Homemade raspberry wine - a heady aroma! Fill the pantry with raspberry house wines: the best recipes

Homemade raspberry wine - a heady aroma! Fill the pantry with raspberry house wines: the best recipes

Crimson liqueurs, liqueurs and, of course, wines are among the most fragrant alcoholic beverages. In most cases, according to this indicator, they “outplay” even classic grape drinks. Raspberry wines are usually slightly lower than grape wines, so they are often fixed.

The healing properties of raspberry compotes and broths are fully applicable to wine. A glass of heated semi-dry wine is one of the best ways to stop the temperature of a frozen person. Well, if all the medicines were so tasty, then there was no end to those who wanted to be treated.

Homemade raspberry wine - general cooking

• Homemade raspberry wine is made not only from fresh berries. No less tasty and not inferior in quality will be a drink, if you take frozen berry or even fermented raspberry jam as a source material.

• For wines produced for long-term storage, you should take only good, leaked raspberries. They should not be beaten by rot.

• It is advisable not to wash the raspberries, but if you had to do this, then the berry should be dried thoroughly, laid in a colander or on a sieve.

• After that, mash is prepared from the berries. Her knead hands, pushes. It is possible for these purposes to use low-speed juicer or just a meat grinder.

• Then the raw materials are filled with sugar, it may take water, leave for a few days to make the juice stand out.

• After that, the berry mass is filtered, while pressing the berries. On the filtered juice, poured into glass containers, a mash is prepared under the water gate, and the pressed cake is discarded.

• To speed up the fermentation process, light raisins can be added to the wort. It is desirable not to wash it, as well as raspberries, in order not to wash off “wild” yeast.

• Further wine making depends on the recipe of the drink. There are recipes for which the wine must be kept for a long time. And there are some recipes that suggest the first tasting after only a few days.

Homemade raspberry wine - a classic recipe

The old, proven by more than one generation recipe for aromatic homemade wine, based on the technology of berry wine production.


• liter jar of red raspberries;

• one liter of filtered water;

• a pound of sugar, preferably unrefined.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully knead unwashed berries in mashed potatoes and transfer them to the fermentation bottle. Fill with 2/3 liters of water, add 300 gr. sugar and mix well. The mass should fill no more than 2/3 of the volume of the bottle. There must be free space for the foam released during fermentation.

2. Install a water seal on the tank and remove the mash for 10 days of fermentation in a warm, light-free room. The optimum temperature is from 18 to 25 degrees. Be sure to remove the water seal for a short time once a day and quickly mix the contents of the container.

3. As time passes, filter the wort, separating the raspberry juice from the berries (oilcake). Cake sure to squeeze well and filter.

4. Dissolve one hundred grams of sugar in the remaining water (0.3 l.), Pour the syrup into the juice and, having stirred well, put the water trap back in and place the bottles in a warm place.

5. After three days, pour about a glass of fermenting juice and mix it with the last 100 grams of sugar. Then pour the liquid to the total mass and, having stirred well, close the trap again.

6. Wine must ferment well, it can take from one to two months. During all this time, do not touch the bottle, do not remove the hydraulic seal or stir the contents.

7. On the stop of fermentation says the absence of carbon dioxide emitted. If a rubber medical glove was used as a water seal, it will be deflated.

8. Drain the young drink using a straw into another bottle and taste it. If desired, it can be sweetened or fixed. Fastening produce alcohol or vodka, adding alcohol-containing liquid in an amount of from 12 to 15% of the total amount of young wine. For example, in one liter of young wine can be poured from 120 to 150 ml of strong alcohol. It is worth noting that although fortified wine is stored longer, but its taste varies considerably. 9. After that, the drink is poured into clean bottles, filling them right under the edges, tightly sealed and kept in a fairly cool room (cellar) with a temperature of 6 to 16 degrees for at least three months, and it is best to withstand the drink to six months.

10. If the wine is sweetened, then for the first ten days, be sure to install a water seal, otherwise the wine may ferment.

11. Periodically, as the sediment forms up to 2 cm, filter the raspberry wine, pouring it into a clean container and taking care not to lift the sediment layer gathered at the bottom.

12. The wine drink is sent to storage only after it stops forming sediment.

The easiest recipe for homemade raspberry wine

For this recipe fit any berry, even crumpled and damaged. Getting ready is not only easy, but quick. The first test can be removed after only a few days.


• five kilograms of raspberry (yellow or red);

• one and a half kg. white sugar;

• five liters of drinking water.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind unwashed raspberries on a juicer, if not, twist the berries in a meat grinder.

2. Pour all the sugar into the water and put on a small fire. Constantly stirring, bring the mixture to complete dissolution of the sugar. It should turn out syrup without admixture of undissolved sugar grains.

3. Cool the prepared syrup well and pour it into a clean container (glass jar). Add berry puree and remove to a warm dark place for 5 days to ferment.

4. Then strain, pour the wine in the bottle and store in the refrigerator.

5. They should be kept only lying, in no case standing.

Bright homemade raspberry wine: yellow raspberry recipe

Homemade raspberry wine made from raspberry yellow varieties will have a light shade, reminiscent of grape, white wines.


