrite salt;

• black pepper;

• spoon of sugar.


1. Take the fattest places pork carcass and pass them through a meat grinder with a middle hole.

2. Add salt, pepper and sugar to the minced meat. Mix thoroughly. Then cover the container with cling film and put it in the refrigerator for three days to mature.

3. At the end of salting with a special nozzle for the meat grinder, fill the natural guts with minced meat.

4. Before smoking the lead sausage to dry in a cool place for a day. The room should be slightly ventilated.

5. Next, take the sausage and hot-melt it for four hours. Set the temperature to 80 degrees.

6. After smoking, let the sausage rest in a hanging state.

7. For smoking, use an oak with a cherry.

8. Serve sausage as an addition to sandwiches or as a snack.

Home smoked dry sausage


• 1.1 kg of pork;

• 900 g of beef;

• pepper;

• food nitrate;

• sugar;

• 90 g of alcohol;

• 15 g of salt;

• marjoram.


1. Pork and beef cut into pieces, then roll them in salt and place in a cold place for two days.

2. Take out the salted meat and pass it through the meat grinder twice.

3. Add the minced sugar, pepper, alcohol, saltpeter and marjoram. Mix all ingredients.

4. Add the finely minced pork lard to the minced meat.

5. Put the prepared meat in a thin layer in a dish and keep it for three days in a cold place.

6. After stuff these minced rectum, and tie the ends with string.

7. Bring the sausage in a cool place and leave it to air for four days.

8. After the elapsed time, the sausage should be smoked in cold smoke until such time as the casing shrivels.

9. Then put the sausage in a cool place and keep it there for two months.

10. Such a sausage will be a great decoration on the holiday table.

Smoked sausage “Krakow”


• 2.9 kg of beef;

• 2.9 kg of brisket;

• spoon of granulated sugar;

• ground allspice;

• vitamin C;

• 310 g of salt;

• five kg of bold pork;

• black pepper;

• two cloves of garlic.


1. Wash, dried and chopped meat salt. Then add ascorbic acid and pass the pieces through a meat grinder.

2. Stir minced meat together with peppers, squeezed garlic sugar.

3. Take thin beef intestines in the form of ringlets and fill them with fully cooked minced meat.

4. Bring the sausages to sticks in a cool and ventilated place and leave them for five or six hours.

5. After that, sausage sausage at 90 degrees for one hour.

6. Then lead the loaves in a dry place.

7. After that, the sausage must be boiled for one hour. Water temperature should be 80 degrees.

8. Place the cooked sausages on sticks in a cool place for three hours.

9. Then again sausage smoked at a temperature of forty degrees. Smoke must be at least two days.

10. Then dry the sausages for four days and serve.

Homemade smoked sausage “Peasant”


• 2.1 kg of pork;

• 550 g of fat;

• 190 g of salt;

• 7 g cloves;

• 1.8 kg of boneless beef;

• 20 g pepper;

• three glasses of water;

• A spoon of coriander.


1. Cut the beef and pork into pieces and repel them.

2. After cutting the meat into pieces.

3. Sala cut into cubes.

4. Put everything in an enamel bowl and salt. Add pepper, cloves, coriander and water.

5. Stir the ingredients, cover the dishes with a lid and store in a cold place for one day.

6. Fill the peeled intestines with almost ready meat.

7. Smooth the sausage with cold smoking 12 hours. Periodically check readiness.

8. This version of smoked sausage is suitable for making salads.

Homemade smoked sausages “Hunting”


• 1.2 kg of pork; • 4 g black pepper;

• pound of veal;

• 45 g of salt;

• 13 g of sugar;

• allspice;

• two glasses of broth;

• 3 g of marjoram;

• half a spoon of coriander.


1. Cut the pork and veal into cubes. Sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar, coriander, pepper, salt, allspice and marjoram.

2. Stir and remove the meat at night in a cold place.

3. Then twist the meat with a meat grinder and add the broth to the minced meat.

4. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and do not rush to fill the small intestines. Every 25 cm. Intestines bandage.

5. To smoke, take alder firewood and warm up the smokehouse. It is necessary to cook hot-smoked for several hours.

6. After that, boil the sausages on low heat for half an hour.

7. Dry them in a ventilated room and serve them tolu.

8. Ready sausages will be elastic.

9. Such a product, if desired, add to soups or main dishes.

Homemade smoked sausage - tips and useful tips

• Spices for cooking sausage, use any

• Use additional ingredients, mushrooms, cereals, garlic, or greens if desired.

• For color, add to minced curry or turmeric.

• Do not use boar meat for cooking sausages.

• Do not leave a void during the packing of the bowels.

• Save sausage on alder or birch sawdust.

• Smoked sausage lasts longer.

• Store the sausage in a dry place with a temperature of 5-8 degrees.

• If white bloom appears on the surface of the sausage, wash it with salt water and grease with margarine.

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