A goose in the oven with potatoes is king on the holiday table! How can you cook the goose in the oven with potatoes whole and pieces

A goose in the oven with potatoes is king on the holiday table! How can you cook the goose in the oven with potatoes whole and pieces

Goose with potatoes - a dish familiar to all.

And most often it is cooked in the oven.

The bird is fried until golden brown, and the potato is soaked with fragrant fat.

Beauty, and only!

Oh, no, also taste!

Prepare a goose in the oven with potatoes?

Goose in the oven with potatoes - general principles of cooking

You can fry the whole goose in whole or in pieces. Regardless of the chosen method, the bird is better to pickle, as it does not differ soft and tender meat. The skin is not removed and try to preserve its integrity as much as possible. But the excess fat is better to cut, otherwise the potato will swim in it.

Tubers can be baked whole or in pieces. They simply enclose the goose, sprinkle with spices, smeared with sauces. But it is not forbidden to marinate potatoes in advance, it will only get tastier.

Foil is the best friend of the goose. It will prevent the bird from drying out, as it is prepared long enough. Most often with foil cover the dish at the beginning of cooking, and then removed to toast a beautiful crust.

Recipe 1: Whole Goose in the oven with potatoes

A dish of whole goose in the oven with potatoes is not only tasty, but also very beautiful. It will look very impressive on any holiday table. We choose even and beautiful tubers, as the potatoes will be baked as a whole.


• goose carcass about 3 kg;

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• 3 apples;

• salt;

• 1 spoon of mustard;

• spices for poultry, hop-suneli or any other;

• 2-3 spoons of mayonnaise.


1. We wash the carcass, clean the feathers from the remains, dry them with napkins. Excess fat is immediately cut off and while it is put in the refrigerator.

2. Mix mayonnaise with mustard, pour spices, salt and wipe the bird from all sides with an aromatic mass. Do not forget to process the carcass inside. 3. We shift in the package, tied and left for 10 hours in the refrigerator.

4. Put the pieces of fat that was previously cut from the carcass into the goose baking dish.

5. Cut the apples into large chunks, peel the potatoes. Sprinkle the tubers with spices, do not lubricate anything.

6. Lay the apples inside the carcass. We place the goose in the form on the back. One piece of fat to put on the most convex part of the breast.

7. Cover the form with foil and set the goose to bake for 1.5 hours at 180 degrees.

8. We get the form, it will be a lot of fat. It can be gently drained. Part of the bird water and lay around the potatoes, tubers, too, pour the fat. Again put in the oven, cover with foil and bake for another 40 minutes.

9. We take out, turn the potatoes over to the other side, pour fat on the goose, set the bird to bake for about half an hour. Cover is no longer necessary, fry well to a crust.

Recipe 2: Whole Goose in the oven with potatoes in the sleeve

A recipe with pre-soaking poultry in brine, which reduces cooking time, makes the meat juicy. Also, good taste and tenderness of the goose in the oven with potatoes provides a sleeve for baking.


• carcass 2.5-3 kg;

• potatoes 10-12 pieces;

• 6 tablespoons of salt;

• bay leaf;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• A little pepper and other spices, plus salt for potatoes.


1. Dissolve the salt and sugar in three liters of water, add the peeled and crushed garlic cloves, throw the bay leaves.

2. We clean and prepare the carcass, pour it with the prepared brine, we can put a small weight on top and leave it for a day, but not warm. Periodically turn the bird on the other side.

3. We clean the potatoes, sprinkle with spices. Can be cut into 2-4 pieces.

4. We get a goose, let the marinade drain and rub it with dry spices, pepper, a mixture for poultry or any other.

5. Put the carcass in the sleeve, around the potatoes, tie the edges and make a needle from the top of the hole. 6. We set to bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees, then reduce to 180 and cook another 1.5 hours.

7. Then we get, cut the film, pour the carcass and tubers with fat, which is allocated enough, and fry until golden brown. At this stage, the temperature can be added again.

Recipe 3: Goose in the oven with potatoes and mushrooms

Recipe sliced ​​goose in the oven with potatoes and mushrooms. Choose small mushrooms, with which the dish will turn out more beautiful. It is advisable to pickle the bird for 12 hours.


• 1 kg of goose;

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• 0.5 kg of mushrooms;

• 0.15 kg of mayonnaise;

• spices;

• 0.15 kg of cheese.


1. Cut the washed bird into pieces, remove excess fat, add half of the mayonnaise, salt, pepper and transfer to the container. Marinate as much as time allows.

2. Cut the fat into pieces and fry in a pan, remove the bacon.

3. We wash the mushrooms and cut each into 4 parts. If the mushrooms are small, then it can be halved or put entirely. It will be even better. Fry in hot fat for two minutes.

4. Clean the potatoes, cut each into 4 pieces. Mix with fried mushrooms, spices and the second part of mayonnaise. It is not necessary to add fat from the pan, just carefully remove the champignons.

5. Fold in the form of a goose, mushrooms on top with potatoes. Cover with foil, put in the oven for an hour. We set 190 ° C.

6. We get, throw out the foil. Fall asleep with grated cheese and fry for another half hour.

Recipe 4: Goose in the oven with potatoes and prunes

Lightweight cooking goose with potatoes and prunes in the oven. No need to bake a whole carcass, which often turns out dry not very juicy. The dish is prepared in layers, choose the most meaty pieces of goose, preferably with the skin.