• two liter jars of ripe yellow raspberries;

• granulated sugar - one kilogram;

• two liters of liquid (drinking water).

Cooking Method:

1. In an enamel saucepan, knead well the unwashed raspberries. Pour puree and a half liters of water. Pour 600 gr. sugar, mix intensively and leave. 2. As the sugar completely disperses (dissolves), pour the mixture into a large bottle under the trap and allow it to ferment for one and a half weeks.

3. Then strain the wort through the double gauze, squeeze the berry cake. Dissolve 130 grams of sugar in 0.6 liters of water. Pour the syrup in the bottle and again put it under the water seal.

4. Two more times, with an interval of three days, add sugar. To do this, pick up about a glass of wort, dissolve the sugar in it and pour the syrup into the wine bottle.

5. When the wine stops fermenting, the bubbling stops in the gate, the raspberry wine must be drained, distributed into clean bottles and left for a few months (2-3), in a cool place.

Strong homemade raspberry wine with raisins

Raisins are used to enhance and speed up fermentation processes. This wine matures quickly enough.


• raspberry of any kind - 2 liters;

• kilo of sugar;

• 100 grams of raisins (light).

Cooking Method:

1. Take the berries from litter, damaged berries and, if necessary, rinse. It should be washed in a colander, it is easier to remove all excess water from the berries.

2. Put the dried berries into a clean, enameled, without chipping, dishes, pour water (2 l.) And pour all the sugar into the measure. Mix thoroughly and put in the heat under the lid for 5-6 days. Granulated sugar will dissolve much faster if the mass is mixed periodically.

3. Then drain the juice through the gauze, and squeeze out the remaining berries.

4. Pour the resulting juice into three-liter jars, filling each two-thirds of the volume, add unwashed raisins and install a water seal.

5. When the fermentation process stops. Pour wine into clean containers and, tightly capped, put it in a cool enough place.

Homemade raspberry wine: recipe from frozen berries

Homemade raspberry wine, including prepared from frozen for the winter, frozen berries. Wine drink turns out not worse and its taste is simply excellent.


• three kilos of frozen raspberries;

• filtered drinking water - 2 l .;

• full handful of raisins (light); • one kilogram of white granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Put frozen raspberries in a clean pan and leave to thaw at room temperature. Do not pour out the juice produced in this process, it is needed.

2. After the berries are completely thawed, mix them with granulated sugar, cover with water and leave under the lid warm. In winter, you can move the container closer to the batteries.

3. As soon as the sugar crystals dissolve, and the raspberry pops up, strain the contents of the container and do not forget to squeeze the berries well.

4. Pour the filtered liquid into glass containers, filling two-thirds of each. Add raisins, place water traps on the jars and then remove them into the heat.

5. At the end of the fermentation, filter the raspberry wine, pour it over the prepared container and place it in a cool, lightless place.

6. In ripening this homemade raspberry wine does not need.

Homemade raspberry wine: a recipe from spoiled fermented jam

Do not rush to throw out the failed, fermented jam. It can be an excellent raw material for homemade wine, and the fermentation process that began in it will only accelerate the preparation of the drink.


• liter jar of raspberry jam;

• 1.5 liters of clean, cold water;

• full glass of granulated sugar;

• Five highlights.

Cooking Method:

1. Transfer the fermented jam to the pan. Add the raisins, all the sugar and pour clean filtered water. Do not wash the raisins, otherwise you will lose the so-called “wild” yeast and fermentation that is on its surface.

2. Mix the raspberry wort well, to dissolve the sugar. Then pour it into a glass container (jar) and install a water seal. Put the glass container in a warm, protected from sunlight, place and leave it for three weeks.

3. When the air stops coming out of the tubes, add some sugar sand to the young wine and, with the lid closed, pereboltayte well, so that it dissolves.

4. Then close the bottle tightly with a lid and move it to a cool place. This wine can be tasted after only a week or even less, but it is best to let it stand for about a month or more.

Recipe for a young homemade raspberry wine


• ripe raspberries of any variety - 4 kg;

• water - four liters;

• 1.2 kg of unrefined sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Take a large container (basin), put in it the enumerated unwashed berries and knead them well.

2. Dissolve granulated sugar in water and boil syrup over low heat. Cool and pour it into the bowl with berry puree.

3. Stir and pour the mixture into three-liter glass bottles. Do not fill the container to the neck, the berry mixture should be slightly more than half, about two thirds.

4. Tightly close the cans with the water shutter caps on them and store them in a warm room. It is desirable to exclude a direct hit of sunlight.

5. After the wine stops fermenting, transfer it to a cool place for up to five days. After this short exposure, filter and bottle.

6. It should be stored only in a cool room or refrigerator.

Homemade raspberry wine - cooking tricks, useful tips

• The fermentation process, carried out at minimum temperatures (+16 degrees), provides dry raspberry wine.

• Weak homemade raspberry wine can always be fixed with alcohol or vodka. Alcohol-containing liquid is diluted with wine, in the ratio of 12-15% of the total volume.

• Also the strength of the wine drink can be adjusted with sugar. Added to a liter of wine 20 grams of sugar increases its strength by one degree.

• Homemade raspberry wine, which will be kept warm, should be pasteurized in a water bath at 68 degrees.

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