The most delicious creams for cakes - a chic selection! Recipes for delicious biscuit creams and other homemade cakes

The most delicious creams for cakes - a chic selection! Recipes for delicious biscuit creams and other homemade cakes

There is no cake without cream. It depends on the layer in many respects the taste and type of dessert. Even the most modest cake can be an elegant cake, if it is worthy to issue.

The most delicious creams for cakes - the general principles of cooking

Criteria for a good cream: sweet, smooth, thick. To make it so, you need to know the approach to each product.

Basic rules for making creams:

• Sugar. Often it replaces the powder. It is added to the cream for taste. If powder is indicated, then it cannot be replaced with sand.

• Butter. It is advisable to use a natural creamy product with a fat content of 72%. Usually it needs to be whipped, so we take it out in advance from the refrigerator and let it soften at room temperature. Melt and heat before beating is impossible.

• Condensed milk. The ordinary condensed milk with sugar or boiled is used. In the second embodiment, the product is thicker, has a dark color and resembles caramel. The usual condensed milk is white, has a creamy taste. Preliminary preparation does not require.

• Cream. For cream use fat cream not less than 33%. Otherwise, the product does not scramble into lush foam.

• Cocoa. For a rich chocolate taste, powder without sugar is used. Before adding to the total mass, it must be sieved.

For cooking creams also need a bowl and a mixer. In some cases, you can do with a whisk, but the process will be more time consuming and laborious.

Recipe for a delicious mascarpone cream cake with butter

The recipe for a delicious biscuit cake or any other cream with soft crust. Filling mascarpone will make them even softer, the dessert will melt in your mouth.


• a pack of oil 70% fat and above;

• 500 g Mascarpone;

• 2 cups of powder;

• vanilla;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Put the softened butter in the mixer bowl or in any bowl convenient for whipping. Immerse the mixer and begin to beat. High-quality oil in 5-7 minutes will be light, will increase in volume. 2. We start gradually adding powder to it. To taste add a pinch of salt.

3. As soon as all the powder dissolves, set the smallest mixer speed.

4. Partially add mascarpone oil. If the consistency of the son is heterogeneous, then before that it is best to stir separately.

5. Knead at low speed cream and ready!

Delicious biscuit cake cream (oil)

For this most delicious cream will need not only high-quality butter, but also a good condensed milk. Well, if the bank will be marked with GOST, or at least in the composition there are no extraneous ingredients.


• bank of condensed milk;

• 350 g of oil;

• vanilla bag;

• 1 tsp. cognac.


1. Put the oil, immerse the mixer whisk, thoroughly whisk until fluffy.

2. Introduce vanilla, stir.

3. Open the can of condensed milk, begin to add to the oil. But we do it in small portions, whip well each time. The mass should be homogeneous, stratification is unacceptable.

4. Well whip the cream, turn off the mixer and you can immediately lubricate the biscuit!

The most delicious mascarpone cream cake with cream

A recipe for mascarpone air cream, which turns out a lot. All due to the addition of whipped cream, which must necessarily be fat. Otherwise, it will not work and the mass will flow.


• 200 ml of cream;

• 200 g mascarpone;

• 1 cup of powdered sugar;

• vanilla or any aroma at will.


1. In a bowl, stir the mascarpone; you do not need to remove the cheese from the refrigerator beforehand. You can immediately add vanillin or any other flavoring to taste.

2. Now do the cream. Pour them into a clean bowl, dip the beaters, and begin to beat with a mixer.

3. As soon as the cream will increase three times, we begin to pour the powder. Beat does not stop.

4. As soon as the powder is over, turn off the mixer.

5. We take a spatula in our hands, begin to add mascarpone cream, stir gently so as not to put the foam.

6. We bring to a cream uniformity. Done! You can lubricate the cake cakes.

Recipe for delicious cream for cake with condensed milk

The peculiarity of this delicious cake cream is its consistency. It always turns thick, as it is made from boiled condensed milk. Can be used to extrude plain figures, colors, edging cake.


• bank of condensed milk;

• 1.5 packs of oil;

• vanilla, cocoa, liquor or brandy.


1. Shifting boiled condensed milk from a bowl, knead until smooth.

2. In the second bowl, beat the butter, which should be softened.

3. Gradually add condensed milk to butter, beat together.

4. For the aroma put vanilla, you can add cocoa or chocolate syrup, a special taste will give cognac.

Delicious Chocolate Chocolate Cake Cream

Very delicate, light and airy chocolate cream that is perfect for sponge cake. The taste will largely depend on cocoa. Ideally, it should be dark and saturated without added sugar.


• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 380 g thick condensed milk;

• 280 g butter;

• 1 g of vanilla.


1. Cocoa sift so that it does not form lumps.

2. In small portions we introduce into the powder condensed milk, mix well.

3. In a separate bowl, put the butter, previously softened. Beat with a mixer.

4. In condensed butter, add chocolate condensed milk, thoroughly whisk after each spoonful of milk.

5. Enter the vanilla, stir the last time and chocolate cream can be used!

The most delicious cream for cake “Charlotte”

The perfect version of the most delicious cream for cakes of all types of “Charlotte”. With proper manufacturing, the mass will turn out thick, uniform, from it you can easily remove the leaves and small flowers. It is impossible not to distinguish the cost of the cream, which is relatively budget.


• 2 eggs;

• 250 ml of milk;

• 400 g oil cl;

• 350 g of sugar.


1. Cooking milk syrup. Mix milk and sugar, bring to a boil.

2. While the milk is heating, shake the eggs. 3. Pour hot milk with sugar into the eggs, continue to beat.

4. Transfer the mass to the stove, stir and cook until thick. Cooling down. As it cools, the syrup will become even thicker.

5. Beat the butter until fluffy.

6. Gradually add brewed syrup. Put in small portions and mix thoroughly.

7. Dye, cocoa, vanilla can be added to the finished cream. In the refrigerator, it will remarkably stand for 2 days after preparation, but the mass must be transferred into an airtight container.

Recipe for delicious cream with gelatin

This cream is made from sour cream, but thanks to the addition of gelatin, it hardens well, does not spread, is ideal for juicy and soft biscuit-type cake layers.


• 15 g of gelatin;

• 250 g of condensed milk;

• 400 g sour cream;

• vanilla or cocoa;

• 50 ml of water.


1. Immediately need to soak the gelatin. You do not need to use water, you can take milk in the same way, it will be even better for cream.

2. While the gelatin swells, you need to mix condensed milk with sour cream. You can add to them vanilla, cocoa. Or use chocolate condensed milk coffee.

3. Try the cream of the future. If more sweetness is needed, add sugar or powder, stir until the grains dissolve.

4. Dissolve the swollen gelatin in a water bath, add to the cream, stir.

5. Put the mass in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, but do not need to allow solidification.

6. Lubricate the cake, decorate, send to freeze for 3-4 hours.

Delicious cream for sponge cake with cottage cheese

Option of the most delicious cream for cake with cottage cheese. Choose a fat and soft product to make the cream soft and smooth.


• 10 spoons of condensed milk;

• 400 g of cottage cheese;

• 200 g sour cream;

• 200 g of oil;

• 0.5 Art. powder


1. Whip the cottage cheese until smooth. Best used blender. If not, then you can first wipe the product through a sieve.

2. Beat the soft sl. butter together with powder, we introduce first condensed milk, and then sour cream.

3. Add softened cottage cheese, if desired, vanilla, cocoa, any essence. 4. Beat again and send a tender mass to the cake.

The most delicious banana cake cream

Banana cream is suitable for any chocolate and vanilla cakes. The layer turns fragrant, tender, gives the dessert an exotic taste. If desired, add coconut chips.


• 2 bananas;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• 200 g sour cream;

• 1 cup of powder;

• 150 g of oil.


1. Beat the butter. Gradually pour powder. At the end of the spoon we introduce sour cream. You can replace the powder with sour cream condensed milk. In this case, it should be thick.

2. Peel bananas, mash to puree and immediately add lemon juice. If this is not done, the flesh will quickly darken, the cream will be ugly.

3. It remains to stir both masses. We use cream for making cakes. Keep a lot of weight is not recommended.

The most delicious cake creams - tips and tricks

• Sugar and powder thin the mass. Therefore, do not add them to the cream more than specified in the recipe.

• If the consistency of the cream does not suit, the mass turned out to be weak, no need to lubricate the cakes. The cake will float, the dessert will be hopelessly spoiled. You can add special thickeners or use available tools. Gelatin will help. You can add a little crumb biscuits, coconut chips. They perfectly thicken the mass.

• If you mix products of different temperatures, the cream will stratify, the mass will be grains, water can flow.

• To flavor a dessert, it is not necessary to use only vanilla. You can buy essences with a variety of smells: rum, candy, fruit, chocolate, berries.

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