• 1.5 kg goose;

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• 4 bulbs;

• 0.2 kg of prunes;

• 0.1 kg sour cream;

• 0.2 kg of cheese;

• spices; • 2 carrots.


1. Cut the prunes into strips. It is not necessary to soak, it will be saturated with goose fat and will become soft in the process of cooking.

2. Prepare the goose slices in the usual way, rinse, dry.

3. Then make cuts in the pulp and stuff the pieces of prunes. You can simply lay under the skin, gently pushed. Prunes should not leave all, so do not try. A piece will remain in the dish.

4. We rub the stuffed goose with spices, sour cream and leave to marinate while we are engaged in other ingredients.

5. All vegetables are peeled. We cut into small potatoes, carrots and onion rings. All vegetables need salt and sprinkle with spices.

6. We put in the form of half the potato, then onions, carrots, the remnants of prunes and potatoes again.

7. On the top layer lay the pieces of goose, smear the remnants of sour cream, in which he marinated.

8. Now put the dish in the oven for 1.5 hours. And in order not to overdry, you can cook half the time under a piece of foil, and then just fry.

Recipe 5: Goose in the oven with “Aromatic” potatoes

Another version of baked goose, which is pre-marinated in aromatic adzhika sauce. The bird turns fragrant, moderately spicy, with a crust of beautiful color.


• 1.5 kg goose;

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• 30 grams adjika;

• 150 ml of mayonnaise (sour cream);

• a mixture of peppers;

• salt;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• Bay leaf.


1. Choose the most meaty pieces of goose, put in a bowl.

2. Add adjika, 3 spoons of mayonnaise, a mixture of peppers and 1 tsp. salt without slides. All mix well, put a bay leaf, cover and leave for at least 3 hours. But it is better to marinate all day or night.

3. Peel potatoes, mix with chopped garlic, pepper and remaining mayonnaise. We spread on the bottom of a greased form.

4. We get the pickled goose, remove the bay leaf and lay out the pieces on top of the potatoes. If the marinade remains in the bowl, then pour it evenly on top. 5. Put the dish in the oven for an hour, you must first cover with foil.

6. Then we take out, remove the foil, if desired, sprinkle with grated cheese and fry for another half hour.

Recipe 6: Goose in the oven with potatoes and cabbage

To prepare such a dish, you will need sauerkraut. It will give the goose with potatoes in the oven a more pronounced taste. Cooking the bird in deep slices.


• 1 kg of goose;

• 0.7 kg of potatoes;

• 0.7 kg of cabbage;

• some oil or goose fat;

• spices;

• 2 tablespoons sour cream;

• a piece of foil.


1. In a frying pan we heat a little oil, you can goose fat. But heat well, until haze. And fry the goose pieces for a minute on each side. The bird should be well washed and dried, so that there are no drops of water left.

2. Take out the goose and fry sauerkraut in the same pan.

3. Cut potatoes into cubes, season with salt and pepper.

4. Put the sauerkraut in the form of an even layer, potatoes on it. You can not put the potatoes from the bottom, as the acid from the cabbage will interfere with its preparation.

5. From above spread the fried pieces of goose.

6. Lubricate with a thin layer of sour cream, cover with foil and bake for 40 minutes. Then we remove it and fry it well for another half hour.

Recipe 7: Roast goose in the oven with potatoes in the pots

Roast goose with potatoes is a wonderful dish for a family dinner. And in order not to waste too much time, you can cook it in the oven. It is enough to put everything in the pots and remove for 2.5 hours. The number of products is arbitrary and depends directly on the capacity of the pots.


• pieces of goose;

• potatoes;

• onion;

• spices;

• carrot;

• water or broth.


1. Pieces of goose wash. Expressed fat is better to cut, otherwise the roast will be too fat.

2. Tubers cleaned, cut into arbitrary slices.

3. Onions cut into half rings or large cubes. 4. Clean the carrot and chop into circles. Since the dish is prepared for a long time, it is better not to use the grater, otherwise the carrot will melt and it will not be visible.

5. At the bottom of the pots put a little onion, then potatoes, carrots, goose and repeat the layers again.

6. Salt water or broth, add spices, stir until dissolved.

7. Pour into pots to half, cover with lids and set 170 degrees in the oven. And you can forget about dinner for 2.5-3 hours, depending on the size of the pots, a piece and the youth of the bird.

Goose in the oven with potatoes - tips and tricks

• It is recommended to pierce the fattest parts of the bird with a knife so that the lard is roasted and drained.

• Per 1 kg of goose is 1 teaspoon of salt without a slide. If you are preparing a brine with water, then put 1.5-2 tablespoons of salt per liter.

• Stuffed goose need sour fruits: apples, lemons, prunes, dried apricots. You can also use berries: cranberries, lingonberries, cherries, red currants. The acid in these foods makes goose meat tastier.

• To make the goose breast juicy, you need to put the bird on it back up. You can cook in large form, first on the breast, then turn back an hour later.

• If the goose in the oven becomes dry, then it needs to be watered more often with melted fat. You can also put in the oven water that will boil, increase the humidity in the oven.

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